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Education / Training Walther CP99 Compact – Walther’s OTHER master-blaster!

Walther CP99 Compact – Walther’s OTHER master-blaster!

by B.B. Pelletier

I really enjoy the realism Walther puts into their PPK/S BB pistol. It uses CO2 to both shoot the BB and shove the slide back in a realistic blowback with every shot! I actually went out and bought a Walther PPK/S in .22 long rifle caliber just because I liked the BB pistol so much! If you haven’t read my report on it, it’s Blast away with a real Walther PPK/S!

Walther makes ANOTHER master-blaster!
There’s a second BB pistol in the Walther lineup – the CP99 Compact. Now, there are a lot of similar pistols in the Walther line, and it’s easy to become confused about the one you want. That’s one reason I’m writing this posting. Most of Walther’s CP99 pistols are pellet guns. The slide separates in two parts and the front pulls away from the rear, revealing an 8-shot circular clip inside.

The way to tell these guns apart is to read the descriptions to see if they use BBs or pellets. No Walther pistol will shoot both, so if the gun you are looking at takes pellets, it isn’t the CP99 Compact. A second way to tell a pellet pistol is to look at the slide. If there’s a vertical line in the slide marking where it separates, it’s a pellet pistol.

Walther’s CP99 Compact has a one-piece slide that blows back with every shot.

It’s a modern PPK/S
The PPK was Walther’s idea of a pocket pistol in the days before World War II. It was wonderful for its time and it’s still a viable pistol today, but ergonomics have advanced so far that now we can build them even better. The CP99 is the air pistol version of Walther’s P99, the gun that James Bond now carries. It fits in most adult hands even better than the PPK or the PPK/S (a longer-grip version of the PPK, made to satisfy U.S. importation “points” rulings after the Gun Control Act of 1968).

As the description says, this is now a favorite backup pistol for European tactical and law enforcement personnel. That’s why, even though this is a compact, it has a Picatinny mount under the muzzle for a laser. You can see what that looks like by looking at the Walther CP99 Laser, which is a pellet pistol. The Compact, however, is too short to fit the current laser that Walther offers separately. Perhaps they will make a shorter one soon for this gun?

BB magazines
The CP99 Compact uses a 17-shot stick-type magazine instead of the 8-shot circular clips used by the pellet pistols. My experience with the PPK/S tells me there will be enough CO2 in a powerlet to run through at least four magazines before changing powerlets, so you might want to buy a few extras.

Pyramyd’s Christmas sale!
Speaking of buying one, Pyramyd’s Christmas sale email prompted this post in the first place. I have subscribed to the Pyramyd AIR emails, and the most recent one gave all the great holiday sales they’re offering. The CP99 Compact is selling for just $84.95! You’ll note that’s a lot less than the pellet pistols. And, this is the only one featuring realistic blowback with every shot.

Don’t forget these!
If you get one, you’ll need BBs and CO2 to operate it. Assuming it’s going to be a present, a 25-pack of powerlets seems about right. There are smaller packs, but this one is a great deal. And, I’d get a nice pack of Crosman BBs to go with it.

Any way you look at it, the Walther CP99 Compact is one fine BB pistol. If you like realistic airguns, this is one to check out.

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

230 thoughts on “Walther CP99 Compact – Walther’s OTHER master-blaster!”

  1. I have both of the Walthers that you talk about here. I absolutely love the CP99 compact, and I put a laser on it for shoot-from-the-hip fun. My only complaint about it is the trigger; I wish it were equiped with the serrated trigger from the ppk. Anyways, both pistols are a blast and I’m very impressed with all the features on the compact, the slide release is a great feature that I didn’t expect when I ordered it. Good call on the review!

      • Fresh,

        Welcome to the blog.

        Is the gun new or have you owned it awhile?

        When you screw down the piercing screw do you go as far as you can or do you stop the instant the cartridge is pierced?

        How often do you oil the cartridge before piercing? What oil do you use?

        Tell us this and maybe we can figure out what has happened.


        • It was brand new I’ve had it since December I bought it as a birthday gift for myself, I use pelgun oil every time. I looked inside and it looks like the stem piece is too short or is pushed up or something

          • Fresh,

            I have seen piercing pins bend from the pressure of piercing. The face seal may be too thick or there may be two of them in there.

            Have you tried other CO2 cartridges? We are experiencing dimensional problems with Crosman cartridges right now in another airgun under test.


