I thought for today's post on the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog, I would cover one of my favorite topics.  Airsoft machine guns.  For a long time, all I could think about was designated marksman rifle (DMR) platforms and was all about that role when playing games, but over the last year or two, I've really become attached to the support gunner role and all the fun & excitement it provides.  So for those of you who have been considering the acquisition of an Airsoft machine gun to play a "supporting role" in your Airsoft squad or fire team but weren't sure on just exactly which platform suited you best, allow me to highlight some of the differences between some of the more well-known options out there.

M249 MkII Para Machine Gun
M249 MkII Machine Gun
Perhaps the most common Airsoft machine gun you will encounter on the field in the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, commonly referred to as the Airsoft SAW.

These guys come in several different configurations, but the two primary base models are the M249 Para (top) and the M249 MkII (middle).  There is also the M249 MkI (bottom), which I believe is, or was, commonly used by U.S. Army Rangers at one point in time.  This one, for whatever reason, is much less common than the first two I mentioned.  At least around the various parts of California that I've played.  Most people that have them are true support weapon fanatics, like my brother, who loves them even more than I do, and I love them A LOT.
M249 MkI Machine Gun - Image: world.guns.ru

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Airsoft Trigger Switch vs. LiPo Battery

Ever wondered what the inside of those Airsoft trigger switches in many of our beloved Airsoft machine guns looks like?

Yea, me neither, until I had to pull one apart to see what it's freakin' problem was.

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You might recall from my A&K M60VN Review that I was having some trouble inside the gun, likely because I was using an 11.1V Li-Po battery pack that had too high of a C-Rating (rate of discharge).

Here is the link to that series of blogs to catch you up to speed. 

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Yesterday on the Pyramyd Airsoft Facebook Page, I asked our growing fan base what they'd like me to talk about on the blog today, and one fan, Mr. Ken Janelle, Jr. from Middleburg Florida, simply replied, "Me"  So I said, "Sure, why not?"

So I asked Ken what gun from Pyramyd Air he'd like me to discuss here on the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog and he replied that the Bravo RDW was of particular interest to him.

This was an excellent choice on Ken's part for a few reasons, but primarily because the RDW is a sick looking gun.  But we'll get to that in a minute.  Let's talk about Ken.  First of all, we're a big fan of Ken because he's a fan of us (on our new Facebook Page).  Did I mention we have one? 

So anyway, here's a little Player Spotlight on Ken for ya:
Name: Ken
Age: 21
Stats: Been playing Airsoft for roughly 3 years
Fields Frequented: "AWG," in his hometown of Middleburg, Florida
Weapons currently owned:

  • 2 A&K M249 Para's, upgraded for high ROF
  • A&K Magpul Masada with upgraded high-torque motor
  • TM MP5 PDW Clone, upgraded for high ROF
  • Echo1 MP5
  • UTG L96, soon to be fully upgraded
Here are some of Ken's current and former guns:
    KWA SR10 Airsoft AEG, Custom KWA SR10, Pyramyd Airsoft Blog, Tom Harris Media,
    KWA SR10 Airsoft AEG w/C-Mag
    Pyramyd Airsoft Blog

    A&K M249 Para, Echo1 M249 Para, Airsoft LMG, Airsoft Light Machine Gun, Airsoft AEG, Pyramyd Airsoft Blog, Tom Harris Media
    KWA SR10 Airsoft AEG
    Pyramyd Airsoft Blog

    A&K M249 Para, Echo1 M249 Para, Airsoft LMG, Airsoft Light Machine Gun, Airsoft AEG, Pyramyd Airsoft Blog, Tom Harris Media
    Custom M249 Para Airsoft Light Machine Gun
    Pyramyd Airsoft Blog

    • U.S. Army Digital ACU uniform
    • ACU Tac Vest 
    • 6x Double Stack M4 pouches
    • Basic dark jeans 
    • Black Tac Vest.
    Real Steel Gun he'd like to see in an Airsoft version: The KRISS Super V (TDI Vector)

    Ken also asked to hear a bit more about the Bravo RDW, which is available from Pyramyd Air.

    Therefore, after the jump, I have provided some intel on that very gun...