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What’s it worth?

By B.B. Pelletier

The most-asked question at Pyramyd AIR is, “What is my airgun worth?” We all want to know what our stuff is worth, and for airguns, finding the answer is as easy as looking in a book!

Blue Book of Airguns, Fourth Edition

THE authority on the value of airguns!
You can’t just look in ANY book, of course – it has to be the Blue Book of Airguns. It’s THE ONLY authoritative price guide for new and used airguns available anywhere. Other price guides have been published over the years but they were either too narrow in scope or were created for the specific purpose of deceiving someone. Some of them valued guns extra-low so their publishers could continue to buy them at great prices, while at least one guide over-valued airguns so the author could sell his collection at a great price!

The American B.B Gun

The American B.B gun
The one book that did have reasonable prices when it was published was The American B.B Gun by Arni T. Dunathan. But it was only published one time, then republished decades later without attempts to update prices. As a result, nothing in that book has been reliable, price-wise, since the middle 1970s. Also, this book only covers BB guns, leaving pellet guns high and dry.

The Blue Book has been published annually since its inception, and each edition gets progressively better. The fifth edition is due out in a short time and will be the most comprehensive book published to date.

Don’t trust internet prices!
Some gun dealers and internet sellers haven’t got a clue what they’re selling. I see “Benjamin Franklin” airguns for sale all the time (no such airgun ever existed!). Their owners don’t know they have common Benjamin airguns, worth very little because all the black nickel and silver nickel underneath has been rubbed off. So they ask $250 for a “Benjamin Franklin” 130 whose brass has been shined up like a trumpet. Such a gun would be worth $50 if it held air – and most don’t.

Beware of antique shops and gun shows!
These are the places where you find a Daisy Red Ryder from 1995 in beat-up condition selling for $90, when it is really worth $10. Or, you might find a “real Winchester” model 423 (Diana model 23) for $350, like I once did. Gun-show buyers are often not too savvy about airguns, and they’ve heard stories about Daisys worth $10,000, so a beat-up Number 25 pump with engraving (1936 model) that should sell for $40 becomes “rare” and valued at $325. It happens!

The last word
And just because a gun is “worth” such-and-such in the Blue Book doesn’t make it so! If the seller has a price of $1,000 on a Quackenbush model 5 because he found that number in the Blue Book, it’s your job to inform him that without the floating firing pin and in the 20-percent condition his gun is in, it’s really just a $500 gun to you. Then, the two of you begin the famous tarantula dance of two guys in a hot deal, and both will survive to tell the world how they overcame the other guy!

The Blue Book of Airguns belongs in your library!

405 thoughts on “What’s it worth?”

  1. I just baught a Benjamin and Franklin BB Gun and it it stamped right on it “Benjamin and Franklin” and it does hold air. Its a 22 calibre BB pistol with wood gripps.

  2. Yes sir, it does have “Benjamin Franklin” stamped on the left side of the receiver tube, but that is just a play on the name of the company – the Benjamin Air Rifle Company, which you’l find stamped on the end cap behind the bolt.

    There has never been a Benjamin Frankin model. Many older Benjamin guns have that name stamped on the side. The fact that the name is in quotes indicates that it’s not meant seriously.


    • Well, just about everything you said there was wrong. Benjamin Air was originally called Benjamin Franklin which is why it’s prominently stamped on many rifles they produced. The 312 is a classic example of a nice mid-range multi-pump that produced up until the 1970s. Like anything of age, condition and rarity will determine what the item might be worth. I’d be happy to take virtually any 312 in for a rebuild since the parts are still available and the rifles were always very popular. I wouldn’t suggest buying one as an investment, but buying one to restore and enjoy seems like a perfect idea.

      I realize that this blog was written 13 years ago, but maybe someone will stumble across this reply and bring one of these golden oldies back to life.

      • jmpdgs,

        Welcome to the blog.

        The Benjamin Air Rifle Company was never called Benjamin Franklin. That was a play on the company name they they used for a few years. It was in quotes on the left side of the receiver tube so people would know it wasn’t real.

        A 312 is a very nice multi-pump with a tootsie roll pump handle until the end of the run (1940-1969).


      • I stand corrected. My info came from a call and apparently the employee I spoke with was under the same impression as I. The “Benjamin Franklin” engraving was and meant as an omage to the man himself who was said to be an officianto of air guns.

        The last “Benjamin Franklin” was stamped shortly before the company acquired Sheridan Products in Racine, Wisconsin.

        Just goes to show you, you can’t believe everything you hear (or read on the Interwebs)

        Well that makes two times I’ve been wrong… :/

  3. ANyone know anything at all about a Crosman 380 Rocket-Sea Spear gun? I’ve had and used one for years and only know they were made from 59-61. I have no manual and can find little other info.

  4. This is a little misleading. The guns were indeed originally marketed as Benjamin Franklin air guns. Later, the company changed its name to Benjamin, and the guns were marketed as Benjamins. But yes, you do often see polished guns represented as antiques.

    • I own a “benjamin franklin”340 its in rough shape works and looks difforent it has smooth grips and is single loader does anyone know the price brandnew or/and restored its dented has major jams missing paint needs new wood if anyone wants to buy throw an offer (20) and over

  5. Michael,

    The guns were never sold as Benjamin Franklin. That is just a play on the name Benjamin, an abbreviation of The Benjaimin Air Rifle Company, which was formed in St. Louis at the turn of the 20th century. The phrase “Benjamin Franklin” on the left side of the older guns is in quotation marks so people will know it is not real.


  6. I just found a “Benjamin Franklin” air rifle in a storage unit. It is in excellent condition, and it holds air as well! Can you give me an idea of its worth?

    Thank You, KW

      • Mitch,

        Welcome to the blog.

        You can buy The Blue Book of Airguns from Pyramyd AIR to find out about older collectable airguns.


        My Blue Book says the 312 was made from 1940 through 1969. This man can reseal it:


        • I contacted Rick back around 2011 and sent him my Dad’s 312 rifle and 132 pistol. I had him take them apart, put in new seals, and lubricate. I just started using both a year ago and they’re great! I recently saw the 132 listed on Ebay for over $300 in the original box. (It never sold) Rick did excellent work, was quick, and was reasonably priced. I think I got his name from Crosman when i called them directly. They also sent me literature stating they didn’t recommend fixing the 312 because it had a defect; that it was known to go off, if dropped. They offered me a deal on the 342 which I declined for sentimental reasons.

          • dchoy,

            Welcome to the blog.

            The way the 312’s trigger works, when it wears from use it can start slipping off and firing. That was Crosman’s worry. But it can function for a long time before that happens. Just be aware that the problem exists.


            • Thanks for the info. I remember asking Crosman about how to mount a scope, and they said it wasn’t made for one. I ended up finding a way to do it, but wonder do most people shoot a rifle without one?

  7. KW,

    I need to know the nodel number. It’s on the back of the receiver, behind the bolt.

    What you have is a Benjamin. The words “Benjamin Franklin” are just a play on the company name. That’s why they are in quotes.

    Also, please describe the condition more specifically. To be excellent, all the original black nickle need to be present. The silver nickle should not be showing, nor should any of the brass base metal show.


  8. Hi B.B.,

    Yes I did read all of the posts above and I was very suprised. That is why I put the name in quotations like you said to above, “Benjamin Franklin”. Ok it is a model 342 22 cal. It has NO stratches in the blue (black nickle), except for two places, one at the very end of the barrell near the trigger side and underneath where the air pump closes against the barrell. The rest of the barrell looks factory new! Not a scratch or worn spot. The stock has some very small scratches in it from normal wear, but they are not noticable and I think that they give the gun character and a collector would like them just like you would petina on an old collectible. other than those very small things the gun looks like it was new. I would rate it a B++ or mabye a low A rating. Thank You, KW

  9. KW,

    Okay, I can work with that. The 342 was made from 1969 to 1992, so it’s painted a dark phosphate gray, not nickeled black over silver. At least I think they were all painted. If yours is nickled, it is a very early one. Also, if it has the Tootsie Roll pump handle (round withj grooves) it’s an old one.

    I would rate the condition as 90 percent from what you say. It might be a little higher but probably no lower. Blue Book of Airguns says it’s worth $115. Add 15 percent for the Tootsie Roll pump handle; 10 percent for the box with instructions; 10 percent for a Williams peep sight; 10 percent for a 4x scope; and 20 percent for a two-piece cocking bolt.

    And remember, this price I give is just relative. The real price is whatever someone is willing to pay.

    How did you make out?


  10. Serial #T179452 Not a tootsie roll, but a two piece cocking bolt for sure. Also a Williams peep sight included, so I guess that it is worth about 147.00 to 150.00. Which is three times what I paid for the storage unit! so I say that I made out just fine!
    Thank You so much for your help!
    Have a great Christmas, KW

  11. i got a benjamin franklin .22 pellet gun it has the number on the tube below the bolt its number 312 it holds air no leaks at all and it has the benjamin franklin name on the left side of the bolt on the tube that holds the air what is it worth

  12. also the gun is identical to the one on the book at the bottom of the bluebook of airguns the blueing is worn off in some spots but the stock is in near to perfect condition please respond


  13. jason,

    Your rifle is a Benjamin model 312. The words “Benjamin Franklin” on the side are just a play on the company name.

    A working 312 in the condition you describe should be worth $60-75. That’s a little higher than the Blue Book allows, but I think they are low on this model.


  14. I just found my Benjamin Model 342 .22 cal pellet rifle while moving. It doesn’t seem to be holding air and I was wondering if this is something that can be fixed or repaired or is it forever dead? Any help you can give me would be great…links to kits (if they are around), cost of repair, etc. Thank you in advance!

  15. Benjamin 392,

    First, there IS something you can try before going further. Get some Crosman Pellgunoil (or Gamo gun oil or Daisy gun oil) at Wal-Mart and drop a few drops on the pump head. To see that, open the swinging pump lever as far as it will go with the rifle laying upside down. Looking through the pump linkage slot, you will just barely see the dark pump head when the lever is all the way forward. Drop several drops of oil on that part and work the pump several times. Somethimes all the seals need is a little oil to reseal.

    If you have to get the gun fixed, try George Pena in Austin Texas. The cost will be $30-40 plus shipping. Contact George at heligun1@msn.com or 512-863-2951.

    After your gun is fixed don’t forget to leave one or two pumps in it at all times and you will never have to have it fixed again.



  16. BB I too have a B.F. 22cal pellet rifle. I got it in the early 70’s from an old man in his 70’s who had been bedridden since the mid 60’s & it was old when he gave it to me. Not sure of the model but the ser # is H49862, be interested to know what it’s worth, but it doesn’t really matter I have no intention of selling it. Problem is it no longer pumps up.Any suggestions on getting it working? I used to plink around with it 30 yrs ago, now my son wants to but can’t

  17. gmwincw,

    Your Benjamin air rifle can be resealed. The model number (or letter, if it is really old) is on the end cap at the rear of the action.

    Because you call it a Ben Franklin gun, I think yours was made in the 1930s to 1950s. That’s when Benjamin put that on the side of their guns as a joke (it’s in quotes).

    Contact George Pena about fixing your rifle.

    George is at heligun1@msn.com or 512-863-2951.


  18. Benjamin 340,

    Your Benjamin 340 was made from 1969 to 1986. It is a smoothbore, and was designed to shoot steel BBs, but you should also be able to shoot .177 lead pellets in it.

    Regarding BB sizes, all steel BBs are supposed to be the same size. Either Crosman or Daisy BBs will work in your gun.


  19. hi there,
    i was searching around for info on a benjamin air gun that shoots darts. mine too says “Benjamin Franklin” on the left side but the previous posts have clear that up for me. i was wonder where i could find the model number on it. i found only one number so far, 122. it is on a circular metal plat at the rear of the gun below the bolt. around the number it says “Benjamin Air Rifle Co. St. Louis, U.S. i think it must be pretty old because my grandpa used it for target practice when my dad was a kid.
    thanks for the help,


  20. Bill,

    You have a model 122, a front-pump pistol. The Benjamin 122 is a .22-caliber pellet-only pistol made from 1935 to 1941. I wasn’t brought back after the war.

    Because it has a rifled brass barrel, it was only meant to shoot lead pellets. Shooting brass or steel darts can ruin the soft rifling pretty quick.

    Your pistol originally had a thin coat of what we call “black nickel” over a silver nickel surface, on top of brass. The black wore off pretty fast, but the silver was tough and had to be removed intentionally.

