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Education / Training Gamo Shadow 1000 Combo – one of the best buys in Gamo’s line!

Gamo Shadow 1000 Combo – one of the best buys in Gamo’s line!


By B.B. Pelletier

If you want to get into adult airgunning, the Gamo Shadow 1000 combo is an affordable entry.

Great power in a lightweight package
Of all Gamo’s line, the Shadow 1000 is unique because of its light weight and easy cocking, yet powerful punch! Most Gamo rifles shoot a light .177 pellet at around 1,000 f.p.s., but this one does it in a package that’s nearly the same size and weight as Beeman’s little R7! That’s packing a lot into a very small package.

The Gamo 1000 has a very grippy synthetic stock that is a trifle short compared to the average adult spring rifle. That means this rifle fits a much wider range of adults. Cocking effort is under 30 lbs., which is reasonable for the power.

Tru-Glo sights are standard
You don’t HAVE to scope a Gamo 1,000. It comes with great open sights. But the combo package includes the scope and mounts for less than $30 extra, and that’s well worth it. The scope is a BSA 4x32mm, which will be very bright. Since the Gamo 1000 has a scope stop built in, there is nothing more to buy than pellets.

Accuracy secrets
To get your 1000 shooting its best, REST the forearm on the open palm of your hand at the balance point. If you move forward to rest the cocking slot on your palm, my experience shows the gun will shoot all over the place. Don’t hold the gun tightly anywhere, including the butt against your shoulder. Let the rifle kick freely, and you’ll be rewarded with tight groups.

Never rest a spring gun directly on sandbags, cushions or any other material. They want to ride lightly on your open hand. And, NEVER grab the stock like a firearm or you will throw away all the accuracy the gun has. This is how top shooters hold their guns!

Gamos respond best to LOTS of shooting
Gamos are unique – they come right out of the box ready to go in many respects. I’ve never seen a prolonged break-in improve accuracy or velocity with one. However, the trigger needs LOTS of shots to smooth out. It’s a lot like the old German BSF rifles that started out with horrible triggers and, after 4,000 shots, had smoothed out considerably. Veteran Gamo owners will tell you that the creepy trigger becomes sweeter with every shot you fire.

The trigger adjustments don’t seem to change much when the gun is new. But after a few thousand shots, you can get the trigger adjusted to a good release. It will never rival a Rekord trigger, but it will be better than when brand new.

Which pellets to use?
Usually, I like Gamo pellets, but the Gamo rifles are too powerful for their Match wadcutters at anything beyond 15 yards. I would try Crosman Premiers in the 7.9-grain weight or JSB Exacts. I would expect the JSBs to be the best, but only if your shooting technique is very good.

The Gamo 1000 is perhaps the best buy in the entire Gamo line, and this combo makes it that much better. If you’ve wanted to step up to adult airguns, this package makes it easy. Let’s hear what veteran Gamo owners have to say!

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

452 thoughts on “Gamo Shadow 1000 Combo – one of the best buys in Gamo’s line!”

  1. When everything goes my way, I can keep them all on a quarter at 25 yards with this rifle. I don’t have an exact 30-yard group size to give you, but it would be just a little bigger.

    A quarter is within a few thousandths of one inch, so keeping them ON the quarter means a group of just under an inch.


  2. “Never rest a spring gun Directly on sandbags, cushions or any other material.” Does this indicate that you cannot rest a break-barrel on something for support, and would it also mean that you can’t use a bipod with a spring gun? Plus what does “grabbing the stock like a firearm” mean?

  3. Yes, that is what I meant. Don’t rest a breakbarrel spring gun (or MOST spring guns) on anything but the flat of your palm for best accuracy.

    As far as bipods are concerned, I don’t have any experience with them on springers, so I can’t say how they will do.

    Grabbing the stock like a firearm refers to the tight two-handed hold shooters use with powerful rifles. To hold most springers like that is to throw away all the accuracy potential in them.

    Give it a try and see what happens.


  4. i bought the gamo shadow 1000 and it’s great. the sights on the rifle are awesome. i can hit an 8oz soda can at 70 yards(i hit 9 out of 10 shots on average). it’s a great air rifle.

  5. This is for both Gamo questions,

    Gamo is the OTHER brand. While they are priced inexpensively, I think they’re a great buy for the money. And they wear in to become much smoother, after many thousands of shots.

    The CF-X has the same rotary breech as BSA, which is no surprise, since Gamo owns BSA. My experience was with a BSA Superstar single shot that had the same rotary breech as the CF-X. That rifle was smooth and accurate, if a bit heavy. The CF-X looks lighter, so I suppose it’s just as handy as most breakbarrel rifles.

    The Gamo Varmint Hunter packs a heck of a lot of value into one package! The gun at the heart of it seems to be a Shadow 1000, though the name Hunter indicates it’s a different rifle. I believe the Shadow is itself a derrivative of the Hunter series, which explains the familiarity. I really like the Shadow, so I would also like the Varmint Hunter, I’m sure.


  6. BB,Im new in airgunning.The gamo scopes dont come assembled in the rifle.I know that you have posted a lot of those articles but since im new I dont understand what you mean.I just want to get the best accuracy out of my air rifle.I would appreciate if you can tell me in a simpler way how to mount and sight in the scope.

  7. BB,

    I would like to know if you can put a large scope on a underleveler air rifle.And if you can will it a problem when you put the pellett in the rotary breach.Im thinking of buying a Leapers 12×44-50.I want to know if this kind of scope fits and wich moder you suggest for a gamo cf-x{I will use it to just shoot cans and have fun}.thanks bb


  8. Hernan,

    Pellet recomendations are Beeman Kodiaks, JSB Exact domed and Crosman Premiers in both weights.

    Yes, the Leapers scope will fit if you use a high mount. I recommend B-Square high mounts (10101).

    For the Leapers scope you wrote 12×44-50. I think you meant 4-12×44 30mm. Now that scope has a 30mm tube, so the rings you get must be 30mm, not one-inch. If you want to avoid that problem, try the 3-9×50 AO scope. It has a one-inch tube.


  9. Hernan,

    What has been posted about scope mounting is the simplest way I can suggest. But there is an alternative.

    The simplest way is to buy a combo and let Pyranyd Air mount the scope for you. I believe they will do that for any scope they have and send the rifle to you in a hard case. You just have to pay extra for the service.


  10. BB! Its me Hernan.I Need your help!I was searching in my granpas closet and found a SHERIDAN BLUE STREAK but my dad used it when he was 13 and hes 47 now and the rifle was old when my dad got it.I dont know but I think I have one of the originals.I wanted to know if you could get me the info on my blue streak.The serial number is 188138.I just want to know how old it is and if I have a good collectors rifle.Its in very good condition.This is what the rifle says on the left side”BLUE STREAK”5m/m CAL.And before that is the serial number”188138″.On the right side it says Sheridan Products Inc and below it says something but the stock is high and cant see it well.Please BB heelp me get the info on my rifle.

  11. Airgun laws in Puerto Rico,

    This is a link to the latest stats-by-state airguns laws, compiled by The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF).


    For Puerto Rico, it says the following,

    “460a. Pneumatic weapons. By provision of the Congress of the United States, 15 U.S.C.A. Section 5001, legislation on pneumatic weapons in Puerto Rico is preempted, therefore, the sale or use thereof cannot be prohibited, except their sale to minor under eighteen (18) years of age.”


  12. BB is this scope good and does it fit the gamo cf-x?I ask because the cf-x is underleveler and I dont want to have problems loading.Also do you have to mount it high and with what rings.Leapers 3-9×40 AO Mil-Dot Scope with R/G LESCP-394AOMDL.Thanks and sorry for being a pest.

  13. Good afternoon B.B.,

    Question for you. I’m a high-power rifle shooter who got into airguns so I don’t have to travel to the range. I have a Gamo NRA special edition Shadow 1000 and was just reading your accuracy secrets for the 1000.

    You noted two things: “REST the forearm on the open palm of your hand at the balance point.” and “Never rest a spring gun directly on sandbags, cushions or any other material.”

    So generally, with the forearm of the gun supported at the balance point by your left hand, what supports your left hand? This afternoon, I was shooting the 1000 prone supported by one of my high-power rifle sandbags. (My left hand was under the butt of gun) When I tried supporting the rifle with just my left hand, the muzzle was way too low.

    Is it okay to put the gun on the left hand with the left hand supported by the sandbag?

    Or, maybe I should open up my question and just ask how generally do you like to shoot a gun for best accuracy? Prone? Off of a rest?


  14. Ben,

    I lay my left hand on the sandbags. It seems that most spring rifles want to lay directly on flesh, rather than sandbags. I don’t know any reason why this would be the case, but it certainly seems to be.

    That said, I jst finished an accuracy test with a Gamo CF-X that didn’t like this approach and wanted to be directly on the bag. So, go figure.

    I shoot off a bench for the majority of my air rifle accuracy tests. I sometimes use a bipod rest (on the bench), too, as that seems to be very good for non-recoiling guns.

    The object, with spring-piston airguns, is to let them recoil as much as they can. That seems to eliminate any influences that throw the pellet wide.

    I hope this helps. Please read the more recent test of the Gamo CF-X.


  15. Good afternoon B.B.,

    Thanks for the quick reply. I will give it a try the next time I’m shooting the Gamo. I had hoped to do so this afternoon, but it’s cold and windy outside! I could deal with just the cold, but the wind makes it just too much.

    I went back and read your CF-X accuracy test – odd that it doesn’t behave like other springers. I wonder if this behavior is across the whole CF-X series, or just the particular specimen tested? I’ve experianced firearms that are like that – for instance, my Remington 597 (.22RF autoloader) shoots dime-size 5-shot groups at 50 yards all day long. Yet, other 597’s seem to do much worse.

    One of my projects when Spring arrives is to build a shooting bench for the back yard. 🙂

    thanks much!

  16. Hi B.B.,

    Totally agree with you about good shooters – never get rid of them! What’s even more special about that 597 is due to a combination of sales and a store-wide discount, that 597 was under $90 out the door. 🙂

    I’m considering buying a CF-X – got a bigger tax refund than anticipated and am bouncing around between a CF-X or something by RWS. No specific interest area for it, just a mix of recreational target shooting and perhaps varmint elimination.

    thanks much!

  17. Been using the 1000 since Sept. ’05, and have had nothing but great experiences with it. However, as with ALL high power pellet rifles is finding the right type of ammo for your shooting style and type of target. I generally use heavier weighted ammo such as the “Beeman” Silver Arrow pointed pellet (11.50 gr.). Very, very tight grouping with it. However, it’s fun to turn heads with Gamo’s new gold “Raptor” hypervelocity rounds. It’s much lighter, but the sonic crack you get with it is lotza fun.

    Also for tele sights. I started with a Powerline 3-9 X 32 that looks very impressive, but took forever to adjust the sight in, better for longer range, larger targets. The other day, just messing around, I attached my Crosman 760’s 4 X 15 and went to town. No adjustments required (25 yards on a 3″ target and got 9/10 on the center 10). Not as sexy as the Powerline scope, but much lighter.

    In short, the Shadow is a lot of gun for the money that shoots great right out of the box.

  18. Hey i dont know how much you guys have been using this latley but im thinking of getting a gamo varmint hunter, it just sounds like a good choice and has alot of good features. One thing ive been looking for, for a long time is How Far Does It Shoot??? Thanks for your help.



  19. Also im not sure how you would sight the scope, and i dont really wanna have to pay someone to do it for me, do you know,(in a nutshell) how to aim a scope?(hopefully it has understandable directions-if any)


  20. Jason, Jason,

    All pellet rifle have a maximum range of about 500 yards.

    Maximum usable range depends on the shooter more than the gun. Figure about 50-60 yards for your Gamo.

    You can do a search on the home page of this blog and find many posts about scope mounting.

    There are also many articles on the Pyramyd AIR articles library dealing with scopes.


  21. I just purchased this pellet rifle after reading all of these helpful reviews. Right out the box the Crosman Premier Hollow Points shot fairly low. I couldn’t adjust the scope to compensate so I switched to the Crosman Pointed Premium grade pellets. Once I made the switch I was literally burning the centers out of the targets. I noticed the Hollow Points fight tighter in the chamber than the Pointed pellets. The pointed brand slid right in the chamber without any effort at all.

    Has anyone else noticed anything like this?

    Thanks for any input.


  22. Ok so I ordered one of the combo’s. The day after I ordered it I saw the same gun minus the scope at Walmart. I figured what the heck I would buy the one at Walmart then compare the two.

    I bought a Daisy Powerline 3x9x32 scope for the one from Walmart. Something of interest for any potential buyer. The Gamo Shadow 1000 from Walmart has a simple plate scope stop screwed directly into the top of the receiver. The box advertises the movable stop like the one sold here, but that’s just not what you get.

