Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Test Driving the KWA Mk23 USSOCOM GBB Pistol

So I had this great review planned out today. I had the opportunity to demo the KWA Mk23 USSOCOM Gas Blowback Pistol today.

But then disaster struck...

New Airsoft Gun Release (Coming VERY Soon): 
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The new KWA H&K MK23 USSOCOM Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol
New "Hard Time" Tactical Gloves by 5.11 Tactical Series

The KWA MK23 USSOCOM Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol featured in this blog is a prototype. Any and all final versions sold by Pyramyd Air will be shipped with Federally compliant blaze orange tips. With all the madness of SB 798 still afoot, I'd suggest leaving those orange tips alone for *hopefully* obvious reasons.

The KWA Sign in the lobby at corporate headquarters
As fate would have it, the new KWA H&K MK23 USSOCOM airsoft gas blowback pistol has made it on to my exclusive "Must-Have" Airsoft guns list.  It's certainly not the first KWA to make that list, though.  You may have noticed that the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog was a bit quiet last week and I do apologize but I am pretty sure I can make it up to you.  I spent the better part of last week hanging out with a bunch of new guns from a bunch of Airsoft manufacturers (brands).  Naturally, I couldn't just keep the details of those new guns to myself, so I made sure that plenty of photos were taken to document this monstrous wave of new stuff.  KWA had so many guns, that I enlisted the help of my favorite Russian Airsoft photographer, Dave Bakholdin of Bakholdin Photography.  Together, we spent the better part of last Tuesday snapping photos over at KWA USA headquarters in smoggy & occassionally foggy, Southern California.  While we were there, I desperately tried to pry as much super secret information about the coveted KRISS Vector Airsoft SMG & any other new KWA goodies on the horizon from of KWA Superstars, Allen Lau & Michael Hou.  However, they were very "vault-like" (like...the state-of-the-art extra-locked kind).  Allen actually asked me if I'd like the opportunity to avoid a hammer fist to the temple if I would stop asking questions about KWA's classified intel.  Just kidding, but I think he secretly wanted to.  Truth be told, Allen & Mike could not have been nicer to us and even gave me a quick tour of the premises at the end of the day.   It was a surreal thing to experience hanging out in a sleek, professional office building with the sound of Airsoft AEGs and gas blowback guns being fired behind locked doors down the hall.  Just knowing that there was something super secret going on behind those doors really upped the "awesome factor" of the day.   

But enough jibber jabber.
Check out the KWA MK23 USSOCOM GBB Pistol Photos...