    Your gun has a valve ranging from a low of $30 to a high of $155.


  21. so i got a benjamin mod 112 .22 cal and i was wondering what its worth in 60% condition? and im looking for parts anyone know of any place to look i need a trigger for it.

  22. i have a 340 model benjamin franklin air rifle and i would like to gather all the info on it.
    The year it was made and how much is it worth. and how much i can get for it. serial# is t312519. if yall have any info please let me know.

  23. I boughtr a winchester model 422 pellet rifle about 10 years ago at a swap meet. near mint condition. I just noticed that they have been reintroduced into the market at a Bass Pro shop in Las Vegas. Mine says made in Germany and small numbers on the barrell 10 71. What can you tell me about this gun, Thanks

  24. Winchester 422,

    Your gun was made by Dianawerke and is their model 22. Winchester sold them between 1969 and 1975. Dianas were also sold under many other names, but the Winchester name carries the most demand.

    In perfect condition a 422 is worth $65, according to the Blue Book of Airguns.


  25. B.B.—-Have an air pistol marked (R) Benjamin Franklin B208575 Made in U.S.A. on one side and CAL 22 MODEL 132 on the other. Tootise Roll pump handle and white & Gray mottled plistic grips marked marked Benjamin High Compression. In fairly good condition but has a broken trigger. Where can I find a new trigger..Thanks
    Larry Gleasman
    Grampa’s Gun Shop
    Madison, WI

  26. Larry,

    Your Benjamin (not Benjamin Franklin, that’s just a play on the company name) now exists as parts guns, only. Yours is a relatively late model, but the triggers should all the the same and there were a LOT of 130s, 132s and 137s made from 1946 to 1985. Also, triggers from some of the other models should fit.

    Check with John Groenewold, the leading supplier of vintage parts.


  27. I acquired a “BENJAMIN FRANKLIN” pump pistol but all i’ve read above is about .22 cal. There is noway mine is that big. On the round plate in back it has 110in the middle & the St Louis Blurb around it. Its not in great shape (a little brass on the sides, loose and missing screws & what appears to be a bent rear sight). Anyone recognize this?

  28. Your Benjamin 110 is a smoothbore BB gun. It was made to shoot BBs, but Benjamin made the bore large enough to also accept pellets and darts.

    Your gun has a transition pump mechanism that is extremely weak. That could explain the missing screws. At this point it’s a parts gun worth $30-40.


  29. I am working on restoring a model 122 and all has gone well except it wont hold air. What can I do to get it fixed? Do I have to ship it out, or is there something I can do at home?

    Thanks, Steve

  30. We have a Benjamin Air Rifle. It’s a Benjamin 700, 26 shot repeater. It belonged to my husbands grandfather. Do you have any information on this gun? Year it was made.

  31. Your Benjamin 700 was made in the 1930s and no later than 1939, according to the Blue Book of Airguns. It is a multi-pump pneumatic smoothbore that gets several shots per fill of air. It can shoot modern steel BBs.

    The value range is from $100 for one in 20 percent condition and working up to $225 for one that’s 100 percent. The finish was black nickel over silver nickel over brass.


  32. I have an older model Benjamin Franklin (S/N T157821) model 340. It no longer fires, I think compression is shot. Can you suggest repairman in Dallas, TX area? Any idea of age of gun? I received it about 30 years ago.
    Thanks for any/all help.

  33. I have an air rifle that says”Benjamin Franklin” on the left side of the receiver followed by made in usa . The only other information is on the right side of the receiver under the safety it says cock hammer to release safety . There is no coloring left on the metal. It is all brass. My grandfather gave it to me in the early 60s. He used it as a boy and he was born in 1892. Is ther any value to this other than sentimental?

  34. The book shown at the beginning of this posting has pictures of the early Benjamin guns. Because your gun has no model designation on the back of the receiver, it might very well be an early one.

    Is there a piece of angled metal at the rear o0f the receiver that seems to be part of the trigger?


  35. I have in my hands a “Benjamin Franklin” -Model 347 4.5mm (177cal)
    Serial #194378 made by Benjanin Air Rifle Co.and is in mint condition.
    Anyone know if it is worth keeping?

  36. Can send pics of “Benjamin Franklin” on rifle.
    Mine has a R with a circle around it and then “Benjamin Franklin” on one side and Benjanin Air Rifle Co. on the other.

  37. OOps!!Didn’t know I was interested in selling it.I was offering the pics as information that there is and are 347’s out here with
    “Benjamin Franklin” -Model 347 4.5mm (177cal)
    on one side of the barrel.
    Sorry to have given you that impression.
    Enjoy your day best regards.

  38. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    Yes, I know the gun says “Benjamin Franklin” in quotes on the left side of the receiver. The reason it’s in quote is because it is a play on the company name, Benjamin. What I was saying before is that there are no Benjamin Franklin airguns, just as there are no cars named Chevy.


  39. Thanks for the info.Guess mine isn’t all that special after all.
    Now I’ll try to research my “Havia” model 620 made in Czechoslovakia.
    Thanks again,

  40. I have a Benjamin Franklin air gun On the barrel butte is states Benjamin Air Rifle Co. St Louis USA model 117. It belong to a lady who is about 60 and she said it belong to her gandfather. It is very old and complete and still has power. Is it worth anything. Oh has a walnut handle.

  41. Brenda,

    The Benjamin (not Benjamin Franklin – that’s a joke played by the company) model 117 was made 1938 to 1941. It have a fr4agile pump mechanism that gets out of order easily.

    In perfect condition (an all-black gun in a box) it’s worth $175. In average condition (silver and brass showing, no box) it’s worth 130. In poor condition (all brass but still shooting) it’s worth $100.


  42. Just read all the blogs , I too have 312 series 22 cal. pellet gun . all I have been able to find out is the 312 series started in 1932 , My gun serial number is H15835 , 35000 before any recorded number have been placed. could any one tell me more about this gun then I aready know. it has been in my familly for 47-48 years.It is good working condition .
    thanks ,,,, saasman

  43. saasman,

    The Benjamin 312 was made from 1940 to 1969. There was a change that helps date the guns. The original finish was black nickle over silver nickle over brass.Some time in the late ’50s or early ’60s the finish changed to paint over brass.


  44. I had aquired a crosman model 112 from a friend of the family about ten years ago, and was wondering on how I would go about getting a 10 ounce refillable tank or anything else that I might need for it.

  45. Crosman 112,

    You don’t need a Crosman 10-ounce tank. You just need a paintball tank and an adaptor to adapt it to the threads in the fill port of your pistol. This site has the tanks you need, under ACCESSORIES> PAINTBALL ACCESSORIES

    I don’t have a source for these adaptors, but they are easy to make. Dennis Quackenbush makes the adaptor to connect a 20-pound (or any size) CO2 tank to a Crosman 10-ounce tank, so he MAY have an adaptor to connect a paintball tank to a gun. He’s at


    Don’t forget to put LOTS of pellgun oil in the fill port before you fill the gun. Chances are 50-50 that the seals still hold, but Pellgunoil will help.


  46. I have a Havia model 620 made in Czechoslovakia and I have no info on it. I can’t find any onfo on teh web at all about it, and it was my dads when he was a kid. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  47. George,

    I think you have a Slavia. It’s a common Czech brand. They were imported in the 1950s and ’60s. Pr5eceise Imports Corp. (PIC) was one importer.

    They are breakbarrel spring guns and the old ones probably have leather seals, so they should be oiled frequently to maintain power. Drop three drops of regular household oil down the transfer port, which is the hole in the receiver that you see when the barrel is broken open. Let the gun stand on its butt for 30 minutes before shooting.

    Your gun is probably worth around $50 if it’s in good condition. If it is rifled only use lead pellets – never steel BBs or darts.


  48. I took the recommendation of another poster and had my Benjamin Franklin Model 312 sent to George Pena in Texas. For a resonable price he completely repaired/replaced items on the gun and shipped it back to me in Indiana in short order. He far exceeded by expectations. Highly recommend him. George Pena in Georgetown, TX is the best. RJK

  49. Hi
    My Dad has a air gun, “BENJAMIN FRANKLIN” model 150. It has a blued steel look which is about 75% complete.
    Could you give me a little idea of this guns age and maybe a value

  50. Your father’s pistol is called a Benjamin, not a Benjamin Franklin. That’s just a joke using the company name. That’s why it is in quotes.

    Your father has a fairly valuable air pistol, as long as it still works and has some finish left. It was originally finished in black nickle over silver nickle over brass. If there is some black remaining and no brass showing, the gun is worth about $200. From your description, that sounds like what you have. If you still have the box and instruction sheet and the gun still works, it’s worth $300 or a little more.

    Never let a regular gunsmith look at this airgun, as one wrong move will destroy the value. Send it to a qualified repair shop.

    If there is no black and some brass showing, $150. If it’s all brass, it’s still a $100 pistol because of the relative rarity.

    Find it in the Blue Book of Airguns.


  51. I have A “Benjamin Franklin” Model 720 air rifle. Tootsie roll forearm and brass barrel. Serial # H195082. It appears 100% and holds air. What’s the value and should I polish the brass? I am sure it would liiok sharp if I did.Thank you all, Marc

  52. Marc,

    You have a Benjamin, not a Benjamin Franklin. The company put quotes around that play on their name so people would know it was just a joke.

    If you polish the brass you remove all collector value, unless there is zero finish now.


  53. Hello B.B.
    I have seen you quote current values for various Benjamin Air guns. I currently have a model 132, with about 80 – 85 % of it’s bluing left on the pistol, original box the three sheet instructions (including pellet ordering pamphlet). The sight looks good, and it has the tootsie roll pump handle. There are a few scratches on the trigger guard, and it is currently not holding air. I think the seal may be bad (I can hear air escaping when it is pumped)
    First question is, Is there a place I can get new seals for this gun?
    Secondly , is there some place in the Chicago Suburbs that you can recommend for repair if I am unable to accomplish the task on my own?
    And lastly, what would be the value of this pellet pisol, both in it’s current state and if and when I am able to get it to function properly?
    Thank you for sharing your expertise. Pirologists

  54. Pirologists,

    I don’t know any fixit styations in the Chicago area. There are only a few reliable ones in the nation, but there are plenty of hacks who’d love to learn by working on your airgun!

    A working 132 with the box and papers in the condition of your is worth $150-175.


  55. Hello B.B.

    I have a “BENJAMIN FRANKLIN” Model 177. It has all it’s finnish worn off but I think the brass barrel looks better. I have had this air gun since the late fifties and plan to keep it. Alas the gun needs work, the seal is shot and there are some screws missing. I want to thank you for taking the time to answer everyone’s questions. I plan to ship my gun to Mr. Pena in Austin. Thanks again. Del Madsen

  56. heya B.B.

    I dont know a thing about these guns, but found one in my gramps old things. Telling you everything I can just by looking at it, it says “Benjamin High Compression” with some sort of HC stamp on the handles. It says Benjamin Franklin on the side. ITs also says CAL 177 and Model 137. Its a little rusty, doesnt seem to be in to bad of shape. I dont think it holds air. Any idea how much it would be worth? Thanks.

  57. I have Benjamin model 347 .177 cal that was a Christmas gift about 13 or 14 years ago. The butt stock is cracked and I need another one. Does anyone know where I can get one?

  58. B.B.,
    I have what must be a model 177 Benjamin Franklin pistol. Silver in color except the grip band, which is a dull gray. Pump end cap has circular ridges, which must be what you are calling Tootsie Roll. Barrel is 7″ from breech to muzzle. I remember my father using it in the 50’s and I would shoot it on occasion. I have recently dragged it out of the attic. It no longer holds air. Even if I had some gun oil, I’m not sure where to put it. There is a tiny hole in the underside of the pump tube about 3/4″ from the muzzle. Would like to get it working again. Suggestions? Estimated value range?


  59. I have an old Benjamin Franklin pellet gun rifle #312 – .22 cal. pump action. The stock has a crack in it & I was wondering where I might be able to find a replacement. Please contact with any info. Thank you

  60. I have an air pistol that says “Benjamin Franklin” on side but does not have any other markings that I can find. Probably shoots .177 BB or pellets. Is there repair kit I can buy for this gun? Seal is worn out.

  61. Ken,

    You have a Benjamin air pistol. The words “Benjamin Franklin” are in quotes to connote a play on the company name.

