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Daisy’s 953

by B.B. Pelletier

We have one or possibly two readers who want to know about the Daisy 953 TargetPro, so I thought today was as good a time as any to look at it.

Technical specs
The 953 is a single-stroke pneumatic rifle that Daisy lists with their Powerline guns. It comes in .177 caliber only and shoots lead pellets. The maximum muzzle velocity is listed as 560 f.p.s., so the 953 is faster than the 853. Our reader wanted to know how the two rifles compare, as far as accuracy is concerned, so I did some research. Daisy says the 953 will put all its pellets into one hole at 10 yards if the shooter does his part, so you can consider this to be an accurate rifle. When I spoke to the Daisy folks at the SHOT Show last February, they told me that they thought the 953 would be an affordable alternative to the costlier 853 for shooters who just want to shoot informal target.

The rifle weighs 6.4 lbs., which is almost a full pound heavier than the 853. It has a rifled barrel with (I believe) 10 grooves. It’s not the same Lothar Walther barrel that’s found in an 853, which is where some of the savings comes from, I’m sure. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not accurate. Daisy has a lot of confidence in this gun as a target shooter, so I’m sure it’s accurate. It comes with front and rear fiber optic sights, which are ideal for general shooting.

The 953 has a five-shot clip that indexes the next pellet when the bolt is cocked. A single-shot clip is also included, if you want to load and shoot one at a time. The pump handle is long enough to ease the pumping effort. Because this is a single-stroke, you pump it only once for each shot. The trigger is a two-stage with a lot of creep in stage two. This is no different than the 853. You can get used to it, because tens of thousands of kids compete with the 853 every year.

Pellet choices
If you want to shoot targets, a nice wadcutter is the best choice. For my money, there is nothing better than the Gamo Match pellet. They are somewhat less expensive than other top brands, yet I find they shoot just as good. For hunting, I would go with the Daisy pointed pellet. They’re also priced right, and I’ve used them enough to trust them in most airguns.

Sight choices
If you really want to shoot targets, consider the Daisy 5899 receiver sight. It’s the same sight that comes on the 853, and you’ll get fine click adjustments between sight settings. This sight has some slack in the gears, so be prepared to turn two or three clicks when changing the adjustment direction to remove the slack.

Of course, you can go a different direction and select the Daisy Electronic Point Sight. This is a red dot sight that doesn’t magnify the target. It projects a red luminous dot on a glass screen, which superimposes itself on the target when you look through the glass. It’s a quick way to acquire your target and about as accurate as open sights.

Pest control
The 953 is also touted as a pest control airgun. It can do the job as long as you keep the range reasonable. Rats, pigeons and ground squirrels within 20 yards are okay with head shots, but I wouldn’t go after anything much larger.

Daisy officials told me they created the 953 to be for general shooters. They knew a lot of folks were buying 853s for plinking, and the 953 takes over that job very nicely.

135 thoughts on “Daisy’s 953”

  1. I used to have one.

    I do not think 953 can be that accurate.

    Since we can not talk about accuracy without considering people. That accuracy is only “theoritical”, maybe.

    The original rear sight is an open sight, but it is placed too closed to the eye, so it is not good for aiming.

    The red and green dots in front and rear sight can not be used for accurate shooting, plus the rear sight is put too close to your eye. It is good for plink.

    only changing rear sight to peep sight , without changing front sight, will not help much.

    The triger and the reciever are plastic. The feeling of the triger is even worse than gamo shadow. The reciever is not very solid to hold a scope.

    Any way, I was not satisfied. Hence I sold it.

    One last question, is there a air gun under $150 can shoot 5 shot group at 10 meters within one teneh inch? I doudt it.

  2. First, I thank you for your comments about the 953. As a former owner, your comments carry a lot of weight.

    Second – YES! There IS an accurate air rifle for under $150. In fact, it’s under $100!

    Go to the March 11 posting, which is at


    Read about the absolute best buy in an air rifle today.


  3. B.B. I have a question, and im not sure where to post it, so sorry for about being off topic. I want to get a barrel mounted bipod for my rifle, but I heard it affects harmonics and could really hurt my accuracy, is this true? And if so, is there a way to mount it so it doesnt do this? Thanks for any help.

