by B.B. Pelletier

I was flabbergasted when I saw what I’m going to write about today. An actual kit to repair a multi-pump pneumatic is a pretty rare thing. In over 40 years that I’ve been involved with them, I’ve never seen a home repair kit.

You don’t have to depend on dealers to get your spare parts
While writing about the Benjamin 392/397 bb rifles yesterday, I was shocked to see a repair kit offered for them! This represents a 180-degree turnaround in policy from the old days, when you couldn’t get these parts unless you were a dealer or a company-authorized repair station. It makes me wonder whether this is 2005 or 1905!

The new kit is good for the Benjamin 392, Benjamin 397, Sheridan Blue Streak and Sheridan Silver Streak. Who could ask for anything more?

No directions, so you have to know what you’re doing!
Pyramyd Air put this kit together for you but there are no instructions, so you have to be handy or know what you are doing. Many of you are, undoubtedly, qualified. But, if you think you’re not, listen to your instinct. It would be better if you had an old, non-collectible airgun that you can risk ruining to test your fix-it skills. Whatever you do, don’t practice on your good Blue Streak!

This may work for you whether you’re handy or not!
If you struggle to replace the batteries in a garage door opener, this kit may not work for you. There’s still a benefit, since people who are technologically challenged often have good friends who can fix anything (they need them!). Buy the kit so your good buddy can install it for you! It’s a win-win situation regardless of your own capabilities or interests.

Buy cheap, broken-down guns & repair them yourself!
Knowing this kit is available opens up a lot of possibilities to buy guns at flea markets and pawn shops. So what if they don’t work when you get them? You can rebuild them in short order. I’ll certainly be a lot more aggressive when looking for older guns that match up with this repair kit.

These parts may not work on older guns
Remember that the Benjamin 390-series rifles have been around since 1992, and the Blue and Silver Streaks have been with us since 1949! The parts in this kit are probably not going to fit the older versions of these guns, so think about that before you take the plunge.

A second repair kit is also available!
Lest you think I’ve overlooked it, Pyramyd also sells a repair kit for the IZH 46 and 46M. The kit has seals only, but that’s all the single-stroke pneumatic needs. If you’ve used this kit, I’d appreciate hearing from you.

Are instructions next?
These two kits are going to generate a demand for instructions. While some customers will sail through the job without stopping, much of American know-how has gone south. As cars, TVs and blenders became more disposable and less repairable over the decades, two generations of Americans have grown up without doing their own simple repairs – unless they had a detailed manual (or even a video!). They expect such support and are often shocked if it isn’t instantly available, as in, “Where’s the web page?”

For both repair kits, you will need some good silicone oil, and I recommend Crosman Pellgunoil. Buy it when you order your kit so you don’t forget. Let me know how the Benjamin Sheridan repair kit works for you.