            • No I bought 2 15 packs and basically blew thru at least 10 cans it’s screwed tight the bottom piece is facing side to side not front to back and won’t turn any more

              • Fresh,

                Okay, that’s too much! The piercing cap shouldn’t be screwed that tight. Tighten until the cartridge is pierced and stop. The face seal is probably torn from over-tightening and the piercing pin may be bent.

                Your pistol needs to be repaired.


  2. I thought you said they did not make a laser for this gun yet…but the last comment said the person had fitted one to it? I am thinking of buying this gun and would be interested in a laser.

  3. When I said they did not make a laser for this gun, I meant one that fits flush with the end of the gun. The laser they offer does attach (I believe, check with Pyramyd AIR on that), but it sticks out past the end of the gun because of where it has to be mounted. Some people can’t accept that and others don’t care.


  4. I just got my WAlther CP99 Compact and i shot a couple of mags when it just didn’t cock by itself after a shot. I had to pull the slide back after every shot. Can anyone tell me how to change it back? Thanks

  5. i just got my cp99 compact this morning…and i have to say..it was like love at first sight…its alot heavier than i expected (heavier than the ppk)and its really accurate…(i havent missed my target yet!)oh and its very addictive to shoot..with the recoil and blow back…im sure you wont want to stop shooting for awhile…

  6. I’m getting ready to purchase my first air pistol.. I’m interested in the ppk/s because it can be field stripped or possibly the crossman 357GW for general reliability … but now that the cp99 compact is out people seam to really like it for it’s reliability – can anyone shed some light on if it’s field strippable too? or maybe even just some general advice (i.e. should I just wait for pyramydair to carry Umarex’s Desert Eagle?)


  7. I’m thinking about buying a Walther p99 compact bb gun for my competitions I hold. I was curious, does this bb gun feature a striker cocking indicator (the red dot) like the walther p99 does? or is it just a cut out, which would really suck. Thanks.

  8. Hmmm, sounds like fun.
    I bought a ppk/s with the nickel slide and loved it so much I bought another one -one to ‘keep’ and one to play with. It gets harder and harder to get these things in under the spousal radar.
    Be aware however that the ppk/s is no longer easily field strip-able; you will need to punch out a small pin that locks the trigger guard to do this.
    I’m now wavering between a Walther CPS (cheap semi-auto pellet) or a CP99 Compact…decisions decisions 😛

  9. Well, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who posted comments on this page about this gun. After I read all of this stuff on this page, I went out and bought my very own Walther CP99 Compact. Let me tell all of you thinking about buying one, It’s 2xs better than any of the gas guns on the market. It’s the best $85.00 I’ve ever spent on a bb gun. Being that I hold my own competitions, I have used many bb and pellet guns that are on the market today. The CP99 COmpact is by far the best bb gun I have used up to date. If anyone has any questions about it, I’ll check fequently on this site to answer any that my pry your curiousity. Thank you again.

  10. I was just wondering , regarding the maintenance of the CP99 COMPACT , can you also use crosmans maintenance c02 cylinder every now and again in addition to the drop of oil on each powerlet?

  11. With the CP99, you can use any type of 12g CO2 cylinder. Regaurdless of the brand. I have never seen a maintenance cylinder before, but I’m sure you can as long as it’s a 12g.

  12. I just saw a CP99 compact in a shop today, held it, and man that thing is awesome. I have a question though… I have quite a few mags for my PPK/S (which I no longer have anymore), and I was wondering if they could be used in the CP99 C? From the pics I’ve seen, it looks like they can, but then again, I doubt it… anyone know for sure?

  13. shocker,

    Are you mixing apples and oranges, here? All pellet-firing Walther pistols use CO2. The Walther gas pistols (green gas) are airsoft – 6mm plastic BBs. Two different guns.

    I know of no Walther pellet pistol that runs on green gas. The only gas the pellet pistols use is CO2.


  14. I got my CP99 Compact 2 weeks ago. At first sight I liked it very much, especially the metal slide and the wonderful sound of its recoil.

    But I don’t like the closed ejection port and the fake guide rod. I have airsoft BB pistols and most of them are quite realistic in the structure including ejection port. I wonder why crosman cannot do something that airsoft BB pistol manufacturers have been sucessfully doing for more than 10 years. They are all made in Japan anyways….


  15. Number of shots is well over 50. It depends on how fast you fire the gun, because CO2 is a coolent. If the gun is cold you’ll get fewer shots.

    Length of dovetail I don’t know. If you really need to know, call Pyramyd AIR and talk to Boris.


  16. all i can say is wow… this gun is AMAZING, i love it. it was so much heavier than i excpected (which is a good thing) and though blow back is really cool. All i can say is BUY THIS GUN!!!!!

