Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Girls with Guns

Today is Wednesday.  On Wednesdays, I discuss topics that will help you become an Airsoft Champion, or simply further the degree to which you are already a Champion, as part of my Airsoft Health & Safety Series for Airsoft Champions.

Therefore, some unfortunate words must be said in regards to Halloween.  

Please do not use your Airsoft guns as Halloween props. 

Just because it's Halloween doesn't mean that responsible gun ownership gets to be thrown out the window.  Airsoft guns should never be taken out in public. 

Doing a quick Google search for toy guns & Halloween costumes, you can see that there's already been a 25-year old dude up in San Jose, California who had a fake gun on his hip as part of his Halloween costume.  He was subsequently shot by Police because, in addition to taking a fake gun out in public, he made a few other poor decisions as well, which netted him some fresh bullet wounds and trip to the E.R.  Even if taking a gun out in public is the only poor decision you make, you can still end up like our friend described above.
Exhibit A, my friends.  Don't be Exhibit B, C, D, E or any other exhibit letter.  Keep your guns in a secure location at home on Halloween.  That's what Airsoft Champions do. 

Now, since you've made it this far, I feel I should reward you for your attentiveness.  They say positive reinforcement is a wonderful thing.

Check out some chicks with guns after the jump...
Don't worry, they're SFW (Safe for Work).