    On the back of the gun there is a flat round cap with the model number in large numerals. If you will tell me what those three numbers are, I’ll tell you what ammunition it shoots. Not all Benjamin pistols are safe to shoot steel BBs!

    Here is the name of a man who can repair your gun for you:


  62. I have a Ben Franklin .177 rifle that’s been in the family about 50 years. It’s in fine working order and very powerful at least compared to the BB guns of my youth.
    There are no markings on this gun out side of the safety info near the safety and the Benjamin Franklin name in quotes.
    It is a single shot, bolt action, pump that functions very well, still powerful, will go thru a pop can without hardly moving it.
    It was passed down to me from my father which I guess dates it to the 40’s – mid 50’s, guessing.
    Trying to figure out the value.

  63. Are you sure there is no writing on the round cap at the rear of the action? That is where Benjamin marked all of its guns in the time frame you are talking about.

    I’m going to guess you have a Benjamin 310 underlever pump gun. If it is worn down to brass, it;s worth about $50-75. If it has most of its silbver nickel, it’s worth $100. If it has 50 percent of the original black nickel, it’s worth $150-175.


  64. You are so right. At the rear center it says “317”. Around the edge it says ” Bejamin Air Rifle Co. St. Louis USA”
    There is no nickel or silver , it apppears that it may have been brass all along, I don’t even see a trace of the silver nickel. But, then I couldn’t even find the model number.
    Thanks for the reply

  65. Al,

    It originally had black nickel over silver nickel. As those finishes wore off, someone decided to take it down to brass. That’s real common with Benjamin guns. The 317 is the rifles version of the 300 series long guns.

    Your rifle was made from 1940 to 1969, but with the toosie roll pump handle, you have one made in the 40s or 50s. The price I gavce you still holds.


  66. I’ve got an older air pistol, A Benjamin 132 pump. It doesn’t hold air anymore, and I am trying to locate a place to get it repaired, or at least a place that I can find parts. Please advise. THX

  67. Hi B.B.,

    I have a “Benjamin Franklin” air rifle, Model 312 .22 cal. Benjamin Air Rifle Co St. Louis Mo on the back end of barrel. It also has a tootsie roll style pump handle. There is a brass tinge showing through the black on the metal. Was wondering value and approx age. Thank you. DR

  68. DR,

    The 312 was made from 1940 to 1969. If yours has silver nickel under the black it’s a old one worth $100-150. If it’s a painted one, a dark charcoal to dark green, it’s worth $80-100 in functioning cindition.

    At a gun show you might get 25 percent more for it because they buyers aren’t as awaqre of the prices as airgunners are.

  69. I have a real Benjamin Franklin air rifle. Yes, there is a real gun called the Benjamin Franklin. Mine says so on the barrel. Model number 347, and if you like I will provide pictures that prove this. I am sorry, but your comment that “no such airgun ever existed” is simply false.

    Landon Norman
    Augusta, Ga

  70. Landon,

    Your gun is NOT a “Benjamin Franklin” That is a JOKE that the Benjamin Air Rifle Company used to put on the left side of their guns. They put it inside quotes, so people would know it was just a play on the company name.

    Whenever quotes are set around a phrase or word that is not actually being spoken, it refers to a play on words or an imprecise naming of the thing.

    All Benjamins made between certain dates say “Benjamin Franklin” on the left side of the receiver and it is understood to be a play on words. You can read more about it in the Blue Book of Airguns.


  71. I have my dad’s Benjamin Air Rifle Model G. The chamber does not retain the pressure. I would like to get it fixed and have seen two references for that–John Groenewold and George Pena. I live in WI. Would either of these gentlemen be able to repair my rifle?

  72. Thanks for the info. I also have a model 317 S/N H333366 I Purchased in the early 80’s from a roadside Hotel/Tavern for $75.00. The gun was still in the original box that I kept. It appears that this gun goes back to 1967 is that correct? I see no nickel but it has the black finish some brass showing on the edges. I haven’t had a lick of trouble with it every so often I put a drop or two of 3&1 oil and keep firing. My Son and I get allot of joy out of this gun. What is this gun worth?

  73. DS,

    The finish you describe was probably a dark gray paint in 1967. The earlier guns had the nickel finishes.

    The box is probably blue and yellow? I think those were the colors in 1967.

    If it’s in excellent condition it’s worth $125-150 with the box. Alone it’s worth $90-110.


  74. My grandfather recently died, and my family found a diana model .23 in his home. It says its made in germany, and there is a small engraving of what I think might be athena ar artimis or diana on the air chamber right above the trigger. Any of the history of this gun would be much obliged. I don’t know where he got it or what it is. I don’t even know how to use it, the pump seems stuck in a closed position. I think you reference this gun earlier in you “beware of antique shops and gun shows” section of your post, but i don’t quite get your meaning. Anything would be helpful.

  75. Diana 23,

    Let’s begin with you reading this posting:


    If you want to get your gun overhauled and put back to shooting condition, call this man:

    If you want to know more about Dianas, buy the Blue Book of Airguns, Vol. 5. It’s available on this website:



  76. i have a benjamin franklin model 340 serial # T319819 it has just recently stopped holding air ,actually it does not seem to be compressing any air when pumped wondering what my options are for repairs and what it’s worth

  77. a friend of mine just purchased a benjamin model 112 for 100.00. He says that it’s in very good conditions it has the round tootsie roll handle and the walnut grips, he says it hold air and shoots I was wondering if he got a good deal? What would it be worth if it is more or less. Thanks Ike

  78. Ike,

    To be in very good condition your friend’s gun must have at least 50 percent black nickel over silver nickel with little or no brass showing. It must hold air and fire.

    Don’t pump this gun without pushing in on the front of the pump linkage. The pump mechanism is poorly designed and fragile and will break if you try to pump with the small wooden handle. alone.

    In very good condition, your friend’s gun is worth $110-140.


  79. I’ve recently been looking for somewhere to rebuild and repair my Benjamin Model 347 (177 cal). Could anyone recommend a good place in or around Texas to have this done? There are many problems with the gun, missing parts, old seals, and maybe more. Thanks

  80. Hello , I have acquired a benjamin 300 I believe. It has the number 300 on the back of the pump. I think. Well It doesnt work very well but perhaps I could get it repaired could you tell me more about this gun? Thanks alot -Hunter

  81. Hunter,

    The 300 is a BB gun (smoothbore). The hollow bolt tip is where the BB goes. If you shoot a .177 pellet, load it directly into the breech.

    The 300 was made from 1934 to 1940. It originanly had a black nickel finish over silver nickel over brass. A gun with all the black still remaining is w0rth $250-300. A gun with most of the silver remaining is worth $150-200. A gun that is mostly brass is worth $100-125.

  82. Hi B.B.
    I have a Benjamin air pistol model 132 that I would like to know what is worth. It has all the black nickel, no scratches. I have it in its original box, which is also in like-new condition. I also have many papers that came with the gun: the part price list, the instruction sheet with the diagram and the description of parts and price list on the back. The list of authorized repair stations. The full 90-day warranty and another booklet with information on other Benjamin products attached to a blank order form.
    The pistol works perfect, it has a plastic brown grip that says Benjamin High Compression on it and a Tootsie Roll pump handle. It does not have any signs of wear so I assume it’s been in that box for years,I have only shot around 15 pellets through it, as I’m afraid to scratch it or something. All the pins and screws are untouched except the one by the trigger which has a little mark in the edges of the groove.
    This is my only pistol and I bough it as I saw its incredible conditions the serial is B272822
    Thanks for your help.

  83. OB,

    Your pistol is very late, based on the plastic grip panels. It must have a blue and yellow box.

    Having 100 percent of the black nickel is a real plus. Although the 132 is a common Benjamin gun, the condition of yours in the box drives the price as high as it will go, which I would say is $175 today. The Blue Book puts it at about $190.

    Ten years ago, I owned the same gun in the same condition and I paid only $100 for it, so the gun is appreciating.


  84. Thanks BB.
    Yes the box is yellow and blue. I’m happy to hear that I got a good deal on it. I found this pistol in an antique mall and I paid 85.00 plus tax for it.
    Thanks again for the information.

  85. I have a Benjamin 130 with some of the brass showing and most of the black in good shape. It has a holster that looks like it may have been an”original” It still shoots good. I could ge5t my moms pet squirrel to varify that if he hadn’t recently died from a case of acute lead poisoning. Also have an old screw on lid can of Benjamin bbs. green with black lettering any Idea of value?

  86. hello B.B., I have a benjamin air pistol model 177, you’ll notice I did not say “franklin”. I found this air pistol in my grandparents house and it seems to be in fairly good condition for it’s age and does seem to hold air and shoot. It does’nt have any brass showing but the barrel area is worn to silver in areas, also the screws are all intact but have been obviously fiddled with. Could you please give me some info on this model, age, ammo, value? Thank-you in advance, Pat

  87. Pat,

    Good for you! (for not saying Franklin)

    I’m on the road and don’t have my Blue Book with me, but from memory of what I see at the gun shows, a 177 in the condition you describe should be worth about $125-175.

    The age and other info has to wait for the Blue Book.


  88. I have a Benjiman Franklin Air Rifle.
    It is model.347 and .177 cal. It has brass barrel and scope. It is pretty rare I think. I know some are more rare than others . The serial no. is 1204906. I think the most rare start with the letter H etc. Any info. would help. I need to sell it…no kids around anymoe 🙂
    Thanks Johnny

  89. I have an old Benjamin 130. The only thing in black is the trigger group and the bolt. Everything else is brass. I’m wondering if there is a serial number someplace on the pistol.The only number on that plate in the back is 130. Thanks

  90. Bob,

    The Benjamin 130 was made from 1946 to 1985. The wooden grip version ended sometime in the 1960s, when plastic grips took over.

    Serial numbers are a very late feature on Benjamins, and your gun may not have one.


  91. I have acquired a Benjamin air rifle with the serial number H247069.
    I cannot locate a model number anywhere.

    Is this an early one?

    The black is gone off the brass but it does have a soft sheen to it.

    It is not holding air at the moment.

    It has the tootsie roll pump handle.

    Any advise you can give on value in this condition is appreciated. Thanks. D.W.

  92. D.W.,

    Any Benjamin with a serial number is a very late gun. They only started the practice in the 1970s or later.

    With no model number and a Tootsie Roll pump handle, I’d guess you have a late painted 342 or 347. In the condition you describe, it’s worth $35-50.


  93. Looking for an appraisal of a Benjamin 177 cal model 347 I think the serial number is 1247641. The finish is chipped but the barrel is all black with very few worn areas, only at the round end caps. It still shoots well. Is refinishing/ refurbishing the thing to do?

    Thanks for the help.

  94. Hi everyone, i was wondering if you guys can help me … i have break barrel rifle made in china, and theres no serial # .. theres only this word “Pioneer”, and i need a washer for it .. so what materials can i use to make a good one, cos theres no suitable whashers here .. thank you


  95. Sam,

    The Pioneer air rifle was never carried by a large dealer in the U.S., to my knowledge. So it will be difficult to find parts. But all the Pioneers I know have leather seals that can be made from an old belt.

    First determine whether your rifle has leather seals, and then we can proceed.


  96. Hi,

    I just found a Benjamin rifle in some piles of old rubish.

    It’s not in working condition and pretty far from being worth anything at all. So the value is of less interest to me.

    Since I’m a pretty handy guy though, and I like to fix things that are broken it would be quite intereting to know if it’s possible to find spare parts and fix it up. Maybe get it to fire a pellet or two.

    The rifle looks like the rifle on the cover of the blue book 4th edition. It has a brass tube and barrel. It has the number H750399 stamped on the right hand side of the tube. I can’t see any model number. It also has “Benjamin Franklin” stamped over the serial number.

    I suppose it might be hard to find spares for it so maybe if there exists such a thing as a “blue print” of the gun and specifications, then it might be possible to make your own parts. It seems on this particular rifle that the front seal of the piston is missing.

    Maybe ther is some old timers out there who can tell me about how it performed when it was new?

    As I said, I found it in some trash in a house on Haiti. I wish I could find out the history of how it got here. How old is it?

    If any one is interested in helping me I can send a picture of the gun!