  17. I recently purchased this CO2 pistol—very nice. Powerful,accurate and nice, solid feel in the hand. I also own a P99QA 9MM, and this CO2 pistol feels very much the same.

    Are you talking about the slide catch that keeps the slide from returning fully when you run out of ammo?? YES. I’ve had my cp99 compact for about three months and just yesterday, my slide stop broke. I found that the problem was that the slide is make of soft metal and it had wore out where it hits on the slide catch. The slide catch itself has wore out some too. I took the gun apart and filed the metal straght again and now it works, but im sure the same thing will happen after a while because the metal is sooo soft! My guess is that soon everybody’s cp99 compact will start doing this. Crossman or Umarex should really provide a fix for this problem as it is an engineering flaw. My gun doesen’t have that much use time on it and shouldn’t be doing this.

  19. the ejection port is closed all the time, the guide rail is fake, and there is differnecs around where the magizne goes in, but it is quite real looking and feeling.

  20. I have a problem, for some reason i am not getting enough power from mine, my ppk is stronger for some reason, do any of you have any suggestions of what the problem may be??

  21. Where did you get your CP99 Compact. I have checked several stores near me but have been unable to find it. I would rather go into a store then order online, but if necessary I will order online.

  22. I’ll be honest with you my friend. The PPk is a little over-rated in my eyes. I have had 4 of them and with all four- the firing pin has gotten stuck in the barrel, preventing me from pulling out or inserting the clip and firing bbs. The CP99 I have had for almost 4 months now and I have not a single problem out of it. The PPK I had for about a month or so and they jammed. I would go with the CP99- better looking, heavier, same size, mor dependible, faster, and way more powerful for only $20 or so more. I would deffinatly take the CP99 over any other bb pistol on the market. Hope this helps. Later. 🙂

  23. As for the other questions- The CP99 works best with Copperhead CO2 cylinders. If that doesn’t do it, you may want to think about exchanging it for another one because the CO2 seal or line in the gun may be damaged.

    As far as the stores are concerned- I got mine from Dicks Sporting goods. That’s THE ONLY store that I found it at up to date. If you don’t have one near you, I would suggest trying to find one and check it out. Dick’s cost on the CP99 here was about $80.00 or so. That’s all I know. Wal-mart, K-Mart, ect. don’t have it as far as I know. If there are any other questions, I’ll try to answer them to my fullest ability. Later friends.

  24. hey guys, im thinking about getting the CP99 compact and you’ve all been a great help, but i was wonder if you knew if any type of trigger mounted laser could be put on the CP99 compact? i know crosman makes one, but does it fit?

  25. Welp, mine finally arrived today and let me tell you, I LOVE THIS GUN! If there’re any questions as to the quality of this gun (and I’m by no means an expert or even an enthusiast, I’ve just had a couple and fired a few.) I’m here to say this thing scores in all departments. You can easily go through 4 clips before the power starts waning. The blowback is simply a thrill. Although I would imagine you could probably run through double the magazines if it were not, it’s just that little something that makes you nod your head and say, “Yes.” The heft and feel are perfection, the slide is smooth and it is accurate as can be. If you’re questioning yourself, DON’T! BUY THIS GUN! You won’t be disappointed. And PyramydAir got it to me in about 3 days!

  26. i recentlet bought a cp99 and the second co2 powerlet i inserted , the gun started too leak. I took it out, a tried a new one and it still leaks slightly. Is the gun deffective or am i doind something wrong?

  27. Hey B.B. I just wanted to say thanks for answering the question about the leaking valve. I have a S&W Sigma CO2 bb gun that leaks as well. I’ll try that to fix it. Thanks a lot. As for the leakin issue, I know what’s wrong with your gun. It’s defective because the seal around the needle is bad, therefor it leaks co2 out of the gun because the seal doesn’t hold the pressure in the gun. If you can, I’d say for you to return it for another, but if you don’t want to and B.B.’s trick works, than more power to you. Hope this helps. Later

  28. I just recieved my compact today. It is a great gun for anybody. I had a gamo p23 but it broke. Fell to pieces. I think the compact is much better than it. Tore a soda can in half at 15 feet in two and a half clips. It is so realistic and it is heavier than I thought. I am thinking about buying a real p99 just because I love it. I would recommend it for anybody because it is easy to reload and feels great in the hand.

  29. I am going to buy a CP99, but can’t make my mind up between the standard pellet version or the compact BB version (with blowback).