  4. Timely post. I have some Chrismas bonus money to burn and was considering the Avanti 753, the Crosman Challenger 2000 and the Beeman R7 (or any other suggestion under $400.00 anyone may have) for target shooting…I’m not interested in hunting. I’ve been leaning towards the 753 but I have no way of trying out any of these airguns.

    Also, I’ve seen two trigger modifications available for the 753, 853, 935 (I won’t mention names, but they are easy enough to find). Anyone with any experience with these? I’m a little afraid to find two websites that address this as a problem, but I understand that the Crosman also has a , “creepy” trigger and that the R7 will require some added technique that comes along with springers.

    Thanks for any feedback in advance.

    A very confused,

    And thanks again for the vote for the IZH-61. I will probably pick one up at some point. Great price if they are that good.

  5. Matt,

    Here are my thoughts. If you’re leaning towards the 753, go that way. It’s a great gun. There is some plastic and yes, the trigger has creep. Daisy put out a video for youth coaches to tune up the triggers, but the public can’t get it. Suffice to say it can be made better.

    The R7 is also a great gun, but it does take some technique, where the 753 and Crosman 2000 take far less.


  6. Dok,

    A barrel-mounted bipod will definitely change the harmonics, but who is to say that’s a bad thing? The new Crosman Nighthawk has a barrel mounted bipod and it shoots like a dream – at least for me.

    The most accurate guns mount the bipod on the stock or the frame (AirForce), which is the best way to preserve the harmonics.


  7. BB,

    I read about the IZH-61 on this blog and bought one two months ago. Haven’t regretted it. It is a wonderfully accurate gun and value for the money. Easy to cock. Forgiving for a springer. I then gave one each to my 9 and 10 year old grandsons for Christmas–their first airguns. We shoot at 10-yards in my backyard. They’re coming along quickly. Love this gun!


  8. I aquired my Daisy 953 last spring, and have been very happy with it for indoor offhand shooting at 25 foot NRA air rifle targets. Yes, the trigger is nothing special – and suppose that I will do something to make it better one day. For now, I just keep practicing, and recalling Jeff Cooper’s discussion of triggers in “The Art of the Rifle.”

    I was pretty happy with the standard fibre optic sights for awhile. I was actually suprised at the targets I could shoot using them. Changed to the optional target sights after a few months – mostly to get the same sight picture as in NRA smallbore rifle match shooting. I think the target sights are a good value for my purposes – even if they cost nearly as much as the 953 rifle.

    Have been wondering if the Daisy 753 stock spacers would work to increase length of pull on the Daisy 953. If I find that they are compatible with both rifle stocks; then I start scheming as to where I am gonna acquire a set of those spacers. I measured the other day, and Length of Pull on the Daisy 953 stock was between 12 and 13 inches.

    Happy New Year, BB!


  9. B.B.

    I am new to target shooting. Do none of the NRA or other formal shooting competitions allow telescopic scope? What about the shooting part in biathlon?
    If not, what kind of sight do they usually use? Is it similar to the sight on daisy 753? Thanks.

  10. I had a 953

    It has a metal reciever

    shoots around 480 fps

    easy to pump, 5shot is fun.

    Open sights are bad, can’t do one hole with them. Upgrade to the 24 dollar peep and get a front post and your in business.

    Good gun for the money.

    James N

  11. .B.B.:

    I think the IZH61 is just a good plink gun, since all the test results I saw are all about 1/4 inch group, which is excellent for a plinker. But an accurate gun should have ability to group in about 1/20 inch in 10 yards.

    That is my believe.

  12. Hello, B. B.:

    I saw those reviews from

    The last one is the worst, the author said that the group is as big as 1.5 inch at 10 meters. The author is in England. But his review is mark as expert review among all the 12 reviews in http://www.reviewcentre.com.

    I do not understand why so much different. Are the izh61 in british market is different from here. And is the variance of the quality of the izh61 in US market big?

    Thank for your kind and very helpful reply. I think I am going to buy one to have a try .

    Have a nice evening, B.B.!!

