Almost everything you ever wanted to know about electric compressors but didn’t know who to ask

By B.B. Pelletier

You’ve made the move to pcp air rifles and found out how neat they are. At first you had a pump, but you quickly discovered how much effort is involved. You still have the pump but have decided to switch to scuba tanks for easier filling most of the time.

The scuba tank is great, but now you have to drag it back to the dive shop to get it refilled. Remember when you once wondered how many gun fills were in that scuba tank? Now you know – it all depends on how many shots you want from your guns and which guns you are filling. But, eventually, every scuba tank will need to be refilled.

So, loving the precharged guns like you do and with a little experience under your belt, you’re thinking about getting an air gun compressor. What is there about the compressor that you need to know?

Answers to the most frequently asked electric compressor questions
Q: Will the compressor fill a scuba tank?
A: Yes, it will, but not continuously. It isn’t made for that. The electric compressor has the hand pump at its heart. All the motor does is work the handle for you. The compressor will pump airguns thousands of times, or you can ruin it in a short time filling scuba tanks. Tom Gaylord’s article about the electric compressor is somewhat misleading. He says he filled scuba tanks several times, and I’m sure he did, but that was just a TEST. He didn’t continue to use the compressor that way for months. It is NOT a commercial-grade high-pressure compressor and should only be used to fill the tanks of airguns!

Q: How long does it take to fill a gun with the compressor?
A: If the gun has some air in it, it only takes a couple minutes to refill it with the compressor. Guns with a larger capacity take longer than guns with less capacity. If you are filling a gun from empty, it will take about three times as long as it takes to fill a gun that has some air in it.

Q: Can I run the compressor in my house?
A: That depends on the house. The compressor is not overly noisy, but it does make about the same noise as a noisy clothes washer. It also vibrates. In a frame house, you’ll notice the vibration. Put it on a solid floor for best results.

Q: Is it worth the money?
Definitely. This is the lowest-priced new electric air compressor on the market today.

Q: Why can’t I use my shop compressor to charge my airgun?
A: Most shop compressors don’t go above 175 psi. You usually need 3,000 psi for airguns. You can buy a booster for your shop compressor that will take it up to 3,000 psi, but my understanding is they cost close to $1,000.

Those are some answers to questions that have been sent in to Pyramyd Air. If you have others, leave a comment at the bottom of this posting.

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