    Best regards,

    Andreas Holmgren


  97. I have a “Benjamin Franklin” air rifle, Model 312 .22 cal. Benjamin Air Rifle Co St. Louis USA on the back end cap of the barrel. It also has the tootsie roll style pump handle. There is some brass showing through the black on the metal, especially where the handle contacts the tube and silver(nickle?) showing around the cocking lever. I haven’t found a serial number marking – where would it be? The rifle does not hold air – tried several oils – who would be best to repair it? It is also missing the rear sight. Thanks for any info you can provide. Jim

  98. Hello B.B.
    Well, I found out that my rifle has no leather seals, its kinda polymer or something like that,after maintenance and lubricating the rifle and after several shots the washer break into pieces, I think that was because of the freezing weather. I think its necessary to let you know that the washer holded for long time “over 2300 shots” I don’t know is it good or not? you tell me!!…..I appreciate your help … by the way how often the rifle should be oiled along the year?
    thank you

  99. Sam,

    If the piston seal broke into pieces it’s no longer good. You need a new one.

    Chinese piston seals for the Piuoneer rifle are not made of good material. You need to get some better seals. Try John Groenewold for that.

    You asked how often to oil – about one drop of silicone oil every 3000 to 5000 shots, or one drop per year. That is for a good piston seal.


  100. I have a question. Sorry to ask a question that perhaps has been asked many times before and admittedly, I didn’t read all of the posts above.

    I was wondering if the this pistol is worth restoring or if it it is merely “wurfless?”

    On the left side of the barrel chamber it reads “Benjamin Franklin” and serial number B 27202. On the right side it reads CAL 177.

    On the back it reads “137 Benjamin Air Rifle Company, St. Louis, Missouri.”

    The pellet pistol is complete and in good condition with only minor lose of blueing on the very top of the barrel. The pistol still works but perhaps not at 100% efficiency.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

  101. A Benjamin 137 is always worth SOMETHING. Yours has a serial number, so it was made late in the range (1946-1985). I’m guessing that it’s not black nickle over silver, but a painted gun. The color would be a dark to medium gray.

    In working condition a 137 should fetch $75-90. The range is to cover cosmetics.


  102. I have a Benjamin Franklin air rifle model 312 but the model number is not stamped on the back it is stamped on the right side under the slide bolt still holds air and in good working order how much could mine be worth oh ya serial 257068

  103. B.B.

    Outstanding Blog. My father passed on a a Benjamin Model 132 # B95551 with the ‘tootsie roll’ pump (good discription) to me when he passed.

    It is a treasured piece in excellent shape, we used it to take a lot of grouse and quail, but I would like to rebuild it. It holds air but the leathers/seals are shot.

    Do you have a source for replacement parts/kits? Or will I have to manufacture my own?

    Your help is greatly appreciated. ideashare@comcast.net

  104. Jeff,

    You can never know the exact year of a Benjamin 312. They were made from 1940-1969 and changed only a little in all that time. If your rifle has a one-piece bolt, it was probably made after 1956, unless the bolt has been relpaced.

    An expert can look at things like the thickness of the stock wood and make a judgement about approximately when the rifle was made, but that’s about it.

    If you are interested in the lineage of Benjamins, might I suggest the books b y Dean Fletcher?



  105. B.B.,
    I have a Benjamin Model 317, S/N H120462, tootsie roll pump and brass barrel. There’s also 3 grooves carved in the stock. Does this indicate a custom stock, or do you think a previous owner carved them? Any idea when this was made and what it is worth?

    Thanks for the help!

  106. Steve,

    If the three grooves are parallel and on the sides of the frearm the stock could be factory. At any rate, you have a late model 317 made in 1959.

    In working condition it’s worth $80. More if there is some finish and you have the box and literature.


  107. Ray,

    There aren’t any schematics that I know of, but Dean Fletcher has some reprints of Benjamin manuals that show some detaoils. But them from Doug Law (he’s on the internet).

    Repair stations have to make their parts, as there aren’t any new ones. Some of the 392 parts will interchange.


  108. Thanks for the o-ring seal replacemnt suggestion.
    I have a Benjamin Model 137 crica 1965. I was able to use standard plumbing o-rings, one 13 (inner seal) and a 14 (outer seal). I believe the number is the nominal diameter in millimeters (mm). Both seals were about 1.5mm thick.
    The o-rings were 48 cents a piece.
    The disassembly was quite an experience (I didn’t have the tool). When I had the brass retaining nut in hand, I was able to make a tool from copper wire to reassemble; though next time, I think I will try a piece of hollow metal stock from a hobby store.

    Royal Oak, MI

  109. A working Benjamin 422 in good condition is worth $100. They were made from 1969-1973.

    What killed the 422 was the fact that it uses a 8-gram cartridge instead of a 12-gram. Because the gas is used to work the action, the number of shots is low, though owners have told me it will equal a Crosman 600. Also, because it shoots round balls instead of pellets, not as many shooters want it. It is a good collectible, though.


  110. I have a Benjamin 347 which I bought new about 30 years ago. I had mounted a 3x-7x scope on it and it is deadly to varmints. Used it for about two years then put it in the back of the closet. No more Squirels in my neighborhood. Now the squirels have returned, because a nearby woods has been cleared for a subdivision. I am using Gamo Rocket pellets now and the 347 is still deadly. It is in very good condition and I would like to keep it that way. Any pointers or tips? Are manuals still available for this model?

  111. I have a Benjamin 342 which I bought brand new about 22 years ago. I had mounted a 4x-32 Scope on it and it is deadly and still powerful just as new. I have changed the air hole seal a couple of times before due to losing air. But now a days most parts in stores are for the newer model airguns. Any tips on how to get original parts for Benjamin 342.
    Thank you very much for your support.

    Asail, Palau

  112. The Benjamin model 199 was made from 1935 to 1941. It is a BB gun and has a smoothbore barrel. You can also shoot lead pellets and darts.

    Condition is everything withy Benjamins. If your gun is in excellent condition with most of the black nickel over silver nickel and you have the original green box, it could be worth $200. If it is down to brass (many pelple shined them in the past, removing all finish) the value for a working gun is about $75.


  113. dear sir i have just aquired a franklin 312 air gun model number 25086 with riffle barrling that shoots really straight the nikel and black finish has wore off. my question is after three pumps i can put another pellet in and shoot it again without pumping it. is there somthing wrong with my trigger and its a toostie roll pump. by the way the wooden roll pin was replaced with a secure pin by robert tapp. its a 22 calivor my kids have a ball with it! and i was hoping that you could help me with some imformation

  114. Chuck,

    What you have is a BENJAMIN 312 air rifle. The words “Benjamin Franklin” are in quotes – meant as a play on the company name. There are no Benjamin Franklin airguns.

    Your gun need to be overhauled. Apparently it has been overpumped in the past (more than 10 pump strokes) or the seals have simply worn out. The mainspring can no longer exhaust all the air in thereservoir with one shot, which is why there is air remaining. Some guns are designed this way, but the Benjamin 312 wasn’t.

    Overpumping destroys seals, weakens springs and makes pumping linkages sloppy, so after it is repaierd never pump more than 10 times per shot.

    Always leave one pump of air in the gun when it is stored, to keep the seals closed against dust.


  115. Hey there great site anyways I just aquired an old pellet gun, and on top it says PIONEER G6432, some chinese and then ‘made in china’. Any idea on what year it was made, or how much it would be worth? It works pretty well and its a break barrel. Thanks

  116. There is not a lot of history in this country about the Pioneer brand airguns. I remember them from the 1970s, and I think that’s when they first came to this country. It was about the same time that the IJ-27 Soviet breakbarrels were selling.

    I think when Compasseco opened the Chinese market in the early 1980s, Pioneer went away and guns came in with their factory name, instead. That’s when Shanghai first became known to me.

    I’m sorry I can’t tell you more, but keep looking. Eventually you will find out most of the story if you are persistent.

    Guns like your sell for $25-50 at airgun shows.


  117. Upon more research, i’ve found that they were imported and sold by very few american dealers in the middle-late 70’s. Anyway, thank you for your help, and let me know if you find out more of the company.

  118. I have read with much interest the posts regarding Benjamin air rifles – we have a Benjamin 342 that “came with the house” when we moved in. Holds air great, the brass shined up real pretty, and the stock is good condition.

    It has the following info:
    Left side of barrel

    Right side of barrel
    CAL .22 MODEL 342

    Butt-end of stock:

    According to the serial number, it was made in 1973. But I have some questions. The description I have found says that “Model 342 Pneumatic, .22 cal. pellet, single shot w/ under lever pump & checkered stock & fore end (1st var.) Rifle 1968-1986.”

    The second variation (1986-1991) was made w/o checkered stock & fore end. However, mine has what looks like a smooth stock & fore end (stock & fore end are the wooden parts, right?) They’re just smooth wood, no engraving, checkering, etc. Perhaps you could clarify that for me?

    By the by, in hunting for information about my rifle, I discovered a couple of sites that may be of interest to your readers:

    A great BLOG re: restoring (plus lots of good links):

    For Parts:

    For Model #/Serial #/Age info:

    Thank you for the wealth of information in all previous posts,

  119. Your rifle does seem to be an anomaly. Deep inside the checkered years, it comes out with a plain stock.

    Two possibilities:

    1. The book is wrong about the dates.

    2. Both wooden pieces were replaced.

    I favor number 2, but I also know that configuration control is nonexistent in an airgun factory. Anything can come out at any time.


  120. 317,

    You didn’t mention whether you had the front-pumper version of the 317 or the underlever sissors version. You may not know there are two versions of the 317.

    Don’t pump the font-pumper more than 5 strokes and the underlever version more than 8.

    For both keep the pump head lubricated with 20-weight non-detergent motor oil (Crosman Pellgunoil) and always store the gun with a pump of air in it (but not cocked).


  121. I see that a few other people have posted about the Benjamin 422. I have one I bought, it was never sold in the store. It has the pistol in the box and styrofoam container. It also has 1 unused CO2 cartrage, 1 unused tin of .22 Cal. Pellets 250 count,1 unused extra CO2 cap (part #4224)used to contain the CO2 cartrage and punch the hole in the CO2 cartrage when tightened down. It also has 1 flyer containing advertisements for the pistol and other Benjamin firearms, 1 instruction sheet with schematic, 1 flyer called the Benjamin Beacon, a Reference about cautions and tweaks.
    The box is yellow with blue printing on it. As far as I know the gun has never been fired. Not by me at least. The yellow box has seen better days but is still mostly intact.
    The sale flyer says it sold for $24.00.
    Except for the box and paperwork the rest should be considered mint condition. Any idea on the price?

  122. B.B. I have a Benjamin Model 317 with #H48497. Can you please tell me when was it made? It doesn’t hold air. Are the seals replaceable by a “handyman” (me)? If not, do you know what it costs to have it done? Thanks for your help.

  123. i have a benjamin 340 s/n T37756 missing the bolt to load bb need a phone number for parts? also price next i have a crosman 600 pistol in the box s/n 83987 6 or b ? cant tell year and price ? next i think is a slavia model # 622 made in czchoslovakia cal.22 year and price thanks for any help you can give

  124. my dad has a benjiman air rifle not sure on modle either 312 or 317 .22 in great shape but it needs new seals i think i would like to get it in good working order for him but dont know where to start or where to find parts it has the old tootsie roll pump i would say built in late ’60s your held would be great!

  125. i have a bemjamin model 132 serial number b24784, which i thimk is from the 40’s. wondering what it’s worth. it still fires and looks good. however someone polished it down to the brass. thanx bob

  126. I have a Benjamin model 317 rifle with the nickle-black finish described in other posts. It’s mostly black with maybe 30% wear showing. There is no ser. no. or cal. markings. My guess is that it’s .177 cal. (Too small for a .22)It has the tootsie roll pump lever handle that seems to work smoothly and does build pressure with additional pumps even though I doubt anyone has used it in the last 25 years. What can you tell me about it and where can I get it serviced or obtain instructions/materials to service it myself?

  127. barnone1st,

    The 317 is the .177 version of the 310-series guns. The 312 is the .22 and the 310 is the BB gun.

    A 70 percent gun is actually better than it sounds, because black nickel is very flaky and rubs off easily.

    If the gun has been stored with air inside chances are it doesn’t require servicing. If it will shoot a pellet on three pumps, it’s probably okay.

    Here is the place to send it when it needs service:

    Rick Willnecker in PA. Contact him at airgunshop@aol.com or call 717-382-1481.


