By B.B. Pelletier

An inside secret!
Here’s a tip all savvy airgunners need to know. There is an oil that CAN FIX airguns! It’s called Crosman Pellgunoil, and here’s how it works. CO2 guns use O-rings and synthetic seals to keep the gas inside the gun. These seals and O-rings need lubrication to do their job. They don’t need it for friction reduction; they actually need it to complete the gas-tight seal between the synthetic seal material and the metal walls of the gas passages.

At microscopic levels, the metal walls of the gas passages in an airgun are very rough. So are the surfaces of O-rings and synthetic seals. If the seals and walls are left dry, pressurized gas eventually forces its way out through these tiny passageways.

The right lubricant creates a gas-tight barrier!
A thin film of the right lubricant gets into the tiny imperfections in the metal walls and synthetic seals, creating a gas-tight barrier. The pressure of the gas forces the lubricant into the tiny passageways and, if the viscosity of the lube is correct, it doesn’t get forced any farther.

One way to instantly turn a CO2 gun into a leaker is to put some penetrating oil on the seals. The low viscosity of the penetrating oil allows it to flow through the tiny passages. The gas follows after it and right on out the gun.

The end of leaking CO2 guns
Take a gun that’s leaking gas and put a drop of Pellgunoil on the tip of a new powerlet before putting it in the gun. The pressure of the gas carries the lube with it as it flows through the gun (remember, this is a leaker we’re doing this to), until every seal is coated with a thin film of oil.

You can’t see what’s happening, but you sure can hear it. At first, you hear gas leaking from the gun, then the sound will either diminish and go away gradually. More often, you’ll hear a hollow sound as the gun seals itself instantly. After you’ve done a few guns, you’ll feel like a magician as you almost instantaneously stop gas guns from leaking!

How to pay bottom dollar for used CO2 guns
A trick that experienced airgun collectors use to pay less for CO2 guns is to look for leakers at gun shows and garage sales. They carry several CO2 powerlets with them. When the owner says he doesn’t know if the gun holds gas, they can slip a powerlet into the gun then and there! When the inevitable leak turns up, the price reduction for a leaking gun can be very dramatic!

Sometimes, oil will not fix a leaker. In those instances, resealing the gun is the answer. But, you’ll still get a price reduction when you try this trick. Use Pellgunoil when you’ve gotten the gun home to see if that’s all it takes to seal it up tight again.

I’d like to hear from those who either have done this in the past or who try it for the first time.