Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Umarex HK MP5 A5 Performance Test

If you're not up to speed on the Umarex HK MP5 A5 Electric Blowback SMG, check out the first part of my review here: Umarex HK MP5 A5 Electric Blowback SMG Review - Part I

NOW...Here is a little video illustrating why I'm totally on board with this Airsoft SMG and am happy to have it in my arsenal.


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To begin this week, I thought that in preparation for my upcoming review of the H&K MP5 A5 Electric Blowback Rifle, which is manufactured by Top Tech/G&G, I would do a blog about MP5s in general to provide some basic info on them.

The real steel version are manufactured by Heckler & Koch (H&K) and the Airsoft version, in this case, like I just said, is made by G&G's high-end product line, called Top Tech. While I'll be reviewing one of the lesser known variants of the MP5, there are actually quite a few out there, but for the purposes of Airsoft, there's maybe like five or six variations on the MP5 them. Not all of them made, by Top Tech, of course.

Before I get into the variations, you might be curious to know that the "MP" in "MP5" does NOT, in fact, stand for "Mighty Phine," but rather, "Machine pistol" because it (the real steel version) falls under the submachine gun class thanks to the caliber in which it is chambered (9x19mm pistol rounds). General rule of thumb, though there may be exceptions, is that if it looks like a rifle, but fires handgun caliber ammunition, it's pretty safe to assume that it's a submachine gun. Anyway, that info is sort of just for fun for our purposes, because for the most part, Airsoft guns fire 6mm ammunition.

Another fun factoid for you, playing COD results in a sort of magical event wherein you essentially become an MP5 expert automatically. It's weird, but true.

So anyway, the different Airsoft MP5s that you might see out and about would include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:

MP5 SD5:


MP5 SD6:

And, of course, the ugly duckling of the group (Every group has to have one)

MP5 A4:

MP5 A5:

So there you go. Nothing too exciting for you today, but just a little bit of knowledge for you to wet your appetite for my upcoming review, which will likely be up tomorrow.

In the meantime, let me know in the comments what your favorite MP5 variation is and, of course, WHY it's your favorite.

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