  128. hello b.b.
    I just got a “benjamin franklin”
    model 100. it has about 40% nickel left on it and is missing two small screws. it dose fire and hold air. i payed 50 for it. did i pay to much?
    thanks will

  129. Hi,

    It’s just a Benjamin, not a Benjamin Franklin. A 100 in working order is worth about what you paid for it.

    Your gun is a BB gun. The steel BB goes in the hollow end of the bolt. It will also shoot .177 lead pellets, but the bore is not rifled, so accuracy will be iffy.


  130. I have a Bengamin Franklin, Model 340, BB, T 424885. Would like to repair the air chamber and need the rubber seals and a parts cataloge type discription of the rear seal design. Or rather I need some help to get it apart to inspect.


  131. I have a air rifle I acquired and of course looking to find the value. I’m not quite sure what all the “play on name” bit is about though. I read a comment saying that the actual Benjamin Air Rifle Co. St Louis, as a joke put the “Benjamin Franklin” in quotes on the side. I understand from that that the gun is an authentic gun made by the Co. Correct me if I’m wrong. My gun says “Benjamin Franklin” Made in USA on the left side. Behind the barrel it says Benjamin Air Rifle Co. St. Louis 312. There are no other number markings on it. There is the words Air Hole Don’t Oil under the pump area and Cock Hammer To Release Safety on the right side. It is mostly black in color with some wear marks on the barrel showing brass underneath, also on the air chamber wear marks it appears nickel. Any comments on this gun would be appreciated.

  132. d. bott,

    You have a Benjamin 312 .22 caliber rifle. They were made from 1940-1969, and it sounds like your is one of the older ones. The later models had a gray-green paint instead of the black nickel over silver nickel.

    Let’s say your rifle has 80 percent of the original black nickel. The Blue Book says it’s worth $80, but in my opinion, it’s worth at least $125-150 with all that black. The rifles polished down to the brass loose 2/3 of their value.


  133. Hi- I have a Benjamin 347 that I have loved since I was about 12. It still shoots very accurate but was wondering if it needs ‘freshening’ with seals, etc.? The hinge point for the pump looks worn. And, as a silly young boy, I started removing the finish think it would look better (just barely). Is there a way to repair the finish? Thanks, KTM

  134. KTM,

    As long as your rifle still shoots hard, I wouldn’t do anything to it. Keep the pump head lubricated for power and lube the joints where there is movement and that rifle should outlast you.

    The 347 was a recent airgun (1969-1992) so it was never nickel-plated. So you only removed paint. If you look around you may find someone who can refinish the gun for you, but no one is advertising that service at the present, to my knowledge.

    If you do want to get a rebuild, contact this guy:

    Rick Willnecker in PA. Contact him at airgunshop@aol.com or call 717-382-1481.


  135. I have a Benjamin air rifle co. St Louis U.S.A Pat july 17-1917 others pending 317 single shot. All this is printed on the end cap there is no serial number. The black finish is still there and is in good condition. The end of the stock is curved if that helps. I think it was made a long time before 1957. I would like to sell it it belonged to my brother who died recently. He told me that of all the guns in his verey large collection it was warth the most. I am selling a large amount of his stuff he did not have insurence and owed alot on property taxes please help.

  136. barnone1st,

    There are two different rifles Benjamin made with the 317 model number. The first is called a front-pumper because the pump rod comes from the front of the rifle. In the condition you describe, the rifle lists for $145 in the latest Blue Book. I would value it between $200 and 250. That’s if the gun holds air and fires. If not, subtract 15 percent. It was made 1934-1940.

    The 317 was a .177, the 322 was a .22 and the 300 was for BBs and .177 pellets.

    The second model 317 (also a .177 rifle) is an underlever pump with a Tootsie Rool pump handle. In your condition, it’s worth $65 in the Blue Book. I would value it at $100-125, if it holds air and shoots. It was made 1940-1969.

    There are no parts for these guns, so you make them on a lathe. Or you can get this gentleman to repair the gun for you:

    Once repaired, always keep one pump of air in the gun at all times and it won’t fail again.


  137. Thank you, the first one with the front pump plunger is the one that I have. The gun does hold air and shoot still. I did not whant to buy the blue book for air guns to place the value on one gun. The info has been verey helpfull thanks!

  138. Hola, excuse my english I am a latin american, I dont have a comment I have a question, I want to buy a 1000 fps air rifle, here in Panamá I have access to Crosman Gamo and Benjamin because those are the brands that my brother represent here and he gives me a especial price JAJA, I like Quest C1K77, Shadowmatic, CF-30, Phantom CS1K77, because of the looks and the price. There are other brands but I think these ones are the best I can find here. Wich one would you recommend, today is friday I want to buy monday.
    Thanks, waiting for your answer.

  139. i have purchased for 20 dollars a Benjamin franklin model 317 it appears to be brass and have original stock if anyone knows what it is worth or how many feet per second it shoots your info would be greatly appreciated

  140. I bought a pellet rifle this last Saturday. It has 05 70 on the barrel near the front of the stock. Just past it is says Made in Germany. On the top of the barrel it has Winchester in script in gold lettering. It’s .22 caliber, shoots fairly well. I shot a rooster in the butt at 30 yards, in mid cockadoodledoo. He spun around and looked ready to fight. It was very funny. Peep hole sight in front and very adjustable sight just after the Winchester on the barrel. Very nice wooden stock, finish looks very good too. Bore is smooth and shiny. The worst place is the Winchester, as it goes to the end on the word the gold is fading. The barrel is the cocking device. Any ideas on the company who made it? Did they make them for Winchester? Is the 05 70, May 1970? Thanks for a great web site.

  141. Stef,

    You have a Diana, made for Winchester. The date stamp on the left rear of the tube is the month and year it was made.

    It’s a breakbarrel spring rifle. DO NOT FIRE THE RIFLE WITHOUT A PELLET!

    Drop five drops of household oil (3 in 1) down the hole behind the barrel when the gun is broken open and stand the rifle on its butt for a few hours. The oils the leather piston seal.

    There is a number on the gun, too. If it’s a 423, you have a Diana 23. If it’s 425, a Diana 25. 427 a Diana 27 and 435 a Diana 35.

    Here is where to get it serviced, though if you oil it, it may shoot fine:

    Any collector like me would probably trade you a new air rifle for what you have, so take care of it.


  142. I have a “Benjamin Franklin” it’s stamped 252 on the end and is a 22 cal.wood handle. Someone has sanded on the barrell. Where can I get a air cartridge for this thing. Will wal-mart sell something to fit it? Worth anything?

  143. Jason,

    Your Benjamin (not Benjamin Franklin – that’s just a play on the company name which is why it’s in quotes) uses 8-gram CO2 cartridges. It probably not longer hold gas because someone didn’t keep it filled all the time.

    In the condition you describe it’s worth $30-50, depending on the buyer.

    Yu can get it resealed by this man in Austin:

    George Pena in TX. George is at heligun1@msn.com or 512-863-2951.


  144. BB, I have Benjamin air rifle model 317 Walnut stock with a tootsie roll pump. It also has the one-piece bolt.Serial #H265644. I don’t care what it’s worth,I just want to know how old it is. Can you help me? Thanks. Ron

  145. I have a “Benjimin Franklin” Model 700..After reading many posts I saw no references to Model 700. This gun was my grandfathers and mine for 50 years, is in fair condition and shoots very powerfull for not being cleaned for 60+ years….what info do you have on this air rifle?…thanks bill gregg

  146. wildfelr,

    Your 700 is a Benjamin. The words Benjamin Franklin are a joke on the company name. That’s why they are in quotes.

    The 700 is a multi-pump repeating BB gun, capable of firing several shots when filled with air. It has a special additional air reservoir under the main reservoir.

    The gun was made during the 1930s and ended in 1939.

    If the model marking is on the left side you can add 10 percent to an estimate of $175 for a working specimine. The bulk of the guns have the model marked on the back of the receiver.


  147. Hi, I have a Benjamin 132 Pistol with the toostie roll pump. I am pretty sure it’s a pellet gun, can you tell me what caliper pistol the 132 model is and maybe its value. Thanks

  148. A Benjamin 132 is a .22 caliber pellet pistol. They were made from 1946 to 1985 and are the most common model pellet pistol from that timeframe.

    In working condition, a 132 is worth $75. One that it excellent in the box with black nickel over silver nickel is worth about $200.


  149. My parents bought me a Benjamin Franlin Model 342 about 38 years ago, of course it is VERY well used and in need of repair, the pump hand arms are worn and need a seal kit, whom would you recommend I contact, I have a grand son I would like to et it ready for(I have time he’s 8 months old). Thanks you

  150. I have a Benjamin that I am having trouble finding any info on. Maybe you can help. This is what I do know. The only markings on the gun are on the endcap. These are all of the markings : "Benjamin Air Rifle & Mfg. Co St. Louis MO" and "Pat'd June 5 1906 Sept. 15 1918 Nov. 25 1913 Jul. 17 1917 Model F." Would like to know any relevant info.

  151. The Benjamin model F was produced fro 1910 to 1935. The valve requires the trigger to be yanked rapidly or the air will leak out, so this isn’t like shooting a traditional airgun.

    These guns are different than the Benjamins that came later and only a few repair stations are qualified to work on them. Try this man:

    Model Fs are not rare and an average one that shows brass is worth about $100. If it has most of the oroginal black nickel it would be worth over $300. Even an all-silver one is worth about $200 in working condition.


  152. Hello everyone,
    I just purchased a Benjamin air rifle for my son at a local estate sale. I know nothing more than what I have learned on this blog. Perhaps someone would be kind enough to give me some info.

    It is marked “BENJAMIN FRANKLIN” Made in USA on the left side of reciever. It is marked with a large number 310 surrounded by BENJAMIN AIR RIFLE CO ST LOUIS USA on the end cap behind bolt. All othe markings are instructive.

    The finnish is black(7% remaining) over silver(90% remaining) over brass(3% showing).

    Stock appears to be walnut with a “tootsie roll” pump(minor usage wear).

    The odd thing to me is that there is about a 4″ piece of barrel just in front of the bolt and extending to the reat V sight that seems to be crudely welded into place. This is eighther original or a very old repair.

    The rifle is not holding air.

    I appreciate any info.

  153. Your Benamin 310 has an old repair made with lead solder. No gun ever left the factory looking like that. The barrel must have separated from the pump tube, so someone re-soldered it.

    You didn’t mention what you want to know about the gun so I’m guessing you want the value and where to get it fixed.

    Here is where to get it fixed:

    The 310 was made from 1940 to 1969, but the ones made in the ’60s weren’t plated, they were painted. So yours is an older one.

    In working condition, it’s worth about $75-90.

  154. I have a Benjamin Model 312, made prior to 1957. I’d like to restore it for my father and make it like new and rid it of the 50 years of grime.

    Approximately 25-30 years ago a neighbor kid painted the metal parts black… no way to tell what petina is original and what is painted. Any thoughts on whether I should strip the paint or leave it?

    I’m looking into getting some parts to get it to optimal firing condition from http://www.bryanandac.com.

  155. Getting the rifle working is one thing – restoring the finish is another. It's well worth the work to make it operational again. If you feel qualified to do the job, the Brian & Associates is the place to start looking for parts. Here is another place to look if they don't have what you need:

    However, unless you are a skilled refinisher, I would leave the finish as is. You can get in over your head if you're not careful.


  156. I have a “Benjamin Franklin” air pistol model 130 which works fine except the pump does not lock in place against the barrel. I can’t find any markings as to the year. What’s it worth, how would I fix the pump, and how much would it cost to fix? Thanks!

  157. I have a Benjamin model 132 air pistol, SN B 91516. I found it in the attic of a hooch at Pleiku Vietnam in Feb 1969. Still shoots as well as it did then. I often wondered how long it had been there before I found it. Hopefully you can tell me the year of Mfg. I used it to kill a bunch of wild cats we had there at Pleiku. Using a rifle or .38 cal pistol would have been dangerous to my fellow soldiers. Thanks. Condition of finish is about 60%.

  158. barnone 1st,

    Your benjamin 317 was manufactured between 1940-1969. In 80% condition it’s worth $65.00, 60% condition it’s worth $45.00 according to the current blue book. Add 20% for two piece cocking bolt. Add 25% for box and instruction sheet. For repairs try these two guys first:

    Rick Willnecker Contact him at airgunshop@aol.com or call 717-382-1481.



