Here is a unique new item (or two).  The new ICS rifled airsoft grenade shells. 
 It was somewhat difficult to understanding the accent of the ICS rep that I dealt with, but from what I gathered, the blue tipped shells are filled with a chalk or chalk-like substance which will mark whatever object it hits when fired.  The yellow tipped shell is a training round, with no chalk. 
 They are designed to fit in the pre-existing ICS MGL revolving grenade launcher.
 Perhaps the feature I find most unique is that these new shells incorporate rifling, like you would find on the inside of a real firearm's barrel.  Apparently, these things, while powered by Green Gas or CO2, can be shot substantially farther than anything else on the market at present.  100m and beyond, was mentioned by the ICS rep.  That's a long dang way!  With that in mind, they don't sound like these would be super safe in a CQB environment, but that's only an assumption.  I don't know enough about the physics of how these things work, nor do I know at what energy level they level the grenade launcher at.

But nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how these perform.
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