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Blog index 1 – March through September 2005

by B.B. Pelletier

Today, I’m delivering on a promise I made some time back, that I would publish an index of the past postings. This is it. There may be a wonderfully easy way to do this, but I haven’t found it. I’ll probably do this at least every six months from now on.


1 Hunt with the Sheridan Blue Streak air rifle
3 Why can’t I go supersonic?
4 What IS a BB gun?
7 The accurate airgun
8 What about darts?
9 B.B.’s treasure chest – Picking a pellet
10 B.B.’s treasure chest – Sorting pellets for accuracy
11 A gift from B.B.! – The IZH 61 air rifle
14 What causes scope shift?
15 Synthetic skirts, steel tips and other pellet oddities
16 “Become a better shot!”
17 A serious springer for serious airgunning
18 How to shim a scope
21 Airgun lubes – the good, the bad and the ugly
22 Three types of pneumatic airguns: multi-pump, single-stroke and precharged
23 How, when & why to lube your spring gun’s piston seals
24 Another cause of scope shift: over-adjusted scope knobs
25 Everything you need to know about airsoft BBs
28 Important! How to find your way around and leave messages (How to navigate this blog)
29 Should you buy a hand pump for your airgun?
30 Which caliber is best for you? .177? .22?
31 My top 5 pellets

1 Czech out the precision of the Drulov DU-10 semiautomatic pistol
4 Is airgun barrel length important?
5 How to shoot an airgun accurately
6 What’s the difference between a laser & a red dot?
7 Remembering Smith & Wesson’s pellet pistols (78G & 79G pistols)
8 How should I clean my airgun barrel?
11 Big bore airguns “Git-R-Done”!
12 Are your hollowpoint hunting pellets mushrooming on impact?
13 Almost everything you ever wanted to know about electric compressors but didn’t know who to ask
14 Grasp the secret of accurate handgun shooting
15 A trick to shoot precharged pneumatics more accurately (fill pressure can control accuracy)
18 Two BB guns you’ll never see (Daisy toy-blue BB guns with white stocks)
19 Will a PCP gun function the same if I fill it with CO2?
20 SAFETY! (fundamental gun-handling safety)
21 5 more tips to improve your accuracy
22 Why I like big bore single-shot air rifles
25 Rock & roll with an airsoft submachinegun
26 The differences between .177 & .22 – and which jobs they do best
27 Does cocking a breakbarrel gun bend the barrel over time?
28 How to pick a spring rifle
29 Shooting target pistols with one hand

2 What about a silencer for your airgun?
3 B.B.’s treasure chest: The miracle oil! (Crosman Pellgunoil)
4 Is pellet-sizing a waste of time? Maybe not!
5 What is “valve lock”?
6 SAFETY: Watch where you shoot!
9 Stop over-torqueing your gas gun connections!
10 Hi-Capa 5.1 Marui blowback airsoft gun is packed with realistic features & a blast to shoot!
11 Have you ever seen a rubber band gun?
12 How to find airgun leaks & what you can do about them
13 A hunting airgun for under $100? Yes – and it’s accurate! (Daisy 22SG)
16 Expand your hunting opportunities with this great CO2 rifle! (Crosman 1077)
17 Take your power down a notch to experience an excellent hunting rifle (Beeman R7)
18 What about Eun Jin pellets?
19 Eyes wide open! (sight picture discussion)
20 The Beeman P1/HW45 is one of my all-time favorite air pistols!
23 The BB pistol that didn’t shoot BBs (Daisy Targeteer)
24 Bad vibes (spring gun performance)
25 Warm weather means hotter velocities for CO2 guns!
26 Are longer barrels more accurate?
29 More on muzzle velocity and energy
30 Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec MG315
31 Synthetic-skirted (saboted) pellets and accuracy