    After shooting the Walmart gun coupled with the Powerline scope for a while I got to where I could shoot some pretty decent groups. I did notice I would have one pellet that would just fly way out of the grouping for no apparent reason. Later while cleaning the rifle I felt the bore brush scrape against something near the muzzle. When I shined a light inside I could see the plastic part of the front site going into the barrel causing an obstruction. I thought some of my shots were making irregular holes on the targets. I marked it up as just odd paper tares. Now I am assuming I am having some bullet tumbling issues.

    At any rate I decided to wait on the Combo I ordered from Pyramid. It came today and I can see quite a few differences between the two guns even though they are supposed to be the same. The groove for the scope goes all the way down the Walmart gun into that plastic cap, it stops before the cap on the Pyramid gun. The recoil pads are different and the pellets fit much looser in the chamber on the Pyramid gun. So loose in fact that I am tossing them out of the chamber when I close the breech. Also when I first opened the box I broke open the barrel to run a cleaning pad through. Right when I opened it I saw the rubber O Ring had a section torn on the bottom. Is this O ring easy to change out?

    Just a little frustrated after buying two new guns and seeing both of them have issues right out of the box.

    I appreciate any input.


  23. CH,

    For starters, the “tear” you see in the O-ring is probably meant to be there. Don’t touch it! Some O-rings have a notch to help the air get under them so they can seal better.

    Secondly, Wal-Mart nearly ALWAYS contracts for the cheapest version of anything they stock! Small businesses like gun manucacturers are willing to play along, and they cheapen the cheapest thing they make, just for Wally World.

    Lever Brothers and Coke simply say, “Take it or leave it.” and Wal Mart folds. The exception with a large company is only in the packaging or the fact that they will produce Wal Mart’s house brand to compete with theirs. Gamo and Remington are too small for that.


  24. The Gamo 1000’s are truley amazing air rifles, just 3 days ago, i set up a dasani bottle 151 yards away, and hit it twice in 20 shots, the rest landed within about a foot of the bottle, thats a pretty good MOA for a pellet gun.

  25. B.B. I need your help. i’m not sure whether to buy the shadow 1000 with the vermint combo kit on it or just buy the vermint hunter 1000. the gun itself both look the same but i’m sure if all the internals are the same. Please tell me which gun i should purchase.


  26. I’m trying to decide whether to buy a Gamo 850 Carbine, or a Shadow 1000 Stainless steel version. The 850 comes around $112, while the Shadow comes up to around $162 or so. I thought I might get the shadow for it’s open sights, I like to take off my scope once in a while for more of a challenge. However, I was originally hoping to spend around $100 so I’m not sure. I know the shadow is a great rifle from your review, what about the 850 Carbine? Sort of leaning toward a shadow at the moment though 🙂


  27. I have a question here myself. I am fairly new to Air Rifles, but from what I have seen I am positive I want a Gamo. When I first looked I was hoping to find something for around $100. The Gamo 850 Carbine was in that range, but recently I found a Shadow 1000 stainless combo for only $150, so I have also been thinking about that. Any comments on the 850 Carbine? And do you think the Shadow is worth the extra $50? Right now I’m leaning toward wanting the Shadow, because it also has open sights, which I love; I enjoy taking off the scope every now and then for some open sight shots. Which would you recomend?
    Thank you!

  28. Gamo 850,

    The 850 looks like a very nice gun, but I would go for the Shadow. It seems to be what you want.

    If you are new to the hobby, buy the best pellets, which in this case are JSB Exact 8.4-grain domed pellets, and really enjoy your new airgun.


  29. Good day B.B.,

    I was just wondering what you thought about using Crosman premier super point pellets with this rifle. Are they more accurate than the crosman premier hollow points? Also my rifle shoots pretty accurately with a Daisy Powerline 3-9×32 Scope, but occasionally will throw a pellet way wildly off track but in different direction each time it happens. What do you think could be the cause of this.

  30. I don’t like shooting any Crosman pellets except the genuine Premiers (they only come in a cardboard box) in a powerful spring rifle. Crosman pellets are made from too hard a lead alloy to expand the skirt when fired, and they are too small (except for the real Premiers).

    However, the proof is in the testing, so why not try them?


  31. I just got one of the Shadow 1000 combos from Big 5 yesterday and I love it. Bout my only druthers is that the synthetic stock-witch is extremly well made, no gripes there-seems to transmit more of the vibration. This is my first hi-power airgun, but I have shot a buddie’s-don’t remember what kind-with a wood stock and it seemed a bit smoother. ‘Course it was also a good deal more spendy. Do you know if Gamo makes a wood stock for this? It’s not a big issue, like I said, I love this thing, right on price, accuracy, and features

  32. Chris,

    I know that Gamo does not make a wood stock for the Shadow. I don’t know whether any other stock they make would fit.

    Wood is very difficult for Europeans to obtain – especially in the quantities needed for popular guns like the Shadow. The price would have to be so much higher that they don’t even consider it.


  33. Hi BB,

    I wanted to know if you could find out the air gun laws in South Africa.

    I know you live in America or some where around there and it’s far from here but i really need to know them.

    Thank you.

  34. Hey B.B. in order to clear up a squirrel and woodchuck infestation at my house I went air rifle shopping at walmart. they had the gamo and the daisy powerline 1000. I opted for the daisy because it was cheaper and came with a scope and after reading this blog Im beginning to regret it. I havent been getting great accuracy out of the thing but this is my first high powered air rifle and Ive never used a scope before. Do you have any experience with the daisy? Am I just a bad shot or is this gun a piece of crap? I can get good groupings with my old red ryder and much better groupings with a .22 but Im having some serious issues with this thing. I was hoping to be able to get 5 shots under a quarter at 30 yards but the best I can put together is 5 shots under a cd. Thanks a lot for your help. -Rob.

  35. Rob,

    A couple things may improve your groups.

    First, use the right pellet. The JSB Exact, Crosman Premier and Beeman Kodiaks are the only ones I would try in your rifle. Try both the light and heavy Exacts and Premiers. I’m speaking about domed pellets, which are the best for accuracy in sporting sprig rifles. And the only real Premiers are the ones in cardboard boxes.

    Second, hold the gun as loose as possible. REST it on the flat of your hand. Don’t grasp the stock with your fingers. And don’t rest it on ANYTHING but your hand. Don’t hold the pistol grip tight and don’t hold the gun tight to your shoulder. This should cut your group size in half at least.


  36. I am 12 years old and i just wanted to say that i have the gamo shaow 1000 and that today (17/august/2006) i shot a 2 inches big tile from 50 feet away off a tree stump,

    and thay say this thing is accurate at all here in South Africa, i dont think they know what they are talking about.

    but any this is a fantastic rifle great accuracy, power and looks.


  37. B.B.-thanks a lot for the response. loose hold does indeed increase accuracy somewhat. I just ordered a batch of crosman premier in both the heavy and light weights. In general are heavier pellets more accurate at distances of 25-40 yards? Also, which would be better for hunting? Thanks a lot. -Rob

  38. B.B. pelletier,

    is the BSA AR 4X32mm scope any good on the GAMO SHADOW 1000?

    because many people say because the rifle is so strong you have to set it like every 10 shots so i wanted to find out if the scope is any good and if its true you have to set it like every 10 shots?

  39. BSA scope,

    Who are you talking to? Please read the past postings on scopes to see why they change zero. If you DON’T do those things, they should not change – ever!

    Yes, the BSA scope will work on the Gamo Shadow 1000. It’s not a hard-recoilling airgun anyway.


  40. BB,
    OMG, you’re the best, i love all the new things I’m learning by reading all the comments and reviews.
    My question: I’m deciding on buying Gamo either shadow 1000 combo or the new shadow sport, which one do you think is better as far as power and accuracy is concerned, I will be using this for back yard fun and getting rid of some varmints.

  41. Bobby,

    The Shadow 1000 and the Shadow Sport are the same rifle with different finishes and stocks. The 1200 f.p.s. velocity of the Sport is with the lightweight Raptor pellet that you probably won’t shoot because it isn’t accurate. For accuracy, you want to keep the velocity under about 900 f.p.s., so you will use heavier pellets in either of these two rifles.

    I would say get the one thst looks best to you.


  42. Hello, I have a Shadow 1000, love the gun. I upgraded to a BSA scope which makes it even better. Problem is that the kick of the gun moves the scope back about a 1/16 of an inch for each shot. The scope moves back until the scope mount reaches the end of the groove and then breaks. It’s done this twice now. Any suggestions on how to keep the scope mounted stationary?

  43. B.B. Thanks for the BEST blog out there,
    I have learned more about air rifles here than anywhere else. I just wanted to chime in with my Shadow 1000 experience. Last year I saw my first adult air gun, my buddie bought a Beeman GS1000 and it was the first pellet gun I had seen that actually looked like a real gun, it was also the first time I had ever seen a breakbarrel rifle. It was all I could think about for weeks, so when I got the money I convinced my wife to let me get one. I ended up at walmart and bought the Shadow 1000 ($119.99), I knew nothing about it. All I knew is that it looked nice and it was a break barrel and that I could afford it. I brought it home and just just loved it. It was only afte shooting it and reading about it online that I realized I had done pretty good. When I showed it to my buddie he liked it almost better than his Beeman, he liked the lighter weight and the loud whack it made when we were plinking at his house (he has metal spoons at 20 and 30 yards). Since then I bought the marksman 2004 ($45 LOVE IT) and a XS-B21 ($75 used, love it too) and my buddie has bought the Marsman 2004 (he Loves it) and a Sumatra Carbine (he Loves that too, but it is way too loud and powerful for his small plinking course). As far as it being a cheaper model Shadow at walmart, mine has the the grooves that stop an inch or so before the plastic cap and came with the adjustable back stop. For a small investment and a little research I feel I have done really well in investing in this great hobby.
    After reading this blog for the last few months and wanting to get something that is .22 cal I am following your recommendation on a Benjamin 392, I was really drawn toward springers because you don’t have to pump them multible times but from everything I have read it is the ability to change the power that is one of the great features of the 392. Hopefully one day I will have a larger budget but until then I have found that airguns can be inexpensive if you do a little research. Thanks for all the time you put into this for all of us – Applemaniac

  44. BB, I would also like to say I have learned a lot from you.

    I was just wondering about variable power scopes because I bought a Daisy Powerline 3x-9x scope and I have never been able to calibrate it. I heard that fixed powers are more accurate. Also are there any good tips for calibrating the scope (location, technique, etc). THank you very much.


  45. Mohamed,

    I don’t know what you mean by calibrating the scope.Do you mean sighting in?

    Read Tom Gaylord’s article “All about scopes ,Part 3 – sighting in” on the Pyramyd AIR website. It gives you a very simple way to do it.


  46. I just recently purchased the Gamo Cadet Delta, and I was hoping to add a scope to my rifle. I purchased this rifle as it is the first air gun that I have owned or used, and I hope (after getting enough money/practice) to purchase the Gamo Shadow 1000 in the future (is Wal-Mart’s really worse? It’s cheaper and I was hoping to get that later). But anyways, the description of the rifle says that it has a grooved receiver for a scope, but there are no holes for a scope stop. The Cadet Delta is a 525 fps air springer (muzzle break) and I was wondering if a scope would be pointless without a scope stop, or if the small recoil would allow it to hold zero. Also, I was thinking of picking up a $30 Daisy Powerline 3×9 scope with cheap mounts (will work up to get better mounts in the future). Again, is this scope too cheap to even bother with? (My ironsights when used normally have me hitting almost 8 inches too low at 10 yards, so I have adopted a new form of sighting which gives me a tight grouping and higher shots). Any suggestions on what scopes to use/if any scope can be added would be appreciated (I have little money right now, but if a cheap Wal-mart scope would suck then I might as well save up).
    P.S. I have read the extensive posts on scope mounting and sighting, but nothing mentions rifles without scope stops.

  47. Air Gun Newbie,

    The Delta is probably smooth enough to get by with scope mount clamping, alone, but you DON’T want cheap mounts if you’re going to rely on just clamping pressure. Get some AccuShot rings that will give you the clamping pressure you need.

    The Daisy scope is too lightly built for a recoiling air rifle, but Crosman has a good one for a nice price. Their 4032 would hold up, plus it’s a much nicer view. Since it comes with good mounts, that’s all you have to buy.


  48. Scopes are not “accurate.” They have features that lend themselves to better viewing or better aiming, but all scopes are approximately equal in terms of how accurate they are.

    Are you looking for as little achromatic distortion as possible? Or do you want as little edge distortion as you can get? Or are you looking for a very rugged scope?

    Don’t say “all of the above,” because that will get you three different scopes.

    Here’s the deal. You can pay a bundle of money on a car. What do you want – a Rolls Royce or a Ferrari? Both cost a lot of money and both have special features, but they are nothing alike.

