So, it would appear that Pyramyd Air has been busy adding some cool stuff to their inventory.

Here's just a short sampling of some of my faves that have been recently added...

The KWA KMP9R GBB Airsoft Submachine Gun, featuring KWA's famous NS2 internal gas system.
Airsoft Guns, KWA, KMP9R NS2 GBB, TMP9,Airsoft submachine gun, gas blowback,KMP9R, TMP, Resident Evil, pyramyd air, airsoft obsessed

Airsoft Guns, KWA, KMP9R NS2 GBB, TMP9,Airsoft submachine gun, gas blowback,KMP9R, TMP, Resident Evil, pyramyd air, airsoft obsessed

If you prefer the fixed foregrip version, you're in luck.  KWA also makes the KMP9 and Pyramyd carries it.
Airsoft Guns, KWA, KMP9R NS2 GBB, TMP9,Airsoft submachine gun, gas blowback,KMP9R, TMP, Resident Evil, pyramyd air, airsoft obsessed

Owning the following gun will not make you as uB3r1337 as Chris Costa and/or Travis Haley, but it's certainly a step in the right direction.  After all, in order to perform at your best, you've got the have the right tools for the job.  The King Arms S&W M&P15, geeked out with MOE (Magpul Original Equipment) goodies, is not only a high-performance rifle, compatible with a number of upgrade parts out on the market, but Airsoft Sechs Appeal comes as a standard, out-of-the-box feature thanks to the boys at Magpul .
Airsoft Guns, King Arms,S&W M&P15 Magpul MOE AEG,Airsoft automatic electric gun, Assault rifle,KA, S&W, M&P15, MOE, AEG,pyramyd air, airsoft obsessed, chris costa, travis haley,

Here's a personal fave of mine: The WE Knighthawk GBB Pistol.  Great for anyone looking to add a high-quality GBB pistol with a unique style to their Airsoft arsenal. 
Airsoft Guns, WE,Knighthawk Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol,Airsoft gas blowback pistol,GBB, GBBP,pyramyd air, airsoft obsessed, knight's armament co, eugene stoner,

Ah yea, baby.  This one goes out to all the Tan Fans out there.  Here's the G&G GR16 Carbine Electric Blowback rifle.  Yet another option with great aesthetics, good performance, and to top it all off, affordability.  Clocking in under 180 bucks, the GR16 Carbine EBBR in Desert Tan is The Word. 
Airsoft Guns, G&G, Guay Guay,GR16 Desert Tan Carbine Blowback AEG,Airsoft automatic electric gun, Assault rifle,AEG, AR15,pyramyd air, airsoft obsessed, armalite,

While not nearly as new to the Pyramyd Air Airsoft Store, if you've been curious about either of the following rifles, then you're in luck.  I've got reviews coming up for both. 

The Stunning Classic Army Dragunov SVD AEG Sniper Rifle
Airsoft Guns, Classic Army,Dragunov SVD AEG,Airsoft automatic electric gun, Russian Sniper Rifle,AEG, SVD, pyramyd air, airsoft obsessed, alexander kalashnikov,

And my personal, all-time favorite rifle among all rifles: The Classic Army CA25 AEG.  This semi-automatic sniper system will be fully upgraded into an absolute nightmare for whoever should be so foolish to show up in my crosshairs.  I am not sure whether one would classify this rifle as a Sniper Rifle or as a DMR (designated marksman rifle), but I'll get into that later. 
Airsoft Guns, Classic Army,CA25, Knights Armament Co SR25, M110 SASS,Airsoft automatic electric gun, Designated Marksman Rifle,DMR, AEG, CA25, KAC,pyramyd air, airsoft obsessed, knights armament co, eugene stoner,

So there's a few treats for you to suckle on for now.


I think it's time to shed some light on some new additions to the Pyramyd Airsoft Catalog. Look at some of this stuff.

For example, the new TSD/WE Gas Blowback Pistols with Caspian Trades.  I slashed the brand names because the guns are distributed by TSD and come in a TSD box, but WE is the OEM (original equipment manufacturer).  TSD just rebranded the WE guns under their name.  At the own end of the day, they are still the same ol' WE guns that we all know and love. 

These hot ladies have been spending quality time laying out in the sun, gettin' their bronze on.  Check out their hot-body tans.

