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Featured Airsoft Rifle: WE PDW Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifle with Bravo 4x32 ACOG-style optic w/Doctor Sight,
Magpul PTS Angled Foregrip and Tan Mock Suppressor.
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Today's Airsoft question comes from Ariel Sebastian of Lakewater, Arizona.

Today's Airsoft answer to that Airsoft question comes from yours truly.  However, truth be truly told, I'm actually not truly yours.  I'm saving myself for a lady named Airsoft.  She and I are discussing the option of getting an apartment together someday after we work a few things out.

Alright, so Ariel writes:
"Hey Tom, wasssup?  I was wondering what you'd recommend for a badass Airsoft CQB rifle?"

Well, Ariel, I thought you'd never ask...

Click to get my Airsoft CQB rifle recommendation after the jump.