    No single scope has everything just as no car has everything.


  49. hello BB, i just wouild like to know what air guns you recomend for a new shooter. I need very high power, accuracy, and an all around excellent gun. Also it needs to be around 200.00$. Also it can be any make. Thanks.

  50. Gamo 1000 and Realtree Hunter.

    I already answered this question once. The 1000 is different than the 440, which is what the Realtree Hunter is based on. The differences are not that great, but the Realtree has a WOOD stock.


  51. Accuracy percentages,

    I have no clue what you are asking, but it sounds vaguely like you want me to compare the accuracy of these two rifles. If that is correct, the CF-X is more accurate, according to tests I have conducted.

    If you go to the main page of this blog (accessed from the home page of Pyramyd Air) there is a search function that you can use to search all the postings ever written. I have tested both of these rifles, which might help you.


  52. Thank you for your advice BB, you have saved me a great deal of time and money. I will order the Crosman 4032 in a couple of days (thank god for Pyramyd air, it’s much cheaper there then most sites). I look forward to mounting up and following your other great guides on how to sight it in!
    P.S. Thanks so much for a quick response, I was dieing to know what to do!

  53. BB,

    I bought one of these at Walmart this weekend, and took it to the range with my 22X.

    I loaded this with Crosman Premier hollowpoints. I shot open sighted at 25 yards. It was sloppy at first, but after a little practice I got 2 1/2″ groups pretty consistantly.

    This is not a criticism of the gun. I’m not that practiced shooting a rifle open sighted, and this is the first time that I shot a springer airgun before. I’m sure the groups would’ve been better if I used a scope.

    I used the technique you recommended of holding the forearm with an open hand. I was happy that the groups were consistant. I shot five different 10 shot groups with both the Shadow and the 22X. The funny recoil of the springer actually made shooting the Shadow kinda fun:)

    I ordered a tin of Beeman Crow Magnum and a tin of Silver Ace. I’ll try them next time.


  54. I’m about to buy my first air rifle. Of all the brands I’ve looked at, the Gamo Varmint Hunter and Gamo Hunter Sport seem to best meet what I’m looking for in price and performance. I like the hardwood stock of the Hunter Sport but have been hearing some good things about the Varmint Hunter/Shadow series. Does anyone have any comments on which is the better of these two rifles?

    Thanks much,
    – Derek

  55. Hey b.b.,
    I’ve wanted to buy the benjamin 392 pump rifle, which you suggested to me, but i dont think ill get the money anytime soon.

    would the gamo shadow 1000 be a respectable replacement? I saw one for about $120 at walmart.

    I read what you said about walmart getting the cheapest guns, and what CH said about the plastic of the front sight obstructing the barrel. could that plastic be cut or shaved away without affecting the rifle?

    My parents wont buy off the internet, and i really want a good gun that i can afford. are there any airgun shops/stores near central Minnesota? maybe ones that sell the benjamin 392?


  56. Insomniac,

    The Wal Mart gun is probably the same model carried by everybody. No, the plastic cannot be removed. It’s the base for the front sight.

    I understand how much you want an air rifle, and it seems you are researching well. Don’t make the mistake of settling for something based on the price. What if I told you you can have pretty much what you want for 2/3 the money the Gamo costs?

    It’s called USED, and airgunners do it all the time.

    You live in Minnesota, which is a very big airgunning state. No funny laws about calibers and such. Look through the the classified ads for sporting goods and guns and see who is selling a used Sheridan or Benjaimin pneumatic.

    Also look on http://www.craigslist.org in your area. There are always airguns there. The seller will be very close to you and you can see before buying.

    Better yet, if you can get your folks to take you to a gun show, there is bound to be one or more pneumatics for sale on one of the tables! I’ve been going to gun shows since I was in my teens and the bargains are out there, even toiday.

    Also check pawn shops. They are great places to find used airguns.

    Just last year I bought TWO Sheridan Silver Streaks – a really old one at a gun show for $130 (more than you want to pay) and a more modern one in a pawn shop for $75.

    You should expect to pay $60 to $90. Ask the seller if the gun shoots and holds air, and if possible, have him demonstrate it for you.

    That’s my advice – don’t settle.


  57. thanks alot b.b., i’m going to get a car within the year, and a license, so i will hopefully be able to attend some gun shows. I’ll check local pawn shops and see about craiglist.org.

    Is there anything i should be aware of when buying a rifle used (other than to make sure that it shoots and holds air)?

    thanks alot,

    p.s. I never would have thought of the classified ads thx! 😉

  58. A friend recently loaned me his RWS 48 (.177) and I am at a loss for words. I went to WalMart to buy some more pellets and found the Daisy Scope for $21 clearance. I said what the heck and got it, and some hollow pt. pellets. I set up a target exactly 125 ft, and can make a golf-ball sized pattern of holes. I dont care if the scope holds up, it has served its purpose (42 squirrels in 4 days) and Ill give it to my friend when I give him his pellet gun back. I dont want to give it back though. I cant imagine a better pellet rifle than rws-48. Since Ive killed all the tree rats in my yard, Ive been shooting them out of neighbors trees from various windows in my house, mostly at distances of over 250ft. Ive declared a Jihad on all squirrels.

  59. Insomniac,

    With a multi-pump like the Sheridan, always check to see that the solder joint between the barrel and pump tube is tight. Look closely, because sometimes there can be a fine hairline crack where the joint is about to fail. It comes from people overtightening a scope intermount.

    With a breakbarrel, check to make sure the barrel isn’t bent. Some people can’t resist firing their guns with the barrel broken open, and the barrel bends every time.

    With a CO2 gun sealing is the most important thing. However, a slow leak can often be fixed by putting a drop of Crosman Pellgunoil on the tip of a powerlet before piercing.

    There are many other things to check, but you will have to learn them the same as all ofher airgunners. I’m still learning things.


  60. thanks b.b.,
    I’ll try to get the 392. no luck on craiglist but i’ll keep on checking! about how many fps do you get on 5-6 pumps with the 392? and is that enough to kill a chipmunk or a squirrel? and can you give me a little more detail on where the solder joint is? I have no idea what it is.


  61. Insomniac,

    You should get about 500-550 on 5-6 pumps, depending on the pellet. Yes, that’s enough power for a chipmunk and possibly a squirrel with a perfect head shot at close range.

    Solder is a lead-tin compound used to join two pieces of metal. The barrel is soldered to the pump tub with a solder joint that runs the entire length of their attachment. So you look between the bottom of the barrel and the top of the pump tube to see the joint.


  62. Thanks b.b.,
    that helps alot, i’m almost 100% sure i’ll get the benjamin, and if i cant find that (or a blue or silver streak) for a reasonable price, I may get the gamo shadow 1000.


  63. I-Like-Guns,

    Gamo advertises the Shadow 1000 as a 1,000 f.p.s. gun. Gamo has a reputation for sometimes overstating the velocity, and my tests have resulted in 950 f.p.s. with medium-weight pellets, so it isn’t that far off.

    Of course you don’t want to shoot that fast for accuracy’s sake, but you can shoot heavier pellets and get in the 800s.


  64. BB,
    I’m shopping for a scope for my shadow 1000. Should I get the Gamo Varmint Hunter kit for Shadow 1000? or the BSA AR 4 X 32mm? Also do I need a Scope Stop(the one with recoil absorber)from Gamo? I do have a black metal plate

    My friend are looking for a 0.22 air rifle and a air pistols. Any suggestion? They are looking for something look and feel real(I assume they don’t want cheap plastic BB guns)and powerful.

    Thanks in advance.

  65. Gamo Varmint Hunter,

    Since the kit offers a 4 by 32 I don’t see any advantage to getting a BSA 4 by 32 instead. BSA scopes are only average optics. If you want to go up in quality, I’d look to the Leapers line.

    The metal plate on the Shadow IS the scope stop. You need nothing extra.

    I’d advise your friends to consider a Benjamin 392. It’s all wood and metal and the best buy for the money. Spring guns in that price range don’t compare.


  66. There is no definition for a magnum-powered airgun. Back in the 1970s, the word magnum applied to any rifle that developed more than 800 f.p.s. Then it moved up to 1,000 f.p.s. Today, however, velocity is meaningless. What we talk about instead is evergy.

    A Gamo Shadow 1,000 is a 17 foot-pound rifle in .177 caliber. The AirForce Condor develops 65 foot-pounds in .22 and about 30 in .177.

    The distinction of magnum power has become muddy.

    Many people would consider the Shadow 1000 to be a magnum, however, because not many people are aware of all the powerful airguns that exist.


  67. Gamo Shadow 1000 on CLEARANCE at Walmart for $74.00. Better hurry. I bought one yesterday and of the three Walmarts here in Huntsville, AL there were only four guns available .

  68. Hi B.B. pelletier,

    i wanted to find out, how well do you think the BSA 2-7×32 AR scope will work on the gamo shadow 1000?
    because im thinking of buying one and i need advice on if it’s worth it.


  69. Stuck Gamo,

    Something has broken inside, I believe. It sounds like a mainspring, but that’s not certain.

    What is certain it that the gun has to be repaired. Depending on how long you’ve had it, you can either return it to the dealer or directly to Gamo for repairs.

    I wish there was something simple I could tell you to do, but this symptom sounds major.



  70. hi b.b.

    ive just taken my gun into were i got it from and they say it might the pin that holds the spring and they will send it to there agents to get fixed.


    P.S. ive only had the gun since the 29 of july

  71. Hi B.B.

    this is kind of a religious question,
    Im a christian and i wanted to find out if, I hunt something will that make me evil or something and if i will still be a christian?

    and my mom won’t let me hunt so how do i tell her thats what i want to do?


  72. Son,

    The Lord is not against hunting. In fact, God told Adam to rule over all thef ish in the sea, the birds of the air, the cattle, over all the earth and over everything that creeps upon the earth.

    Your religion is not your problem. You need to talk to your mother. Honoring your father and your mother is one of the ten commandments.

    You tell her you want to hunt. You have to be honest with her. And if she does give you permission to hunt, you will have to take a hunter safety course and pass a test to get your hunting license and be accompanied by an adult when you do go out.

    Perhaps you should do this in smaller steps. Will your mother permit you to shoot at all? That would be your first step.


  73. Okay, if you can shoot, you just have to change what you hunt. Start with pests. Insects are the best for training a good shooting eye. Try wasps, yellokackets and any annoying flying pest you can think of.

    Don’t hunt beneficial insects like preying mantis, thoug, so you will have to learn which ones are real pests.

    Then there are bigger pests like rats, mice magpies and grackels. Check with your mom to see which ones you can hunt.

    Read this blog:


    And good luck.


  74. Hello BB,

    I am just looking for a suggestion from you on a good rifle for ranged shots.

    I will be killing gophers and squirrels at ranged of between 20 and 200 feet.

    If not a Shadow 1000, what rifle and what caliber would you suggest for 1 shot kills in the shoulder or head of these sized critters?

    I was thinking the .177 cal would be best for the longer ranged shots, but the .22 cal for the energy.

    Thanks for your suggestions. These critters must die lol. they are over running my gardens!

  75. .22 is by far the better killer. If you stay with .177, I do like the CF-X, because of the extra accuracy.

    For ranged shots (those at pre-measured ranges) a .22 would be ideal. You can dial the rifle in for all the expected distances and apply the correction needed for every shot.


  76. i own the varmit hunter. i was looking for pellets online and came across darts for my gun. what i want to know is are these for hunting or for targets? also is the gun to fast to shoot these?

  77. B.B.

    Sorry i was supposed to say 150 feet not 350.

    I dont have the scope yet but im thinking about getting it and one more thing, do you think it will be fine at 150 feet?


  78. Wezzy,

    Since snipers in the Civil War used to kill the enemy at 800 yards with a 4X scope, yes, I think a 7X is fine for 50 yards. In World War II the most common scope magnification was 4X. The Russians used 3X some of the time. And their snipers were the best in the war.


  79. I have a Shadow 1000 and I am getting one piece scope mounts for it. Using a two piece, my scope slid like crazy. Even with the scope stop on it still slid leaving a scratch mark on the top. Hopefully the one piece mount will work better. If you look at the new line of Gamo guns, the scopes on there (in Cabela’s) have one piece mounts. Also I was wondering how tight of groups the Shadow could make at 40 to 50 yards. Thanks.


  80. I’m looking for a nice air rifle to take care of squirrels and other pests around the yard. Sounds like the Shadow will do the trick. My question is how loud is the gun? I don’t want to scare any neighbors.

  81. The Shadow is fairly loud for an airgun but it tends to quiet down with the more shots you put into it. My small 20 yd. range at home is surrounded by a brick wall and the house. The noise reflects off it and seems to make it louder. But when I’m out in a field or in the open, the noise doesn’t echo or sound as loud. My neighbors don’t mind (they are very close) but as soon as I see them come out, I put the gun away just so I don’t worry them. The rifle should do a fine job when it comes to pests. Just don’t give it the death grip when shooting.


