Help Me Help YOU win an Echo1 ER-16
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Tominator, with his epic beard and Echo1 M240 Bravo Medium Machine Gun
Tom Harris for the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog

If I win Echo1's Team BLACKSHEEP ER-16 Photo Contest, I will raffle off the Echo1 USA ER-16 AEG to one of the people who has liked my photo on the official contest page.  If I win, I will then announce the winner of the prize that I just won either here on the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog and/or on the new Pyramyd Airsoft Facebook Page.  I'm sure some of you might want to know what the point is of me winning the contest if I'm just going to give the prize away as soon as I win it.  Simple.  Bragging rights.  AEGs will come and go.  But bragging rights will live forever.  Like the time I ate three (yes, THREE) Chipotle burritos in under 45 minutes.  There were many witnesses. 

Liking my photo anywhere else other than on Team BLACKSHEEP's official gallery will NOT count towards your entry.   

Just (1) follow the link (either the picture above, or the link below) to the official picture entry on Echo1's Team BLACKSHEEP page, (2) hit the like button, then (3) leave.

Don't even look at the other photos.  To be completely honest, while mine may not be that great either, some of the other entries are pretty bad. 

This plan won't work if you like my photo, but then you go through the rest of the galley and like everyone else's.

Can't we be monogamous just this once?

Speaking of epic beards, have you heard the news about Costa leaving Magpul?
Chris Costa Leaves Magpul, Costa Ludus, Stickman Photos, Stickgunner, Military Times, Gear Scout Blog, Magpul Dynamics, Art of the Tactical Carbine, Costa Beard, Pyramyd Airsoft Blog, Tom Harris Media, Tominator
Chris Costa Resigns as President of Magpul Dynamics to Begin Costa Ludus.  Photo by Stickman, used with permission.
Pyramyd Airsoft Blog