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Remembering Smith & Wesson’s pellet pistols

By B.B. Pelletier

Pyramyd AIR gets a lot of inquiries about vintage pellet and BB guns. While they sell the ammunition and gas needed for these guns, they don’t sell the guns, themselves, so the most commonly asked question is, “What’s it worth?”

Use Blue Book of Airguns as your price guide
The fifth edition of the Blue Book of Airguns, a wonderful used airgun price guide, will be available soon, but I thought I would look at a vintage gun from time to time, just to keep the collector juices flowing for all of us.

Smith & Wesson 78G

These S&Ws are REAL
Many gun makers have sold airguns with their name on them, but few actually made the guns. Smith & Wesson, however, was an exception. In the 1970s, they produced the model 78G (.22 caliber) and 79G (.177) target pistols that were copies of their very popular model 41 target pistol in .22 long rifle. These guns were made in Springfield, Mass., for a short time, then in Florida for the remainder of the time they were produced.

The two pistols are identical except for caliber. They are single-shot and have adjustable sights (all models), and a few early ones had adjustable triggers. Their frames were made from cast potmetal, with steel used where it mattered. They were just as heavy as the firearm they copied and gave their owners a great feeling of satisfaction, similar to the Drulov DU-10 target pistol I wrote about last Friday.

A 78G or 79G should cost you about $125 in excellent condition. Some gun dealers are asking more than $200 for them, but they really don’t know much about airguns. These are the same guys who think “Benjamin Franklin” airguns are also worth more than $200. Shop the airgun classified ads to buy vintage airguns at the right prices.

Smith & Wesson M41

They may be old, but they’re accurate!
An S&W 78G will be more accurate than the 79G and can rival a Ruger Mark II Target pistol at 50 feet. They aren’t quite as accurate as the S&W 41 they copy, but few guns are. The adjustable-trigger version can be adjusted to let off nearly as nice as the model 41. The non-adjustable trigger always has a little creep in the second stage.

They use the same CO2 powerlets as today’s airguns, and Crosman Pellgunoil can often get a leaky one working again. If not, there are airgunsmiths who can reseal one for a reasonable price.

Thirty years ago when these airguns were made, the technology was not up to today’s standards. An S&W 78G isn’t as finely finished as a Drulov, nor does it have a five-shot semiautomatic mechanism. These guns may not have all the bells and whistles of modern airguns, but they’re very accurate and will serve you well. The weight and feel is as good as anything made today. If you have a hankering for a vintage airgun, one of these would be a great place to start.

209 thoughts on “Remembering Smith & Wesson’s pellet pistols”

  1. My Father bought me a Model 78G Smith and Wesson pellet pistol in the late seventies. I believe I was 12 or 13 at the time. I had alot of fun shooting it from time to time and even bought a holster for it. These guns are fun to shoot and I still have mine today. People that I tell about it are interested to see it and shoot it. A lot of people are surprised to hear that Smith and Wesson made a pellet pistol. I enjoyed reading your article and found the information in it very interesting.

  2. Thanks for the informative website.
    I recently bought a business and took over the existing lease. While cleaning up, I found one of these stashed in a drawer of a cabinet that was buried way in the back. Speaking with the former business owner, he said it wasn’t his, and he thought it must have been there when he bought the business in 1978.
    It is Model 78G .22 CAL. serial number 122860.
    I’ve never seen an air pellet pistol built like this, so I Googled it.
    Does S&W have a contact number to possibly get an owner’s manual or some type of exploded diagram?
    What’s the deal with the cocking mechanism? Do you know of any airgunsmiths in the San Diego county area (Ramona) that I could have check it out before airing it up and firing it? I really don’t want to ruin it.


  3. You have a wonderful find! I’ll try to answer your questions, but some of what you need to know has already been written in this blog.
    Start with the May 3 posting about the miracle oil – Crosman Pellgunoil. The home site for this posting is /
    Scroll down and find the link on the left side of the home page.

    My best recommendation for an airgunsmith is for you to contact
    Tim McMurray in Gardena. He owns and operates MAC-1 Airguns. Call him at 310-327-3581. I know that’s not a short drive,
    but good airgunsmiths are not as common as regular gunsmiths. Tim can take care of you and he wil;l help you find the
    parts needed to get your gun back up and running.

    The gun cocks by pulling forward on the two ribbed flanges set on either side of the “slide.”
    The first click is low power. Second is high. The trigger will be best on high power.

    As for an owner’s manual, try S&W.
    They had a good museum and MAY have a manual to copy for you. Otherwise, watch Ebay.

    Good luck with your new gun.


  4. Why do you say the 78g is more accurate then the 79g? I was about to purchase a 79g becuase of the cheaper .177 pellets.

    Also if you have shot the crosman MKI and II how do they compare?


  5. James,

    I say the .22-caliber 78G is more accurate than the .177-caliber 79G because in my experience, it is. Maybe back in the 70s when these guns were made, it was easier to rifle a .22 barrel than a .177. I don’t know the answer for certain, I just know what my experience has been.

    The Crosman Mark I is more accurate than the S&W 78G. It’s also MUCH more accurate than the Mark II, which has a “compromise” barrel that can handle either .177 lead pellets or steel BBs without damaging the rifling.

    Crosman .22s have always been very accurate, compared to their .177s. The 160 was a real tack-driver, while the 167 was mediocre. The Crosman 600 pistol is another accurate pistol, buit there is no equivalent .177 to compare it to. The 677 Plink-O-Matic was just a BB repeater and therefore not accurate at all.


  6. Thanks for the great info. I didn’t realize the mk I was so much more accurate.

    Could you go into more detail about the accuracy? Is the mkII able to shoot one hole groups at 10 meters, or are these guns more suited to plinking. I’m particularly interested in the 79g.

    How do the old cr’s compare to the newer 2240? You should write an article on crosman pistols!


  7. James,

    I like your idea about a comparison. I’ll get right to it. In the meantime, to answer your question about absolute accuracy,

    While the Crosman Mark I can shoot one-hole group[s at 10 meters, the Mark II will group a little larger than a quarter, which is to say one-inch groups at the same distance. The rifling in the .177 barrel is not conventional because it’s also madce to handle BBs, and I doesn’t grab the pellet as well.


  8. Daisy bought the rights and tooling to make the 78G and 79G from S&W. They produced them under the model numbers 780 and 790 for a while. Then they changed the designb a bit and the final model number was the model 41. If you have a Daisy 78G, it may be an early Daisy gun or a leftover S&W in Daisy packaging.

    S&W had become afraid of their adjustable trigger mechanism, so they removed it early in production. Then they made the trigger very stiff. Daisy made it even stiffer, and by the time the model 41 came around, it was in the toy category. All the fine functionality of the original design had been lost.

    You have a nice collectible airgun.