  82. Hello BB,

    We had another nice day down here in MS, so I went out and chrono’ed my Shadow 1000.

    Crosman Premier – 7.9 gr

    Hi 902
    Low 885
    Ave 896
    SD 7.9

    Beeman Silver Ace – 8.12 gr

    Hi 814
    Low 802
    Ave 807
    SD 5.0

    Beeman Crow Magnum – 8.80 gr

    Hi 840
    Low 829
    Ave 835
    SD 5.4

    Judging by these numbers, I think 850 ft/sec would be a more fair rating for this gun rather than 1000 ft/sec. I’ve heard that the advertised rating is usually a stretch, but from what I’m seeing with my guns both Webley and Gamo do a little more than just stretch. I also find it funny that the .177 Silver Ace ran slower than the slightly heavier Crow Magnum. This is a similar find that I got with my .25 Stingray when comparing the Silver Ace to the Silver Bear. Perhaps the Silver Ace just isn’t the best pellet.

    Anyway, I hope these numbers help hunters evaluate the performance that they can expect from the Shadow with realistic pellets.

    Merry Christmas,


  83. Hi B.B.

    On my Gamo Shadow 1000 the butt pad and scope stop is different,
    The butt pad is thicker and the scope stop is a piece of metal screwed into the gun.
    Could this be caused by a malfunction in the factory or do you think its a newer version?

    Its still shoot fine and handles fine but i just found that to be a bit odd.


  84. Hey B.B.

    Thanks for all the great info you’ve been putting out. In regards to the shadow series, are all the shadow series basically the same gun dressed up differently, i.e. shadow 1000, shadow sport, shadow varmit hunter, shadow black hunter, shadow silver… etc. I’ve found tons of reviews on the shadow 1000 but not too much on all the others. Based on reviews I’m planning on buying the shadow 1000 soon but if they are all the same I would definitely have more choices to choose from. I also heard that gamo guns are manufactured in different factories and depending on the model the qc isn’t as great on some of them. Final question, in reading your responses you seem to favor the cfx over the shadow 1000, is the cfx that much better in terms of performance? Thanks.


  85. Ryan,

    I used to think Gamo couldn’t make an air rifle with accuracy to rival the better German guns. The CF-X disproved that.

    It’s probably because it’s an underlever and therefore less sensitive to hold, rather than being more accurate, but, yes, the CF-X is that much better.


  86. B.B.,

    I have a Shadow 1000 and am looking at the bulk pack pellets on Pyramid Air- Premier domed 8.5 gr. I don’t know if these will work as good as other pellets because I haven’t tried them. Most other pellets are tight fitting in the barrel or almost slip through. I am using open sights at about 20 yds and getting about 1″ 5 shot groups using cheap pointed pellets. Any info on how good these would be would be great. Also, is using a bipod good? should I leave the gun resting on the bipod or should my hand be under the gun stabilizing it? I also want to ask if the one-piece scope rings would help any because of the tremendous scope-slide even with the scope stop provided. Thanks for your feed back and your info on this gun.


  87. Kyle,

    I don’t understand. There is no 8.5-grain Crosman Premier pellet. And Premiers are not sold in bilk packaging. They come in a cardboard box.

    As for your scope slipping, you need a mechanical scope stop. No amount of clamping pressure alone is enoug to stop a scope mount from slipping.

    A bipod on a breakbarrel isn’t a good idea. Breakbarrels are all hold-sensitive and need to be rested on the open palm.

    Your Shadow should group under one inch at 20 yards.


  88. B.B.,

    Thanks for the quick feed-back. Sorry, I meant 7.9 gr. pellets. And what did you mean by saying that Premiers and not solid in bulk packaging? I did mean to say that the pellets were in the ccardboard box. Forgot to say that.

    The scope stop provided with the gun does not provide an adequate amount of “scope stop.”

    Thanks for any feed-back, I value your advice.


  89. Hi B.B.

    You know they say that the skenco type 1 pellets are supposed to go super sonic in the Gamo Shadow 1000?
    Well, i bought some and about 3 out of 10 times they went super sonic.
    I dont know if its because it hasent broken in yet or what please help.

    Why dont they go super sonic all the time?


  90. B.B. thanks a ton for all of your help and support! I had a few things I wanted to share.

    -new to airguns and guns in general
    -bought a gamo 1000 from walmart
    -3inch group at 25yards consistently, standing up no sandbag or armrest or anything, open site
    -1.5inch best group at 25yards, same technique
    -mounted a leapers 3-9×50 AO scope with two gamo rings
    -lots of creep, scope stop did not have a hole to screw into so it didn’t work
    -switched to accushot full length integral scope mount, LERGPM2PA-25H4, creep problem solved! i’m very happy.
    -couldn’t site scope in, shot way too low, so I had to shim the scope up in the back using strips of plastic from 2liter bottle. this works great. all is good.
    -required shimming made me notice that there is barrel droop.
    -my accuracy isn’t what others are reporting.
    -noticed your comment above about a bent barrel due to someone shooting with barrel broken open. wondering if someone did this and returned gun and then I purchased gun.

    1. How do I check for bent barrel visually?

    2. What symptoms will barrel droop cause when I shoot?

    3. Will my overall accuracy be affected by barrel droop?

    btw: I plan to try resting my hand on a deck rail or something when shooting to see if my accuracy improves. I noticed that gripping lightly as recommended did make a big difference.

    thanks for all your help!!

  91. 1. look for non-concentric circles of light in the barrel when you peer through at a light source.

    2. You will shoot lower.

    3. Drop has zero impact on accuracy.

    You don’t have a bent barrel, but you WILL bend that scope tube by using 2-liter bottle material. That way too thick!

    You need an adjustable scope mount. Lacking that, try to shim under the scope mont base in the rear.


  92. 1. Forget symptoms. If you have a bent barrel you will be able to see it by looking through the barrel. Look for light patterns that are not concentric. That means look for light that dips or spikes at one spot aound the inner circumfrence of the bore.

    2. A bent scope tube has dents in the outside tube. They are easy to see, once you take the rings off. The scope may continue to work, depending on how deep the dents are and where they are located.


  93. -I checked the barrel, not bent
    -I tried resting hand on deck rail, now shooting 2inch groups easily
    -I still need to work on correct pressure on shoulder…I haven’t found the sweet spot yet
    -currently using H&N 0.177 field and target 8.49gr
    -will try JSB 0.177 diablo exact heavey next
    -I don’t notice any dents on scope tube, maybe I’ll get them eventually
    -will upgrade to better gun without droop before I upgrade to adjustable mount since price of mounts are in $40+ range
    -hoping more practice, tune technique, and find best pellets will get me to 1inch group at 25yrds
    -still having a blast shooting at cardboard in front of a sheet of metal
    -can’t wait for a crow to come back in my yard…but for some reason they don’t come around anymore after seeing me practicing…*smile*

  94. just wondering what pellets got you the best groups i wanted to try jsb exact beeman crow magnam beeman ram jets and beeman kodiaks i know you said the hollow points are not very accurate past 25 yard but most of my shot are taking under the so im just trying to find a good hunting pellet for my gamo and i want one that wont over penatrate most of the time sorry if im bugging you thanks cody

  95. Cody,

    As long as your shots are at close range, hollowpoints like the Crow Magnum are great. Also try the RWS Super-H-Point and the Beeman Silver Bear.

    Crosman will soon have a wonderful new hollowpoint called the Destroyer on the market and you should try them when you can.


  96. its me again cody and i have one more question i was looking at a new scope and was thinking leapers because you say they are good and i trust you but any ways i was looking at the leapers 4-16×50 ao mdl varmit scope with illuminated reticle now my question is if you dont turn on that red green cross hairs does it still show regular black cross hairs because i dont want to be using battery all the time when i dont need them and does it have a one inch tube or a 30mm tube i already got the extra high adjustible mount so mounting is not a problem but that one looks good as long as it shows the black croshairs when its not on and it has a one inch tube but thank you for telling about the pellets i have learned alot from your posts and i still would not have a clue about alot of this stuff you are a good man thank cody and i hope im not bothering you

  97. Cody,

    You are not bothering me. This is the reason this blog exists – to answer questions like yours!

    When the illuminated reticle is turned off the reticle shows as black lines, the same as any non-illuminated scope. I own several illuminated scopes and I almost never use the illumination feature.

    The Leapers 4-16X50 has a one-inch tube. But the 4-16X56 has a 30mm tube. So make sure you buy the right one. In the descriptions on Pyramyd AIR, is should say 30mm tube, is that’s what it is. If it says nothing about the tube size, it is a one-inch tube.

    Pyramyd AIR is currently working on a specifications section for optics that will look like the one they now have for airguns. Tube diameter will be one of the data presented in that section in the future.


  98. i will try those pellet but you said crosman has a new pellet coming out and it looks like the one gamo has out the tomahawk so i was wondering what do you think of those do you think those would be good

  99. i seen your blog today and i have tried the crosman hollow points in my gamo and i got good results from those i got just under an inch at 23 yard thats how big my back yard is but now that i seen your results do you think i should stick with those or do you think the other one would be better
    thanks cody

  100. i was just wondering i want to put a sling on on my gamo shadow 1000 and i seen those beeman barrel clamps and was not sure if i get the bigger one or the smaller on so i just wanted to see if you knew or not
    thank cody

  101. Hi BB

    This has nothing to do with the Gamo, but the Daisy Powerline 1000 with scope combo. i dont know anywhere else I can get help from. Well I bought the DAsiy powerline 1000 fps .17 caliber from walmart for 100 dollars but the scope keeps moving! I trie dmany different scope mounts but the recoil makes it move! Is there any kind of glue or adhesive that would work good?

    Also, I have a worn down screw that is pretty much a complete crater in the scope backstop(a piece of metal). no screwdriver can get any grip on it and None of the scer extractors that i bought worked. Do you happen to know how I can get this out? Thanks.

  102. New Airgunner,

    There are several ways to remove buggered screws. One is to clamp them with a good Vice Grip and turn them out. It ruins the screw head but nobody cares.

    A second way to remove a screw is to cut a screw slot in the head with a hacksaw. Is there room for that without hitting the spring tube?

    A third way is to drill a small hole in the center of the screw and use an Easy Out. They sell them at Sears.

    No adhesive can stop scope mount movement. It takes a positive mechanical stop to stop movement.


  103. i tried the new gamo pellets the tomahawk pellet and the were realy good they had some undersized ones in there and some had some burrs on them or whatever you want to call those little thing that stick of them but after you sort threw them they shot as good as the crosman hollow points but i was telling you this since you have not shot them yet they look like the rocket with a point instead of the steel ball


  104. i was wondering if you could kill small mice or similar animals with 300fps using .177 pellet at five yards or under i dont want to sound mean but i think my gamo is a bit much so do you think that would be enough power or do you think i would need somthing more powerfull i use my gamo for anything farth than that

    thanks cody

  105. BB,

    I’ve been reading your blog for some time, and I’ve found it very useful as someone very new to air rifles — so thank you.

    My question is one that has been bothering me for a few days now. I recently purchased a Gamo Shadow Sport 1000, and out of the box, I found that it shot far too low. I attempted to sight in the scope (I’m shooting at a wooden plank from about 10 yards), at even with the included BSA scope adjusted fully “up”, the rifle still shoots too low. I’m able to get decent groupings, but they’re just all way too low relative to the crosshair center.

    By comparison, I recently borrowed a Winchester 1000SB from a friend of mine, and (though I had to scope in that sight, as well), I found that rifle to be much more accurate (seemingly much more powerful — maybe just personal preference).

    My question being is this most likely a fault of my shooting technique, the rifle itself, the scope, or…?

    As you advise, I rest the Gamo on the palm of my free hand loosely, allowing the gun to recoil naturally (though I’m sure my technique itself is far from perfect). I’m using Gamo Pro Magnum pellets (.177 4.5mm).

    I’m hoping this is something that I can correct, versus regretting the purchase and looking for a better-fitting rifle only days after receiving this one!

    Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated,


  106. JP,

    You have encountered barrel droop. Breakbarrels all have it to some extent, and some are pronounced.

    This is why I usually recommend using B-Square AA adjustable mounts.

    At 10 yards you should be hitting one-inch below point of aim to be on at 20 yards.


  107. BB,

    Thanks much for the prompt reply. Can you provide a link to an appropriate mount for the Gamo Shadow Sport? I did a quick search for “AA mount” on the PyramidAir site and found several.

    Any recommendations?