Airsoft, WE 1911 MEU, Caspian, Pyramyd AirAirsoft, WE 1911 MEU, Caspian, Pyramyd AirAirsoft, WE 1911 MEU, Caspian, Pyramyd Air

Pyramyd has also restocked a number of their other WE Caspian GBB pistols.  I suggest you check them out to see what's back in stock. 

Here are a couple of other notable items to check out...

If you've been having a hard time finding a retailer that carries the
KWA HK MP7 Gas Blowback Submachine Gun
Airsoft, KWA, HK, MP7, Submachine Gun, CQB, Pyramyd Air.....
Then go ahead and send a thank you card over to Pyramyd Air.  Nothing says quality gas guns like KWA and their MP7 is no exception.  Great for CQB applications OR, with a few upgrades, the savvy Airsoft tech can get this thing into a viable outdoor long range platform as well.  Versatility.  Who doesn't love that?!?!

For you spring sniper rifle fans looking for a sweet deal, check out the Echo1 ASR (Advanced Sniper Rifle).
Airsoft, Echo1, ASR, Advanced Sniper Rifle, Airsoft Spring Sniper Rifle, Pyramyd Air

Here's the upgrade kit for all you tinkerers and tuners out there.  Echo1 ASR Upgrade Kit

Now.  Here's a special item.
You'll have to be patient, but if this VFC Gas Blowback Rifle anything like the quality of the VFC AEGs, I would expect "big thangz" (see what I did there?) from this rifle.  If you're like me and prefer to get awesome information as soon as it becomes available, then I'll show you a little "sumthin" about Pyramyd's website.  If the product is out of stock, you have the option of getting an email notification within 24 hours of the item arriving in stock.  There's a link on the product page to do this.
No, it's not a joke.  Pyramyd has added several legit AEG rifles from Classic Army to their catalog recently, including this...

One word, one abbreviation, six syllables:

Dragunov SVD
Airsoft, Classic Army, Dragunov, SVD, Airsoft Sniper Rifle AEG, Pyramyd Air

SVD = Snaiperskaya Vintovka Dragunova, or Dragunov Sniper Rifle.
(if you can't guess what language that's in, then you need slap yourself)

Thank you, Modern Firearms website people.  This AEG Sniper Rifle is very accurate and very attractive.  Two of my favorite attributes to look for in an Airsoft gun. Stay tuned for the official review. 

I'd also like to highlight the uber-sexy new M14 EBR Scout from Classic Army
Airsoft, Classic Army, M14, EBR Scout, designated marksman rifle Airsoft AEG, Pyramyd Air
I suggest you man up before attempting to operate the snot out of that rifle. The EBR (which stands for Enhanced Battle Rifle) is generally regarded as being a beast to carry because of its solid metal body composition. I would expect nothing less from Classic Army.

Now, I realize those rifles may not fall within everyone's budget.  No worries.  Check out the Classic Army Sportline collection (scroll to the bottom).  Same high quality Classic Army stuff, they simply utilitize ABS plastic receivers instead of metal bodies like their higher-end counterparts.  Although, it would be important to note that Pyramyd DOES carry a metal body CA Sportline M4 as well if you're just dying for a more realistic weight to your AEG but need to watch your costs.

So anyway, like I was saying, there is more than one way to skin a cat.    Wait...what?

To be honest, I didn't feel like making a big ol' giant "conclusionary" paragraph (I love to make up words, get over it), so I just said something random.

Bottom line: Pyramyd Air is adding more and more goodies to their catalog.  In fact, I have it on good authority that they'll be adding a bunch of KWA stuff among many other cool things very soon.  So keep an eye out on their website, or just follow my blog here because I will definitely be discussing more about that line of Airsoft guns and others in the future for shizzle.

For now, remember this...

If you're going through hell, don't you worry. Airsoft will prevail. 

Friday, May 21, 2010

Airsoft News Fa Sho

If you think a whole month is far too long to wait for your next installment from CQB Radio then you’re in luck, our friend Carp has just launched his first mid-month MiniCast. If you're just too "ignant" to guess, it's a shorter version of his regular, full-length shows with some twists.

Here's an overview of his MiniCast:

- Correspondence: Shout outs to listeners/listener e-mails
- Reviews: Gear and gun reviews
- Update: More info on guns and gear that we’ve reviewed in the past
- Garage Sale: Items you can buy for cheap*

Check out for info on how to listen (iTunes podcast download or online streaming). Carp's also got a YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Skype account, so check him out there as well.