  9. Just purchased a working Model 79 from an internet dealer at EXACTLY what you consider a fair price. Based on picures it at least in 95 condition . I now realize i have no instructions. Since I will be using it for informal target shooting do you have any pellet and co2 cartridge recomendations? Can I get replacement seals if I need them?



  10. Vic – One,

    Congratulations! First, get Crosman Pellgunoil and oil, the tip of every powerlet you put in the gun (for at least the first 5). That will get the internal seals well-oiled again.

    Try H&N Match pellets for target shooting. The lightweight pellets should be best, but try them all. RWS R 10 pellets might be pretty good, too.

    For general shooting, I would try JSB Exacts (under Bohumin). I mean the domed pellets, but you might try the wadcutters for target, as well.

    I would not shoot BBs if I were you. They are too hard and will just wear the bore.


  11. I just dug out the 79G that I bought from a friend in the early 70s for $10.00. It must be an early model because it has an adjustable trigger. I always loved the ballance, feel and accuracy of that pistol, so I was terrible disappointed when I pearced the powerlet (the first in about 15 years) and heard all of the co2 escape in about five seconds.

    With such a bad leak, is it worth trying the “miracle oil” or should I just bring it to an airgunsmith for repair and use the oil to maintain the new seals?

    Also, do you know of a good airgunsmith in the Westchester County (Briarcliff Manor) NY area?


  12. Joe,

    Glad to hear from you. Yes, your gun is an early one. And ten bucks was a bargain at any time – you lucky guy!

    I just bought a 78G with a bad leak and the oil didn”t help it, so I’ll guess your gun needs to be resealed like mine.

    Tomorrow’s post is all about repair centers for vintage guns like yours, so be sure to read it.

    I don’t know of anyone in your immediate area, but the guys I’ll mention are all first-class.


  13. I purchased a 78G in the early 1970’s and have never regretted it. At the time it was somewhat pricy (about $45). I had no idea that the adjustable trigger was discontinued, as mine has that feature.
    The power level on mine is adjusted with a screw adjustment under the barrel, and the two cocking postions are
    safe and full cock. Trigger adjustment is an allen screw on the upper most forward portion of the trigger.
    The only malfunction was the o-ring for the CO2 chamber, which I easily replaced at an auto professional parts store.
    This pistol fuctions and feels more like a firearm than any other air pistol that I have owned. It’s a shame that it’s no longer produced.
    I use it to practice for NRA hunters pistol matches when I can’t get out to the range. Using the air pistol sillouettes at 10 meters gives about the saqme sight picture as 3/8 scale targets at the 40 to 100 meters used in small bore hunters pistol.
    If you have one, treasure it, they’re not making any more.

  14. Bought my one August 2005 in Austria.Trigger adjustable & two cocking postions and working fine!
    Only paint get los from grip.
    sn Q 045… any idea year of man.?

  15. An update from my previous post. I sent my 79G to one of the ‘smiths you recommend in your article and it came back in perfect working order quickly and for less than I anticipated paying. Thanks for the post. I am now having a ball with that old gun and I enjoy using it more than my newer Baretta. When I spoke to the airgunsmith about what to use for lubrication, he said that he uses automatic transmission fluid which preserves the o-rings, and he also mentioned that he believes it is the primary ingredient in Pellgun oil.

    Have you or anyone else had experience using automatic transmission fluid for airgun lubrication?

  16. Joe,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Yes, ATF is well-known in the airgun community and many believe it is the principle ingrediant in Pellgunoil. I have so much of it that I don’t need to buy any for the rest of my life, but if I did, a quart of ATF seems tempting.


  17. G’day Folks
    Just picked up a 78G .22cal. from the local flea market for $50. I really like this air pistol.I have some .177 and .22 sheridans pump action and this is the first CO2.
    Such a sweet action, bloody acurate as well.
    I noticed that this has a screw on the front barrel, underneath the top barrel.
    Is this the trigger adjustment or what?
    I’ve been firing darts, are these bad for the rifling, is there any other you might recommend.

  18. I have a smith & wesson model 79G .177 cal that I bought in the mid 70’s I’ve had it resealed a few times but I don’t use it much anymore. I have the original box it came in (kind of rough) I’m thinking of selling it. How much is it worth and where is a good place to list it for sale besides ebay
    Thanks Greg

  19. To the man looking for Joe,

    He probably doesn’t read this posting anymore. Most readers only read the most recent day or two, unless they have come to a specific post from a search.

    Try asking Joe on today’s post (Oct 7), and remember that he won’t be thinking about the S&W pistol, so you’ll have to spell it out for him..


  20. Hello Steve,

    I sent my pistol to Precision Pellet,
    one of the airgunsmiths recommended by the author of this post. The $35.00 it cost me included re-conditioning the gun and return shipping.
    Although it is more than what I paid for the gun in 1970, it was well worth it. Before I sent the gun, I spoke with the owner
    (Rick Willnecker)who was very knowledgeable about my 79G and freely gave advice on care and maintanence of the gun.
    I am very happy with the quality, value and timeliness of the service and would recommend Precision Pellet.
    The complete address follows.

    Good luck,

    Rick Willnecker
    Precision Pellet

  21. I can’t believe this many people have these guns. I have a 79G that was bought new for my wife to learn to shoot. It has all the adjustments but it leaks badly.Do you know of ant air smiths in the Atlanta area? I love the comments and plan on more vists! thanks again Dave argieshome@earthlink.net

  22. Hello everybody,

    I try to shoot S/W that has not been used for at least 10 years.
    A big leak aoccurs at CO2 powerlet replacement.
    Before buying spare parts or seal kit, I first need to understand where this leak occurs.
    My question is how to separate the frame from the barrel housing. It seems that removing screws is not sufficent.

    Thank you for answer

    Best regards


  23. I have a 1966 crosman Mark 1 target .22 cal pistol with original case, owners manual in very good condition seals were replaced 3yrs ago. looking for some help on putting a value on this

  24. The Blue Book of Airguns lists a range of $55 to 150. I think the high end is too high, but with the leatherette case and the original box, a gun in perfect condition might be worth that. I see guns in the case that I would consider excellent going for $125 at the airgun shows.

    The online auctions will be higher, but a lot of those never get takers.


  25. Thank you for the information on the S&W 79G, I have had mine in the original box since I was a kid. I never used oil when I changed CO2’s so when I went back to use it, it was leaking air as described by your other posters.

