Elite Force has been pretty darn busy killing it over the last year. Not only have they taken up a pretty good chunk of the market share in a short amount of time, but they managed to somehow fit in time to develop more new guns. Today, we feature the Elite Force Tavor 21 Bullpup AEGs, due out soon.

While I've never really been a fan of the bullpup design when it comes to aesthetics, one cannot ignore the functionality of a compact rifle that still manages to boast of a carbine length barrel.  The firearm version of the Tavor actually has a few other performance enhancements but they don't really translate over to the Airsoft side.  Either way, as with basically everything else in their product line, Elite Force has put together a nice option for the Tavor lovers out there.  Even though these were just pre-production samples, they were very well built and gave the impression that they are going to rock some Airsoft face when they become available to the public for sale.
Keep an eye out for these guys later this year.
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