"If you go out in the woods today, be sure to bring your HK."

At last. The KWA HK USP Match Pistol has come under my possession. Many of you may recognize this as one of the two identical pistols that Lara Croft uses in the hit video game series, Tomb Raider, and it also appears in the movie adaptation starring Angelina Jolie. Although, I will point out that the guns Lara used were two-toned, black with a silver slide at times, and at others she used the all black version. But that is more of a "moo point." It's like a cow's opinion; it doesn't matter.
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I would think most of the veteran players that are reading this right now would probably wonder why I'm taking a look at a gun that has been out for so long and the answer is simply this: Because I want to. Is it so wrong to derive a little pleasure from this stuff every now and then? I'll freely admit to selfish motives here, as long as you freely admit that this gun is awesome.


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