Throughout my time as a player, I have used my powers of observation to learn a few things about Airsoft team dynamics.  I've seen what does work.  I've seen what doesn't work.  Today, we'll be discussing a few points concerning the latter.

Check out a few points for what not to do as part of an Airsoft team after the jump...

This photo was "borrowed."  It was probably taken by Andy Green Photography.  If not, then it was taken by someone else close to the American MilSim crew.  I did not ask permission to use it, but am willing to suffer the consequences because it is an awesome photo.  Whenever possible, make sure you have your team get their pic taken as they're walking away from an explosion (without looking back at it or flinching). 
Alright.  So I've got a bit of a special blog (perhaps even a small series) regarding how to start an Airsoft team.  And not just any Airsoft team, but one that is awesome.  

What makes me the authority on starting Airsoft teams?  Oh, I don't know really.  Why not worry about that after you have read what I have to say and then decide whether I know what I'm talking about or not.