    I am going to use the person you recommended in the earlier post to have mine repaired, because it is perfect but for the air running out as soon as I strike the CO 2

    Ronkonkoma NY

  26. To B.B. Pelletier:
    I would love to have a copy of an article that references repair of the S&W 78G or 79G. I also have the 77A rifle. Could you pass this info along to me?
    Phil (philmo@scn.org)

  27. I also would like to have the information sent along for the 79G. Great site, I had done some searching a couple years ago when my dad sent me his pistol with intent on my finding a fix for the leak. Found nothing of help till now!
    Bobby (1eecom@earthlink.net

  28. i have a smith and wesson 79g .177 gun the was my dads but i need a new barrel because the old 1 fell out i live in dallsa texas and i would luve to get working agin thanks

  29. I have original 79g in box full documentation manual everything have shot 22 accuracy not as good at any great range because of pellet drop i can hit a coke can from around 200 ft with some compensation for wind and drop i had one issue with the lower c02 assembly oring but fixed it temporarily with vasilene if anyone needs an o-ring try ypur local dive shop they have every seal and o-ring in the world

  30. I found a 79G complete with box and manual in my grandfather’s house and he said I could have it. From the looks of it I would guess that it hasn’t been fired in upwards of 20 years. I haven’t put any co2 in it yet. Is there anything that I should know or do before I shoot with it? Also, does it require any cleaning or oiling.


  31. Matthew,

    What a nice gift! And you have done the right thing by asking before trying.

    You don’t ever have to clean the gun. Pellet guns don’t get dirty like firearms.

    But you should put a drop of Crosman Pellgunoil on the tip of the first powerlet you insert. In fact, I would drop three drops of Pellguniol into the place where the powerlet goes, holding the pistol upside down for a minute to let the oil gather at the inlet valve. Then put a drop of oil on the tip of the powerlet and let it slide into the grip, small end first. That’s the end that gets pierced.

    As you pierce the powerlet, the pistol may hiss for several seconds, but the Pellginoil has a 50 percent chance of re-sealing all the seals as it gets blown through the gun.

    Do not use regular petroleum oil because it will destroy the seals and they’ll all have to be replaced.

    Good luck!


  32. I have a mod. 79g S& w pistol. It is leaking around the breach I think. I have taken it apart as far as I can, I cannot detach the trigger housing from the barrel housing. Any tips?


  33. Copy orginal handbook + expl.vieuw and manual (German)how to install the O-rings. Want it? e-mail and i’ll reply.

    Ps i’m the one with his S&W from Austria. Bought second one. Owner had leakige problem but couldn’t dismantle it. broke at the pellet chamber.
    But that will be fixed by a small side-plate and screw. No adjustable trigger, rest good condition.

  34. I from Belgium and I have also a S&W 79G and I’m looking for a new barrel
    Who nows where I can get one

    Who can give me the e-mail adress of the Belgian guy ( anonymous )who has postet here on januari 05 2006 7.47 AM

    Regards Guido

  35. Who wants to now how You can make the trigger of the S&W 78/79 adjustable?
    (eliminates the creep completly)
    Give me Your e mail adres and I will sen You some pictures of it

    Regards Guido

  36. BB, The two stage power option reference was found in your posting of 5/27/05 at 6:15AM. I goofed. My pistol is a 78G not a 79G. I am still all in all very happy with the pistol and can shoot it as well as almost any .22 cartridge pistol.

  37. Folks I was given a 78G.22 and the seals in the cylinder puncture/retainer mechanism were dust. I replaced them with two R-10 ‘O’ rings outside and one R-1 ‘O’ ring for the puncture pin. A little silicon grease and it now works just fine.
    I’ve yet to zero it in, shoots high – waiting for a non windy day.

  38. Smith & Wesson will supply at no cost, a xerox of the owners manual with schematic for the Model 78G/79G. Although we are led to believe the 78G/79G pistols were made by S&W in the USA, I believe they were manufactured in West Germany for S&W. I have come to this conclusion because if you examine the left side of the pistol, you will notice the letter “F” within a five sided box. This was the West German proof mark for guns developing less than 5.5 ft/lb kinectic energy. This mark will be found in use today. I have no idea who may have produced the 78G/79G, but I was wondering if Umarex was in business back then as they are known for producing CO2 pistols that resemble production firearms.

  39. S&W pistols were produced in Springfield Mass. and Florida, in S&W plants. The Freimark you see (the capital F in a pentagram) is required by German law to be on all airgunns imported into Germany, to signify that they do not exceed 7.5 Joules in power. The AirForce rifle that is made in Fort Worth Texas, is also produced with a special valve for Germany and carries the Freimark.

    Umarex was formed nearly a decade after the last S&W pistols were made.


  40. About a year ago I purchased a “rebuild kit” off of ebay. It consisted of o-rings and a replacement brass valve body. It took less than an hour to rebuild the gun. It came with easy to follow instructions and a blow-up of the gun. The blowup is a bit fuzzy but useable. I will make it available to B.B. if you wish.

  41. I have one of the 78G versions that is a bit worn but still works. The purchase price of this gun (for me) was about 25 dollars back in the early 1970s (around 1972). My gun has a threaded nut protruding from just below the muzzle. This is missing from the picture-here. We used 22 cal pellets and darts in the gun. Has not been fired for 27 years.

    I need to get new seals for the gun. Any chance you can direct me to the supplier? I noticed another person mentioned eBay.

  42. I just resurrected by 78G. It was bought for me by my father in the 70’s (I think it was in 1976) as a gift. Had been using it in plinking and competitions when I was still single. Now, my son has shown an interest in the sport and I dismantled it and repainted the slide and reciever area and in the process of replacing all the seals.

    This airgun is quite rare, especially here in the Philippines. It’s actually an attention grabber since it looks like the real M41. Now I enjoy shooting with my son. BTW, he actually likes the 78G more than my FWB65 … it’s really fun!

  43. The 78G isn’t that rare in the U.S. In fact, they are very common. They command high prices because non-airgunners see how well made they are and assume a high price is fitting, but they still sell very reasonably at airgun shows. I like mine, too.


  44. Hi firstly let me say how amazed I am with your knowledge of airguns it made for interesting reading, so thanks! A few years ago my Dad gave me his S&W 79G-one of the most accurate CO2 guns I’ve shot with, so smooth! Anyway it had a leak which I decided to repair myself….BIG mistake!! Sadly i ended up making the problem even worse! please excuse my lack of correct terminology but I ended up snapping the piece of metal which is separate&below the barrel housing!!:( So now I have a leak and an ugly gun. I was such an idiot! I dont care that its not aesthetically pleasing, just so long as it fires again. Please, please help me! Ive tried all over the web, but no luck. Where in England/UK can i get it repaired? Thank you so much, and keep up the good work with your blog. Thanks again. Toby, England.

  45. Toby,

    Wow! When you have a problem, it isn’t an easy one.

    My advice is to go into an airgun shop (or call one) to inquire who repairs vintage American CO2 guns. You know, CO2 guns don’t have a British history, so there aren’t the old guns and parts laying around that there are in the U.S.

    I would suggest contacting John Knibbs, but he is primarily a spring gun man. I believe.

    Can any of our UK readers help Toby?