  13. I am at a loss to explain why his groups were so large. Perhaps he had a bad gun is all I can imagine.

    The IZH 61 is SO accurate that one fellow in Maryland spent over $500 on his to buy an Anschutz aperture sight and a laminated stock, because he wanted to compete in 10-meter rifle conpetition with it. Now I don’t think the trigger warrants doing that, but the accuracy certainly does.


  14. 953 is a accurate gun providing you use the right pellets. I mounted a bugbuster 6×32 on it and can hit anything within 10 meters… anything. Great gun for the money.

  15. Okay, You’re in another country. Perhaps Canada?

    You can shoot target with many huns; it’s the hunting part that troubles me. For hunting you need power. I recommend the largest caliber you can find that doesn’t go too fast. If BSA still made the Supersport Magnum in .25 caliber I think it would be perfect for you.

    A Crosman 2250 tops out at 550 f.p.s. It’s a .22 so you can use heavier pellets to generate more power. I’d think the Beeman Kodiak would be good out to a maximum of 25 yards. Trouble is, because it’s CO2 it’s weak in the cold.

    Daisy’s 22SG multi-pump rifle is very close to 600 f.p.s., and it’s a .22. Not affected by temperature. Once again, good for 25-yard limits on hunting.

    The Weirauch HW 50M/H gets 580 f.p.s. in .22. It’s a breakbarrel spring gun that is also not affected that much by the cold. Aslo good out to 25 yards.

    There are three good sub-600 guns.


  16. Yes, there’s plastic on the rifle, but everything is well built and functional. Don’t let that stop you. The best part about this gun is its accuracy. I shoot this rifle 10x as much as other higher power air rifles because it’s so much fun.

  17. You can get more velocity from your 953 with a lighter pellet. As far as tuning it down, I was unaware anyone was doing that. There aren’t any power increases available for single-strokes like your 953.

    Did someone actually modify your gun, or are you just getting that velocity on a chronograph?


  18. I own a 953 and I love it. I would recommend it to anyone and it will be great if you are just getting into airgunning. I used to use it for squirrel hunting until I decided to buy a .22. I was also wondering if anyone could recommend a sight for a .22 single shot pellet rifle. It has a dovetail mount and gets up to 650 f.p.s.. I cannot sight it whatsoever. It always shoots goups to the bottom left 3 inches from the target. I have tried a scope, open sights, and a red dot sight. They always lean. None of my relativs can sight it either. If anyone knows whats wrong, please tell me.(I’m sorry I got off the subject of the 953)

  19. Colt535,

    You have a classic barrel misalignment. When I say classic, over 50 percent of all air rifles have what you are experiencing.

    You did not mention the range at which you are sighting-in.

    To get your scope aligned, the rear of the scope must go higher. I use B-Square adjustable scope mounts for that reason.


  20. A word on the Daisy 953. It is a wonderful rifle, easy to shoot and accurate. I use a 4×32 BSA scope and usually set my targets at 40 feet(extending out the 10 meters). What amazes me is the accuracy with just about any pellet. The wad cutters seem to do best and the Premier 10.5 shoot just very slightly low, but only about a half inch. I have about 15 different quality pellets and can get them all within a quarter at the 40 feet. As for shooting in one hole I don’t even try to do that but it does happen pretty often with this rifle.. Another tip, spray the clips with silicone and they will feed flawlessly. I just plain like it… F Nash

  21. BB,

    i’d like a nice plinker with great accuracy for a little bit of DENERO $$$. I like my other .177 rifles but I’d like a very accurate plinker. I like the single stroke feature. Im shooting shatterblast targets at 30 yards now. I get the best results with my shadow 1000. Would this be good at that range??

    Does this rifle have the potential of taking out a starling from 30 yards out???

  22. Cesar,

    I think you mean dinero? No?

    The IZH 61 fills your bill. If it’s too expensive, I have nothing elase for you because of those adjectives, “nice” and “great” accuracy.

    The Daisy 953 is a good one, but it can’t keep up with the 61.


  23. BB,

    I’ve read posts that the 61 probably changed in quality. I’ve read your post on the 61. I actually like the way it looks.

    I dont want to order another airgun and have it turn out defected or of poor quality. I hate waiting 1.5 weeks for a rifle that just sux.

    Would the 61 be effective at 30 yards?