  108. i was wondering since my gun does good with crosman hollowpoints i would think that they would shoot well with the crosman premiers i was wondering this because i will be going hunting here soon so i will have to take a little bit longer shots so i want just a good domed pellet and i dont want to waste money trying a whole bunch of different kind so can you tell me if they would work good they look like the same pellet one just has the hollow point drilled out correct me if im wrong

  109. i strips the screw on the metal plate on the scope stop so now i need a new scope stop i was thinking just the gamo scope stop that is 9.99 do you think that would work or what would you suggest
    thank cody

  110. i was looking at the leapers scopes today and seen those new ones for 500.00 dollars why are they so expensive and what is so special about them just wanted to know

    thanks cody

  111. Cody,

    How long is a piece of string?

    Both companies have their scopes built in China. You need to get specific when asking a question about quality – especially with a larger company like Bushnell who sells everything from toy scopes to fine optics and everything in between.

    If you want a comparison, gimme a model.


  112. i wanted to know about the bushell banner 6-18×50 and the leapers 4-16×50 i was thinking the bushnell would be better since i have a bushnell and it is great i just want a new one with higher power but ive never had leaper so i dont know

  113. Cody,

    I own two Bushnell 6-18 Trophys and a Leapers 4-16X56. The Leapers is MUCH brighter and clearer than the Bushnell.

    The Bushnell 6-18 Trophy was a budget field target scope 10 years ago. Nothing came close at the price. But it stayed in the same place while newer scopes passed it by.

    The AirForce 4-16 is even brighter than the Leapers.


  114. Cody,

    I said the Leapers 4-16X56 scope is clearer and brighter than the Bushnell Trophy 6-18. Then I said the Banner 6-18 is not as good quality as the Trophy.

    From that you can deduce that the Leapers 4-16X56 is MUCH better quality than the Bushnell Banner 6-18.

    Buy the scope you want.


  115. ok i placed an order for the leapers scope sorry for bugging you so much about it i just want to get the best for my money but what is the difference between the accushot and the 5th generation not important just wondering

    thanks cody

  116. so i ordered the scope 4-16x50the other day and my order is on back order because the pellets i got are out of stock but the scope i ordered cost 99.99 and now it says its 63.00 so can i change my order and get 4 more tins of pellets to make up for that 40.00

    thanks cody

  117. hi i got my new scope in today and your right the leapers is better than the busnell i sighted it in and it was great it was confusing figuring out the adjustments but i got it thank you for being patient with me now i want to know what do you think is better the crosman pro77 or the wather cp99 compact what is the difference between the cp99 and the cp99 compact because there is a big price differene between the two

    thank cody

  118. B.B.
    Im new to air guns and Im searchig for my first air rifle, I was wondering if you could recomend me something. I want a 1000 fps, good quality, I prefer hardwood stock and under 200$

    Sorry for the trouble and thanks

  119. as you know i tried the gamo tomahawk pellets well ive been shooting those but i was wondering how much they weighed here it says 8.5 but ive also seen 7.5 and7.8 on other web sites and it does not say on the package so i wanted to know who was right just seeing if you had heard anything

    thanks cody

  120. B.B.

    Im considering buying an air rifle and ive got it down to either a Gamo Nitro 17, or Gamo Shadow 1000. both have scopes. the shadow is obviously a better gun because it costs more, but is it so much better that it warrants a $40 price difference?

    and also i was going to be using gamo match pellets and gamo hunter pellets, how do you think these types of pellets perform? would you recommend another type?



  121. i was thinking of getting a .22 airgun do you have any good ones i was thinking the rws 52 is that a good gun i went prairedog hunting today and it took 3 shots to kill 1 so i think i need a bigger caliber

    thanks cody

  122. this is matt again,

    to add to my previous post, i am also deciding whether the standard 4×32 scope that comes with the gun is god enough. what i will be using the gun for is just target practice in my back yard shooting anywhere from 10-100 meters about. the other scope i was looking at was the bsa 3-12×44 cause its on sale for like $80, but if i dont need anything that strong its not worth the money. any ideas on this B.B.?

    thanks again,


  123. i was thinking about getting a new airgun what do you think of the hw97 i .22 i think it is a nice gun and i want a .22 ignore the last post i made

    thanks cody

  124. the other day i went 4 wheeling well i had my gun in the back in a cheap 20.00 case but when i took it out it was off about three inches to the right is this normal and would a better (more padded gun case) be better for that or what should i do

    thanks cody

  125. Hi BB,

    Do you have any experience with Nikko Stirling’s “Airking” optics? They look like some nice scopes, and I’ve read some good feedback, but wanted to get your opinion on them…


    Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor

  126. hi i was thinking about getting a gamo cfx can you recomend a couple types of pellet i was thinking crosman premiers in the box and how much more accurate is this gun than the gamo shadow

    thanks cody

  127. Cody,

    For some reason the CF-X shoots better than the Shadow. It’s probably because the Shadow is a breakbarrel that requires so much technique to shoot well, while the CF-X is a very calm, neutral underlever.

    For pellets, get the 7.9 Premier and any other domed pellet that doesn’t exceed 9 grains.


  128. i was reading that heavier pellets damaged main springs well if that was true than i dosent make sense i would think thats false because some guns you can get in .177 or .22 well they use the same main spring and design dont they so if that were true than the .177 would last longer but the dont they last just as long as .22 so how could heavier pellets damage the mainspring that dont make sense to me so i was just sharing my thoughts can you correct me if im wrong

    thanks cody

  129. hi i was reading somthing about elevation and how it would affect spring guns i live at 6000 feet and my guns shoot fine but how much of a fps drop should i expect shooting that high

    thanks cody

  130. its weird i tried the new gamo raptor and a got 3/4 inch groups at 23 yards i just thought that was weird because everyone says they suck but right know there the best ones iv shot


  131. hello b.b. sorry this is off topic

    and sorry if this a repost

    I don’t have enough money for the shadow 1000 ($106) but i do for the gamo 850 carbine but is it be powerful enough to take pigeons and squirrels at 25 yards and less thank you very much

  132. Hey B.B. again

    Sorry i keep bothering i know very little about spring piston rifles you but i have a couple more questions about the gamo 850.

    1.How long would the break in be.

    2.How good is the scope that comes with the 850

    3.What would be the longevity of the 850

    4.how would i maintain the 850

    thank you very much


  133. hi i just bought a crosman 1377 and i was wondering what size animals do you think i could take with it i dont want to have to shoot any animal more than once so i wanted to know if you know

    one more thing i was thinking about buying a airforce condor and if i were to have any question would you help me out

    thanks cody

  134. It’s not easy. The front swivel can be mounted on the barrel, but where does the rear sling swivel stud go?

    As long as the sling is just for carrying, I’d suggest one of the new tactical types that just wrap around the stock and barrel. I don’t see one on this website.

    If any reader has mounted a sling on a Shadow 1000, please tell us what you did.

    You cannot shoot a breakbarrel with a sling used to support the rifle, you know. The barrel will pop open on firing,


  135. After owning the Shadow Sport (no open sights) for about six months and having put over 7,000 rounds through it, I wanted to share my experience.

    First of all, as far as pellets go, I’ve tried Crosman Premier Lights, Beeman Crow Magnums, Beeman Kodiak Extra Heavys, Eun Jins, Beeman Silver Bears, JSB poly-tip Predators, every .177 Gamo pellet made (minus round balls), RWS Superpoints, and RWS Superdomes (phew!)

    As far as accuracy and tight groups go, I’ve had the best performance with RWS Superdomes (at 15-40 yards). Crosman Premier Lights are a very close second accuracy-wise. Crow Magnums also perform very well, and while they don’t group as tightly, I’ve found they offer the best knockdown power in all of my kills — better than JSB poly-tip Predators.

    The Shadow likes a light hold, as many have indicated. One thing that took some getting used to on my part was the stock hold. Many pellets seem to be very sensitive to not only how tightly (or loosely) you hold the stock (or rest it on your palm) but also WHERE you hold it.

    With RWS Superpoints, for example, if I (as a right-hander) place my left hand below the absolute frontmost part of the stock, the group sizes are awful. If I move my left hand closer to the center of the stock, the groups shrink. In my experience, it seems that the performance of some pellets is very dependent on where you grip/rest the stock. If your accuracy is suffering with your choice of pellet and you’re already using a loose grip on the stock, try adjusting the position of your hand. It can make a considerable difference.

    Incidentally, the RWS Superdomes and the Crosman Premier Lights — the two pellets that I’ve had the best results with, happen to be the least “hold-sensitive”; I can rest the front, center, or back of the stock on my left palm with very similar, very tight groups.

    I recently ordered a Gamo CFX, and I plan on sending my Shadow to Charlie Da Tuna for a full tune and a trigger. I’ll be very interested to see the difference in performance between a stock CFX and a tuned Shadow!


  136. Help! Not knowing what I was doing, I bought a Gamo Shadow Sport from Cabela’s..which was a open box display model… and when I got home, noticed the scope mount was different from the mount pictured on the box.It looks like the mount from the Hunter Extreme… The gun shoots in tight groups and I can hit a can 10 out of ten times…as long as you aim 2in high and 2 left at about 15 yards!!!I noticed the scope is crooked..point of aim to left of the muzzle aim point. Is the mount pointing the scope in the wrong direction or is it barrel droop? It’s clearly pointing left of the barrel and muzzle.etc. Is there a way to correct the scope placement? Should I return the gun? Thanks

  137. Shadow Sport,

    Cabelas used whatever mount they had, or Gamo sent it that way. Either way, you need an adjustable mount to correct for the scope rails (or mount claws) being misaligned.

    Hitting cans at 15 yards is really not a good test. This rifle should be able to hit cans at 75 yards. Dimes at 15 yards.


  138. Either way, you need an adjustable mount to correct for the scope rails (or mount claws) being misaligned….

    What adjustable mount should I buy for the shadow sport? Since I just bought the gun, maybe returning it is best..I should of got the mount intended for the gun…agree?

  139. Cabela’s shadow sport guy here..

    Hey B.B.

    Name a couple of gun’s u would buy for the same price as the shadow sport (150.00 to 200.00 give or take…or stick with the shadow sport? just curious..and eager to choose the correct buy…thanks

  140. just wondering do you think a .177 1000 fps gun could kill a skunk if i shot it in the head the ones by my house and they are bothering me

    thanks cody

  141. i have a problem my barrel is lose and i tighten the screw but the when i cock the gun it turns the srew with it do you know what i can do to stop it

    thanks cody

  142. Cody,

    Is it loosening as it turns, or is the turn not affecting the tightness?

    If it is actually loosening the bolt, you might try cleaning the threads of all lubricant and applying blue number 242 Locktite.


  143. Cody, I didn’t ask whether it was TURNING, but LOOSENING. There is a difference. Many barrel pivot bolts turn when the barrel is cocked, but go right back to where they were when the barrel is closed. Nothing is wrong. If it is loosening, then there’s a problem.


  144. yes it is loosening after i tighten iti cock it about ten times then the barrel gets loose again to where i can wiggle it side to side and then the screw is loose all over again and i repeat the cycle

    thanks cody

  145. hi bb, you’ve helped me out alot aaaand you can help some more.

    I own a shadow 1000 (not sport) with a Simmons 4-12×40 AO scope. My groupings creep by about 5 clicks at 10 yards and drop EVERY SINGLE TIME i use the CP Hollowpoint, but it’d perform well with (1in grping) with Beeman FTS. at 10 yards, that’s pathetic right?

    In general, the shadow likes which pellet weight class? under 8, 9-10, or above 10. I am refering to all domed pellets as they offer more precise groupings.

    You also said the JSB exact might work well on this thing, but which weight? 7.7 or 8.4gr?

    And last: i’ve tried RWS pointed, Gamo: hunter, magnum pointed, match, master point, raptor, rocket, Crossman Premier H-point, Beeman FTS…What else should i try? I really like the domed pellets and staying away from all them funkies.

    Thnx in advance BB

  146. Yes, one inch groups at 10 yards is pretty bad. It sounds like you are touching the side of the forearm with your fingertips. Are you?

    That rifle needs to lay on the flat of your open palm and I would lay it right in front of the triggerguard for best consistency.

    For your rifle I believe pellets weighing under 8 grains will perform best.

    Try Crosman Premiers in the cardboard box and JSB Exacts weighing 7.7 grains.


  147. what a prompt reply, thank you again.

    I wan’t using my palm for front support at all. I was, though, mimicking the open palm hold with a mushy/gelly pouch (which should be like my palm) and i rest the rifle about 4inches away from trigger guard. this could be the problem huh?

  148. It COULD be, but I am having good luck with the gel pad sold by Pyramyd AIR. It seems to work as well as the flat of your palm.

    Where you are resting the gun seems perfect. But try using your open palm and it’s important to hold the gun as lightly as you can, so it can move as much as possible when it fires.