  46. hello, I have a 79 G that my old man gave me years ago. He said it leaked when he had it but i was gonna try to make it work.. I tried the pellgunoil and it seemed like it was gonna work. Nope. It seems when i have no CO2 cartridge in, the screw in puncturer will thread all the way in. When i add a cartridge it screws short by about an 1/8 of an inch leaving 2 holes exposed that release all the air. Is there a different cartridge i should use, i tried the crosman 12g powerlets, maybe they are wrong. Please help

  47. Just wanted to say that I found this source for parts:

    I also found parts on AuctionArms.com.

    And June 6 Anonymous – the Crosman 12g powerlets work. You may have a bad seal in the puncture assembly. If I’m not mistaken, there’s a small o-ring inside the assembly, in addition to the large one you can see at the plug. I find that I have to cinch mine down with large pliers before I puncture it, in order to prevent a leak.

  48. The 12-gram powerlet is correct for the S&W pistol. It sounds like something inside is limiting the depth your cartridge goes in.

    Todd, you shouldn’t have to use pliers to screw the cap down. All it takes is finger-tightening. Something is out of whack on your gun, too, though I know it’s easy to just keep doing something is it’s working.

    The best person to fix this model is:

    Dave Gunter http://www.ados.net/~dgunter/ (503) 556-1439

    Another less expensive place is:

    Rick Willnecker Contact him at airgunshop@aol.com or call 717-382-1481.


  49. Hi again,

    I have another question.

    I was told that ,because of the way the powerlet is pierced, this guns do not have problems with the seals if you leave the CO2 Capsule in for long periods of time.

    What do you think?

    Thanks for your help.


  50. B.B.,

    Thanks for all the information, after reading your blog I decided to get a S&W 78g.

    Was not easy because I live in Argentina, and they are not common here. But after posting on a local forum, I got one in exchange for my Crosman 357 – 8″ which I had already decided to sell.

    Tonight I have just tested the 78g, and the first shoots with a new CO2 cartridge are really powerful, also it seems to be very accurate. The most impressing is the feeling, is just like a firearm, strongly build and heavy. It made a very good impression on everyone, even on a friend of mine who has a Glock firearm and used to consider airguns only as toys.

    Thank again.


  51. I have a smith & wesson model 78g. I purchased this pistol in 1980. I need to get repaired. I live in Central New York. Do you know of any airgun smiths in my area.

  52. I currently have an early model 78G airgun in my possession which my father purchased for $35 bucks back in the early 80’s. I have the original box, manual, warranty card, CO2 packaging, pellet container, and of course the gun itself. I just wanted to brag a little bit.

    The problem is that the piercing assembly no longer pierces the CO2 cartridges. I have narrowed the problem down to the actual piercing tip inside the assembly. Any thoughts where I might find a replacement for just that part or do I need to purchase an entire assembly? If so where can I find one on the cheap. Thanks

  53. Thanks for the quick reply B.B. The site you gave me doesn’t sell the part and says its a minimum $75 to repair. I know I can pick up the entire piercing assembly for around $45. Should I just buy the piercing assembly? Thanks.

  54. B.B. , I have a 78 that my grandfather gave me. I learned how to shoot on this gun about 20 years ago and I still use it all the time! Over the years i have had problems with the seals on the powrlet piercing mechanisim, I’ve found that simple o-ring kits from your local hardware store work great to replace the old ones. they dont last as long as the ones from the gun shop but at 15 cents who’s counting?!?

    Also as I was reading though the past postings I saw you say that the cocking mechanisim has two stages.. I had never noticed this on mine and as I look at it right now it appears that i have room to pull it forward further but there is no second click. Any suggestions? Maybe an adjustment on the internal spring? Does the power adjustment screw play a part in this?

    My gun has the Springfield markings, power adjutment screw, and soft trigger.

    Awesome Blog!!!! Very informative
    JGroover, Fl.

  55. Hey B.B.

    It’s a small world…

    I just won another 78G on auctionarms.com (I have two now)
    & came here to read up on it again, but when I saw this;

    “At April 05, 2007 10:12 AM, B.B. Pelletier said…

    Try this guy,


    I had to laugh, because guess who the seller was!

    Yup.. Jon! lol

    Well, you can add another couple of guns to my list. 😉

    – The Big Bore Addict –

  56. BBA,

    Well, you will soon be able to compare the 78G to the Crosman Mark I. I like the Mark I best, but the 78G has a lot going for it – especially the early one that has an adjustable trigger.

    If you got it from Groenewold, it should work well.


  57. B.B.

    Yeah, I am REALLY hoping this is an earler one, with the adjusatble trigger. (I never even asked him. [smacks self on head]).
    I just assumed that coming from him, he would have mentioned it if it was, as that would be a good selling point.

    I understand he has a very good reputation, & this one was resealed in March of 2007, so that is a plus. 🙂

    Check it out, maybe you can tell me by looking at the picture;


    Not bad for $125.00 eh? What do you think?

    – The BBA –

  58. B.B.

    OK… I REALLY need you expertise/help on this!

    I emailed John Groenewold & asked him how much to reseal/overhaul a 78G & he said;

    “$75.00 + s/h $14.00 + what ever other parts or work it might need.”

    Seems a little pricey to me?

    Heck HE HIMSELF (John G.) JUST sold me a 78G for $125.00 that was resealed less than a year ago.

    Does that price of $89.00 to reseal (& ship) a 78G sound right to you?

    More importantly, are there other places that charge less, & if so why, & why does John charge so much?

    I need to know asap, because I recently won another one, that leaks bad, & the seller is a third party that didn’t know it leaked, & listed it as;

    “Well used but still in pretty good condition. Very well cared for by a meticulous gun collector and enthusiast.”

    He wants to make it right, but it looks like at the price JG is charging to fix it, the seller will probably just offer a refund, since I got it for $105.00

    The problem with this, is that this gun is an earlier model with the adjustable trigger & in great cosmetic condition, so I really would prefer to keep it.

    HELP! lol

    – The Big Bore Addict –

  59. B.B.

    Yeah, I spoke with John on the phone yesterday (seems like a nice guy), & he said it was expensive because the 78G’s take a lot of time & are a lot of work to reseal.

    I have won a number of auctions recently, so when I receive all of the guns & see exactly how many need repairs, I will most likely just send them all at once.

    Thanks for the info & the insight.

    – The Big Bore Addict –

  60. Would anyone know what size o-ring I could use for the piercing assembly on a model 78G? I just pulled mine out after many years and the gas leaked from the threading at the assembly. It looks like just that o-ring is bad. I purchased the gun in 1973 and its pretty much as I bought it except for the o-ring. I looked on the sites for parts mentioned here and they were out of stock. By the way, the part price from the owner’s manual (Part 11226) was 20 cents. :)I still have my target trap that I built back then with my pack of targets.

  61. When you find out, please let me know. I have two 78G, that need that same part.

    However, I do have this info for you, from John Groenewold


    There are 2 orings on the cap a small inner one part number CRS125-047 $1.12 and a larger outer one that is easily visable CRS150-054 $1.12.

