Scenario: 4 A.M. Thursday Morning. In my home office. Standing at my desk. I picked up my new folding knife and flipped it open. In doing so, the knife slipped out of my hand, falling straight down from a height of about three feet, landing with the tip of the blade first on the top of my foot. The defining factor here was that my brother, who is an Eagle Scout and very handy with knives, had recently taken the liberty of THOROUGHLY sharpening my new knife for me. We're talking razor-sharp, like a hot scalpel through water. So naturally, when the tip of the blade arrived at my foot, the momentum of the knife and that sharp blade separated my soft tissue without so much as a stutter and quite frankly, the only thing that kept the blade from from passing through my entire foot was my bone structure. Yup. The tip of that damn knife made it down to the bone of my left foot. I realize there's not much material between the top of your foot and the bone inside of it, but still, that blade went in at least a good 1/4"-1/2" into my foot. Since it's not every day I suffer a stab wound, I decided I better document the issue. I have included a photo below.

Once documentation was complete, I further assessed the damage and determined that a trip to either the ER or Urgent Care would be an unfortunate necessity. I had a gaping wound that, before that bright red blood they warn you about began oozing out, allowed me to easily view the inner contents of my foot. I'm not joking, it was a surreal sight. Not long after I snapped the photo, my blood loss began to accelerate, so I hobbled around the house, trying to find where my wife keeps the first aid kit to use to stop the bleeding with no success. Therefore, as timing was of the essence to stop the blood from getting all over my house, I fashioned my own temporary wrap out of the materials I had readily available: duct tape and several sheets of Kleenex tissue. Adapt and overcome, right??? Turns out this is not a recommended method of stopping a hemorrhage, according to various medical professionals I spoke with, but it DID stop the bleeding. Dollar says Dr. Airsoft of Airsoft Medicine is shaking his board certified head right about now.  Good thing I'm an Airsoft blogger and not in charge of saving someone's life now, huh? Oh well.  Once I had successfully wrapped my foot up like a village idiot, I made the call to wake up my wife up from a deep sleep at about 4:22am PST and inform her of my exciting news. That conversation went a little something like this:

ME: *whisper voice while gently nudging her into a mild state of consciousness*  "Hi sweetheart."
WIFE: *Agitated and groggy*  "WHAT?!?"
ME: *still whispering despite my wife's elevated decibel level*  "I stabbed myself."
WIFE: *Fully awake now*  "ARE YOU *(@#$&! KIDDING ME?!?!"
ME: *still whispering despite the f-bomb just being dropped*  "No.  I probably need to go to Urgent Care or something."

After showing her my fresh stab wound, she agreed that I most definitely needed to seek medical attention sooner rather than later.  However, since I had yet to obtain any sleep in probably close to 24 hours, I wasn't too interested to spend the next 8 hours waiting in the ER and since my local Urgent Care facility didn't open for another three hours, I opted to grab a couple minutes of shuteye before I began my quest for structural repair.

Once I arrived, I got the red carpet treatment (because I was bleeding on their carpet and they wanted me to stop) *rim shot*.  Not really though.  Although, I didn't just get stitches, I even had to get an X-Ray to verify that I had not caused any damage to the bone structure in my foot due to the not-so-blunt-force trauma it had recently sustained. Also, the doctor was concerned that a part of the sock I was wearing got shoved down into the large cavity that I had created in my foot. Luckily, neither were an issue. A few stitches later plus a prescription for antibiotics and Vicodin & I was on my way to Lala Land.

If you're the type who likes to slow down traffic on the freeway whenever you see a car accident in hopes that you will get to see some blood & guts lying around, feel free to click on this thumbnail to view at a larger size in a new window or tab.  If you're squeamish at the sight of blood and/or gore, do NOT click on the thumbnail image.

I wasn't not able to get my phone's camera ready in time to see very deep into the wound before it filled up with blood, but you get the idea.  

In light of this recent occurrence, I thought I'd share some knife safety tips with you that may help to prevent a similar injury like this in your life.
  • Cut away from your body, not toward it.
  • If you drop your knife, let it fall. Don’t attempt to catch it.***
  • Never run with a knife.
  • Don’t throw a knife to anyone. Hand it to them, handle first.
  • Never point a knife at anyone.
  • Do not use a locking blade if the lock will not lock open. Make sure the lock is working before using it.
  • Keep your knife folded or sheathed when carrying or storing.
  • Use a sharpening stone, not a power grinder to sharpen your knife. A power grinder can make the edge brittle and will void the warranty.
  • Use the right tool for the job.
  • Don’t use a knife for prying. It can cause the tip to break, possibly causing injury.
  • Use in a well-lit area, so you can see what you’re doing.
  • Do not use a knife on “live” electrical items like appliances.
  • Keep your knife clean, particularly the locking mechanism.
  • Keep your knife oiled and sharp. A sharp knife is safer than a dull one.
  • If you get cut, seek first-aid immediately.###
While it seems everyone pretty much lists the same tips for knife safety, I do feel the urge to cite my source, since I did not come up with those bullet points on my own.

***I would like to add to this point, as this was the most applicable point on that list to what happened to me.

If you drop your knife, MOVE YOUR FEET OUT OF THE WAY ASAP!!!!

###Probably not a good idea to stop & take photos of your wounds to post on Facebook or your Airsoft blog before you've properly attended to your wound(s). 

Sooooo, with all that being said, if you're into knives and think you can handle them safely, unlike some of us in this one-sided conversation, you ought to check out the selection of knives & multi-tools that Pyramyd Air has to offer.

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