    I have always been a pellet person – can anyone tell me the practical difference in terms of range and accuracy.

  30. SteveH,

    The pellet pistol will be three to four times more accurate than the BB pistol. As distance increases, that becomes very apparent.

    The BB pistol is more for the fun of blowback and the fast shooting action is has.


  31. I am going to buy a CP99 but can’t decide between the pellet version and the BB Compact (with blowback).
    I have always been a pellet person, but what are the real differences in range and accuarcy.

  32. Thanks B.B.
    What would you say was a reasonable range for each?
    Also, is the Compact all metal like the CP99, or does it have a plastic slide, like the CP99 Sport?

  33. I think I have a weird compact. I get pretty good accuracy at about 50 yards or so. I get about 4 to 6 clips out of a powerlet. I only use pellgunoil every 5 powerlets. My gun seems stronger when I dont use oil though.

  34. anyone know a good place to buy a cp99 compact payment by PAYPAL? i can’t seem to find one? does pyramidair accept paypal? please help. also is the cp99 worth the cash?

  35. Hey all, I could use some help here. I just bought a CP99 Compact and I love the action on it, but it’s not all that accurate. Namely, at 20-25 feet, the shots are at least 2-3 inches low. Is this too far away to practice shooting? I want to practice with this in lieu of a real handgun and with the blowback design it’s perfect!

    Except for the accuracy. Did I get a bum gun? Should I exchange it for another unit?

    Thanks for any help.

  36. I have never held a gun, let alone fired one. I am totally ignorant, but do know I want an air gun that is lethal at, say, 10-15 yards. I want to shoot small critters, like rabbits and field mice. When I read your review of the CP99 compact and all the comments, I thought I had found the gun for me. Then I read in one of your responses that bb guns are accurate to about 20 feet. 20 feet!! What’s the point? Perhaps what I need is a pellet gun? Please advise.

  37. The CP99 is too weak AND inaccurate to kill small critters. Most pellet pistols are too weak. What you need is a multi-pump pneumatic with about 13-14 foot-pounds of muzzle energy. The Benjamin 392 is perfect for critter control, and the Daisy 22SG is, as well, if the distance is under 25 yards.


  38. The CP99 compact is a very nice bb pistol, make no mistake.

    As for hitting power, let’s just say I’m tearing through my phonebook “backstop” with EASE! And the shot groupings are nice and tight.

    It would be nice to have hi-vis sights on it though…in low light, you’re basically point-shooting! Maybe some TRU-GLO paint might help with that.

    And this piece is actually HEAVIER than either the Walther P22 OR the P99 (9mm), so if you get used to this, the real deal is going to be a lot easier on the wrists!

    I get about 6-7 clipfuls out of each cylinder (at room temperature – slow shooting), and that’s not that bad either.

    Anyone that wants a nice looking, accurate bb pistol with a fair amount of “oomph” to it…go buy the CP99 compact.

    Only one problem…I wish you could field strip it!


  39. Yes. The CP99 Compat’s velocity can be increased by lengthening the barrel and polishing the ports of the valve. There might be some advantage gained by balancing the hammer weight with the valve return spring weight as well. But lengthening the barrel is the biggest gain.


  40. i just got my walther cp99 compact today. this pistol looks and feels awesome. should i put some “pellgun oil” on the slide before i start using the gun? this is my first co2 BB gun.

  41. There is no need to lubricate the slide of your new gun. It comes from the factory lubricated and ready to go.

    Crosman Pellgunoil is NOT a lubricant. It is a sealing oil to be used on the tips of powerlets and on the pump heads of multi-pump pneumatic airguns only.


  42. why some website will only ship to a FFL dealer when you order bbs gun online?? and the FFL will charge about $20-$50 fees to transfer documents paper work. that is alot of money plus the cost of the bbs gun.

  43. Dealers in states where airguns are controlled like firearms tend to put the same restrictions on them. Also, the state district attorneys have been prosecuting dealers for sending airgun ammunition to minors in their states, so the anonymity of the internet is now over for those products.


  44. So, in terms of receiving this product, is it better to have it shipped to Michigan (school) or Illinois (home)??? I’m not talking about fees or charges, but I’m talking about state restrictions. I want to have the least amount of inconveniences in receiving this product.


  45. Mark,

    I cannot answer that question here. You need to call Pyramyd AIR (888-262-4867) and talk to one of their customer reps. They field questions like that every day.

    With the CP99, I don’t think there’s a problem with either state, but what do I know?