    However in light of the above, I would like to point out that there are several other o-rings and a valve seal inside the gun and they are probably in a condition that is similar to the ones in the cap. When the pressure builds up because of the new cap o-rings another will probably fail soon. We recommend changing them all. I can sell you the parts or fix the gun should you prefer that.

    John Groenewold

    JG Airguns, LLC

    PO Box 830, Mundelein, IL 60060-0830

    phone 847.566.2365, fax 847.566.4065

    Website –


    Hope that helps.

    – The BBA –

  62. B.B.

    “Yes to your smnoothbore observations, but only when the barrel is sized to the BB, such as in the Daisy Avanti Champion 499.”

    So what about all the other air guns, that are made to shoot ONLY BBs?

    One would think that if an air gun is made to ONLY shoot BBs, then the barrel would be made to be accurate with BBs, but your comment sounds like this might not be true?

    Now you’ve peaked my curiosity. I have to ask…
    What about guns like the Crosman C11 (I had that gun & personally, I
    wasn’t that impressed with the accuracy, which is one of the reasons I’m asking this), the Gamo V3, Beretta Elite II, or the M.A.S. 0.07 Heavyweight Pistol by Cyber Gun?

    What’s your take on those in general?

    – The BBA –

  63. BBA,

    You’ll havwe to try them to discover this for yourself. BB guns are made with bore several thousandths larger than the BB. That prevents jams. Only the 499 has a precision fitted barrel that takes up to five seconds for a BB to roll down when loaded.

    In Germany, Diana makes another smoothbore called the model 30 that also has a smooth bore and is very accurate. It doesn’t shoot BBs but ball bearings, but the principle is the same.


  64. I just took possession of an as new in box 78G with adjustable trigger, 99% original finish. The box has all the original documents, a sealed white can of S&W .22 pellets, and 5 CO2 cartriges.

    A few queries in here please.

    The box is the same as the early Model 41 Target Pistols. Bangor Punta 2 piece cardboard box with metal-hinge corners. Is this the correct box? The insert is foam and correctly fits all the pieces included.

    I’m most likely sending the gun to the man with whom I spoke, Tim McMurray of Mac-1 Airguns to give it a good once over. I’m a real gun collector of fine S&W’s, in particular M41’s and know realtively nothing about airguns. I assume I’m in good hands with Tim. Thanks for the suggestion in ealier post.

    I paid a premium for the gun at $200, but felt it was worth it because of condition and all the goodies that came with originally.

    When did production begin on this 78G? I imagine with the adjustable trigger, it’s one of the very early production models.

    I appreciate any lightr y’all can shed on the matter. I can’t wait to compare it with one of my M41’s.

    Thanks, Mike

  65. Mike,

    I have a letter from (Roy?) Jenks in my files about the 78 series. The guns were originally made in Mass. then moved to Fla. for the rest of production.

    The adjustable trigger models are the earliest. The box you describe is one I’ve never seen for this gun. The normal box is blue and white and has no reinforced corners. The foam inside is medium blue open-cell. I have owned the earliest 78G, which had a shiny paint finish instead of matte, and it came in the box I describe.

    I have owned many new Smith firearms from the ’60s and ’70s, so I know what the dark blue box with silver letters looks like.

    Two hundred dollars is hardly a premium for a good 78G. They sell for that when they are just shooters.

    The 78G & 79G were made from 1971 to 1980.


  66. Hello
    Thanks for the interesting comments concerning the S&W 78 and 79. I once owned a small second hand store and a customer brought a 78G in to see if I would be interested in buying it. At that time, I didn’t even know SW made air guns. Of course I bought the gun. About a month later, another customer came in and was carrying a paper sack and he said he would bet me he had something I never saw before. I bit and asked him what he had. He produced from the sack a 79G SW and I asked him to lay it on the counter and turn his back for a moment. He did and I laid my 78G next to his 79G and then asked him to please tell me which one was his. He was astounded that I had on too. I bought his gun and now I have a pair of fine, accurate, well built SW air pistols to be proud of.
    Thanks again for the website.
    Nicholas L. Scaffetta

  67. Hi B.B.

    Thanks for the info on the bores of bb guns (VERY interesting), AND about the price for a good 78G.

    I now have about six 78G’s & two 79G’s.

    Most of which I paid considerably less than $200 for.

    Some are mint with 95% or better boxes, manuals, & a couple even have the original CO2’s & pellets.

    Only a couple are leakers.
    I think I’ll fix the best looking ones that have the adjustable triggers, & trade the non-adjustable trigger ones (if they aren’t 95% or better) in on trade for repairs on the nice ones.

    My collection has almost doubled since you last saw my list.

    I’ll have to get a new list together with details & forward it to you.
    I think you’ll be impressed.

    Since we’ve been slow at the office, I’ll start taking my new Blue Book of Air Guns to work, so I can get educated & know what to start looking for, what to look for in them, & how much to pay for them.

    I have to say…
    If you had asked me last year if I though I would ever be this interested AND excited about air guns… I probably would have laughed.

    However, while I love real firearms… I am just beginning to realize how many varieties of air guns there are out there, how many differences there are in them, & am starting to realize that what each different style has to offer is just amazing!

    I can spend years learning about them!

    Your input, comments, & advice has been invaluable.

    I’ve said it before, & I’ll say it again…

    I know I speak for many when I say THANK YOU B.B. 🙂

    – The BBA –

  68. BBA,

    It sounds like you will be a serious collector. I’m going to display at Little Rock next month, so if you are interested in what will be on my table, drop me a line.

    I haven’t figured out what all I’m taking, but I should know in about a week.


  69. B.B.

    Yes I will be.

    Although I know a LOT more than anyone I know in Las Vegas, I still have a long way to go to become an expert.
    I am sure it will take many hours of reading, many gun shows to attend, & years to truly become an expert, but I am very much looking forward to it.

    YES! There is a good chance that I will be interested in some of your items.

    I will drop you a line in the next day or two.

    I might even try to attend the show, so I will need the dates & times.

    Thank you,

    – The BBA –

  70. Hi. Great blogs! I’m learning more and more about airguns. Thanks. Question: Does anyone know about any upcoming airgun shows in the Southern California area?

    Also, I own a leaking 79G. Can anyone supply me a rebuilding kit, or instructions?


  71. Hi BB!

    Im a toolmaker ad Im wondering if there is a way to modify my models 78/79 pistols to have adjustable triggers. Any links or persons you could put me in touch with?


  72. Hi Greg!

    Youll need to remove the grips and the screw that holds the two frame halves together and loosen the allen screw that holds the barrel tight to the gas port.

    This should get you enough “Wiggle” to slide the barrell out without seperating any of the more complicated mechinisms.