    Maybe I could have it shipped to your place, let you test it and you can send it to me once you aprroved it. LOL

    Thank you

  24. BB,

    I set up everything from coke cans to tiny little green soldiers. I’d like something to deliver continous accuracy and that is not as picky with the pellets it pushes.

    When you cock the 61, does it automatically move the clip and feed itself? Or does it work like the crosman 760b? Where you have to manually move the clip and feed the breech.

    What were your best results for the 953 and the 61?

    I went out and bought a 392. I also sent my 22SG back. I noticed my 392 shoots flyers randomly. Its strong and accurate but every once in a while, one flys away. I also ordered the b-square sheridan mount with weaver rings.

    I ordered a cleaning kit. Do you think that random flyer is a result of a dirty barrel?

    I wound recommend the 22sg to anyone. I just had a bad experience with one. Even with a defected 22SG i was impressed.

    Thank you

  25. Cesar,

    Every gun is picky about what it shoots – no exceptions. It is unreasonable to think you’ll ever find a pellet rifle that’s accurate with every pellet.

    The 61 indexes as the gun is cocked. No manual intervantion.

    The 61 can out-shoot the 953. It shoots as well as the 853.

    Dirty barrels don’t happen on 392s. You don’t mention what pellets you are shooting but they should be either Crosman Premiers, Benjamin domed or JSBs.


  26. Cesar,

    With Benjamin diabolos you should not be getting flyers. I still don’t suspect a dirty barrel because there is nothing to make it dirty.

    Please be specific about the shooting situation as you describe it to be. The range to target, number of pump strokes, are you sorting pellets, type of sights used, if open sights are you taking a fine, standard or coarse sight, wind, and anything else you can think of.

    I have no way of knowing how well you squeeze the trigger, but I have seen a rapidly pulled trigger throw off a .45 ACP by 25 yards (landed at the shooter’s feet instead of the target). I have to assume you know how to squeeze a trigger so you are surprised by the letoff.

    Talk to me,


  27. Dear B.B,

    Can this gun be used in a bebe gun war? I want a gun that can shoot far and accurate and leave a red mark, but not puncture the skin. My hopes fell when you posted tahat you can kill a squirrel 20 yards (60 feet) away. Can you think of a gun that can shoot a distance of 50 feet accurately without breaking the skin and yet leave a mark?

  28. legol38,

    What you want is airsoft. Nobody uses real steel BB gun in BB gun wars anymore. Airsoft guns are many times more accurate and longer-ranged, plus they are much safer.

    Do some research on airsoft gaming and you’ll see what I mean.


  29. I have a 9 year old son. I bought him a red ryder a few years ago. He loves to go out and shoot sparrows with it. The problem is it is an act of God if he hits one due to the poor accuracy. What I want is a rifle that shoots no more than around 500fps, is accurate and is a single pump or cock. I bought a izh-61 but it has no manual saftey which I want i was looking at a 953 but they are on the heavy side. I am also looking at gamo delta. Any suggestions. Thanks

  30. Besides the Gamo Delta, which looks good, there is the Crosman 795 and the Beeman Sportsman S500. I like the latter because it’s a remake of the Marksman 1790, which was a good little gun for the money.

    All of these guns will have a lot of plastic on them, unlike the IZH 61. That doesn’t hurt anything, just be prepared for it.


  31. Do you think the 953 is to big for a 9 year old he is of average height and build. I don’t know what the lenght of pull is for this gun. I am still considering the delta is the length of pull smaller on this gun? Thank you

  32. I don’t know what the length of pull is for either rifle, but the 953 is for target shooting which usually means a pull about two inches shorter than a sporter stock. I would guess between 11.5 and 12 inches. A call to Pyramyd AIR would find out for sure.

    Both guns take the same effort to pump/cock. 21 pounds for the Gamo and 20 for the Daisy. I do think the overall size of the 953 is a little large for a 9-year-old, but kids do grow fast.