*Speaking of items you can buy for cheap, have you checked out Pyramyd Air's Pre-Owned Gun Section? NO?!?! Do you like sweet deals on quality Airsoft treats? Thought so.

Check it before you wreck it. Pyramyd Air Pre-Owned Guns

A lot of their stuff is still in super good shape, but the box might be too damaged, or just opened for them to be able to sell the item at the regular retail price. If you ever had a question on any particular used item, you can always just give them a call or send them an email. Check Pyramyd Air for their contact info.

In other news, Echo1 released a teaser pic of their new AR, the ER-16.

Let your eyes feast upon its beauty:

I would.

Then there's this guy:
Aaron E. Daye/Staff Photogapher
"So what?" You might ask.

That picture is comprised out of a bunch of colored Airsoft BBs.  That's what.

Apparently he's (the artist, not the hobo guy in the BB picture) some dude from Florida who has artistic talent using my favorite 6mm plastic spheres.  His name is John O’Hearn and he's a fine arts graduate from the University of Florida. Google him for the article about his fresh-to-def style of art.  Word.

That wraps up my news update for now.  Expect another review to be coming up very shortly.  Love you.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

A New Website

You know what? The U.S. division of Kuan Ju Works (KJW) and has finally got their website up and running. And it's nice.

It's got their current line of pistols and rifles, as well as some pretty sweet wallpapers you can download in various screen resolutions. That's not the only thing that's nice, either. The guns they're producing are pretty nice as well. Whether you're interested in their well-known M700 gas sniper rifle or their expanding line of high quality pistols, I would have to say that KJW makes a nice product. Now, granted, with their sniper rifle, it's more of a base platform that you use to upgrade for accuracy, but it's certainly a nice alternative to the more expensive Tanaka series which you would still need to perform most of the same procedures.

As far as their pistols are concerned, I've actually got a few headed my direction that I will be reviewing, so keep an eye out for that. I've used their Beretta as my secondary several years and was very pleased with it's performance and reliability. I also had zero issues with leaky mags, which is always a plus. So I am looking forward to reviewing their newer models.

One item I'd particularly like to highlight is their 1911 MEU that's slated for release soon. 10 points if you can guess when.

Yea.  That right there does it for me.  I am a big fan of the MEU and for them to put a model with a metal body and pretty decent internals is just lovely.  Plan on me owning one. 

Another item that I'd like to check out is their hi-capa race gun, that looks to be like a Western Arms Xcelerator model with a Kimber Desert Warrior-style grip for double stack mags.

I'm a huge fan of race guns and plan to cover them in the future.  This looks to be a nice setup and like their other models, comes standard with a metal slide.

KJW has got a very nice line of Berettas in several variations.

My favorite?


HELLO!?!?!  That's just good lookin'.  Fact.

A close second is going to be this one:

To be fair to the Sig lovers out there, KJW has a very attractive option for you as well.

This is one I'll be reviewing soon in case you were interested in seeing how she performs before dropping the cash.

With all that, you can see that KJW came to play with the big boys.  They're making some nice stuff, and that's not even all of it.


Monday, March 15, 2010

What in the World? (of Airsoft)

So every now and then, something pops up on the news radar that makes me say, "Whoa, that's pretty sweet."

The recent video of a prototype UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) put out by MADBULL made me say just that.  I had already heard rumblings of such a development awhile ago, but never heard anything more about it until now, so I decided that I wouldn't believe it until I saw it.  Well, check this video out:

It's ALIVE!!!!

MADBULL provided these brief specs:

  • GPS located.
  • Up in the Air 20 mins
  • Uses MadBull LFP battery
  • RF data transfer
  • This is a prototype

It still remains to be seen what this thing is going to do while up in the air, but if I had to take a purely wild guess, I'd imagine it would do at least one of two things:

A) Perform recon missions through the use on an on-board image-capturing device (still-frame or video camera).
B) Perform attack missions through the use of an on-board weapon firing our beloved 6mm projectiles. This is probably more than wishful thinking at this point, but I’m until I see otherwise, I’m going to speculate on the wonderful possibility.

If they truly wanted to rock my socks, they would do both, but I would guess that would jump the retail price of this device up into the stratosphere.  However, I'd love to be wrong here. 

Bottom line is, I'm excited for the potential for greatness here.  MADBULL usually puts out a pretty nice product, so this could add a whole new element to Mil-Sim operations as we know them.