  159. Anonymous with the Benjamin 132 pistol,

    Thanks for your service to our country.

    According to the new blue book or airguns, your pistol was manufactured from 1946-85. You may want to google benjamin 132 and see if you can narrow the date using your serial number.

    Your gun cam in BB/.175, .177 or .22 cal. SS, rifled or smoothbore barrel, with swinging lever hand pump, black nickel or matte finish, wood or plastic grips. For a gun in 60% condition the blue book says it’s worth $40.00.


  160. I have a Benjamin 132 that I found in the attic of a Hooch in Pleiku Vietnam in Feb 1969. Its SN is B 91516. It is in good working condition. I used it to kill some wild cats occupying the attics of some of the Hooches. Arifle or .38 pistol would have put my fellow soldiers at risk. It worked great. The finish still remains good and pumps up with strong power. A little oil on the leathers keeps it working well. Could you give me the year of Mfg and approx value. Thanks.

  161. Benjamin 132,

    You can look up Benjamin and Crosman serial numbers on the Crosman web site to find the date of manufacture (under the Customer Service link).

    Yours was manufactured in 1967.

    .22 multi-shot

  162. Bob,

    Your pistol was manufactured by the Benjamin Air Rifle Company. The model 130 series (including models 130, 132 and your model 137) was manufactured between 1946-1985. In 60% condition it’s worth $40.00 per the current blue book of airguns. Add 10% for wood grips and another 15% to that price for original box and instruction sheet.


  163. I just was cleaning out my closet and found my pellet rifle up on the top shelf. I really don’t care about the value of it. Just would like to know a little about it. It is a Breach Load .22 cal. Pioneer G6434 w/ chinese markings on the end of the air chamber. Holds air shoots strait not in the greatest condition just curious about it a little. I got it off a friend 10 years ago and he said he got it from his dad so i Dunno?

  164. I have a Pioneer .22 Cal. pellet rifle. can’t find any information on it all. I am just kinda curious of how old it is and not really worried about the value cause i don’t plan on selling it. It has wood stock Breach Barrel. It has chinees markings at the end towards the stock of it with KS-1 engraved in it, I would say it is in fair condition. like i said just curious can’t find nothing on it.

  165. Jaqmes,

    Your Pioneer pellet rifle is Chinese, made by the Shanghai Industrial Company, now called Industry Brand.

    Chinese pellet rifle today have a spotty reputation, but your gun was probably made in the 1960s to the 1980s, and was made considerably better. It isn’t worth very much, but it’s probably a good shooter.

    Drop 5-10 drops of household oil dow the hole behind the barrel when the barrel is broken open. That will soak into the leather piston seal and refresh it.

    I doubt your rifle needs servicing, just this oiling and start shooting it.


  166. Anonymous with the model # 1600,

    I’m assuming you own a Crosman Model 1600 Powermatic. If so this gun is a replica of the Colt Woodsman pistol. Your pistol shoots BB’s/.175 caliber, has a CO2 powerplant and a seventeen shot spring fed magazine and was manufactured between 1979-1990. In 90% condition the current blue book of airguns says it’s worth $40.00 but if it holds air, is in at least 80% condition and shoots it’s probably worth closer to a recent one I saw sell for $80.00.


  167. Alright, I read most of the comments above, and I have to say that I have a Benjamin Franklin Model 347. I can send some good quality pictures if there is any doubt. Whether it’s a “play on the name” or not, it’s stamped on the side of the receiver. It holds air great, it shoots great and it has 90+% of the original black (blued)finish on it. It has been rubbed away a little on the tube from pumping.

    The serial number on it is T 89354. “Benjamin Franklin” is in quotations. I can send pictures if anyone is interested.

  168. Steve,

    Glad you figured out about the company’s name play.

    There is another post where BB talks about an airgun with “Benjamin Franklin” on it. It is at

    .22 multi-shot

  169. Steve,

    I wouldn’t have known about the “Benjamin Franklin” thing either except for following this blog.

    Do you still shoot your Benjamin?

    .22 multi-shot

  170. Steve,

    Your 342 was made in 1970, according to the serial number, so it was painted. The finish should be a dary gray matte.

    I’m glad you understand what is meant by the term “play on the name.” I guess many people don’t understand what that means.


  171. Sir, I have a Benjamin 720 model with serial number {I guess} of H195178. It is in excellent condition as if handled very little. Very beautiful finish and a perfect tootsie roll, and stock. Really hard to believe. Wish I had the original papers and box. What do you think It is worth. Thank you Kindly, Dan

  172. Hi I have a Model 710 Benjamin, it was Given to me by my Grandfather 27 years ago, I take it out twice a year to clean and oil it, its in what I think good condition, it has the 2 peice Bolt, and tooties roll pump, with the Leather packing, As its NOT for sale, I would however be interested in its value and the year built, and anything you may know about it, sadly no box or papers. Thanks for you time

    Bill in California

  173. Bill,

    A 710 in working condition should sell for $150-250, depending on the finish. They were made from 1940-1947, but if you subtract the war years, that isn’t long at all. The 720 took over in 1947.

    Remove the stock and see if there is an extended reservoir on the gun. It’s a small brass tube. If so, bump the price another 30 percent.


  174. Hello Mr Pelletier
    I have benjamin’s model E, F, and G. (rod pump)I disassembled them and replaced the seals and leather pump. They all shoot good and hold air quite well. The E and F are nickle plated ,no sign of black.The G has the black worn off on most of it. I am presently working on a model 300. the id letter/number is on the butt end of the barrel.
    I would like to know an approximate value for them if you are able to give one.
    P.S. I purchased these guns on EBAY.2 years ago!

  175. Hi Mr Pelletier
    I have benjamin’s models E,F and G (rod pumps). I disassembled them and replaced the seals and pump leather and they all shoot well and hold air well. The e,f are all nickle plated,no black. The G has most of the black worn off. I am working on a model 300.
    The id letter is stambed on the butt end of the barrel
    I would like to know an approximate value of these items.
    Best regards
    P.S. I bought all thesr guns on EBAY!!!!

  176. BenjBen with the Benjamin Models E, F, G and 300,

    Per the current blue book of airgun values the model F is worth $135.00 in 80% condition and $195.00 is 95% condition. Add 50% to these figures for the value of your model E. The model G in 80% condition is worth $125.00 and in 95% condition it’s worth $190.00. The model 300 is worth $145.00 in 80% condition and $195.00 in 95% condition. If your model 300 is a “one piece bolt” variation marked as “Model 300” on the side of the body tube you can double these values. If the Model 300 is black and nickel add 30%.


  177. TO ANYONE WHO SEARCHES FOR A havia model 610 620 630 or 634 pellet gun ……………………………….

    There is no such thing as havia model 620 made in czechoslovakia pellet gun, its missread, the name of the gun is written in illegible writing and actually says ” slavia model 620 made in Czechoslovakia “

    these guns range from 550 to 635 feet per second, depending on your spring

    (because these are so old, you could have left your gun cocked and ruined your spring, or just overused it SINCE THERE FROM THE 1950’S and so on..)

    i personally have a completely new slavia 620 pellet gun and i love that sucker, (my grandpa bought it to shoot crows and had only used it a couple times before he passed away and left it for me), its badass, and very accurate !!!!!!!!

  178. I have a 177 cal "Benjamin Franklin" (I know thats not it's real name) model 34? (the last digit missing after a poor teli-sight previously fitted) and the serial No is T36459. It doesnt have the safety catch that I've noticed on other models so I was wondering if it's like that because it's a UK import or if its quite old. It holds air well but I was wondering if you may know of a UK dealer that could service it properly for me. Many thanks Craig-the-Limey.

  179. CraigZoot,

    I'm guessing that you have a Benjamin Model 340 with the swinging pump handle. They were manufactured from 1969-1986.

    You say it holds air well but you want to have it serviced. Why?

    I don't have a suggestion for a UK Dealer.

    You probably shop for airgun parts in the UK. Do a search for Benjamin spares and see where it takes you.

    I would get them from this man:


  180. I just got my old Benjamin 312 (I bought it new) back from the guy I sold it to when I left for bootcamp in 1970. The muzzle end of the barrel has come lose from the tube. Any non-solder fix suggestions?

  181. Rabbithunter,

    An unsoldered barrel is a fatal flaw with these guns. You might try using JB Weld, but the success rate is very low. And nobody is set up to resolder them, either.

    Maybe it's time to get a new rifle.


  182. Anonymous with the Benjamin Model 317,

    According to the recent Blue Book of Airguns, the model 317 was manufactured in the 310 series of guns (Models 310, 312 and 317) between 1940-1969. In 100% condition it's worth $125.00 and 80% condition it's worth $65.00. Add 20% for the CS versions with custom deluxe walnut stock. Add 20% for two-piece cocking bolt. Add 25% for box and instructions sheet.


  183. I have just bought a benjamin 347 with a few scratches and a bass bore. i would like to know where to sell it for 100 dollars or up or trade for an equaly used air shotgun

  184. Anonymous with the 347 that you want to sell or trade,

    To sell used airguns try here:


    or here:


    or here:


    The first site is the most active but you must state your price. The second site is less active but also a good one. The third site is the air rifle section of gunbroker and is an auction site.

    Good luck.


  185. I have Benjamin pistol with a plunger style pump. It says 100 on the disk at the back of the receiver.
    I does pump and hold air, but I don't know what pelllets it shoots. Seems to big a bore for BB's .. they rollright thru, .177 pellets are too loose and .22 go in, but you can't close the bolt.
    Any help on this one is it worth anything?

  186. Bob,

    It sounds like you have a Benjamin Model 100 which is a rod-at-the-muzzle pump-up pnuematic. Try to look for the caliber stamped on the metal. It will say either BB/.175, .177 or .22 caliber.

    From what you have said, it sounds like you have a B.B./.175 caliber designed for .175 caliber lead shot/balls.

    These guns were manufactured from 1935-1941. According to the current blue book your gun is worth $105.00 in 90% condition and worth $55.00 in 60% condition.

    For 4.4mm balls call .

    If they double-feed, try 4.5mm Gamo round balls or Beeman Perfect Rounds if you can find them. I believe Beeman quit making the Perfect Rounds.


  187. Bob,

    The 100 is a BB gun. The way to tell for certain is the hollow bolt nose that permits the BB to be pressed into the hole in the end. That was intentional for all Benjamin BB guns.

    The fact that a BB rolls through the bore is also understood and intentional. It's necessary because the steel BB is harder than the brass barrel. It needs some clearance to work.

    I like Kevin's idea of shooting 4.4 mm lead balls in your gun. They are larger than 4.3 mm steel BBs but still not too tight for the bore, I believe. Larger .177 lead balls may be too large. Pellets that are even larger than .177" will work because they are hollow and squeeze down when loaded.

    In Benjamin model numbering, any model number that end with a zero is a smoothbore and intended either for steel BBs or .22-caliber lead balls. The .22 caliber smoothbore guns will all have the number 2 in their model numbers, but not at the end. If a model ends in a 2 it is a rifled bore and .22 caliber.


  188. They are all Nickel over brass, but that tells me most of the silver nickel remains. There was a fragile black nickel over that when the gun was new.

    A 112 is a .22, and the fact that it works adds something to the value. If the box is tan, it's correct. I believe the green boxes came later.

    Your gun was made from 1938 to 1941. It has a VERY fragile pump mechanism that breaks very easily, so the fact that yours still operates makes it worth $150-200, I would think. With most of the black nickel it would be worth $225-300.


  189. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what year my "Benjamin Franklin" model 340 was made.
    And if I can buy parts for it. the number stamped on the side is
    #T211905 It also says Cal BB on the side. It doesnt say what Caliber I guess its would be .177
    I need the stock and the bolt lever.

  190. Jimmy,

    Crosman now owns Benjamin and they have the years of manufacture on their website.

    Your gun is not a rifle, and was made fro 1968 to 1986. Yours was made in 1975. The caliber is BB, but often .177 pellets will fit as well.

    Crosman has no parts. Contact this man for parts and repairs:

  191. Wayne,

    You have a Benjamin air pistol (not rifle) model 250, which is a single-shot bolt action BB gun that will also shoot .177 caliber lead pellets.

    If the gun is in perfect condition in its original box with the owner's manual it's worth about $150. If it's by itself with most of the finish gone and the brass showing, but still in working condition, it's worth about $75. If it doesn't hold CO2 and the finish is gone it's worth about $35.

