by B.B. Pelletier

I remember when this airgun came out, because I love the M1911A1 Colt pistol. The other Umarex pistols were very realistic, but I wanted to see if they would really incorporate the grip safety in this gun. They did, and it was love all over again. Allow me to introduce you to a favorite of mine.

Umarex makes realistic airguns
Umarex is the parent company that owns Walther, so they make firearms. They also have a history of making realistic blank-firing guns that are legal in Germany without a special license. Firearms are legal there, too, but the permits and training required to own and use them are very expensive. Where the Orient developed airsoft to permit collectors to own replica guns, Germany went to blank-firing guns. Then, they had a better idea.

The slide separates at the line above the grip, so the clips can be loaded.

An 8-shot revolver in wolf’s clothing!
Umarex designers created an 8-shot revolver mechanism so small that it fits inside the frames of many popular semiautomatic pistols – like the M1911A1. The heart of the mechanism is an 8-shot clip that drops into the gun and automatically indexes. Take a close look at the pistol below, and you’ll see a line where the “slide” separates to drop in the clip.

Everything works!
The neat thing about Umarex air pistols is that all the controls work! The sights adjust (on some models), the magazine releases function, the safeties work, and, in the case of this pistol, the grip safety really works. The grip safety is a second safety mechanism that must be depressed for the pistol to fire. If you hold the pistol naturally, you will depress the grip safety and never even think about it. This is a feature peculiar to Colt 1911s, though a few other handguns have it, and it enhances the realism that Umarex not only put it on the gun but actually made it work correctly!

Like accurate guns? Get this one!
Towsend Whelen of he Springfield Armory said “only accurate guns are interesting.” I agree. If you feel the same, then you’ll find this pistol very interesting!

If you hold the pistol like a 1911 (see the posting Grasp the secret of accurate handgun shooting for tips), you will be rewarded with one-inch groups at 10 meters. That’s shooting one-handed! The 1911 is one of the more accurate Umarex pistols (or else I shoot a 1911 better than other guns). And, the rear sight adjusts for windage.

You’ll get 400-425 f.p.s. on warm days or in a warm room. And there are at least 50 if not 60 full-power shots in every powerlet. Umarex has made exchanging powerlets a breeze, so you won’t mind that chore. Don’t forget to buy a lot of them. If you get one of these guns, it’s easy to get carried away.

If you like to shoot a lot, a speedloader makes short work of loading the clips. And don’t forget to get something to carry your pistol in, like the tactical holster that looks so great!

There are four models to choose from, so if you like Colt pistols or you just want to see what an action air pistol is all about, this is one of the good ones!