  149. Simmons is a good value. They had warranty issues ten years ago, but the company moved to solve them.

    I used to use a Tasco on an FWB 124 and that was supposed to be a scope-breaker. My scope worked fine for many years. I think your Simmons will, too.


  150. yea, i was going to get a tasco sight but i heard that the company went out of business and i dont see how they can honor their warraty plan, so simmons i chose.

  151. BB,

    I have googled my arm off, I hope you can help.

    I have read that it would be possible to fit the gas strut conversion for a GAMO hunter 440 into a GAMO shadow 1000, as they are essentially the same rifle with a different stock.

    Can you confirm/deny this?

    If it were possible it would mean you could put together a 1000fps springer for under £170 – quite an achievement!



  152. B.B.

    Thanks for the quick response!

    I read on a dutch blog that the GAMO hunter 440 and the Shadow were the same rifle / different stock. I cant find any info on the GAMO website to substantiate this.

    Theoben supply a gas strut conversion for approx £70 for a GAMO hunter.

    Maybe more will come to light in due course, in the meantime great blog, thanks very much.


  153. to anyone who owns a gamo shadow 1000, what’s the best grouping you could do at 25 or 30 yards, or both? and with what pellet? thnx

    Best i ever did was 1 inch at 20 yards, otherwise my hold is always moving, crouch, stand, or prone. ANd yes, i follwed BB’s open palm technique with light hold both hands.

  154. i was wondering about the new bsa adjustible scope mounts are the any good and to the guy above me at 23 yard gamo tomahawk crosman premier the gamo rockets were good but i shot a bird and it took 4 shots and it would not die so i would not recomend those for hunting or targets because they are to hard

    thanks cody

  155. hey BB, you might wanna check out this vid of a diabolo pellet shot in reverse and smashing into a wall, in slow motion here: http://www.kurzzeit.com/ , choose english >> example >> video, it’s something to see for those who are just too itching to try but dont want to damage their barrel

  156. hi b.b i dont know if you remember but i told you i was going to get a gamo cfx well i noticed that pyramyd air is selling it in .177 and .22 well which one do you think i should get ive never shot or owned a .22 airgun so i dont know how they are and i am a hunter so it might be better
    any advise would be helpfull

    thanks cody

  157. B.B.

    I just bought a Gamo Shadow Sport from Cabela’s and when I went to sight it in I found myself all over a 6″ target at 50 feet. When I decided it was time to check the scope mount for tightness I found that one of the monkeys at the factory had ripped out two of the top cap holes. Well, that mount is history. The trip to Cabela’s was a 260 mile round trip for me so I won’t be going back there to complain. I have been reading a ton of your posts on this blog and reviews on other sites. Anyway here is what I think I should do. I should buy the Leapers scope you talked about somewhere here. Was it an 8-32? Also a new mount. The question is what mount do I want. Does Pyramyd AIR have what I need. I want something good that is not going to give me problems. I am open to suggestions on any scope and mount combo.

    I was having a problem with ground squirels but pretty much killed them all with my Crossman 2100. It groups so much better that the Gamo Shadow Sport. It has to be the broken scope ring, correct?

    When I first started researching air rifles I was tempted to buy a PCP but putting a couple thousand dollars in an air rifle seems foolish. I kind of wish I would have done so now.

    OK, enough of this rant. I need advise on how to scope this gun.


  158. Arian,

    I recommend a Leapers 3-12. The 8-32 is too long for your rifle. It would be top-heavy.

    I agree that a loose scope is your problem, as long as you are using the artillery hold. Get Leapers Accusport rings of the appropriate ring diameter.

    Spring guns are quite a bit harder to sdhoot than any other kind of airgun, so you need to perfect the artillery hold. Only then will your Gamo shoot its best.


  159. B.B.

    Thanks. I managed to get the ring half to work by putting miniature split washer on each of the screws. It got ahold of enough of the remaining ring to lock it down. It looks as if one of the ring halves had been machined wrong as it leaves a pretty fair gap when tightened and that is how the factory pulled the screw through the hole when tightening. I have the gun grouping slightly over the size of a quarter dollar now at 50′. I still want a better scope setup though. I was not able to find the Leapers Accusport rings on Pyramydair’s site or with Google? Do all these air rifle scope mounts come with a stop pin?


  160. B.B.

    I found the mounts on the Leaper web site. They ar Accushot and not Accusport. Funny thing, the one piece mounts appear to be the exact same mount that came with the gun. Gamo is supposed to send me a new one. Now I have to decide on what scope to purchase. They are several different 3-9’s I usually just go with the most expensive one.


  161. Just wanted to share my experience:

    I’ve put about 800 shots through mine and continues to get better.

    Very accurate airgun with the right ammo. By far the most accurate and effective hunting pellet I’ve used are Crossman Premier Hollowpoints in 7.9gr. Have took out a number of pidgeons ranging in distances from 20 to 75 yrds. Just made a head shot on a pidgeon at 70 yrds yesterday – I continue to be amazed by this gun.

    Bushnell 3-9 x 40 scope helps.

    Are there any trigger mods to lighten the pull?


  162. i own a shadow for 2 years now, (.177cal with simmons 4-12×40 sight) gotta say, this thing is bias to EVERY pellet out there. Every pellet type flies a diff trajectory. Find one that’ll give you the most precisiona and accuracy and stick with it. For me it’s either the RWS superdome or JSB exact dome light. And listen to BB’s guide on the hold, saves you alot of time and anger

  163. Charlie da tuna makes an outstanding drop-in replacement trigger for many common air rifles.
    He does have a web page explaining the Replacement trigger in detail, along with the specific models it will fit, and a detailed installation routine if you choose to do it yourself. He can also install a new trigger and set up your rifle for a very reasonable fee.

    The GRT-III trigger blade will fit almost any rifle using the Gamo type trigger. If your rifle has a trigger similar to the B-18/19’s or the Gamo’s, there is an excellent chance that the GRT-III will work in your gun.


  164. I prefer open sights. Is there any reasonably priced aperture type sight I can put on the scope rail of my shadow 1000 which will improve my accuracy over the fiber optic originals?


  165. The problem is twofold. First, will the sight be able to clear the side of the receiver and second, will it work with a dot sight in front?

    The first question can be answered by a tech rep at Pyramyd AIR who can try to fit the sight to a Gamo Shadow. I just tried to fit a Beeman Sport Aperture peep sight to a Tech Force 99 which has a larger tube diameter than your Shadow, and it did fit.

    The second question is one that can only be answered by trying.


  166. B.B.

    Thanks for the prompt reply. I see the problems as you describe. I’ll get in touch with Pyramid Air. As to accuracy, when I was on the ROTC rifle team in college in the 60s the Army gave us heavy barrelled model 52s with hooks and palm rests and a nifty peep sight along with unlimited accessaccess to the free world’s supply of .22LR ammo. I recall the alignment of the aperture with the dot was pretty instinctive allowing you to concentrate on watching the dot and the target. Since then I have aquired bifocals and struggle to align the blade in the horns and still see the little 10 meter bullseye. Ageing is a bugger sometimes. I’m hoping with a peep sight I can still get the dot in the aperture without seeing it very clearly and thus do a little better at 10 meters.

    Appreciate the info.


  167. Dick,

    I was also in ROTC in the ’60s (a bad time to be in a military organization on a college campus, I must say) and I also participated on the rifle team. Same Winchester 52s, same unlimited ammo.

    My ROTC unit was the one Tommy Smith belonged to, but not after the ’68 Olympics!


  168. B.B.

    Interesting times those were. I quit ROTC after two years so wasn’t committed to the Army. On our campus the ROTC building at Washington U in St. Louis was damaged and quite a few people were clubbed as I watched out my dorm window. That was ’70 or so. Then I went to Ohio for my first job just after Kent State.

    Back to shooting, our rifle team was strictly middle of the road skillwise. We lost matches to high school teams. I’m probably lying about this but I think I used to shoot high 270’s to low 280’s on a good day for three positions on the NRA 50 ft target. I went to a big match at Kansas State with 1400 shooters and came out right around 700th–strictly middle of the pack. I really loved those 52’s and bought the Shadow 1000 and set up a (30 ft) 10m range on my back porch to try to get back into precision short range shooting in a non-competetive way.

    Since you may have been through this, what glasses would you recommend for an older guy who’s pretty far sighted? I was far sighted in college which was a gift then but is much worse now, thus my problem with seeing the rear sight.



  169. Dick,

    I also wear bifocals, but I shoot pistols, not rifles. I can tell you which glasses to get for a pistol, but I’m the wrong guy to ask about rifle specs.

    I would think an optometrist and the NRA, combined, might be able to help. When I got my lens ground at a mall Lenscrafters, believe it or not, they had done the job before. You might just ask them what would work for you.


  170. Dick,

    I have to add this. I was born and raised in Stow, Ohio, and both my sisters graduated from Kent State before the shooting.

    I went west and attended San Jose State College, which is now a university.

    Coincidence, you and I swapping states?


  171. B.B.

    After Ohio they wanted me to go to NJ but I managed to wangle a transfer to FL where I am now retired.

    Anyhow I really appreciate all the advice. Maybe I should take up pistols. Never tried it for precision, just plinking cans and such with a K22. I’ve always drooled over the IZH 46M.

    I’ll keep in touch via this blog. I’m glad I found it.



  172. Hi pelletier. You sound like a very smart man, who knows his stuff about pellet rifle hunting.
    Very soon after i make a little money this summer i am going to but the shadow 1000.Previously i owned a Beeman ss1000 in .22 cal. It was a good gun i just want to try someting new. I will be using this gun mostly for hunting squirrels sometimes rabbits and birds…I am wondering what a good scope is for the shadow 1000. I would like one better than the one on my previous rifle which was a 3-9×32 . One scope i am interested in is the Leapers 3-9X50 Full Size Range Estimating Mil-Dot Scope which is on pyramid airs site. Please respond and tell me if this is a better scope, if not any oter scope recomendations would be appreciated..Also if u know any good pellets for the shadow 1000 i would be greatful. I am 13 going into the 8th grade and reading your previous conversation with Dick i heard you talking about growing up in Ohio. My parents grew up in Fostoria near Columbus. My dad went to college at Toledo. His name is Kent Loomis. I know u will be a big help…. Thx bunches Keith Loomis

  173. Keith,

    For a breakbarrel spring rifle I alwasy start with a lighter domed pellet like the Crosman Premier. The Premier hollowpoint would be just as accurate and good for hunting.

    That Leapers scope is a good one. It will be brighter than your other scope, so I guess that is better. It’s also noted for its ruggedness.

    It’s difficult to recommend scopes because I never know what someone else considers important. But I don’t hesitate telling them about Leapers because I don’t hear any bad reports, plus I use them myself.

    Good luck with your n ew rifle and with the 8th grade!


  174. I understand everything and thanks for the ultra quick response. I have one more question. Why should I start with a lighter pellet. I would just like to know your reasoning because iv heard that when u have a high powered air riflr like the shadow that shoots 1000 fps you are supposed to use heavy pellets. Just wondering. Also should I use the Gamo raptors? or atleast try them.?? Thanks Keith

  175. Keith,

    I suggested lighter pellets because breakbarrels usually do better with them. You use heavier pellets to lower velocity in a gun that really goes faster than 1000 ff.p.s., but the Shadow doesn’t, so it’s okay.

    Go ahead and try the Raptors. Then you will know for sure how they perform.


  176. Heyy BB… I guess i just keep learning and reading and keep wanting to ask more questions….Will the Leapers 3-9X50 Full Size Range Estimating Mil-Dot Scope fit on the shadow 1000 without having to buy new scope rings…Im talking about buying both of themn from pyramidair.com If it wont fit plz tell me what scope rings to get and maby where to get them…

  177. I rthink what you are asking is whether the Leapers scope will fit the Gamo rings that came with the Shadow Combo. Is that right? If so I would have to guess no. The Gamo scope is a 32mm objective and I think the rings will be too low.

    Try these:


    Pyramyd AIR sells them.


  178. Hi BB.

    I get deer in my yard who try to eat my tomatoes (even though I have a net up). I have a shadow 1000 and I’ve considered shooting them but I don’t want to permanently injure them – maybe just sting them so they know to stay away. You have any thoughts on doing this? Again I don’t permanently want to injure them. Maybe I should use a .177 ball? Thanks so much.


  179. Oh and before a bunch of people make fun of me – I know I won’t be able to really damage a dear w/ a .177 but I wouldn’t want to lodge pellets under their pelts and cause an infection of some sort. Just want to infect some temporary but significant pain so they stay away.


  180. I am wondering if the leapers scope will fit the regular gamo sahdow…Not the 1000 combo…What type of rings will fit the leapers scope and the gamo shadow??