    Your gun uses a 8.5-gram CO2 cartridge that goes in the front of the gun. Put a drop of Crosman Pellgunoil on the tip of every new cartridge that yu pierce.


  192. I have a 22 cal. Benjamin Franklin pellet rifle model 312. It does not hold air anymore. where could I get seals for the pump? Or what would I need to fix this?

  193. bashcraft,

    You asked your question on a blog that was written in 2005. Not many of us are watching for posts like yours.

    If you want to reach alot of people 15 to 20K worth a post on the current blog is recommended. /blog//

    We'd all sure like to hear from you after you get your gun back from either of these two gentlement or Rick Willnecker Contact him at airgunshop@aol.com or call 717-382-1481.

    Mr B.

  194. bashcraft,

    You might be able to buy all the seals from this source:

    But do you have the special tools needed to disassemble the gun? Do you know how to do it?

    It might be better to just send in the gun and have Rick repair it for you.


  195. At a garage sale today I paid $5.00 for a Benjamin Air Pistol, model 132. It holds air and seems to work OK. Serial number is B76124. It has the tootsie roll pump handle. The grips are a white and grey mottled plastic. The barrel and receiver retain 90% blue/black and there is no brass showing, however the grip frame appears to be aluminum or pot metal and the original black finish has turned to a grey color from oxidation. I have several questions: 1. What year was it made? 2. Can I do anything with the oxidized finish on the grip frame to make it black again? 3. What would be the value on this as described? Thanks for offering this service. Keith

  196. Keith,

    According to the dating service at Crosman, your pistol was made in 1965. As for refinishing the metal, if you are certain what metal it is, Brownell's has products that can restore a finish. But it is very easy to make a mistake, so go with caution.

    Your pistol is probably worth $75-$100 in that condition.

    Remember to always store it with one pump of air in the gun, and lubricate the pump piston head with Crosman Pellgunoil.


  197. I jave a 312 h1344 tootie roll pump .22 lead with box and paper work. Blk over slvr over brass , Brass showing by pump and bolt still fires well . IT was my step dad's he bought it around the age of 13 he told me.he was born in 1928 so around 1941-42 is when the gun was bought from Morley Brothers. He shot 2 squarrels with it two months before he died. Looking for a value on it ?

  198. Christine,

    According to the most recent Blue Book of Airgun Values your early Benjamin Model 312 with the tootsie roll pump handle is worth$65.00 is 80% condition and $45.00 in 60% condition. Add 20% for CS version with custom deluxe walnut stock. Add 20% for two piece cocking bolt. Add 25% for orginal box and instruction sheet.


  199. Bob,

    from your photo, I believe this is a Benjamin Rocket series pistol from the '70's. I'm going by the
    knulled wheel at the back of the pistol which, if I'm correct, is turned a quarter or half to free a pin embedded
    in the wheel from a locking slot at the base of the action so the loading bolt can be retracted to insert a pellet.

    Look carefully along the barrel and the action again. I'm sure you will find very faint stampings of the name and model –
    use a strong light as an aid. As for worth, it appears in good condition and if I remember correctly from the
    Blue Book, you may be in the $40 to $80 range but I'm not home now and can't confirm this.

    One other suggestion, the Blog you have posted on is 5 years old and very few of us monitor these – only a small core
    of volunteers of which I am one. I suggest you re-post, if you want, to the current blog which is found at:


    That way, you will have thousands of eyss looking and offering you comments. We welcome "off-topic" comments/questions. The blog is published Monday through Friday.

    Fred PRoNJ

  200. I have been reading your responces to all the questions and have not yet seen one that fits my delema.I have just purchased a Benjamin pellet rifle.There is a model number (312)but no serial number.Can you tell me anything about the rifle?

    Jim Sharp

  201. barnone1st,

    Your Benjamin 317 is part of the Model 310 series of airguns that Benjamin manufactured from 1940-1969. They came in either BB/.175 smoothbore, .177 or .22 calibers. They are single shot, bolt action, breech loading pump up pneumatics with swinging pump handle, rifled barrel, black nickel finish, walnut stock. In 90% condition worth $95 and in 60% condition worth $45 according to the seventh edition of the blue book. Add 20% for CS versions with custom deluxe walnut stock. Add 20% for two piece cocking bolt. Add 25% for box and instruction sheet. Note: this version of the Model 317 with its swinging pump handle is known as the 317PH, a different model 317, with a pump rod at the muzzle was marketed as the "307" but not marked 307, after this new version was introduced.

    Oil your pump head. Read here for details:


    Only use crosman pellgunoil. No substitute. Buy it here. This little tube will last you a lifetime:


    Good luck.


  202. Thank you for great info. I have a Benjamin Model 340. I bought it 15 yrs. ago from a guy moving to Hawaii. I have used it with one pump and bb's to chase squirrels and cats out of my yard. Now my son is old enough to use it. What kind of pellets does it shoot and how many pumps should I pump this great old gun.

    Thanks. John Riley

  203. John,

    Your 340 uses .177 lead pellets. Crosman pellets will be fine for it. It will take up to 10 pumps for maximum power.

    Always store the rifle with one pump of air in it to keep the valves closed.

    Oil the pump head with Crosman Pellgunoil, as you see being done here:



  204. i have a "BENJAMIN FRANKLIN" T57907 177 model 347 im wondering when this gun was made and i am wanting to repair it or have it repaired it does not hold air and it is missing the rear sight any sugestions on were to have this done. How much do you think this would cost? also im pretty handy and could do it myself but have no clue were to get a kit for my gun.



  205. Aaron,

    I noticed that you posted your question three times. Are you unaware that you have to select the newest responses, in order to read your question here?

    You may never see this reply, but in case you do, here goes.

    A Benjamin 347 (the name Benjamin Franklin is just a play on the company name. It isn't the name of the gun) is not a do-it-yourself project to repair, unless you are already well-schooled in pneumatic repairs. I recommend you send the rifle to the following place for repairs:


  206. I have a Benjamin "22Rocket" CO2 pistol in great shape…My problem is finding the small CO2 cartridges that it takes (8 oz.). 1) Do you have a source for these cartridges? 2) how much would the gun be worth?

  207. Hi, I have a very old Benjamin model 312 .22 cal rifle. The finish is worn to the brass in a lot of places and the tip of the safety is broken.
    (Hey, I used this gun a lot as a kid, I'm now 56)
    I want to rebuild the pump chamber so it holds air once again.
    number on left side is H344048.
    It does have the tootsie roll handle
    Any idea where I can find a kit to restore it and what do you think it's worth?

  208. Steve B.,

    Yes your gun can be resealed. As just a shooter it will be worth about $75 when it's working again.

    Unless you have the special tools needed to do the rebuild, this might be something to let an airgunsmith do.

    Here is a good one:

    He probably has the parts to rebuild the gun for sale, too.


  209. Do you know where I can get a parts diagram to Benjamin 347. We looked up the serial number and it was made between 1982 and 1986, but crossman only has the owners manual and no parts diagram. My husband is rebuilding his and has hit a stopping point.

  210. we have a Havia 620 BB gun that we have had for years. it was made in Czechoslovakia does anyone no anything about it and maybe what its worth? thank you for all your help have a great day.

  211. What you have is called a Slavia, not a Havia. It is a pellet rifle, I believe. It shouldn't shoot BBs, unless it is a smoothbore. Also, it possibly could be a model 630, because Slavia didn't make a 620 that I know of.

    Value depends on condition. If it looks like new and is a 630 it is worth about $100-125. If it has lost finish and is only average, then maybe $50-75.


  212. I just wanted to say thank you for publishing this information. My husband has a Benjamin 317 from his father and I used your blog to find out about it. Again, Thank you.
    Krystal Hallman
    Myrtle Beach, SC

  213. Dear BB,
    I have recently received a Benjamin Air Rifle, and I would like to know more about it, as well as a possible price. It has a tootsie roll pump, serial number: T 18071, model 340, I'm not exactly sure what a William's peep sight is so I don't really know if I have that, the bolt does appear to be a single piece that has been bent as a handle at the rear, no case or instructions are with it, and I would rate it at 85% as far as outside appearance. Thank you for your help,

  214. WB,

    I went to Crosman's website and looked at the serial number index to find out the year your airgun was made. You can see it there, too:


    As you can see, your gun (it's not a rifle because it has a smooth bore) was made in 1969, the second year of manufacture for the model.

    As a smoothbore, your gun will shoot either steel BBs or .177-caliber lead pellets. The pellets will be more accurate and are probably the best for the gun, because the barrel is made of brass and steel will cause it to wear.

    A 340 in working condition and 85 percent condition should be worth $100-125 today. All prices of collectible airguns except for a very few models are down, because of the economy. They have been depressed since the economy went bad in 2009.

    Remember to oil your pump piston head with Crosman Pellgunoil and to always store your gun with one pump of air in it.


  215. i have come across three air rifles,one is a benjamin,one is a gamo,and one i dont know anything about except it is a side cocker and it looks like chinese symbols on it. would someone please call me and let me know what i have. the benjamin has the seal on the side model342 5.5mm .22 cal. The gamo is a hunter 45 cal 2043393. i cant find any #s on the chinese one.any help would be greatly appreciated. dallas

  216. Dallas,

    The Benjamin 342 is the model that preceded the current model 392. It is very similar in looks and performance, but the 342 is less common and has a little collector value. In excellent condition a 342 is worth $125-150. In shooting condition it;s worth $75.

    The Gamo Hunter could be a model 220 or 44 or 890. The higher the number the more expensive the finish, but they were all early magnum spring rifles.

    The Chinese rifle is probably either a QB 45, QB 88 or a copy of a Diana 48. If the latter it is worth $125 or so. If either of the former, perhaps $40-50.


  217. With regards to the sidelever: the Chinese "version" of the 48/52 is usually marked. I'm wondering if it's a KL3B "Fast Deer".

    A couple of questions:
    1) Is there a safety? If so, where?
    2) After cocking it do you need to press a lever or push a button before you can return the cocking lever to the firing position?
    3) What caliber is it?
    4) Does the Chinese gun have ANY markings on it at all?
    5) Could it be one of these?


  218. I have a hand pistol on the hand grip it says ( both sides )Benjamin H C High Compression and on the barrel above hand grip is " Benjamin Franklin " made in the USA B 64460 on the left side and on the right it says CAL. 22 Model 132. It is a pump action with the pump a wooden grip under the barrel. I am wondering what type of ammo does this use and how much is it worth. It is in wonderful condition. And I keep it oiled and stored with my regular hand guns. The bluing has a worn spot approx. the size of your thumb pad on the left side above the pump lever. that's the only wear and tear.

  219. Denise,

    The Benjamin 132 is a very popular vintage air pistol. It was made from 1942 through 1986. The pistol changed in the 1950s, when the black nickel finish was changed to a green painted finish and the grips changed from wood to white plastic. The "Tootsie Roll" pump handle that your pistol undoubtedly has became a plain wooden handle with straight lines.

    This change took place around 1968, so your gun was made before that. You describe a finish that is 95 percent complete. That's shiny black nickel over silver nickel over brass.

    Do not wipe the gun with anything other than a soft clean cotton cloth. Use no solvents or oils on it — ever.

    This model is usually worth $75-125 in working condition, but the presence of 95 [percent of the original and very fragile black nickel doubles the value.


  220. Hello I have Benjamin model 347 serial# T152445 that was given to me by my father. I am trying to find a rear sight for it. As well I would like to know a roundabout value.

    Jose Montoya

  221. My name jalu from indonesia…please info ,i have a benjamin 347 with serial number 129250 ..the seller says that the item is genuine, the question is why there are a lot of these same serial number? (I found some of the same airrifle)..the condition is very good…can you tell me what differentiates the air rifle is fake ?…i have some picture if you need

  222. Selangit ,

    The number you are looking at sounds like a part number, not a serial number. Every 347 would have that same number on it.

    Benjamin air rifle are not counterfeited. Therte are Benyamin rifles, but the misspelling of the name gives them away.


  223. Dear Tom, I have a single shot air rifled pistol made Benjamin Franklin in St. Louis. Cereal number B155168, model 137, caliber 177. It is high compression. It shows on the grip H a pellet and a C. The grip is plastic.

  224. Dear Tom, I have a Benjamin Franklin air rifled pistol the grip is plastic. On the grip it shows H a pellet and C. Cereal number B155168, model 137 calliber177. It was made in St. Louis and it is high compression. It is single shot. It takes pellets and bb's.

