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Education / Training Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec MG315

Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec MG315

By. B.B. Pelletier

Tokyo Marui may make the finest airsoft guns in the world, but they aren’t real good at naming them! The VSR-10 G-Spec MG315 is REALLY a military sniper rifle, that looks a lot like the U.S. Army’s M24. Based on the Remington 700 bolt-action rifle, the M24 is a wonderful rifle for sniper duties and our subject gun is perfect for airsoft players.

It’s so SMOOTH!
If Marui ever needed a poster child for quality, this is the one. This spring-piston gun is butter-smooth. The ease with which it cocks is forgotten when you squeeze the trigger and note the calm shooting behavior. If pellet rifles could be made this smooth, people would buy them – I don’t care what velocity they had! It’s a shame that many players will feel the need to beef up the powerplant, because they will no doubt say adios to such smooth behavior as I have never seen in a spring airgun.

The magazine works like it should!
The magazine inserts in the bottom of the stock and fits flush with the rest of the stock when it’s all the way in. A special magazine loader comes with the gun, or you can load it manually, one BB at a time.

Feeding was flawless, though the gun has a decided preference for Marui 0.20-gram BBs. The Hop Up mechanism on the left side of the stock is easy to adjust, allowing you to change ammo brands and weights quickly.

Other stuff that comes with the gun
A spin-on silencer completes the gun. Of course, there’s nothing to silence on the Marui; but on the firearm, the silencer muffles the report to keep the sniper’s location hidden.

A Picatinny-type rail attaches to the receiver for scope mounting. It looks great, plus it holds your optics rock-solid. This gun is accurate enough to warrant a scope. Expect to hit inside an 8″ circle at 50 yards (off a rest, of course) and a full-torso silhouette at 90 or even 100 yards should be possible once you get things dialed in.

Marui puts non-detachable swivels on the gun, but the studs that anchor them are what you need for detachables. A set of QD sling swivels from any gun store (or Wal-Mart) is just the trick.

Best feature of all, this rifle is light! By the time you get a scope, sling and bipod mounted, you’ll be pushing 7-8 lbs., which certainly beats the 12 lbs. of the real deal. After a day on the game field, you’ll thank Marui for the weight savings.

The manual has some English it in! Though most of the instructions are in Japanese, there is enough English to get along. As always, the illustrations are very good.

For long-range sniping in airsoft games, this Marui is worth a look!

39 thoughts on “Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec MG315”

  1. ya i boight one, great. but i hate plastic… thats the only downside, other than that. awsome gun, verry silent and powerfull when upgraded.

    just dont shoot your nehibors window like i did… it broke it…

  2. The ability to stay on target and operate the bolt is amazing. Not only is the the action silky smooth the gun is very quiet compared to my UTG bolt action.
    If you are serious about sniping do your self a favor and purchase this system
    Hope to see you real soon…in my scope
    The IceMan

  3. Hey bb,
    could you do a review on the UTG Master sniper airsoft gun?
    im sorta curious about this gun. is it a good gun for the price? Im looking for a good rifle, but i need one around 150$ take or give a few. any suggestions?

  4. Also I looked at a Airsoft Elite ICS MP5 A4 V4 AEG Airsoft Gun. they clame 180 ft but is that possible with such a small barrel?

    same person as above

  5. Most accurate,

    It is actually impossible for anyone to determine what the most accurate airsoft gun is. There are simply too many factors. The best thast can be hoped for is the most accurate results in one or more competitive tests.

    Now, if the question is, “Is the Marui VSR-10 G-Spec MG315 a good sniper rifle?”, the answer is yes.

    I can’t find the gun you refer to, but 180 f.p.s. is very slow for an AEG and barrel length has nothing to do with velocity in a spring gun (AEGs are spring-piston guns) after about 6 inches.


  6. The question is, can YOU do it? I thought you had experience with right-hand rifles when you asked the question.

    This is something you will have to determine for yourself. It bothers some people but not others.


  7. I am trying to make a choice.

    For prefoemance and accurecy which would you recomend the most?
    VSR-10 G-SPEC MG315 by Marui with scope
    UTG Master Sniper Camo Kit by UTG Gan. 3 (for this one would you recomend the .43 ammo)

    ignore the price

    Thank you

  8. The Marui is the smoother of the two guns, but the UTG is more powerful.

    I would choose the Marui for its smoothness, and I would plan to make modifications to reach whatever goal (accuracy or distance) I was looking to achieve.


  9. I am getting the UTG M324 sniper. (3 gen.) I’m a begginer sniper, so I don’t think I have the skill level for the G-Spec, but when I get better I will get the G-Spec, but can you tell me which is quieter between the two. Oh and how much fps can you “put” on the G-Spec by upgrading? Oh and thanks for the review. You have no idea how much it helps.

  10. The G-Spec is marginally quieter, but only because it is so smooth and has less power than the UTG. It’s the difference between a rumor and a whisper.

    I imagine a G-Spec could be brought up over 400 f.p.s. with 0.25-gram BBs with the right parts. Cocking would be stiffer and I think it might get a little noisier.


  11. answering some questions here:

    yea you should definately get the VSR-10 G-SPEC over the UTG

    Also, yes the Airsoft Elite ICS MP5 A4 V4 CAN go 180 ft. I know some what that hit the 8 on the target

  12. answering some questions here:

    yea you should definately get the VSR-10 G-SPEC over the UTG

    Also, yes the Airsoft Elite ICS MP5 A4 V4 CAN go 180 ft. I know some what that hit the 8 on the target

  13. ok, so i am a beginner sniper and i don’t want to spend a lot on a sniper rifle. I was looking at the uhc super x-9 tactical (not the pro). I love how it is so realistic with the fake bullet shells. I haven’t seen any other sirsoft liek it. do you have any suggestions? thanks

  14. Hello,

    Im looking for an airsoft gun with amazing accuracy, power, and durability. I have narrowed it down to the UTG type 96 and this vsr 10 g-spec. Which would you recomend higher, or should i be looking at another gun entirely. Also i dont want to have to make many if any upgrades after purchase.


  15. yea I have the vsr 10 g-spec upgraded to over 1200 dollars and I got to say that you can make it shoot what ever speed you want but I recommend 550-575 for all snipers if you play high level airsoft. but you can get a TM AK-47 upgraded to the same speed and put a 6.03 tight bore longer barrel on it and you’ll have yourself a full auto sniper! and the more money you put into a sniper the less you get for what you pay for!plus the TM AK barrels start out at 18 inches and it been the best gun I’ve ever had for over 5 years. I don’t recommend getting a bolt action sniper because after you get it you’ll always be tweaking it trying to dial it in and upgrading it. and trust me you’ll get mad when someone shoots you full auto because they get the same range with a A.E.G. and you’ll be pulling back the bolt every time. so it’s only about playing the sniper roll in the end.

  16. not true brad. you can get much better accuracy and range than an AEG with this sniper (I personally recommend the PRO version of this one.) you just have to put in about 350-400 dollars in mods and you’ll get this baby shooting at a whopping 620 fps with excellent accuracy to boot :). Anyways what ever happened to the one shot on kill adage? just become good at stealth and get some good camoflauge and your all set to knock some heads in.

  17. ^^^ Great point ^^^

    Additionally, airsoft sniper rifles tend to be a hell of alot quieter than your standard AEG, giving you the capability to take out multiple targets and not be seen. That’s another advantage. And, who in the world thinks that a sniper wouldn’t look totally awesome in your hands (esp. TM’s VSR-10 G SPEC).

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