  46. B.B. Pelletier, do you know why so many websites are out of stock of the “walther cp99 compact”? i been searching so many websites and said they are all out of stock of it. is there a high demand for this gun? i am having a hard time to locate this gun.

  47. While looking for Crosman Pellgunoil the other week (finally got some online), I stopped into a DICK’S sporting goods, and they currently have the CP99 compact…just NO pellgunoil.

    Haven’t found any reatilers offline that carry that. better to get it online.

    I did get some GAMO oil though…for lubrication only (when needed), and NOT for the cylinder seal in my Walther/Crosman.

    And my wife thinks I “fell in love” all over again with this pistol…lol!


  48. THe serial number for the CP99 compact can be found at the rear of the franme, just below the slide assembly. It’s just under the opening where your red dot indicator shows up when you’re ready to fire.
    Example: 0C 00000
    Hope that helps.


  49. It depends on what you called “used”…if your backstop is a metal trap, then they’re probably no good, but if you use foam or paper, then they just might be reusable.

    I had a bad experience using older “used” BBs in my CP99 compact…it jammed REAL good, and with no way to effectively field-strip it (they should fix that ASAP), I had to send it back for a replacement, as it was less than 7 days old!
    I’d have to say that used BBs could present some difficulty with the magazine in the CP99 compact due to deformity, but that’s nothing new to anyone who’s been plinking for years.
    I now use nothing but Crosman copperheads in it, and haven’t had a jam or misfire in several HUNDRED rounds (even at rapid fire).

    As for all those used BBs…if ya got an old PNEUMATIC pistol…they work fine in that (like my ancient TOPSCORE 175)!


  50. I just recieved my CP99 compact and I absolutly love it. I have only 1 complaint, the saftey isnt the easiest to use. That said the effect of the saftey is great. it acts as a decocker. the co2 is tough to get in but a small price to pay. the blow back is perfect and the recoil was very unexpected and enjoyed. i think the trigger pull is perfect, the weight is perfect, the slide is good( wish it would catch in a further position). def at least a 9/10 gun well worth the money

  51. I obtained my CP99 COMPACT last week. GREAT GUN!!! Ya, the safety is a little hard to use but hey…. I’ll get used to it. My ONLY complaint is the accuracy. I think I’ve got a DUD. @ 10ft my groups are tight but 2″ below the ‘target’. @ 20ft the group is tight but the grouping is 6″ below the ‘target’.
    I do have firearms experience so I don’t need the lecture about holding the unit correctly… (I’ve already heard it from the gun supplier) etc… Yes, I’ve run several ‘fresh’ CO2’s and tried Crosman & Daisy BB’s. The power seems to be there, but poor accuracy.
    What do you thionk…. DUD or ?? Is ther any way to adjust the elevation?? Thanx for your help…..

  52. Your accuracy isn’t poor – the sights aren’t in the right place.

    A lower front sight will raise the group, as will a higher rear.

    With fixed sight guns like your, a different sight picture is what shooters do, thought 6 inches low at 20 feet does seem excessive.


  53. I was wondering whethere I should get the PPK/S or the CP99 Compact. Is there any advantage to being able to field-strip the gun, besides being able to fix a jam easily?

  54. Yes, that laser is for the CP99, but it would seem a bit too big for the CP99 Compact. I’m talking about the one Umarex makes, shown here: http://www.umarex.com/index.php?id=products&L=en&haupt_id=5&unter_id=3&variante_id=2.1124&cHash=a2602cdab5
    (If that link doesn’t work for some reason, then go to http://www.umarex.com then click on “Products” and then go to optics, then Laser.)
    It has a CP99 Compact laser that fits flush with the end of the gun

  55. Okay,

    After I answered I saw that the triggerguard shapes are different, too.

    I’m going to refer your question to Umarex USA, and we’ll both see what they have to say about it. Umarex makes the gun and Umarex USA in the distributor.


  56. i own the ppk/s and i am thinking about buying the cp99 compact. However, on my ppk/s, the slide sticks about a quarter of an inch from the end of the barrel, and i dont know how i can fix it. Anyways i dont want the same thing to happen with the blowback feature on the compact. I would just be shooting in the back yard and i dont know if i should get the compact or the cp99. I own the m1911 colt and like it. do you have any advise

  57. I have three CP99 compacts, and all three have the issue of not piercing the CO2 cartridge completely. This may be the source of several folks “low power” comments and “poor accuracy” complaints (shooting low). We have to crank the cartridge in REALLY tight before the final turn at the bottom of the grip or else we get pitiful power/accuracy. This makes it very tough to get the cartridge in and out.