    This method will not let you seperate the upper/lower frame halves, just spread them about 1/8″ or so so dont pry on them or youll break the lower frame.

    If this dosent work youll need to remove the large screw in the front of the gun under the barrel and slide out the adjusting rod and the sleeve that it rides in.

    Its this sleeve that holds the front of the gun together.


  73. Thanks RaisedByWolves
    I cannot seem to get the lower barrel slide to come out of the gun.
    Is there a trick to this?

    I have removed the front pressure adjustment but the cock spring retaining tube will not come out.
    It spins freely with the gun uncocked but doesn’t move.

    Thanks again!


  74. Does anyone know anything about a German made Smith and Wesson .22 pellet pistol manufactured in the mid 70′?

    Where can I get one and for how much?



  75. J. Port6er4,

    Your pistol was not a Smith & Wesson. It carried the Winchester name, but it was made by Diana. It is a Diana model 6. Look for that. The Winchester 363 will carry a small premium because of the name.

    Look on the American Airguns free classified ads.


  76. Wolfie,

    If you are a machinist, making this modification should be a walk in the park for you. The adjustment is an Allen screw that varies the amount of sear contact. Keep the sear engagement square and don’t stone the surface as it is casehardened.


  77. Hey Wolfie,

    If you are sucessful in this, please let me know if you’d be willing to convert one of my 78G’s to an adjustable trigger, & if so, how much would you want to do it?

    I have a 78G that is in GREAT condition & has recently been resealed, but it doesn’t have the adjustable trigger, which would make it perfect. 😉

    P.S. I get emailed when someone replies to this thread, so if you reply here, I will know & will post back ASAP.

    Thanks in advance,

    – The Big Bore Addict –

  78. Greg, did you get it yet?

    I just had this problem with my .22cal and had to get crafty. after removing the spring retainer screw and the adjusting rod, I turned the retaining screw around and put it in backwards about 1/2 way. Then I tapped the back of the screw squarely downward onto a wooden block till the tube came out.

    You may have to squeese the halves of the gun together with varying amounts of pressure to get movement, but you only need it to move about 1/8″, then you can use a coathanger, bent over on the last 1/4″ to hook the inside back edge of the tube and pull it out.

    Theres some burrs on the outside edge of the tube from the machining process that need to be removed with a file to make later dissassembly easier.

    Hope this helped.


  79. BB, thanks for the info on the seer, I allomst did just that (filed it) but decided to play with the spring pressure instead with good results (IMO, Im no gunsmith). This mod seems easy and I can now cypher where and how this mod will work, simple when you understand it and everything is there really. I was thinking along the lines of adjustable trigger force (Spring tension), not about the seer letoff point/trigger throw. I dont know what to call it, toldjer I werent a gunsmith.


    Email me at:


    I can not only do your trigger mod, but I can wake the gun up quite a bit if you like. I really need to get myself a chrono for some testing, but I have both of mine hitting pretty damn hard as they are via some porting and a little cleaning up inside along with some spring changes.

    These are not mods ment for a kids plinker, adults only please.

    RBW aka Eric

  80. Hi Eric,

    I will send you an email right after this post.

    I DO have a chrony WITH a printer, & can chrono my 78G before & after you do your magic & let you know exactly how much it gained. 🙂

    BTW… I highly recommend getting a chrony, especially if you are going to be modding airguns.
    You will find a chrony to be invaluable, especially if you are trying different things, as it will show you what works, & more importantly… just how MUCH it works!
    You never know… You may find that one mod that is quicker & easier than another, & will yield better results than you expected?
    It may also save you a lot of time in the future by teaching you things you didn’t know, in getting the accurate results a chrony will give you.

    In the mean time, you can either use a phonebook or find a big piece of wood (use the same piece of wood AND the same pellets, as close to the same conditions as you can get, ie; outside or inside temperature, inside would be the easiest to replicate of course) OR get some A.G.E. Impact Putty & see how deep the pellets go.
    (see link below)


    Wood is good (pun intended lol), & phonebooks are nice, as the pages are numbered, so that really gives you an accurate & easy way to tell the depth of penetration, but the puuty does another thing…
    It will show you how different pellets (especially hollow points) will open up as well. Not all hollow points are equal (yes another pun intended lol). Some will open up quite a bit more than others, & this will vary from gun to gun as well as the pellet, so it will show you which pellets are best in which gun, for hunting small game &/or pest control.

    You can also shoot pellets (NOT BB’s as they richochet) at hard metal & see how much they deform.

    See “Splatology Splat Test” from my favorite airgun expert … Tom Gaylord.
    (see link below)

    They don’t have to be round balls. Lead pellets will give you the same info, they’ll just look a little different.

    Obviously you’d want to use the same pellets in addition to shooting in the same tempurature for each test.

    Hope that helps, but like I said, you should REALLY get a chrony & I highly recommend getting a printer with it too.

    I don’t work on airguns, but I bought a chrony simply to see what my guns are shooting, which pellets work best in each individual gun, not to mention that it’s good to check a gun from time to time to see if it’s loosing anything, so you know if it’s time to get it resealed, or replace the mainspring, ect.

    I usually test my guns at least once a year. Twice a year or more, for the ones I shoot most often.

    This Alpha Master chrony & the Ballistic Printer printer from Pyramyd air is the set up I have, & I love it.
    (see links below)



    I also recommend getting the Skyscreen lights for it too, especially if you want to keep your tests accurate by shooting indoors to regulate the temperature.

    I’m buying these lights on my next order from Pyramyd Air!
    (Again.. see link below)


    No… I do not work for Pyramyd AIR lol (I live in Las Vegas & work at one of the hotels).
    Over the years though, I have found them to be the best place to buy ANYTHING airgun related, as they have the best prices, & refuse to sell junk! If they don’t have it, you probably don’t want it. 😉
    Most importantly, their customer service is the best in the industry, & their gunsmiths are great too.

    I am 42 yrs old & over the years, I have dealt with just about every online airgun store, so believe me when I say there is a reason I ALWAYS go to them first!

    Anyhoo, I didn’t mean to turn this into a sales ad for a chrony or PA, I just get carried away sometimes. lol
    PA, this blog, & B.B. Pelletier have been a wealth of information to me & have brought me a long ways in my airgun knowledge, & I like to share what I can when I can. 😉

    When you get a chrony, you will see why I say that every serious airgunner should have one.

    I will email you my contact info now.

    Hope this info helped,

    – The Big Bore Addict –

  81. I went to a dive shop (where they sold and serviced scuba equipment) with the piercing mechanism and they put one on for free. They also have all sizes or that type of ring. I had not used my 78G for 30 years and all I needed was a new O ring for outside of the piercing mechanism. The tiny O ring near the piercing pin was fine. I was surprised to see a dive shop near where I lived since I am 70 miles from the ocean.

  82. Hi there Big Bore Addict-
    could you please provide an email address for “Eric” I have a 78G that I would like to get resealed and tweeked.