  33. ok i did go out to buy the 953 but while shopping i saw a 953s a limited edition air gun that is the daisy 953 with a very lightweight scope attached but the fiber optic mussle sight stayed in place my result was very surprising… the scope included working with the fiber optic on the end was effective enough to easily compete with my higher quality air guns im not sure if the original 953 came with a scope mounting rail but if not well worth the money to install one with a medium grade scope it transformed my gun into one that is unpresedented by many guns even up to $400 now my limited edition cost about $30 more than the original $80 the normal 953 costed but i found it was well worth the money. i can compete with my cadet squadron marksmanship team using this rifle and beat out their standard issue avanti 853c rifles thourouly impressed and if you get the chance to buy the special edition take it.. it is labeled as the “powerline 853s” very pleased with this gun (my groupings are within 1.5cm circles)

  34. B.B.
    I have a few questions regarding 953: Will it be comfortable for the average sized adult to shoot, did it feel like it had a long enough pull? Did the magazine feel solid and well put together? How would you describe the material of the stock is it similar to the stuff the crossman 1077 is made of? Finally, and this is kinda a silly one, are 11 millimeter dovetails the same as 3/8 dovetails?
    Thanks again for reading my post and agian this is a great blog!

  35. Actually, you WANT a shorter pull on a target rifle. 12-inch pulls are normal for people who usually prefer 14-inch pulls in a sporting rifle.

    That said, the 953 has a decent target stock pull. It fits me fine and I like a 14.5-inch pull. I’m sorry I don’t know what the measurement is, but if you look at the stock profile you’ll see that the butt is shaped for target shooting, not sporting use.

    11mm and 3/8″ dovetails are close but not exact. However, the “standard 11mm dovetail” on an air rifle measures from 9.5 to 13+mm. So, yes, a 3/8 and 11mm are close enough to work interchangably on most airguns.


  36. B.B.

    I’ve got 2 short questions about this gun.

    Will the Low-Profile Dragon Claw Clamp-on Barrel Bi-pod (Sorry, I’m clueless as to how to make links) interfere with pumping?
    If fitted with the proper scope, would the 953 be suitable for “Bug bustin”?

    Thanks for your time

  37. The Daisy 953 is an ideal bug buster airgun. But unfortunately, the way that the pump handle swings forward, I think the bipod will get in the way.

    It might be possible to swing the pump handle through the bipod legs, but I’ve never tried it so I just don’t know.


  38. i bought a 953 and put a variable power 3×9 bushnell scope on it. it is much more accurate than my 250 dollar springer. the metal rail bent while cocking it , and i had to straighten it myself, so you are getting a cheaply built accurate rifle. i can hit quarter inch sticker targets at 15 yards with no problem. its a great target gun for the money. its not a hunting gun at all with high 400s with good match grade pellets. for all of yuo looking for a hunting gun get something with 750 fps plus

  39. well i guess im new to air guns i once had a pistol that was like 15$
    and not really accurate the co2 always leaked but it was 15$ so..
    anyway i wanted to know a few things
    first i need help understanding the action do you have to pump it then cock it or what not sure on that and
    is the stock durable whats the material of it im also worried about the trigger is there a way to upgrade it and what is the resolver and is it bad its plastic because im goin to put a scope on it if i buy it also the size im 13 and my friend has the red ryder and its a little to short for me and way to light so would this help sorry for this Loooooong comment but whats the grouping at 30 yards if you know thanks if you can help

  40. Jeremy,

    To stop CO2 from leaking, always put a drop of Crosman Pellgunoil on the tip of the cartridge before you pierce it. I have CO2 guns that have held their gas for several years.

    The 953 has a lot of plastic, including the stock, but it’s pretty robust. It will accept a scope if you like. It is sized for young adults, so it will feel a little big at first.

    To charge the rifle you first cock it by opening the bolt. Then you pump it one time. There is no way to increase the power of this rifle. Also, the trigger cannot be upgraded easily.

    I’m guessing that by “resolver” you are asking what material the magazine if made of. It is plastic, but there are Daisy target riflkes that go through 20,000 pellets a year with the same magazine, so that’s not a big worry.

    Perhaps you meant receiver, and that’s also plastic, but again, no worrys. Many police departments use Glock pistols, which have a lot of the same kind of plastic in them, and they hold up well.

    At 30 yards this rifle should group in the 0.75-inch range, if you are a good shot.


