By B.B. Pelletier

If you want to get into adult airgunning, the Gamo Shadow 1000 combo is an affordable entry.

Great power in a lightweight package
Of all Gamo’s line, the Shadow 1000 is unique because of its light weight and easy cocking, yet powerful punch! Most Gamo rifles shoot a light .177 pellet at around 1,000 f.p.s., but this one does it in a package that’s nearly the same size and weight as Beeman’s little R7! That’s packing a lot into a very small package.

The Gamo 1000 has a very grippy synthetic stock that is a trifle short compared to the average adult spring rifle. That means this rifle fits a much wider range of adults. Cocking effort is under 30 lbs., which is reasonable for the power.

Tru-Glo sights are standard
You don’t HAVE to scope a Gamo 1,000. It comes with great open sights. But the combo package includes the scope and mounts for less than $30 extra, and that’s well worth it. The scope is a BSA 4x32mm, which will be very bright. Since the Gamo 1000 has a scope stop built in, there is nothing more to buy than pellets.

Accuracy secrets
To get your 1000 shooting its best, REST the forearm on the open palm of your hand at the balance point. If you move forward to rest the cocking slot on your palm, my experience shows the gun will shoot all over the place. Don’t hold the gun tightly anywhere, including the butt against your shoulder. Let the rifle kick freely, and you’ll be rewarded with tight groups.

Never rest a spring gun directly on sandbags, cushions or any other material. They want to ride lightly on your open hand. And, NEVER grab the stock like a firearm or you will throw away all the accuracy the gun has. This is how top shooters hold their guns!

Gamos respond best to LOTS of shooting
Gamos are unique – they come right out of the box ready to go in many respects. I’ve never seen a prolonged break-in improve accuracy or velocity with one. However, the trigger needs LOTS of shots to smooth out. It’s a lot like the old German BSF rifles that started out with horrible triggers and, after 4,000 shots, had smoothed out considerably. Veteran Gamo owners will tell you that the creepy trigger becomes sweeter with every shot you fire.

The trigger adjustments don’t seem to change much when the gun is new. But after a few thousand shots, you can get the trigger adjusted to a good release. It will never rival a Rekord trigger, but it will be better than when brand new.

Which pellets to use?
Usually, I like Gamo pellets, but the Gamo rifles are too powerful for their Match wadcutters at anything beyond 15 yards. I would try Crosman Premiers in the 7.9-grain weight or JSB Exacts. I would expect the JSBs to be the best, but only if your shooting technique is very good.

The Gamo 1000 is perhaps the best buy in the entire Gamo line, and this combo makes it that much better. If you’ve wanted to step up to adult airguns, this package makes it easy. Let’s hear what veteran Gamo owners have to say!