Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A&K M60VN Review - Range Test Airsoft Video

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Shot of my "shooting range," where the A&K M60VN Performance & Accuracy Test was performed
Tom Harris for the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog

Today's entry on the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog features the A&K M60VN on camera. The video is just a super quick and dirty performance test on the range to see what we've got to work with right from the get-go. It's important to note that this is Airsoft and while there are a few companies who are actually starting to give a crap about quality control (*cough* Elite Force *cough*), it's still fairly common to pull a new Airsoft gun out of the box and not have it performing to its full potential. What I've learned in my experiences in having the opportunity to work with a number of different guns is that just because something isn't cooperating as well as you'd like intitially, doesn't necessarily mean that the issue cannot be resolved relatively easily with a little fine-tuning of your own, assuming you know what you're doing inside these guns. With that in mind, please check out the initial performance test of the A&K M60VN after the jump...