    Is there a way to adjust the piercing depth to a more appropriate depth?

  58. I own the CP99 Compact and love it. I do have a question about the power. The first clip is fine the second sounds and feels cosiderably less. I also have noticed that if you hold the gun upside down There is a very significant power increase. I have only done that twice and I know it’s not smart. It doesn’t seem like I’m getting the full effect of the co2 cartridge.

  59. CP99 Compact,

    You are experiencing the difference between liquid CO2 and gas only flowing through the valve. The first few shots let out the excess liquid. It takes about 5-10 shots to do this.

    Holding the gun inverted allows the liquid to flow through the valve.

    This effect has been experimented with and is too dangerous to pursue. Guns have blown apart from the excess pressure of liquid expanding to gas in places liquid wasn’t supposed to be.

    I wouldn’t try your experiment any more.


  60. Hey, i just bought the CP99 Compact, and it is my first air gun. I also bought the crossman powerlets, the 25 pack. When i try to put in the CO2 it seems as if it doesnt go in all the way and the top doesnt break off. Am I doing something wrong, is my gun broken. BTW I’ve tried multiple canisters to IDK if that is the problem. Thanks in advance for your help

  61. Have you read the manual? The top of the powerlet isn’t supposed to break off. It gets punctured by a needle-like steel probe located at the spot the narrow end of the powerlet goes.

    If you read the instructions, they tell you to tighten the black screw located at the bae of the powerlet until it doesn’t move anymore. Then put the backstrap on and finally twist the knob at the base of the grip all the way towards the “power” position (that’s counter-clockwise).

    You may not be twisting the bottom knob as far as it has to go. When you don’t, the gun will leak.

    Are you putting a drop of Crosman Pellgunoil on the tip of every new powerlet you instrall?


  62. is any maintainence necessary with the CP99; such as lubricating the slide and so forth (i don’t know much about guns am i missing anything else considering this can’t be stripped down?). Also what sort of lubricant should be used if that’s necessary?

  63. I assume you are referring to the CP99 Compact. The CP99 is a pellet pistol that doesn’t have a blowback slide.

    Do not oil your gun. Just shoot it. However, do put one drop of Crosman pellgunoil on the tip of every new Powerlet you install. That keeps the seals fresh and tight.


  64. how do you remove the slide ,i have tried everything i removed the clip in the trigger area pulled slide back to no prevail.
    there must be anouther catch somewhere.plesae help.

  65. dear sir,
    i wanted to know in case i have to work on it.i own an air gun shop
    and was just wondering in case i have to replace seals or do some other work.the gun seems to work fine at the present time but you never know,if it’s like my other walthers it will need little work .
    if you do find out about disassembly procedures,let me know.

  66. hey BB,
    My CP99 Compact has a tendency to jam after firing a few rapid fire shot’s. In your experience have you encountered or heard of this problem? I thought perhaps that i was being to ambitious with it (trying to shoot too fast), but I have read your posts saying that one should be able to shoot it as fast as possible without problems. Do you then think that this is a problem with my particular gun?


  67. hey, Jeremy here again, y cant i use any other type of oils? i put sum silicone spray oil meant for air rifles on top of my co2 canister and it seems to work fine…but y does it HAVE to be crosman pellgun oil

  68. Jeremy and John,

    Pellgunoil seals the gun. Yes, any pure silicone oil could be used.

    Yes, adding Pellgunoil will often fix a slow leak, but never a fast one.

    Jeremy, we don’t discuss killing with airguns, but no, a CP99 Compact will not do what you asked. For that you need a firearm.


  69. wutsup! great report b.b pelletier! i like how discriptive you are in describing the gun! keep it up bro.But i was wondering how i can increase the fps of the cp99 compact, how i can do that, and by how much fps? thanks ahead of time bro.


  70. DaJuggerNaut,

    CO2 guns get their velocity from the barrel length. There is no easy way to increase the velocity of the CP99 Compact. It could be done, of course, but the cost would be prihibitive unless the owner did all the work.

    If you install another barrel that’s two inches longer, you might pick up 75-100 f.p.s.


  71. i’ve owned my cp99 compact for a few months now but don’t shoot it much. reason being….the accuracy SUCKS! Mine shoots real low and off to the left, therefore not really fun to shoot. Kinda reminds me of my ppk which i dont use anymore either due to its innacurracy.