  41. hey thanks for the answer now that i figured that out its between two rifles the Gamo NITRO 17
    and this i like the fact the nitro is durable and im mostly doing far shooting anywhere between 30 and 50 yards because of the fps what would this gun group at 50 compared to the gamo nitro like what are each guns groups at 50 and at 30 isnt the nitro 17 1.10 inches or what is it i no the nitro is ganna be big for me but im goin to grow into it because this will be my only gun that im ever ganna buy so i want it to be big enough for me when im like 18

  42. I own a 953 and have had it for around two years now and i want to know if anyone can tell me where to get another standard rear sight because the one that came with it broke some time ago and i have not been able to find a replacement.

  43. I just purchased a 500 can of DIABLO BOXER pointed pellets .177 made in czech republic and there terrible.
    you can see a seem running up the sides. but more than that there a tight fit so tight that the ones i fired got stuck in the barrle and i assure my gun is in good condition. stick with crossman!!

  44. BB,

    I’m interested in the 953 for hunting purposes. I’m canadian so
    I am limited to 500 fps.
    I need something quiet that wont bother my naighbors.

    I’m not shooting at more than 20 to 30 yards. I’ve looked at the izh-61 but i don’t like the way they mount the scopes (intermount)
    and i want a scope.

    Anything else you could recomend, Thats in the same price range?


  45. J.J.

    The IZH 61 can mount a scope on the rear rail.

    I don’t recommend a .177 in any gun for hunting. You need mass (in the pellet) if you don’t have velocity.

    I recommend a .22 that meets Canadian velocity specs. I’d look at small spring guns like a Diana model 27. They are under 500 f.p.s. in .22.

    The 27 is a vintage airgun that must be purchased usedf. If you still want a 953, get it, but know that it’s too light for hunting.


  46. I recently got a 953 and found the stock trigger REALLY BAD. It was not so much the creep and weight, but the “grittiness” of the pull. This is caused by a sear that is stamped out of metal, but the sear surface is not “finished” (smoothened), it is very rough. The roughness/burrs catch on the edge of the hammer and creates the gritty pull. CAREFULLY polishing the burrs off w #600 wet/dry sandpaper will transform the trigger completely. Triggers can be tricky so if you don’t know what you are doing, take it to a gunsmith to do.

    You can do even more work on the trigger, but $ start to add up.

    The stock trigger on the IZH-60 on the other hand is N-I-C-E.

  47. Hia BB,
    WOW is this gun sweet. I picked this up 2 weeks ago for my 12 year old daughter who was using my 25 yr old Daisy 881. Upon opening the box, you get a great feeling that the gun is made well, and it is. The ballance, feel and pointability is fantastic. It looks so much better then it does on the web sites. The stock is a heavy quality black resin and it dosent feel cheep like your typical Daisy / Crosman plastic. A front muzzel weight sitting on a steel barrel keeps great ballance.The fiber optic open sights are good and adjust with an allen key for windage and elavation. The single stroke to pump the rifle is smooth and steady, and my daughter can handle it. The cross bolt safety locks positive and is in easy reach of the trigger finger. This is a good feature when teaching new shooters proper safety. The trigger has a very small amount of creep, but is smooth and breaks clean. When holding on target you dont even notice it. I guess it breaks around 3 lbs. The rifle can be loaded as a single shot or a 5 shot repeater with the included clip. I prefer the single shot for teaching.

    On to shooting this gem.
    With open sights it was no problem shooting the same hole shot after shot with 7.9 grain Crosman Primear Super Match pellets at 6 yards. To my amazement my daughter was just as good with the open sights and she has only been using a scope before that. As per her request for an aimer with an X thingy, the following day I removed the rear sight and mounted a Leapers 6x Bug Buster II scope that was lying around without a rifle. It is the perfect fit for this gun.

    Accuracy with most pellets tested is fantastic with my best group being Laser Sports 5 shots .022 CTC. I cant wait to try it at longer ranges. Im guessing 10 meter (11 yards) would be just as good since this is a beginner 10m taget rifle.