  83. Hi John,

    I’d love too, but out of respect for his privacy (as I would do the same for you), I would NEVER give out someones email address with out their consent.

    However… If you look up about 7 posts above yours, you will see that HE posted his email! LOL 😉

    Look at the 7th post above yours & then come back & read the rest of this reply.


    Do you see it now? LOL

    Sorry… That was too good to pass up. 😉

    – The big Bore Addict – aka “The Gagster”

  84. LOL, Easy Gagster, hes just excited.

    John (or anyone) you can reach me at:

    Wolfies S&W repairs

    Or through my Chainsaw Forum “House-Of-Homelite”:


    I should have a modification and build up article up in the next week or so in the “Wrecking Room”.

    Eric aka RBW

    PS, may need to sign up for a google blog account soon…..

  85. “LOL, Easy Gagster, hes just excited.”

    I know lol. I am too, & he was probably just skimming through the posts & just missed it, but like I said… That was too good to pass up. lol 😉

    Besides… now he might read them more slowly from now on, & see something important that he might have missed had he just been skimming?

    See… there IS good in everything. Even in my bad jokes! lol 😉

  86. I have every s&w airgun made including thier pump up rifle and all are great .I turned down $400 for my matched brace of 78&79 pistoles so dont be to eager to jump at the first offer,thier getting harder to find, especilly in original box with co2s and pellets.If you dont own one already get thier revolver as its all metal and is a great shooter and keep everything !!!!. this is what keeps the value up!

  87. Do you have a model number on that revolver for us, so we can google it?

    I have a number of 78 & 79G’s & love them!
    In fact just the other week, I put a whole CO2 worth of pellets in less than a 3/8″ group at 5 meters with my 78G!

    One of my favorite pistols next to my Crosman 600’s, 451 & my Beeman P1 to mention just a few.

    – The BBA –

  88. B.B.

    Got ya. Thank you.

    YES! That is the next one I’m buying! When I picked one up at the Shot Show, it was love at first feel. 😉

    I was going to go with the 8″ but the 6″ was SO much better balanced, that I WILL be getting the 6″.

    The 586-6 is my favorite & will be a nice compliment to my colt 1911 wood & nickle I just got.

    – The BBA –

  89. Hello,
    I am new to this forum, but already like it! My question is where can I find an original box of S&W CO'2 cartridges? My Brother in Law has a 78G in the original box but unfortunately the box of cartridges has been lost over the years and he would like to bring his keepsake back to a complete stage!! Any help would be greatly appreciated. cordell

  90. Those blue-painted cartridges will be difficult to locate. Look on all the classified ads websites


    and go to the airgun shows. That’s where they are. You may have to buy a whole gun in the box to get them. Two cartridges came with the gun.


  91. I have a S&W Model 77A .22 caliber Pump Action Air Rifle s/n G034152, that's in Excellant condition, but hasn't been used for several years. It's in need of a new Air Bladder, Seals (or something). It no longer can be pumped up.

    I understand from the Smith & Wesson website, they discontinued the manufacture of long guns in 1985, at which time their parts inventory was sold.

    Can B.B.Pelletier or anyone else here point me in the right direction to find the following :
    a) A Parts List for this model.
    b) Someone that handles parts for this model.
    c) Is this a relatively simple repair that could be accomplished by a Non-Gunsmith that is VERY Handy with Tools & repairs Most other things? i.e. something like the prior posts, where a simple o-ring was the problem??
    d) A Local repair facility for my area (Central Ohio) OR a mail order one with Excellant, Dependable Service and that has Reasonable prices.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.
    p.s. GREAT blog – I just found it today. Thanks so much – keep up the Great Work.

  92. Your repair station is this guy in PA:

    Parts are generally unavailable, as these guys make them as needed.

    I don’t recommend repairing a pneumatic yourself. It takes some special tool that take more time to make or money to buy.

    Yes, it might be as simple as a single o-ring, but when one is bad they should all be replaced and probably the seal should be resurfaced at the same time.

    For literature, go to Doug Law here:



  93. Thanks…I am picking one up as a daily training tool for outdoor bullseye and as a way to “test drive” the m41.

    If I go with ATF over pellgunoil, is there a particular brand to look for or avoid, and any additives to avoid?

  94. BB-
    Guys in my bullseye club are anxious to see the 78G I bought…even the guys that have shot the M41 for decades didn’t know it existed.

    But somebody mentioned that years ago a manufacturer once made a co2 1911 slide upper, i.e. you use your own 1911 lower but this slide and you can practice on your own trigger. Kind of like a Marvel conversion but in co2 .177. Are you familiar with these…are they out there? And why doesn’t anybody make them, given the obvious interest in .22 conversions you’d think this would be appealing as well? I would think you’d love it for that Taurus of yours!!!

  95. I’m guessing the connection/attachment to a real firearm probably scares them away from manufacturing one today, because I’d be surprised if there isn’t a significant demand.

    I’ll ask the guy who says he has one if he’ll let me examine and shoot it. I’m pretty sure he said it was a German manufacturer, not Crossman. Perhaps I could be a guest blogger on your column with the review 😉

  96. I have a S&W 78G, serial nº61481 99 (these numbers are in a higher position) and a letter "F" inside a 5-sided box. It was manufactured in Springfield, Mass.
    I Have not its original box and owner manual.

    Could you tell me about it? price, manufacturing year, nominal pressure, etc.

    This airgun needs a o-rings replacement…. what "high power kit" do you recommend me?

    Eduardo A.

  97. Eduardo,

    This man has the parts you need:

    Your gun was made sometime between 1971 and 1980. The last price was $53.

    Because it runs on CO2, the operating pressure at v70 degreed F will always be 853 psi. CO2 changes pressure with temperature.

    The letter F inside the pentagram is for the German market. It means the pistol develops less than 7.5 joules of energy.


  98. Hi. I Have a 78G from when I was little, but when I went to put a CO2 cartridge in, all the gas leaked out. I’m sure that the rings are too old to seal anymore, but I don’t know where to go to have them replaced. Anyone have any ideas?


  99. Tom Gordon,

    I have two suggestions to help make your 78G hold air.

    First, try putting a drop of crosman pellgunoil on your seals, then put a drop of crosman pellgunoil on the top of your CO2 cartridge then install it. Here's where you can buy crosman pellgunoil if you don't have any:


    Second, if it still doesn't hold air contact John Groenewold. He can be reached here:


    If you have any further questions or would like to pick the brains of some very knowledgable airgunners like yourself visit the current/active comments section here:


    Look forward to hearing from you on the active blog.


  100. I have a 78G that my dad bought me for my thirteenth birthday in 1979, I still have the box and all its paperwork!
    About fifteen years ago it’s seals blew and it sat in the box since, Till just today I put new seals in it,wasn’t that hard to do, But I am a toolmaker by trade, I had to get it working because of a pigeon problem. lol..