  181. which of these 2 guns would be the best in your opinion deciding by accuracy and power..diana rws 34 with no scope, or the cfx combo with a bsa 4×32 scope, or another gunthat you like.. I would get either of these guns in .22 cal .. I might could get a cheap scope for the rws. thx

  182. Hi BB, this is again outa topic. I linked you to a vid that showed a reversed pellet in slow motion shot thru an airgun before…. ANyway, i asked them to show the impact event of a JST Predator (red tip) in gellatin. It’s amznig to see the entry damage expansion of the mocked tissue, but im surprised that the tip DIDNT separate and the pellet DIDNT open up and expand like a hollow point. I’d like to hear your thougths on that. htnx

    see vid at:
    http://www.kurzzeit.com/ , choose english >> example >> video, it’s the 2nd video down.

    or direct download here:

  183. bb, i tried the links, they worked. follow the first’s direction or just copy and paste the second, it’ll aske you to download a zip file, then you have to unzip it, play it using windows picture/fax view, or any progm that plays gif images. it’s not really a vid, a fast slide show of pics. If you can’t then that’s too bad, the vid shows very large shock opening when the pellet enters. anyway, good luck

  184. Hi guys..im an english fella and have just bought my 1st ever gun. It’s the shadowmatic. What are your views/experience with this multi-shooter please?. Is it as good fun as the Shadow 1000?

    I’ll be grateful for any responses.

    English boy

  185. English boy,

    Glad to hear from you. I haven’t tested a Shadow-Matic, but it should operate like all Gamo repeaters.

    The rifle is a good one and as long as the pellets feed well, you should be okay with the repeating mechanism.

    If you want to shoot other types of pellets you can always load singly at the breech.


  186. Hi again B.B.
    Thanks for the prompt response. It’s been and continues to be a pleasure reading all these responses. Out of all the forums i’ve read this is the most informative thread …so many thanks both to you B.B. for your considerable authority on the subject ….and to all on here…i’ve picked up some good vibes about the Gamo’s so as a belated beginner at 39yrs i feel like a big kid again. Can’t wait for the gun to arrive now…

    Cheers folks
    English boy

  187. hey BB, my shadow has a simmons scope on it 4-12×40 AO…

    when i change the power of magnification, the range becomes off eventhough there are clear range markings/numbers on the front lens. recap: it can predict decent range, but as soon as i change the power, the scope becomes out of focus and i’d have to readjust objective lens. any hope/idea? thnx

  188. Simmons,

    I know what the problem is, but there is nothing that can be done about it. Some scopes have the power adjustment lens in a location that it changes parallax when turned. It throws the range off with every power change, like yours.

    Most scopes don’t do this anymore, but with the ones that do you have to set the rangefinding with one power and always use that. The maximum power is the best to use because it gives the best resolution at longer distances.


  189. I appreciate all the info, have had Beeman and RWS in the past, considering a Gamo.

    Dizzy from reading and forgetful, curious what performance differences there is in the 1000 and the Hunter Sport and the 890S?

    Also please compare the Big Cat.

    And will the 3-9X40 scope on the HS stay in place and be a good scope? Lots of buzz about bad scope stops.

    Finally, are the Leaper mini scopes such as the 6X40 Mini made for airguns, and will they fit the mounts that come on a Gamo? THANKS GARY

  190. Gary hootowl,

    Okay, to answer this question will take about a week’s worth of blogs! I shall therefore be brief.

    The 890 is Gamo’s older style gun, while the Shadow was the next generation. Then came the CF-X two years ago and now we have the Big Cat. I would assume that as the technology improved, Gamo updated the insides of the older models as well. Guns in the Big Cat line are the ones that contain a lot of plastic.

    Gamos that have a scope stop plate will stop a scope from moving. Guns that come with a recoil stop block SHOULD also work, but sometimes that stoip block isn’t anchored to anything, so I won’t say it is 100 percent reliable.

    As for the Leapers compacy scopes, that I will blog.


  191. Hey BB,

    I just got my shadow 1000 and I took it camping w/ a bunch of my friends. All of us are new but we were able to hit a 1.5 liter soda bottle from 60-70 yards all day and two of us were able to hit a bottle cap from 25 yards. This is all with open sites. Any way I like the gun but I haven’t found anything in the manual that talks about gun maintenance. Do you know where I can get the info on how to maintain/oil the gun? Thanks BB.


  192. Max,

    The best thing you can do is nothing but keep the outside of the gun clean and dry. There is really no maintenance required for these guns.

    Maybe after a year of shooting you can drop one drop of chamber oil down the transfer port but that’s about it. There is no need to clean the bore unless the rifle loses accuracy.


  193. Thanks BB.

    I was gonna ask you where the chamber port is but i’ll wait tonight and look at the manual (hopefully its in there). If not I’ll write back and ask.

    Do most people use open sites or use a scope? I think I prefer the challenge of open sites but I was wondering if the scope (assuming its sighted correctly) makes people more accurate. Thoughts?

    Take care,


  194. Max,

    I asnswered you yesterday, but the message doesn’t seem to have gotten posted.

    The transfer port is the hole in the spring tube that you can see when the barrel is broken open. It’s where the compressed air comes from when you take the shot.

    Look at the spot behind the barrel when it’s broken open.


  195. Ok, Thanks BB regarding the transfer port.

    So now I have another question. My little brother is begging me to let him put a laser pointer on the shadow. Correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t this prevent me from using the open sites?

    If you can put a laser pointer on and also use the open sites which laser pointer would you recommend. Thanks in advance.


  196. hey bb pelletier

    im currently on vacation right now but my gamo shadow 1000 delivered today to a friends house. i was just wondering how it compares to the beeman sportsman 1000? i got my gamo for $190 total online w/ standard scope versus the beeman which is $150 w/scope. the beeman wouldnt shoot straight so i returned it. i was wondering how accurate the gamo usually is? im using gamo match, hunter, and magnum pellets. thanks a lot.

  197. hey pelletier

    this is the guy who ordered the shadow while on a vacation a few days ago. anyways ive tested out the pellets and ive been able to hit crows from around 150 feet away with gamo hunter pellets. however, i was wondering if these pellets are strong enough becaue although the crow dropped i do not think it died (it was too far away to see). also, i hit a pigeon but then it flew away. do you have to hit the vitals to ensure a kill, or am i using weak pellets? ive been aiming at center mass most of hte time. thanks

  198. BB,

    im about to purchase a high power air rifle, but i cannot decide between the Gamo Shadow Sport and the Gamo CFX. if you can, can you please give me the pros and cons between the two? ive been hunting large and small game for over 10 years with my dad and uncles. i just want an air rifle than i can use for plinking and hunting. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks


  199. Ken,

    The Gamo Shadow is lighter and handier than the CF-X, but it isn’t quite as accurate. It’s also more difficult to shoot accurately, because you must use a special holding technique.

    The CF-X is just as powerful as the Shadow and more accurate. But it’s much harder to load because of the roitating breech.

    CF-X = accuracy. Shadow = convenience.


  200. Hi…i have a shadow 1000 gun and i like it very much…i wonder if we can use metal bb’s as ammunition for the shadow 1000. as lots of other single shot pellet gun you can use metal BB’s.

  201. hi b.b. my name is glenn

    im new at this kind of air gun but i just bought a gamo big cat 1200 combo is that a good gun?and what kinda pellets shuld i shoot out of it for rabbit and squirls

    srry if anything is misspelled

  202. and another question i just thought of and you might have awensewred this befor before i bought this gun i was trying to make up my mind of gamo big cat 1200 and a crossman something big cat says 1000fps with lead pelets and 1200 with pba the crossman says maximum 1000fps but dosent say anything with pba and sales guy said pba wouldent rais fps in the crossman cause it said max 1000fps

    sorry so long

  203. Glenn,

    The Crosman will speed up with the PBA pellets just as well as the Gamo. The Raptor PBA pellets are very light, which is why they go faster. They are also not very accurate.

    You want to slow your Big Cat down to 900 f.p.s. or slower to get good accuracy. Try Gamo Hunter pellets, Crosman Premier 7.9-grain, and JSB exact in the 8-grain range. The Crosman Premier hollowpoint might be a great pellet to try.


  204. Hi…i wonder if this break barrel thing can be broken after a while…because as my old beeman from wal-mart…i have made alot of shot and use the break barrel multiple times and it later became loose and can barely close it back up. i wonder if this shadow 1000 can cause it to have a loose break barrel?

  205. and some times i cant get a groop better than 3inches got any advice im shooting at 30yards and i got it sighted at 30-31 is that good enough groop to shoot a squirl at?if so im not even gona mess with it.

  206. Glenn,

    3-inch groups at 30 yards is not good enough to hunt squirrels. You should be shooting one-inch groups or better.

    Are you using the artillery hold? It sounds like you are either grasping the stopck with your fingers or resting it on something other than your hand.


  207. awwww man my dad sighted it in for me and he layed it on a box the whole time well ill tell my dad and thanks for the info i hope i can get 1″ groups at 30 yards that would be awesome im useing 3x9x32 scope.

    thanks again

  208. omg i hate my scope is their any way i can put open sights on my gun it has a scope mount on the back and just a stablizer on the frount please any ideas you have please let me know thanks.

  209. The barrel on my Gamo 100 is loose from the reciever causing the scope to be innacurate. Is anyone elses loose or is that just my gun, if it is, tell me what you do to make the scope accurate

  210. Is the base block (the part the barrel is pressed into) wobbling from side to side between the action forks?

    If that’s the case, you need to tighten the pivot bolt (the bolt that the barrel pivots on when you cock the gun.


  211. I have been looking at some of the dual barrel guns such as the SS1000T, and was woundering about the accuracy when switching between the .177 and .22? My plan is to use the gun for hunting squirrels. Any comments?

  212. Does anyone know where I can get a shadow 1000 mainspring. I’ve put well over 20,000 rounds through mine and it’s pretty much worn out. Rifle only shoots about 700fps now and cocking effort is like 10 lbs.

  213. Does anyone know where I can get a shadow 1000 mainspring? I’ve put over 20,000 rounds through mine and it’s pretty much worn out. It only shoots about 700 fps now and the cocking weight is like 10 lbs.

  214. Quoting Anonymous At August 05, 2007 8:36 AM …

    “Hi…i wonder if this break barrel thing can be broken after a while…because as my old Beeman from wal-mart…i have made alot of shot and use the break barrel multiple times and it later became loose and can barely close it back up. i wonder if this shadow 1000 can cause it to have a loose break barrel?”

    “At August 05, 2007 10:28 AM, B.B. Pelletier said…

    If a breakbarrel becomes loose like you describe, tighten it.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    BB; If it’s like my cheap Beeman FH500, there is no good way to tighten the pivot ‘bolt’ since it is not threaded.

    Instead, the unthreaded “nut” is pressed on and swaged tight (‘pinned’) to the bolt.

    Once the pivot loosens, which took less than a tin of pellets in my case, you’d have to again use a press to squeeze the “nut” to the proper tightness on the ‘bolt’.

    Once you’re satisfied that there is no more play, use a punch to deform the end of the bolt to prevent the ‘nut’ from loosening.

    I could email a photo if it would clarify things – give me an address.

  215. Breaqkbarrel,

    These guns are good for hundreds of thousands of shots before they wear out the breakbarrel joint, so I don’t think that has happened to you. Something may have broken, though. You will just have to look or have the gun repaired by an airgunsmith.


  216. Hello

    B.B. Thankyou for your time spent on questions, but me and my neighbour next door dont get along.
    Is the Gamo Shadow 1000 so loud that she would be able to hear it in her house (the houses are terraced) and if so could you recommend a quieter gun similar to this one ?


  217. Tom,

    The Shadow 1000 is probably a little loud for you. No similar gun will be any quieter.

    I could recommend a Talon SS with an Airhog frame extension. You could shoot that in her house and she probably wouldn’t hear it!


  218. B.B.

    Thankyou for responding so quickly i need to ask another question, Does this gun exceed 12ft.lbs muzzle energy as that is the most powerful gun you can have in England without a fire arms certificate ?



  219. B.B.

    Thankyou for your support

    This annoying blog keeps not leaving my comment.

    I think i may get a totally diffrent air rifle.

    The Talon SS is out of my budget.

    So I decided to get a BSA Lightning XL

    I aint decided yet but i need to ask you one more question before.

    Performance wise which is better out of the BSA Lightning and the GAMO Shadow 1000



  220. I just got my first adult gun, the Shadow 1000 combo with the BSA 4X32 scope.
    My question concerns mounting. In order to get the scope in full view I have to move the rings as far to the rear as possible and also move the scope back. Even at this position I have to move my head forward to an uncomfortable position.
    The gun came with a scope stop which is a flat piece that clamps on the barrel with a plastic cushion on the front. As there is no place to put in the the rear of the rear ring I put it in back of the front ring. Is this correct?
    What of the stop holes? Should my gun have them? Am I mounting it correct.
    I did go through the scope mount article but am still unsure.

