While hanging out in Georgia over the weekend for the SS Airsoft CQB Field's 3-year anniversary party, I managed to get Phil & Big Silva from MilSim Mechanix & American MilSim to demonstrate a very useful and effective technique for minimizing the risk of being shot while engaging your targets in an Airosft CQB environment.

Featuring custom Elite Force/Umarex HK 416 CQB AEG rifles...

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Today, I'd like to highlight an organization within the Airsoft industry which I think is going to do very good things for our community.  American MilSim.  They are a team of dudes from the Dirty South who have been, and will likely continue, putting on some incredible MilSim events in various parts of the Southeastern quadrant of the United States of America.  Their prior events have included fantastic AOs like Ft. Hood's MOUT site(s) & the Government Training Institute, helicopters, tanks crushing cars, sweet pyro, busting doors with battering rams, Andy Green wearing pants, busting doors with pyro, Direct Action Missions which are fairly elaborate little mini missions woven within the fabric of the overall OP, more pyro, explosions, Andy Green wearing goggles, & other cool stuff.

They've got several sweet events already in the works for 2013, among them being OP: Broken Home II, OP: Faded Giant, something called "End State" and OP: Reindeer Games.  If they keep it to just those four events, it will still be a fantastic year for anyone fortunate enough to attend.  They may add even more events to the calendar at a later time, but who knows for sure?

I've taken the liberty of including some pretty sweet videos relating to American Milsim and their instructional arm, MilSim Mechanix, which I will go more into detail about at a later date.

You may view these videos after the jump...

This photo was "borrowed."  It was probably taken by Andy Green Photography.  If not, then it was taken by someone else close to the American MilSim crew.  I did not ask permission to use it, but am willing to suffer the consequences because it is an awesome photo.  Whenever possible, make sure you have your team get their pic taken as they're walking away from an explosion (without looking back at it or flinching). 
Alright.  So I've got a bit of a special blog (perhaps even a small series) regarding how to start an Airsoft team.  And not just any Airsoft team, but one that is awesome.  

What makes me the authority on starting Airsoft teams?  Oh, I don't know really.  Why not worry about that after you have read what I have to say and then decide whether I know what I'm talking about or not.