  101. Peter,

    You commented to a blog posted back in 2005. Besides you and me, practically no one will see this.

    You need to come to our current blog and post your comment.


    If you want some action on your business, I recommend you write a guest blog about the 78G and we’ll post it with your good photos. When you comment on the current blog I will tell you what to do.


  102. “You commented to a blog posted back in 2005. Besides you and me, practically no one will see this.”

    This is VERY true unless they subscribed to this blog like I did, which is rare.

    I just did it, because I love these guns so much. 🙂


  103. The Big Bore Addict,

    Hey Mike! I see on the classifieds that you’ve been busy.

    Thrilled that I don’t see _ _ _ _trude anymore.

    My best to ya.


  104. Hi, I have a 79G as well. Here is my problem, for quite some time now there has been like a white fungus or mold on the plastic grips. Is there there a good way to permently remove it or is that truly what it is? Any help would be great. Thank you for your time.

  105. B.B.

    FYI… PA discontinued Ballistol.

    I JUST confirmed it today as a matter of fact.

    Had it on an order that was put on back order because of it, but they did indeed say they no longer will carry it.


  106. Hi – I just ordered some Pellgunoil from Pyramyd for my S&W 78G. It belonged to my brother and spent many years in the closet collecting dust. I bought a new gasket (#11 O-ring: 3/4" OD x 9/16" ID x 3/32") for the piercing cap but the cap still leaks out all the CO2 quickly. I'm wondering if the gasket is not thick enough or if there's anotherpart that needs replacing that I don't see. Any clues? Thanks

  107. Marc,

    If I may add something… There's a reason B.B. recommends John G.

    He is one of the best. I've dealt with him numerous times & have always been very happy.

    You may find a closer person/shop, but I doubt you'll find a better one!

    Just my $.02 😉

    Good luck,


  108. Will do! I emailed him and he quoted me $85 + shipping. I told him you recommended him. I'm getting married in September so I'll probably wait until afterward. Should have some extra dough by then. Thanks again!

  109. Hi Marc,

    Well lets not forget B.B.
    He's the one who actually recommended him. I just seconded it.

    I hear you on the price, but that's not a cheap one to fix. It also takes a long time to do the labor from what I hear.

    IMHO it IS worth it, as it's a great pistol. I have 3 78G's & 2 79G's myself.

    Congrats on the engagement.

    Take care,


  110. Here is a more recent and much larger review of the guns that I did this year:


    Boxed sets are pretty common with this pistol. I see them all the time. In fact, I have seen new-in-the-box examples selling at airgun shows in the recent past. I once saw a dealer who had over 100 new-in-the-box guns to sell.

    Smith & Wesson actually made these guns. Usually companies like Winchester and Ruger just have another company make airguns and put their name on them.

    I don't know what else to tell you.


  111. Anonymous with the swap meet Smith & Wesson Model 79 G,

    Congratulations on your find!

    The Model 79 G is a .177 caliber CO2 pistol styled after the S & W Model 41 semiautomatic firearm pistol. The values related in B.B.'s articles are still relevent.

    Did you read part 2 in his series on the 78G/79G? If not here is a link to part 2:


    You've posted your question on an article that B.B. wrote over 4 years ago and not many airgunners check back this far for questions that they can answer.

    If you would like to find out more about your new gun please post your comments/questions in the "comments" under the most recent article that B.B. has written (he writes a new article everyday, Monday-Friday) since that's where you will find most airgunners, like you, asking and answering each others questions. Here's a link (you will have to copy and paste) that will always take you to the most recent article that B.B. has written:


    Look forward to seeing you there!


  112. Where can I get the recommended size (ID-OD) of replacement o-rings for my 78G? I've replaced mine with o-rings from Lowes that don't seem to fit very well but were the closest match available. The manual does not give sizes.

  113. i recently salvaged a 78G from ajunkyard for $3. the piercing assembly is missing and i think it needs an overhuaul. anyone who could recommend an airgunsmith, i'm @ Manila, Philippines. thank You and Thanks for this very helpfull site.

  114. need an owner's/repair manual for my newly found old s&w 78G. i would like to make it a project to make it work. it is my very first gun/co2 gun. my email, vllono@yahoo.com. thank you very much. i would deeply appreciate if you could include o-ring sizes.

  115. Great article and very informative posts! I bought the Daisy version in 1985 when I was 14 years old (it has the metal S&W bolt though, interesting story behind that). Really enjoyed shooting this gun over the years but it started leaking recently. Assumed it was the seals, and ordered a new set from Dan Küng along with some wood grips. Installed the seals and it still leaked. Upon further investigation found a pin-hole leak in the cast-aluminum (?) CO2 chamber under the grips. Any way ideas on how to seal it?

  116. Jason,

    this was a common problem with the S & W pistols. I had the same problem and sent it back to CT and S&W exchanged the frame,
    something that you can't do today. I'm not a machinist or metalurgist so can't help you but may
    I suggest you post this to the current blog? This one is 5 years old and only a handful of us monitor these.

    Go to:

    for the most current blog and post your question there. You will get significant exposure with a number of very good repair guys and hobbyists and maybe someone will come up with a good idea other than JB Weld (my idea but with 900 psi of pressure from a CO2 cartridge, I doubt this would work.

    Fred PRoNJ

  117. Wow…I have NEVER seen a post run for so many YEARS! I read this post a long time ago, and bought several BB guns, then stumbled across a $35 (99% like new) S&W 79G in box! So I bought it knowing I could find all kinds of useful info to rebuld the seals on this beautiful little gem. I can't wait to start my rebuild project. I will buy all of my o-rings and try to make the oring from gasket like the article shows (the photos were great!) I can do it! I know I can (even though I am NOT an engineer, just a tinker-er.) If you have a kit with all the seals, or know of a place to buy it (I am in Louisville KY) or know anyone in KY that I can reach out to for help. Please let me know. Kindest regards, Jeff email is jjodell@msn.com

  118. My best frnd and I got ours at Caldor,a dept store in NY, in '78 we were 15.He got the 177,I the 22 We popped squirrels and fed them to his boa constrictor.I found mine recently and replaced all the O rings and the "roll pin" in the CO2 punch(you need a 3/32"roll pin punch")lightly lube the rings with trans fluid, got some RWS h-point ammo, now popping squirrels again!

  119. I have a 78g that I just bought and when I put a 12gram co2 cartradge in it the bottom cap won’t thread all the way and when I pierce it all the co2 leaks at the same time. What do I do?

    • Josh,

      Welcome to the blog.

      Okay, let’s go through this. First, there is supposed to be an o-ring inside the threaded cap. Does your gun have that?

      Why isn’t the cap threading on the gun? Are the threads damaged? Can you screw it on when there is no CO2 cartridge in the gun, or does the cap hang up?


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