  221. Jeff,

    The eye relief of your scope is causing you the problem. You can use the front scope ring if you like, but where is the mechanical stop for the scope stop?

    In other words, where are you anchoring the scope stop? It may slide along the scope rails if there is no mechanical stop. The scope stop needs a vertical hole into which it can fit its stop pin.

    But don’t worry about that for now. Just get the scope mounted and tightened down, and install the stop with a friction fit. Then see if you can sight in.

    There is a scope with a MUCH longer eye relief than the one that came with your rifle. It’s the UTG Tactedge 4X40 sniper scope and it has five inches of eye relief. But if you don’t want to buy another scope right now, try and see if this one can be made to work for you.

    From what you said it sounds like you are doing everything right, and you understand what you are doing.


  222. Thanks B.B. There are no holes drilled in my gun for a positive stop.The scope ring is all the way to the rear, if it were any further back the rear ring would not grab.
    I’ll try and work with it, if not then I’ll try some other scopes. A friend has the same gun so I will check his out.
    I did read where someone else didn’t have the holes drilled. Could this be a consequence of buying the Combo which come with the BSA scope, knowing the scope stop could not fit rearward of the rear ring?

    Finally the stock is kind of hollow sounding and “feel”. Has anyone ever filled it with foam? I am thinking of a closed cell expandable foam like around windows, the spray can stuff. Should deaden the stock while not contributing to any excess weight. Any ideas on that?

  223. Just a FYI. I left the scope sighting article at work. Had my first chance to use the gun yesterday since I got it. So I put up a target at about 30′.
    Started shooting, within about 19 to 12 shots and adjusting the scope each time I was able to get it zeroed in pretty quickly. Shot another 10 pellets until the cold drove me inside. I was able to get a pretty good grouping close enough to take out a rat.
    I am very impressed with the gun. I am having trouble holding the gun behind the groove so I am just holding it comfortable. The scope doesn’t seem to move, yet.
    The only problem I have with the trigger is the long pull and not knowing when it will shoot, so a little jerk comes in.
    Can this be corrected with a trigger modification, or just keep shooting? Thanks

  224. I bought a Daisy 880S that came with the 4X15 scope that shoots BB and .177 pellets. (Walmat $35.00 on sale) Ya, I know, what did I expect for this kind of money. Well the gun was such a great looking piece and looks just like my old winchester 94. I couldn’t resist it. I usually pump it 10 times (suggested max) and the gun is fairly accurate. I like the gun, but for squirrels it seems to be a little under powered. (750fps) If i hit them in the butt they just jump up and flip me a paw and away they go. I would like to go with something more powerful and I would like to know what you would suggest that would also be quiet. In other words, powerful but quiet. I don’t want the neighbors calling 911. I live on 2 acres, but sound does travel in my area. The Daisy is about as noisy as I want, but i could go a little louder if need be. The Gamo Shadow and the CF-X sound great, but are they somewhat loud? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Rocky.

  225. Rocky,

    Stop shooting squirrels in the butt. Your gun is powerful enough to penetrate a squirrel about an inch, so what you are doing is killing them slowly with a painful wound from which they cannot recover.

    Your 880 is a pneumatic – one of the noisiest airgun powerplants made. A spring gun will be much quieter. Either rifle you mention will have twice the energy of an 880 and neither is as loud. Just make sure to use it responsibly.


  226. B.B.
    Thanks for the info. Actually I’m not aiming for their deriare. It’s just the scope is very difficult to maintain accuracy.
    Or maybe I’m just a bad shot.
    I do want something that does the job quickly without suffering. Walmart has the Shadow and its $149.99. I have not seen the CF-X anywhere in my area.
    However, you mentioned they are the same gun.
    BTW, I also ran across a Walther pistol with a silencer.
    Is this silencer actually effective and does this gun have any real power?
    Thanks once again.


  227. Rocky,

    The CF-X is an underlever spring gun, while the Shadow is a breakbarrel. It’s also a springer, but not the same as the CF-X.

    The Walther pistol with the silencer is for plinking, only. It has no real power. Also the silencer is fake, but if you tape up the outside, it does work.


  228. B.B.
    Sorry to be so full of questions, but I would like your impression of the Crosman 1077 CO2 powered rifle and is it fairly quiet.
    PS. I would also like to know why letters that we must enter in the image column are written so poorly that it is difficult to decipher them at times as they are jammed together and practically wrapped around each other. I have tried to post this question numerous times because of this.

  229. Rocky,

    I like the 1077 very much as a plinking gun, but not for hunting. You might want to read my report on it:


    The letters are hard to read so computers cannot decipher them. The problem is automatic spam programs use high-traffic blogs like this one to steer traffic to their websites. This is a security measure Blogger software puts on to prevent that.


  230. After reading many comments and checking all the different guns on the various websites (including Pyramyd air which is the best) I’m now more confused then ever.

    Maybe I should just try to work with my Daisy 880 and see if I can improve either my ability to shoot or take off the scope and practice with the open sites.

    There are a lot of nice guns out there and in all price ranges. Getting the right one can be a challenge and costly if you have to keep trying.

    If I could just find one that has the power for hunting, is whisper quiet, not to heavy, looks good, and doesn’t cost a fortune then my search would be over.

    Thanks B.B. for all you input.


  231. Rocky,

    You are now overwhelmed by the choices.

    My advice is this:

    Look hard at the Gamo Whisper and the RWS Diana 34 Panther. I know money is an issue, but the 34 Panther is worth the stretch. So is the Whisper, but the Panther is just as accurate and just as powerful.


  232. Hello, I was looking to buy an airgun and am stuck between the gamo shadow1000 and gamo cfx or even the hunter 220. I plan on using my rifle for target shooting and pest controll at up to 60 yards. I hear that the cfx is more accurate however they are both rated an one-fifth inch groups at 30 yards. With whatever gun I buy I was planning on mounting a leapers 3-9×40 scope… Good choice? Please let me know which gun would be best for my uses. Is the cfx worth the extra money, I say some reviews about the poor quality of its rear sights. Lastly should I get a one piece scope mount, or I was thinking about open scope rings so I can also use the sights. Thanks

  233. I would go with the CF-X in .177 caliber. It will be easiest to shoot accurately.

    The scope you’ve chosen sounds fine. I generally like two-piece rings over one-piece because they are more flexible in where the scope can be mounted.

    I don’t think you will use the open sights with the scope mounted. In fact, the only reason scope mounts are open like that is that’s how the extrusion they are cut from is made. Someone just invented the fiction of using the open sights to explain the hole in the mounts.


  234. thank you you have been a great help so far. One last question and I will be done bothering you. Do you have results from accuracy tests you performed on both the gamo shadow 1000 and the gamo whisper. If so what were the results and which gun is more accurate

  235. Thomas,

    The Gamo Whisper was quite a bit more accurate than the Shadow I tested, but I tested the Shadow in 2003. I think Gamo has made overall improvements to their barrels in the past few years.

    The Shadow grouped about 1/4″ at 10 yards. The Whisper did about 3/8″ at 25 yards, which is much better.


  236. hi bb you have been such a help in the past that I decided to ask you again. For medium range target shooting and small game which is better both accuracy and power wise, the shadow 1000 or the crosman quest 1000?

  237. Shadow vs Quest,

    The Shadow is made in Spain and the Quest is made in China. Usually a Spanish rifle will be smoother than a Chinese rifle, though there are exceptions.

    Both rifles start out with bad triggers that can be improved by the installation of a GRT III trigger. Both rifles will improve with a tuneup.

    I would say that the Shadow will be easier to shoot accurately at first, but the Quest can be tuned to be just as accurate.


  238. just wondering what type of warranty do gamo rifles carry I see different things different places? Which rifle ismore accurate at longer ranges the whisper or cfx? Have you had any problems with the cfx’s sights? Is gamp even the best spot for me to look for an accurate economic rifle? You have been a great help sorry for asking so many questions.

  239. Gamo changed its warranty policy last year, which may be the cause of your confusion. They used to offer a limited lifetime warranty, but last year they changed it to a one-year limited warranty.

    If you think about that, it’s pretty funny, because they no longer honor the “lifetime” warranty they offered for so many years. So, retroactively, it wasn’t a lifetime warranty at all. Unless they meant the lifetime of their policy, which is now changed.

    When I tested the CF-X it was scoped, so I didn’t use the sights. They do appear to be very usable though.

    When you buy Gamo you are buying at the bottom end of adult air rifles. Their guns are built to a price, and they have improved the general quality over the years. Today their rifles provide a lot of value for very little money.

    For the little money Gamos cost, it’s difficult to get anything better. The RWS Diana 34 Panther is just as accurate as the Whisper and CF-X, and perhaps built a little better. Mendoza rifles are made much stouter, but they don’t have the accuracy of the Gamos.

    You are only looking at spring-piston airguns that are, by their nature, the most difficult air rifles to shoot accurately. In other words, the accuracy is there, but you have to use the correct techniques to extract it from a springer. Consider that when you buy a gun.

    Long-range accuracy with a spring gun depends more on the shooter than the gun. Until a shooter learns the proper shooting technique and follow-through, it’s impossible to make accuracy comparisons between models. For an expert marksman, however, the Whisper seems to have the edge on the CF-X. It’s as accurate as the RWS Diana 34 Panther.


  240. Go to this address:


    Click on the word Blog in the blue tab near the top of the page. That will always take you to the most recent blog.

    When you get to the most current blog, scroll down to the bottom of that blog (not to the bottom of the whole page, just the most current blog) and click on the word Comments, which takes you to all the comments for that blog. Just scroll to the bottom of the list and post your comment.


  241. Weaverfish,

    My wife, who used to edit the website for a sporting good retailer, tells me WR stands for “with rings”. So, no mounts to buy.

    Yes, I think you will be able to handle a Shadow 1000.

    Happy birthday!


  242. B.B,

    I am a barely trained shooter. Have worked with crosman Pumpmaster for a long time. Now i am soon to buy a Gamo Shadow Sport. Can u tell me the difference of the Shadow Sport with de Shadow 1000, pros, cons etc?


  243. There are only cosmetic differences between ther Shadow Sport and the Shadow 1000 that is no longer made. The Shadow Sport has a plastic barrel shroud, where the Shadow 1000 did not. But the powerplant is the same.


  244. hi BB

    i am not sure whether you read this or not,cuz i know a lot of time past since you posted this blog.but i wanted to use your experience here.i would be really glad to hear from you.
    i am almost new to airguns and want to buy a good one.
    i am stuck between choosing gamo shadow 1000 and diana 36 .
    i want it to be powerful enough for hunting small (or maybe medium) games.
    which one will you recommend ?
    and also ,is shadow 1000 decent for hunting small games ?

  245. A Gamo Shadow 1000 is fine for hunting small game of rabbit and squirrel size. The Diana 36 would have about the same power as the Shadow, but it has a nicer trigger. The shadow will wear in after several thousand shots and everything like the trigger will become smoother.


  246. wow that was fast.
    thanks a million BB.in my country there is about 100 dollars difference between their prices(shadow is 170$ and diana 36 is 280 $).
    so i guess it would be much better for me to get shdaow 1000.

  247. I may be purchasing a Gamo Cadet Delta for my girlfriend off of a friend of mine for around $20 and was wondering if i could find a replacement mainspring or some kind of tune kit for it. It is very used and has been left cocked for long periods at a time and seems it has lost power. It still shoots very accurate and I like how it feels and how easy it is to cock, just wondering where i could find replacement parts for it or if I can get some kind of upgrade kit.


  248. Marshall,

    I don't suppose you own a chronograph to test the gun, do you? A gun can be left cocked for a month and only lose 5 percent of its power.

    The Delta is a low-powered gun to begin with. It shoots in the mid to high 400 f.p.s. range. Such a velocity will leave a deep dent in a fresh pine board.


  249. Marshall

    "Feels good. Very accurate. Easy to cock."

    Sounds like you found the perfect rifle for your girlfriend. Women often lack the leverage due to smaller size, not the physical strength to cock rifles. Shine it up as best you can. She will love it.

    If she doesn't appreciate it, keep the rifle and get another girlfriend.

  250. Marshall, the spring in the Delta, when cocked, has a total compressed length of a little over 4" for a spring that's a little over 9" long. The standard Gamo powerplant (of a few years ago) had a spring (same wire, same diameter) that was compressed about 6" for a length of almost 11". So, as you can see, the Delta spring isn't stressed that badly when cocked and is less likely to take a bad set.

    But if you need a replacement, the Crosman Quest 500X spring is virtually identical, part # is C5M77-010 and it should be about $5 if it's still available.

    JGairguns.biz also sells a replacement spring for about $34:


  251. Hey I've got a problem my tru-glo reticule fell off and I can't find it! It's the front red one and the barrel extension comes off but don't know where to buy a replacement for it!

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