  72. cp99 compact


    -fun to play around with (blowback)
    -beautiful piece to look at
    -nice heft and build
    -hidden co2 piercing system


    -non adjustable sights
    -the piercing system locks/jams if the adjusting screw is set too tight making it hard to ->open to take the co2 out and the opposite if the adjusting screw is set too loose…it wont pierce properly and you end up getting weak shots or leaking gas
    -magazine locks “loosely” in place (has a bit of play when holding the gun)
    -and last but not least, did i mention really bad accuracy? 😉

  73. Dear B.B. Pelletier,
    I would like to know WHERE to oil my gun parts. I want to take care of it but i do not know where are the appropriate parts to oil on the cp99 compact. I would also like to know if WD-40 works. Thank You for your response.
    -Da Juggernaut

  74. Da Juggernaut,

    There really isn’t any oiling recommended for a CP99 Compact. If you shoot it a lot (10K rounds a month) perhaps a drop of lubricating oil on the frame rails where the slide moves would not hurt, but that’s about it.

    Do not use WD-40 on any gun – air or otherwise. WD-40 dries and leaves a deposit of yellow varnish on parts that gums them after a long time. It is not recommended for anything with moving parts.


  75. Um hey i really need help on this one B.B. is there any way at all besides buying a new gun to fix my problem? my problem is that the slide stop has worn out and it wont stay back when run outta ammo. Please o Please help me fix this problem. 🙁 thank you so much ahead of time

    -Da Juggernaut

  76. Da Juggernaut here again,
    How do i field strip the gun? u got any links showing how to take apart the gun? i can just file the slide stop straight again after i take it apart. But i need help on taking off the slide. any links or suggestions?

  77. I just bought a CP99 Compact and noticed that when the safety is engaged, I am still able to pull the trigger (though the gun does NOT fire) and it will load a bb for every trigger pull and start falling out of the barrel. I know its minor, but it this normal? Thanks.

  78. Hi,
    this guy:

    “the slide sticks about a quarter of an inch”

    …who posted back in ’06, I had this problem. I took the pistol apart, and removed the metal collar that holds the firing pin striker (the thing the hammer hits). Under that, where the round would be in a firearm, is the gas chamber thingy ( I guess…).
    It is cylindrical, the firing pin striker hits it in the middle to release the gas charge. Anyway, the cylinder had become flared in the back: that is a burr had formed around the back edge of the cylinder. The collar thingy that holds the striker was hanging up on this burr. The screw in the top of the PPK/s goes through the slide and into this collar, um…thing. Filed it off the burr, gun works great.

    Doesn’t mean this is what was wrong in his post, but you never know 😉


  80. I recommend that you stop using Remoil, just because we don’t know what it will do. Start using Crosman Pellgunoil. After several applications, the Pellgunoil should flush the Remoil out.

    Just use the gun as you normally do and put a drop of Pellgunoil on the tip of each new cartridge when you pierce it.



  82. You can use Pellgunoil on the tip of the cartridge, only. As long as it gets blown into the gun it doesn’t matter where it comes from.

    You can make up some Pellgunoil with 20-weight non-detergent oil and an O-ring preservative. Of course those things are harder to come by than just ordering Pellgunoil.


  83. No, I do not mean cocked… I mean locked back, and you have to hit that switch to make it go back to normal… Is it better to stow it away like that or leave it as is when you push the switch? Sorry for the caps lock, lol.

  84. The word ALL is very important to your question. Right here in this blog are several air pistols that used lead balls or lead shotgun shot instead of steel BBs.

    However, the steel BB is by far the most common ammunition for a modern BB gun.


  85. I am considering either the CP99 pellet or the CP99 BB pistol. What are the differences in (1) accuracy ie is there a significant difference or not? (2) muzzel velocity? (new co2 cylinder) (3) durability? (4) shots per co2 cylinder?


  86. There is a big difference in accuracy. The pellet pistol is rifled and will shoot groups less than half the size of the BB pistol.

    For the other questions, please read the reviews.




  87. Thanks for the reports.

    Additional questions:
    (1) Is the Umarex lazer on the CP99 Compact adjustable in light intensity? (2) Can it be adjusted for point of impact? (3) How far is this lazer visable in broad daylight as a point of aim reference?

    (4) Where can I get extra
    BB magazines for this gun? Price?

    (5) Where can I get Pengunoil?



  88. Bill,

    Is ANY laser adjustable for intensity? A laser is coordinated light, and by definition intensity isn’t part of it.

    To find out if the laser is adjustable for point of impact, read the manual. There is a link to the manual on the product page.

    Both Pellgiunoil and extra magazines are sold on this website.