    Speed could be an issue if thats your thing. Pyramyd states 560 FPS; The Daisy Manual states 500 FPS; and my chrono states less. Here is a list of average FPS that I tried:

    7.9g Crosman Primear SM = 455 FPS
    7.7g Laser Sport = 450 FPS
    6.7g Laser = 485 FPS
    6.9g RWS Super H Point = 465 FPS
    8.2g RWS Super Point Extra = 430 FPS
    8.8g CrowMag = 414 FPS (least accurate 1/2″ ragged hole)
    10.5g Crosman Primear Dome Heavy = 360 FPS (just under a 1/2″ ragged hole)
    4.8g Crosman Silver Eagle = 543 FPS

    The Laser Sport, Laser; and Silver Eagle all where small one hole groups the size of the pellet. So who needs speed for targets when you have accuracy like this.

    I belive this to be one of the best values out there for under $100. Not only is it a joy to shoot for a beginer but just as good for the teacher as well. Its no hunting rifle but it will hit any target you place in front of it.

    Buy One and enjoy the simple pleasure of shooting.

    Joe G from Jersey

  48. After having to return my first 953 because it would not pressurize I finally have one that works, and a Gamo site, and am ready to get down to business. This is an interim rifle until the Air Force Edge comes out, and will get passed down to the wife and kids. My question is I would like to make the trigger better, where can I find instructions on how to do this, and/or will the instructions for an 853/753 work for modifying my 953? What about something simple like deburring and greasing? What kind of grease or doesn’t it matter?

  49. Love the blog, thanks for providing this service.

    is there an air rifle of comparable price & accuracy with a sporter stock? Any chance of Daisy putting a 953 equivalent out with a sporter stock?

  50. I’m more interested in the trigger hand not being vertical to the ground. I also shoot a Benj. Sheridan 39X series, a Daily 22 SG, and other similar stocks. The 853 stock looks fine, but the 853 is 3x the cost of a 953. More than $150, & I want to be looking at firearms rather than airguns.

    Thanks for any info.

  51. i was wondering is there a way to turn this rifle into a full on Competition rifle. And second seince this is such a awsome rifle why are they selling it for $72.00?

  52. There is absolutely NO way to turn a Daisy 953 into an Olympic competition rifle. That’s what I interpret a “full-on” competition rifle to be.

    If you want to compete against Daisy 853s and Crosman Challenger 2000s with the 953 you are giving up the slight advantage of a Lothar Walther barrel, which the Crosman doesn’t have either. You would have to lighten the trigger pull to 1.5 lbs. and use the best aperture sights you can afford. If you do that, the 953 can compete. Whether it can win is up to ypu.


  53. I’m new to air rifles as well as shooting except shotguns and bought a Benji 397, my first air rifle, and a Center-Point Model 4032 4X32 scope and think I’m going to take it off and get a Williams peep for it. Seems very awkward to me, that 397 is a bear for this old man to pump but really seems like a well made gun. Want to get a fun gun and put that scope on it. Will it fit and will I need any other parts to do it right? I like the single pump of the 953, multi shot and the price is right as I don’t want to spend too much until I see how much shooting I will do. Any thing else I should know about what I want to do?

  54. The 953 doesn’t recoil so you couldn’t get a better rifle for a scope. The top of the 953 receiver has 11mm dovetail grooves, so you just need a scope mount that fits them.

    The scope will make the rifle more difficult to load, so get medium or even high rings. I’d guess medium rings and an inexpensive scope would be fine.

    Let me know how you like it.


  55. B.B
    I got a quick question. Which gun is best for accuracy? To bring it down to what i want, which one between a single stroke gun or a spring piston- breakbarrel, side lever, etc. or do you know if any better? ok, thx.

  56. Heya b.b.
    this might be kinda of a random question, but i think someone already asked it, but that’s with the category of ” the 953 vs. 853 vs. Crosman 2000″ I saw last time that both the 2000 and the 953 doesn’t have the 853’s lothar barrel. so, between the 2000 and 953, what do you think has the more “umph” or unction to perform better. Can you give me from the best to the last out of these three air guns, please? and also, the 853’s have a lot of components and separate rifles, so one more questions, which out of the 753 and the other,i think, 4 types of 853’s is the best? ok, I’m really sorry if I am like a dumb bunny typer, but i juz gotta know, ykno? ok, take care!

  57. You also asked this question on the Crosman Challenger 2000 report. I answered it there.

    However, the Challenger 2000 is about as accurate as the Daisy 953, and is a more powerful gun.

