The Crosman S1008 Air Mag is a nifty shooter!

by B.B. Pelletier

A reader asks if the Crosman S1008 Air Mag pistol is worth the money. I can’t answer that but can give my opinion of the gun, since I’ve shot it and played with it.

This is more than just a gun
This is a complete shooting package that includes a sticky target, shooting glasses, powerlets, ammo and the gun. The sticky target is a great way to shoot airsoft indoors because the BBs stick to the target face instead of going everywhere. I do recommend that you buy extra BBs and powerlets, though, because you’ll go through them pretty fast.

Powered by CO2
The pistol is powered by CO2 powerlets, which isn’t common for an airsoft gun. Because CO2 has more potential power than green gas, this pistol is more powerful than the average gas pistol. Because of that, you might experiment with heavier BBs, though 0.12-gram BBs come with the gun.

It’s a repeater!
At this price you won’t find very many repeaters other than spring-piston guns, and for them you have to pull back the slide for every shot. The S1008 gives you 7 shots as quick as you can squeeze the trigger. The only other gun in this price range that does that is the Neonfire UG-161SB, which uses green gas instead of CO2.

Buy extra magazines
Two magazines come with the gun, but you can get two extra magazines for just little more. You’ll probably want to load up a lot of mags before you start shooting, because once you start, things happen fast. Extra mags keep the fun going.

Because the S1008 is a repeater that shoots just by pulling the trigger, you’ll find yourself shooting fast. This is something the gun does very well. The basic gun is a pellet pistol converted to airsoft, so the design has been proven for quite a while.

No Hop Up!
The one detractor is that the pistol lacks a Hop Up feature. So, all your shooting has to be at close range. I found the BBs didn’t drop as much as they curved left or right after 20 feet. Hop Up would keep them flying straight. If you plan on shooting at 12 feet, this isn’t a big concern.

That’s my take on the Crosman S1008 airsoft pistol. Did I leave anything out?

6 thoughts on “The Crosman S1008 Air Mag is a nifty shooter!

  1. Hey there,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and have found it both interesting and informative.

    Given that you are reviewing an airsoft gun today, I was wondering if at some point in future you might post some tips on care, cleaning and maintenance for airsoft guns.

    Keep up the good work!

    Krzysztof Mathews

  2. Not related to this one, sorry. I’d just like to request that you review the “lever guns” from a Left-Hander’s perspective.

    Break-barrels are basically ambi, save for the discontinued AA Pro-Elite that had a RH-only roll-over comb.

    How is it manipulating Diana side-levers, and the HW77 & 97? I don’t think the AA TX-series are ‘mirror-image’ LH-actions. Just what makes them different?

    What about PCP’s? Are their bolts reversible, or must you buy a dedicated LH version? What about a lefty that wants the HW100?

    If you could fit that into one of your dailies, I’d appreciate it.


  3. To the southpaw,

    Okay, I’ll try. But as a right-hander, I’m not the best guy for the job.

    Why don’t you and other lefties tell me some of the typical problems you see and I’ll see what I can find for you.

    I do know some totally ambi guns besides the breakbarrels you mentioned, so I’ve got a start.

    By “lever guns” do you mean the Koreans or are you referring to the Walther rifle?



  4. The S1008 is an airsoft gun. Airsoft guns shoot 6mm plastic balls that the Asian manufacturers call BBs. Airsoft “BBs” are not the same as the traditional American steel BB.

    Crosman Copperhead BBs are real steel BBs of about 4.35mm or 0.172-0.173 diameter. They are the wrong ammo for airsoft guns.


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