Saturday, December 24, 2011

Troll Bait - My Green Gas vs. Propane Video

About six months ago, I began to notice how much time I was having to spend nursing my gas blowback pistols. I have several that I throw into rotation when I play, with the majority of them being Hi-Capa variants from both Tokyo Marui and WE with a Marui Mk23 SOCOM and one or two others as well. One common issue I was having was mag leaks. Not always a big blowout like you'll see in the video below, but a leak none the less. I've also gone through several loading nozzles in the Hi-Capas, including the Tokyo Marui 5.1. So I thought about it, talked to a few friends who not only use gas pistols but gas blowback M4s as well, read a bit online and came to the conclusion that I ought to give Green Gas another shot.

For those of you that didn't know, Green Gas is propane gas mixed with silicone oil and when I refer to using just plain propane, I am referring to those Coleman camping stove cans you can get at your local hardware or camping store for like $3-$4 a can, attach an Airsoft propane adapter to and use just like a can of Green Gas for filling your Airsoft green gas guns.  The only difference being that when using propane by itself, you must remember to add a drop or two of silicone oil to your adapter when filling your mag for the 10th to 15th time.  The number of refills varies, but that's the range I've commonly seen recommended over the years.  Some say as often as eight refills, but I don't know.  Anyway, now you've been brought up to speed here.

I had initially switched from Green Gas to Propane several years ago because once you get the propane adapter, it becomes an extremely cost effective solution for powering your gas guns on a per-can basis. The problem is a common one that applies to many other things in life. You might some savings on one end, but it'll end up costing you on the other end. For me, the primary cost was time, which I really don't have to be spending at my workbench, resealing gas mags and replacing loading nozzles. Now I realize there's a HUGE group of propane advocates out there. Within just a few short hours of uploading the video last night, I had a whole slough of fresh comments ranging from reasonable arguments to conspiracy theories from guys who have used propane successfully for quite awhile, it sounds like. That's cool. All I'm doing here is trying to share my experience and provide a different point of view. The cost difference between a can of propane and a can of green gas is something that can't be ignored. But for me, I have had a heck of a time being able to regularly drop in the silicone oil periodically. Whether I just forgot or I DID remember, but didn't really have the time to go through all my mags and lube each up them up. I realize this is more of a personal issue than anything else, but I know there are others out there who would just prefer their gear to work and not have to spend the majority of their free time working on guns. I'm not saying one should ignore taking steps to clean barrels & perform other procedures that contribute to the longevity of your Airsoft guns, but in this particular instance, I think the process of maintaining your gas guns can be streamlined quite a bit by simply using green gas. Yes, you're going to have to pay quite a bit more for it, but, personally, I still find value there.

If you're short on cash, then yes, Propane is a great way to make those dollars last longer, but it's simply going to take a bit more work on your part to keep your guns in good shape.

One last note to the conspiracy theorist out there. I was trying to keep the video short and sweet, so I cut out as much dead time as I could. I did NOT remove any o-rings or apply any other sneaky, underhanded techniques to get the mag seal to blowout. As God is my witness, for the propane mag fill scene, I literally just took a regular hi-capa mag that I knew to be functional and filled it with propane. Some have already stated that I over-filled it, which may be true, but I made it a point with the green gas to try and fill the mag for the same amount of time (~ 4 seconds) to see if I would get the same result of a blowout, which I did not. To me, this shows that green gas is easy on the mag. Apparently, to some of the trolls out there, it means nothing and/or that I'm just trying to sell Green Gas here. Well, I can honestly tell you that there is zero incentive for me to push green gas over propane and vice versa. I get no commission. Like I said, I'm just here to share my own experiences and point of view on the matter. Make your own choices based on what you think makes the most sense. There are advantages to both sides, as I see it.

Stop hatin' & start participatin'.

*whisper voice* Airsoft.

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How to Repair a Leaking Airsoft Green Gas Magazine - TM Mk23 SOCOM Gas Magazine

Tokyo Marui Mk23 SOCOM Green Gas Magazine Leaks
Tom Harris for the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog

In this instance, I used a Tokyo Marui Mk23 SOCOM Gas Magazine, but the concept and principles are the same for other magazines like the WE Hi-Capa Mags, M9 Beretta Mags, Sig Sauer P226 Mags, etc.  The process is slightly different to remove the base plate, but not to treat the seal with PTFE (Teflon).

Click on any photo for a high-resolution image in a new window or tab, depending on how you have your browser set.

Without further ado...

Check out the tutorial for how to repair a leaking airsoft green gas magazine after the jump...