By. B.B. Pelletier

Tokyo Marui may make the finest airsoft guns in the world, but they aren’t real good at naming them! The VSR-10 G-Spec MG315 is REALLY a military sniper rifle, that looks a lot like the U.S. Army’s M24. Based on the Remington 700 bolt-action rifle, the M24 is a wonderful rifle for sniper duties and our subject gun is perfect for airsoft players.

It’s so SMOOTH!
If Marui ever needed a poster child for quality, this is the one. This spring-piston gun is butter-smooth. The ease with which it cocks is forgotten when you squeeze the trigger and note the calm shooting behavior. If pellet rifles could be made this smooth, people would buy them – I don’t care what velocity they had! It’s a shame that many players will feel the need to beef up the powerplant, because they will no doubt say adios to such smooth behavior as I have never seen in a spring airgun.

The magazine works like it should!
The magazine inserts in the bottom of the stock and fits flush with the rest of the stock when it’s all the way in. A special magazine loader comes with the gun, or you can load it manually, one BB at a time.

Feeding was flawless, though the gun has a decided preference for Marui 0.20-gram BBs. The Hop Up mechanism on the left side of the stock is easy to adjust, allowing you to change ammo brands and weights quickly.

Other stuff that comes with the gun
A spin-on silencer completes the gun. Of course, there’s nothing to silence on the Marui; but on the firearm, the silencer muffles the report to keep the sniper’s location hidden.

A Picatinny-type rail attaches to the receiver for scope mounting. It looks great, plus it holds your optics rock-solid. This gun is accurate enough to warrant a scope. Expect to hit inside an 8″ circle at 50 yards (off a rest, of course) and a full-torso silhouette at 90 or even 100 yards should be possible once you get things dialed in.

Marui puts non-detachable swivels on the gun, but the studs that anchor them are what you need for detachables. A set of QD sling swivels from any gun store (or Wal-Mart) is just the trick.

Best feature of all, this rifle is light! By the time you get a scope, sling and bipod mounted, you’ll be pushing 7-8 lbs., which certainly beats the 12 lbs. of the real deal. After a day on the game field, you’ll thank Marui for the weight savings.

The manual has some English it in! Though most of the instructions are in Japanese, there is enough English to get along. As always, the illustrations are very good.

For long-range sniping in airsoft games, this Marui is worth a look!