1 At what range should you zero your scope?
2 My early Silver Streak
3 Bug bustin’! (Leapers’ Bug Buster scope)
6 B.B.’s Treasure Chest – The Daisy Avanti Champion Model 499
7 Do you have a “GO-TO” airgun? (Sheridan Blue Streak)
8 More about sighting-in: How to determine the two intersection points (scope-related)
9 Want a lot of fun? Blast away with a real Walther PPK/S!
10 A hoot to shoot – the Walther Lever Action rifle!
13 Got a variable-power scope? Use it!
14 What’s the effective range of an airgun used for hunting?
15 Shoot in style with Gamo’s wheelgun (Gamo R-77 revolver)
16 Daisy’s Targeteer- the rest of the story (BB-caliber Targeteer)
17 Does a choked barrel improve air rifle accuracy?
20 Crosman Mark I – a target pistol worthy of the name!
21 Some questions are answered! (gas springs, pellet coatings, CO2 powerlet sizes)
22 What’s it worth? (Pricing vintage airguns)
23 How to pick your first PCP
24 Gamo Shadow 1000 Combo – one of the best buys in Gamo’s line!
27 Crosman air pistols: then & now (comparing vintage pistols to the 2240)
28 Shooting BB guns: a message for parents and teachers (fundamental shooting safety)
29 Angled shots reduce pellet drop
30 Smith & Wesson 586 & 686

1 Lead pellets and ricochet
4 Does velocity drop as the pressure drops in a PCP tank?
5 How to optically center a scope
6 How safe is a PCP airgun?
7 Caspian M1911A1 airsoft gas gun – a 6mm treat!
8 How do PCP guns compare to multi-pumps?
11 How does cold weather affect different airgun powerplants?
12 Chronograph substitutes – a few simple tricks
13 Crosman M1 Carbine BB gun looks like its ancestor!
14 Crosman’s Challenger 2000 makes these the “good old days”
15 Who needs foot-pounds?
18 Accuracy tips
19 Crosman’s Single-Action Six – another blast from the past
20 CO2 and pneumatic guns: Where to get them fixed
21 How to pull the trigger
22 My favorite spring guns (TX 200, HW 77, Webley Tomahawk)
25 Do breakbarrels loosen at the joint?
26 The Crosman S1008 Air Mag is a nifty shooter!
27 How to use a peep sight
28 The new Big Bore 909S may be the ideal hunting rifle!
29 What makes an airgun quiet?

1 How wet weather affects your airguns
2 Don’t be fooled – shop for those vintage airguns
3 Have you tried Gamo’s Compact target pistol?
4 Pioneer BB76 – a BB gun you’re not likely to see!
5 Crosman’s 2240: Are we having fun, yet?
8 Just like a REAL gun! (Makarov CO2 pistol)
9 Scope mount basics – part one
10 Airgun books (review of some of the best airgun books)
11 Spotlight on lasers
12 Fixing a Daisy Avanti 747 (I hope!)
15 Scope mount basics – part two
16 1377 – Another Crosman classic!
17 Welcome to Pyramyd’s “Scratch & Dent” section
18 Are you taking full advantage of this website? (owner’s manuals online)
19 Best pellet of all? (discussion of selected pellets)
22 The Drozd – a CO2 submachine gun
23 Protecting and restoring a blued finish
24 What is a L-O-N-G shot?
25 Lubricating a spring-piston airgun
26 Do you REALLY need a chronograph?
29 What IS a red dot sight?
30 The Talon SS: powerful & quiet!
31 Darts with airsoft?

1 Can you take the pressure? (PCP fill levels)
2 A rifle to hunt squirrels and rabbits (comparing the Gamo 1250 and RWS 350 Magnum)
5 .177 is the most accurate caliber – NOT!
6 What is Field Target?
7 Comparative penetration with pellets
8 More on pellets! (continuing discussion about the best pellets)
9 Why weigh pellets?
12 Airsoft action targets! (using a bubble machine for moving targets)
13 Webley Senior
14 Aeron B99 – a quality 10-meter target pistol
15 The magic of the O-ring
16 Daisy 22SG
19 Another oldie – Crosman 130!
20 The Benjamin 392/397 – 60 years later!
21 Fix your Benjamin or Sheridan pneumatic at home!
22 What about those big Korean PCPs?
23 So, you don’t like airguns? (reasons to be an airgunner)
26 The main causes of inaccurate airguns
27 Vision and shooting
28 Comparative pellet penetration test
29 Are those advertised big bore velocities true?
30 Blog index 1 – March through September 2005

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  1. bigvic,

    Thank you for reminding me it was you who I did this for. With all the postings there is no way I can keep track of all the comments, too.

    I think the index will help us all. I will refer to it to keep from repeating myself, and to follow up on additional material when I promise it.


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