    Both the 853 and 753 (same gun in different wood) will outshoot the 953 or Crosman.


  58. Hey B.B.,

    I have a question about the relationship of power to accuracy. Consider the Daisy 953 with about 500 fps and the Gamo Nitro 17 with about 900 fps. The Daisy shoots much smaller groups at close ranges. Since the Gamo will shoot a much straighter trajectory, will there be a distance at which the accuracies of the two guns become equal and then from longer distances the Gamo will be more accurate? Or will the Daisy always be more accurate regardless of range? I used these two guns as examples, but would like to know if the answer would apply to other air rifles as well.



  59. B.B.,

    I just bought a Daisy 953 and in the user’s manual it says that to store the rifle, the bolt should be opened, the safety put on, and then the bolt should be closed.

    Doesn’t this leave some spring compressed? Would this have effects over a long period? Also, how does cocking the bolt make the rifle more secure than simply putting the safety on?


  60. 953,

    Yes, it leaves the hammer spring under tension. This is Daisy’s legal department at work. They are imagining how it will appear in court.

    If the gun were mine I wouldn’t do that for storage. I would just store it uncocked and uncharged (or course) like every other single-stroke in the world.


  61. In most respects all of Daisy’s single-stroke rifles are ambidextrous. They pump in a straight line that favors neither side and the stock on a 953 is an ambi shape.

    The one non-symmetrical thing is the cocking bolt that definitely favors the right-handed shooter. The safety goes through the triggerguard, but it just works backwards for a lefty.


  62. Hey,
    I’ve had a 953C for about one year. In my part of Canada it is nearly impossible to find a .22 air rifle. This weapon came with a 4X16 scope in the box. I find it the most suitable rifle available locally for squirrel. I have taken out about 8 this year, and, on the topic of plinking, with the scope, I’ve fired at a 4 Litre (plastic 1 gallon) from approx. 60 yards in a breeze. I ventilated it with .177. Not bad. Also the exact same receiver and all but stock as the 853S, but a lot cheaper. We use 853’s in the Royal Canadian Air Cadet program competitively. Fine rifles.

  63. I'm a coach for the our local JROTC air rifle team and wanted to find an air rifle that the kids could purchase without breaking the bank. I saw the 953 and bought it as it is like the 853's we use at the school. Out of the box and with an added Diopter Sight Set($47.00 from Avanti) this rifle, at 10m, shot groups of 1/4 inch and after putting another 500 shots through it (break in period) the rifle was shooting same hole groups with RWS R-10 pellets. This rifle is great. You can't possibly beat it for the price. The only way you can't be accurate with it is "you just don't know how to shoot". I tried 5 different pellets and they all shot pretty good. (Gamo Match, RWS R-10, Beeman Laser-Spot, RWS Super Mag, & Daisy). Great bang for the buck.

  64. BB,
    I was wondering if you could replace the front sight easily with aftermarket sights like these



  65. Hey I bought this gun shortly After Christmas. I Regretted waiting that long! This Gun is a Monster! I love this for those nasty Magpies(maggot Pies) and sparrows! Also Use it as Target guns for Competitions. Amazing Rifle.

    P.S. Dont Use the scope it comes with ( its worth nothing)

  66. Avery,

    Sounds like you have a winner!

    What pellets does yours shoot best with? I’ve read in the reviews of the 953 on Pyramyd Air’s web site (reviews are under listed with the gun) that the jsb’s are the best.

    Did you know that there are other airgunners just like you sharing their stories about airguns, asking questions and answering each other questions on the current/active blog? You can join us by going to the days current article (B.B. writes a new article every day, Monday-Friday) and click on “comments” at the bottom of the article. Here’s the link you’ll have to copy and paste:


    Look forward to seeing you there!


  67. Avery,

    You don’t have to sign up but it’s nice to know who’s asking/answering questions other than “Anonymous”.

    Hope you’re able to get some jsb’s for that fine gun.


  68. Clean the pump cup good and fill in the cup so it's flush with JB Weld or 2 part epoxy. Gain of approx. 50-60 fps.

    Polish/lube trigger and lighten the return spring and the trigger gets a lot better. 2LBS possible.

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