  225. Hi, I posted on here about 4 years ago regarding my Benj Model 312.
    In response to B.B. Pelletier, (sorry for the lengthy delay, been busy and gun has sat in the corner) it looks like the only tool I need is a roll pin punch to remove the piston.
    Aside from that the main reason for this post is to share a website I found that has manuals for just about every gun you need a manual for. They have a lot of vintage Benjamin manuals
    Here it is.

  226. hello,I used to work as the shop foreman for Waste Management,I was working on a truck one night and I found this bent up Crosman pump air rifle,I don’t remember the model,but I do remember a lot about the way it looked,I believe the stock was wood but missing,and it was BB I think,and the pump arm was long,compared to the cheap 177 daisy pump,but the barrel was bent real bad,and the barrel was a tube inside a larger tin barrel ,well I took the gun inside the shop and just about a half inch past where the pump handle hinged I cut off the barrel,then I had to cut the inner tube a little shorter,and then I cut a notch in the top of the outer tube so I could put the site/barrel end back on because it held the inner barrel tube center,I think where it was to be loaded from was in the stock but not for sure,I made a pistol handle and mounted it where the stock used to be,the only reason I even worked on it was it held air when I pumped it,so I put a BB in this old thing,and pumped it only 2 or 3 times,it was very impressive,I couldn’t believe how had it shot,so I tried shooting different things,but what impressed me the most was I only pumped it one time,and from about 15 to 20 feet away I shot a can of spray paint,ant the can was new and full of paint,the BB passed clean through with out even rocking the can,paint sprayed from both holes made by the BB,where it went in and where it made its exit,,a 16 oz. gatorade bottle that was laying on its side,if you ever seen one of these bottles you will know the bottom of it is real thick and is shaped like a cone going back up into the bottle,with one pump I shot at the bottom,the BB skipped of the cement just inch’s before the bottle and went through the bottom and out the side of the bottle,I never seen a pellet gut shot so hard before that is why I have been trying to find out where I can find one,it must have been made in the 70’s I’m guessing,if anyone knows about what I’m trying to describe could you let me know something,thanks

    • Donald,

      The gun you describe could have been a Benjamin 340, which is the unrifled version of the gun. The 347 is the .177 caliber rifle and the 342 is the .22-caliber version. Both have rifled brass barrels and cannot fire steel BBs. The 340 has a bolt with a hollow tip to hold the BB. The other 2 have rounded bolt tips to push pellets into the breech.


  227. I have two Benjamin rifles,one is a model 347,a .177 cal. and the other is a model 392P,.22 cal. first is there anyone who knows what the “P” is for,and the other is the model 347 leaks air when I pump it,I looked on youtube for a video showing how to replace the seal but I haven’t found any thing,it is a kinda old gun but the .22 cal. I have after I shoot it I noticed without pumping it any more,if I cock the bolt back it will have left over air and will shoot again,weak but it still will shoot,but if I use a very light weight pellet,no matter how much I pump it,it will use all the air and the pellet is a lot faster,plus if I pump it with the bolt open the gum seems to take a lot more air with each pump,well if someone know how to change th seal please let me know thanks

    • Donald,

      You are posting questions on a 9-year-old blog that few people ever see. Come to the current blog and talk with us there:


      Now, to answer your comments here — first, you are over-pumping your gun! The 392 is rated to no more than 8 pumps. By over-pumping it, you are getting lower velocity with each shot, which is why there is air left after the shot. The valve is partially locked by the excess pressure. Over-pumping with destroy the valve and also wear the pump mechanism pivot joints.

      For help with the repairs, contact the Crosman Forum, located here:



  228. I have a Benjamin air rifle company #132 I can’t find a serial number but it has the Benjamin Franklin in quotes on the side can u tell me the year and maybe a value it holds air shoots well little faded and has wood grips and wood tootsie roll style pump handle. Thank you

    • Rouge,

      Welcome to the blog.

      If your father’s airgun still has 100 percent of the original black nickel over the silver nickel, and if you still have the original box, you have a $400 airgun. A 310 is a smoothbore that shoots BBs and pellets, so it is not a rifle.

      If most of the black finish is gone but most of the silver remains and there is no box, you have a $175 airgun. If the silver is gone and you are down to brass, your airgun is worth $75-100, depending on condition.


  229. I have a no serial number 310 at rear around 100 percent of the original black nickel over the silver nickel may be slightly less than 100 percent of the original black nickel over the silver nickel, in the original green box, with manual registration card some targets 2 metal green top silver tin’s for bb’s and pellets. Pumps and holds air and fires bb’s and pellets smooth bore, on left side (if holding gun) of barrel in quotes “Benjamin Franklin” what would its value be?

  230. MegaBond

    Welcome to the blog.

    Please use one subject and one predicate per sentence! I found your comment very difficult to decipher!

    If I understand you, what you have is a Benjamin 310 in the green box. You have the original paperwork and 2 tins of ammo. The gun has almost 100 percent of the black nickel. The gun words and holds air. You don’t mention the box’s condition, so I assume it is average — complete with broken sides and corners.

    In that condition, your 310 is at the top of the value. I would say $300-400 for what you have. Getting it might be difficult, because a working 310 by itself sells for less than $100.


    • My apologies because of the way my brain tends to operate I over explain usually to the point of confusion oftentimes one thing tends to not keep me interested and multiple things work for best operating conditions. Myself being human at times makes 2 separate thought processes singular and thus total chaos ensues. You also have a fairly good understanding. although if I remember correctly the box is near mint with only the red tape peeling up some of the green when removed not sure if the tape is factory or buyer applied. So I suppose in storage it will most likely remain.

      Thank you very much for the info and thanks for taking the time to deal with my post 🙂

      Ever Onward

  231. Benjamin( says the play on words Benjamin Franklin) , bolt action. Mine says it is a 547 model don’t have serial number but it t Benjaminakes a 177 calibe pallet lt also was glued but now it is down to the brass can you tell me what it’s worth and what kind of gun I have.

    • Coy,

      Welcome to the blog.

      Check that model number again. I think you will find it is a 347 instead of a 547. Any Benjamin rifle number ending in 7 is .177 and if they end in 2 they are .22. The BB guns end in 0.

      A brass 347 that’s down to brass by still shooting is worth $60-75.


  232. Hi my husband got a Benjamin 347 a while back that was handed down and we were just wondering if there was a way to find out the exact year it was made….

  233. First thanks to those that run the blog and provide this information.

    I have a Benjamin Air Rifle Cal BB Model 340 serial number T160005 It does have the Benjamin Franklin in quotations. Just curious if can give an approximate age or year range of when it was made. I have had it since I was a boy and plan to keep.

    thanks again

  234. Benjamin model 137 pistol. plastic, whitish painted handles, tootsie roll wood grip on pump. serial Number #B116118 which looked to date to 1969? on the date graph. the black nickel is gone and down to the silver nickel. only has about an inch worth of brass slightly starting to show through on top of barrel.pumps, holds air and shoots perfectly. est value?

  235. value please on a model 130 and the blueing has some silver if I can post pictures I will. lets say the blueing is 50% and a model 130 box above average 1 broken corner has instructions 2 metal ammo tins registration card there are some targets in box but have no idea if they came with the gun or not. seals are very good have pummped with 10 pumps and doesn’t seem to loose any air.

        • Megabond, posting so many links through the dead of night makes it appears as though you may be a spammer. Have patience, the true value of your gun is what a buyer is willing to pay for it and that can only be determined by the sale price agreed upon.
          I have a blue book but it would take me a while to give you a book value but if you’ll wait for B.B. to rest and then wake up he could probably give you a good idea of what they normally go for which would be closer to a real world value.
          Please don’t post anymore links or he May think it’s just spam.

    • MegaBond,

      It appears you have a Benjamin 130, rather than the Crosman 130. The Benjamin in the box with papers is worth $150 if it holds, which you say it does.

      Do not pump it 10 times!!! That will wear out the pump linkage.

      The gun is not blued. It is silver nickel with black nickel on top. Later guns were painted and worth about half what yours it.


  236. I posted 2 links but I did do it twice sorry about that and the only reason I posted the second link is I thought the shortend one from onedrive might seem like a phishing one. I do apologize for replying to a 9 moth old post of mine and then basically posting the same info as its own and not a reply that is my bad. if there is a way to post photos or a place to send them I am unaware of it. all of the links I have posted to to my public folder in my microsoft onedrive storage area. and the only things in that public folder are pictures of my 130 and box papers ect

  237. you know I never considered this time as dead of night for me it has been the time I am most productive. as I am in the Seattle area it is quiet if one was to take the level of perceived brightness outside out of the equation then it might seem as it usually is for me just after midday and about the time I find the zone and find the to do list noticeably shrinking in size and as with most days the breaking of the dawn surprises me even though its a daily occurrence and before I know it I usually am drifting off as the sun is rising. I really would rather not have the sleep habits I have because they tend to make me stand out at times and I never want to stand out ever but as the strong must do I have adapted.

    I can only wait for a answer that is plausible 🙂 That I have not once had issues with heck even waiting for answers that I never got would I do more than wait for it. now while I await qualifying replies I tend end up having done things I never intended to or even dreamed I would end up where I find myself hehe

  238. Mr. Pelletiere,
    When is the last time someone has told you that you are simply awesome? Well that Winterz guy in Iowa thinks you are.

    I found a benji 312 only 20 miles away for $80 so i had to google because they said it was a 22 and i only knew of the 392/397 varieties. Of course this thread comes up in that search.

    And then i start reading and see the patience and kindness you demonstrate. I know its a paid gig, probably not well enough, but you sincerely go above and beyond for the sport and your fellow aficionados. The more research and reading I do, the greater my appreciation for your breadth of work, and thus for you.

    Do you get royalties on the beeman book still? I can’t get to TX for the show but perhaps we could discuss an autographed copy. Haven’t found your e-mail yet but I’ll look a bit harder.

    Have a glorious day, and thank you for all that you have done and do.


    • Winterz

      I think I have talked to be before, but either way, welcome to the blog.

      As you have probably guessed, all Benjamin numbers ending in 2 are .22 and all that end in 7 are .177. If they end in 0 they are smoothbore for BBs. There are a few exceptions, but that’s how it goes.

      Unfortunately the Beeman R1 book is long out of print and was never set up for print on demand. Some day when I get the money and energy I will convert it to POD and sell it again — at least that’s the hope. All the pictures have to be rescanned, which is a lengthy process.And it needs updating.

      I lost money on the first publication, so I’m reluctant to invest much effort now.


  239. Yes, I am the person who uses obscure threads to ask you questions like the dual collaborative piston break barrel air rifle. I also wrote you about the forge review.

    I don’t know where to ask this, and it might be worthy of a writing topic, but of the springer varieties – break barrel – underlever -side lever…. which style do you most enjoy shooting? which is the reliable?

    Side levers look akward to me, and seem to add complexity. Underlevers are less attractive…but if they have a durability benefit or if droop is a serious problem in some rifles, then they could be considered.

    Clearly most entry level springers are break barrel, and the couple i am currently eye-ing are both that — the forge and the walther Parrus (might break in with the forge, and then get a parrus when i’m sure this is me).

    A side question which may be inappropriate for you to answer in this venue…. do you feel the Umarex-Walther rifles are comparable in quality to the Umarex-RWS rifles, or nearly such?

    I think i finally understand the Dana/RWS/Umarex lineage and history, but wonder if it has substantially changed the mfg of these arms.

    Thanks again,

  240. Mr. Pelletiere,

    I have two Benjamin 600 rifles. Both are in operating condition with most on the black finish still present. The one seems to be able to shoot a number of shots, 10 to 15 or more. The fps seems to start at around 300 and falls to about 250 around 15. It has a stiff click-a-clack trigger. The other shoots a little stronger around 325 but only gets about 4 or 5 shots with the last about 275. The trigger is very soft and does not click. Any idea of the value of the two rifles?

    Rob K

    • Rob,

      Per the ’14 Blue Book, 11th edition, Condition, 95%, 90, 80, 60, 40, 20,… $250, 200, 165, 125, 90, 50.

      Early ones were marked “automatic” on the side plate. Add 15%

      Add 35% for box and instructions.

      That’s all I have. The market fluctuates. Right now, I think the market is up from blog chatter here and elsewhere.


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