by B.B. Pelletier

1. The wrong pellet
Pellets make a big difference in accuracy. Some work better in some guns than in others, but here are the very best I have found:

Beeman Kodiak
JSB Exact
Crosman Premier (These come in two weights. Use the 10.5 in pneumatics, the 7.9 in spring-piston and all other guns.)

Crosman Premier
Beeman Kodiak

JSB Exact
Beeman Kodiak
Crosman Premier

Diana Magnum
Beeman Kodiak

2. Improper shooting technique (spring-piston guns only)
Hold the gun as loosely as you can and try to let it recoil as much as possible. Never rest the forearm on anything but skin (your open palm).

3. The gun, itself
You can put lipstick on a pig, but it will still be a pig. If you want to experiment with oddball brands of airguns, feel free, but don’t complain when they don’t shoot well. The barrel is the key to a gun’s accuracy. Airgun barrels made in the following countries are ranked in descending order:

Czech Republic/Russia/Hungary/England
U.S. (Only applies to Benjamin Sheridan Crosman and Daisy pneumatic and CO2 guns. U.S. spring-piston guns use foreign barrels, as far as I know)

All U.S. spring-piston airguns with rifled barrels are made in other countries. Spain and Turkey make most of them. AirForce Airguns uses German barrels. A few rifled airgun barrels are made in the U.S. by Dennis Quackenbush and Gary Barnes. These generally have the quality of German and Czech Republic barrels.

4. Cheap scopes and mounts
Nearly all good scopes are made in China today. So are bad ones! Do your research and read articles before buying a scope. Mounts made for .22 rimfires and sold in Wal-Mart are pure crap! They can take a good scope and make it bad. Buy good mounts. And never forget this – NO MOUNT WITHOUT A SCOPE STOP WILL HOLD ON A RECOILING AIRGUN. NOT ONE! Leave the clamp-only mounts for PCPs.

Remember that this blog is my personal opinion. I am often correct but I am also prejudiced in ways I can’t control. Test everything I say before you accept it as the truth!