I'ma be real witchu: this entry on the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog is merely to show you naughty Airsoft helmet photos and to tell you about Pyramyd Air's 12 Airsoft Deals of Christmas (2 are already available as I type this).
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While I'm being honest, I will tell you that I am merely an amateur when it comes to pimping one's airsoft helmet.  There are many an experienced MilSim player out there who can (and probably will) pick apart this setup for one reason or another.  BUT, that doesn't mean it's not fun to look at.  Haters gone hate.

After the jump, I'll tell you all about the particulars of my Airsoft helmet, and I will reveal the 2nd of the 12 Airsoft Deals of Christmas.

Today, I thought I'd take you into the world of gear whores for a minute and show you how to quickly install a set of ARC helmet rail adapters on your COMTAC headset. 
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Just to give you a little background on why this is a useful thing to do, aside from that fact that these adapters will make you look more like a high-speed operator, I feel compelled to mention that I have a fairly large skull.

Consequently, not all helmets fit me the same way and sometimes, as in the case of my Air Frame helmet here (it's a knock-off, I ain't gonna lie), the darn thing is just too small when you factor in that I always wear a shemagh on my head as a sweatband.  It's pretty much a must because I get so hot and sweaty when I play that my goggles go beyond fogged and just get covered in liquid sweat, reducing my visibility to pretty much zero.

SOOOO, long story short, I don't have any room inside the helmet for the somewhat bulky COMTAC headset.  Installing the helmet rail adapters for my COMTACs alleviates that issue quite well.