  89. Thanks.

    I thought I read an advertisment some where on a air pistol lazer sight that said that the lazer sight had a light intensity adjustment. I am just trying to learn. Must have misread.

    Is the CP99 Compact lazer sight usable in broad daylight? If yes, up to what distance?

  90. Thanks. That seems quite reasonable.

    A couple of the responsese to your CP99 post say they had problems with the lazer sight shakeing loose and or the battery cover shakeing off do the the slide action when firing. One used electrical tape to keep the lazer sight from shaking off. Is this a normal or an unusual problem with this gun’s lazer sight? Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?


  91. is there any1 out there who can HELP??? i have a cp99 compact used it for about a year now everything was fine until today ive put a 12gram co2 in it and loaded the clip took off safety fired it and it jammed cocked all the way back i cant force it in eaither direction what the hell is worng with it??? please feel free to email me any info at bojanistheman@yahoo.com

  92. BB rifle,

    The Daisy 300 is what you want, but it is vintage and hard to keep running. There are no true semiauto BB guns being made right now.

    The Russian 614 isn’t really semiautomatic, it’s a revolver, but you may what to look at it.


  93. RE:” Semiauto,

    No. The FX semiauto sells for $1,400.

    The CP99 is a BB gun, which is easy to make semiauto. But a pellet rifle is not easy.


    Is there a semi automatic BB rifle that is of the same durability/reliability as the CP99 and for a similar price range?

  94. amazing gun. realistic in nearly every way. I didnt like that if you shoot too fast it gets cold and cant produce enough pressure to oporate the blowback, which results in it not cocking.

    overall though, i absolutly love this gun. most realistic on the market by far.

  95. BB,

    I am having a hard time finding a local store that carries RWS spring cylinder oil and RWS chamber lube that the manual says to use. Do you know if it is mandatory that I use those brand cleaning solutions? I was just going to use some from a gamo cleaning kit for air pistols and rifles. Any substitutes you know of?


  96. hey BB

    I have seen you say countless times that you must oil each co2 cartrige for lubrication so it must be important. is it ok if I use remington’s rem oil? if not, what other commonly used cleaners could i use? the RWS chamber lube that the manual says to use is hard to come by in my area.


  97. Hey BB, I have a question, I’m hoping you still monitor this comment area.

    I have a 6000 ct. container of Copperhead BB’s that will fire in the CP99, which I plan to buy. The thing is, I got these about a year ago, and the copper is peeling off and corroding. They look a little rough.

    Would it be safe to use these with the CP99 (or any BB gun for that matter) or would they damage the gun?


  98. Minor dilemma. The CP99 Compact has blow back to cock after each shot, which means nice single action trigger pull. This is good. The CP99 (not compact) however, must be cocked for each shot to get Single-Action on the trigger, this is ok, but not great. The Compact is cheaper (good) but shoots BB's (not so good).

    I'm not all that interested in guns which lack reasonable accuracy, but I really like the single action of the Compact. What sort of accuracy are people seeing on the CP99 Compact at about 10 meters?

  99. I need to replace the seal of my CP99 Compact. How do I access the locking nut? Is the locking nut at the bottom of the grip removed for a screwdriver to reach the seal locking nut? If yes, how? Could you kindly email the reply to aisquash@gmail.com

  100. Hi there,

    I just got the CP99 Recon, and after firing one magazine the slide does not stay cocked back once it's emptied. My regular CP99 compact did this after a few months. I'd rather not go through the whole exchange process, so would you happen to know why this keeps happening, and how I can fix it?


  101. E,

    While the CP99 Recon does have blowback, what makes you think the slide is supposed to remain open after the lest BB is fired? That's not how this gun works.

    The BBs are not fed into the barrel mechanically and have no way of indexing a slide stop. They are simply spring-fed to the top of the mag and blown out by the force if CO2. The gun has no way of "knowing" whether there are BBs in the mag or not, hence it cannot index the slide stop.


  102. Hi E,

    Youu've posted to an old blog. There are only a few folks that see thse old comments and if you want an answer to your question, please ask it on the currect blog

    Hope to see you there!


    PS If you got it from PA you can call their tech dept and ask them

  103. My slide release seems loose, and the slide is not catching when i cock it back. I don't have my original package so i can't return it to Pyramid Air i'm assuming. Can i fix this?

  104. Is the magazine in the gun when you pull the slide back?

    Thse guns are not made for the owners to work on them. Pyramyd AIR will have a record of the sale, so still contact them about this.

    The gun probably has to go back to Umarex USA.


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