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Education / Training Crosman’s 2240: Are we having fun, yet?

Crosman’s 2240: Are we having fun, yet?

by B.B. Pelletier

Here is a great pellet gun to get you shooting fast and easy. The Crosman 2240 is the modern rendition of a pellet gun Crosman has been making since 1956. I mentioned this is my June 27th posting, Crosman air pistols: then & now, and today I’ll take a closer look at the the gun you can now buy.

Modern technology makes a better airgun
Today’s 2240 is a better gun than the original 150 was when it was new. It has modern seals that almost never leak if you keep them properly oiled (with Pellgunoil – remember?), and a barrel that is very accurate right out of the box. The original 150 can be rebuilt with modern seals and many DO HAVE accurate barrels, but you can’t count on it. With a 2240, you can.

There is some plastic
With modern technology come the inevitable plastic parts. The 150 had plastic grips, and replacement parts like sights became plastic in the 1970s. Today’s 2240 has a plastic receiver, front and rear sights and grips. It’s a tough plastic that’s designed so there’s no stress on those parts. So, it isn’t as noticeable as it was back in the 1950s. You get a nice gun that sells for less than $50.

The gun is accurate
The barrel is well-rifled. With today’s pellets, you can expect some very decent accuracy. The sights are adjustable for both windage and elevation, but they don’t have click detents. Each adjustment requires you to loosen a screw and slide the appropriate rear sight element in the direction you want the pellet to go. The vintage guns didn’t have clicks either, so you don’t lose much there. In fact, the 150 was only adjustable for windage, though rear sights on the Crosman Mark I/II and S&W 78G/79G both LOOKED like they were click-adjustable.

You can mount a scope
Scoped pistols were not popular when the 150 and Mark I were current, but that has changed. Crosman now has an optional scope mount base that clamps to the gun’s barrel and provides 3/8″ dovetails for scope rings to clamp to. For a scope, try the BSA pistol scope that comes in black or silver finish.

You’ll need plenty of Crosman Powerlets and some Pellgunoil. One of the best pellets for this gun is Crosman’s own Premier. Because the 2240 comes only in .22 caliber, be sure to get the correct pellet caliber when you order.

The 2240 offers a lot of quality in an affordable package. It’s great for plinking, for informal target shooting, and even some close-range rat and pigeon elimination. It’s a wonderful air pistol that results from five decades of Crosman development.

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

98 thoughts on “Crosman’s 2240: Are we having fun, yet?”

  1. Another great reason to pick up a Crosman 2240 is the very active modding community on the internet. Although Crosman probably doesn’t encourage it, the 2240 is extremely easy to modify, and there are a plethora of 3rd party parts available, from steel and aluminum breeches with scope mounts to exotic hardwood grips. It’s a great gun that can be an outstanding gun with a few tweaks!

  2. I was wondering after considering the barrel length vs. velocity theory with CO2 bb/pellet gun. The walther nighthawk is said to have fps of 360, and the cp99 with a shorter barrel is also said to have the same fps. Does the nighthawk have higher fps then 360, or does the cp99 have fps less than 360?

  3. About the 50-yard set parallax on the BSA pistol scope. That should prove no problem due to the low magnification of the scope. Also, you will have more parallax from where you hold your head (relative to the scope’s eyepiece) from shot to shot than the scope will introduce.


  4. Regarding the CP 99 versus Walther Nighhawk velocity, it looks to me like they have barrels of equal length. I have tested the CP 99, so I can verify that velocity is accurate, but I haven’t tested the Nighthawk yet. Remember that “compensator” is just a hollow tube that adds nothing to the velocity.


  5. Ditto, BB’s comment about compensator:



    Compensators (real or not) would never do anything as far as velocity goes. In this case, just like B.B. says they are simply hollow tubes…

  6. Which would you recommend for short to medium hunting and shooting, a Crosman 357 or a crosman 2240. I usually hunt squirrels and pests. I would also like other peoples opinions. Maybe instead of the 357 kit, I might just buy a 2240 and trick it out

  7. I would like to ask(off subject of the 2240)if pyramid air sponsors church groups. I have heard that they have sponsored some royal ranger groups. I am in a ranger group and deeply involed in shooting and hunting. I would love to introduce these sports to other boys who cannot go shoot. I told my outpost about Pyramid Air and they wanted to know if you sponsored anybody. We were wondering if you even offered discounts or knew someone who does.

  8. I have a .177 caliber bb gun I was wondering about. It looks pretty old and has no markings. It looks and works like a red ryder. It has a plastic stock. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what it is and how much it is worth.

  9. On my bb gun, I finally found the marking “Daisy 105-b”. Can anyone tell me how much it is worth and if 10 dollars was a good price for it.(it works great, has a couple of scatches though, still coated in black, little rust)

  10. BB, I was wondering if you get paid by pyramid air and if you get free or discounted guns. I think getting paid to test and write reports on guns would be an awesome job. If you do getpaid, I would like to know how you got started etc. etc..

  11. Colt535,

    Pyramyd AIR sells the Blue Book.

    There is no air pistol selling for less than $500 that is suitable for hunting. And the “pistol” that I refer to is as big as an AirForce Talon SS.

    Please read the past postings about airguns and power. You will see the relationship between power and barrel length.


  12. BB!

    Im going to try this pistor but im looking for a cheaper scope. The BSA looks good but too expensive. Im new to air pistor so I dont want to waste too much money on my frist one. Any suggestion on a really cheap one?

    Thanks BB! May

  13. is May again. By the way, I got a shadow 1000 air rifle too. Are there any scope that can fit both Crosman 2240 and shadow 1000? If a scope that fit both than Im willing to pay more for it(about 100 dollars). I heard leaper are pretty good scope and what kind of mount I will need for the shadow 1000?

    Any help will be great! Thanks again. May

  14. May,

    There are no cheap pistol scopes. I suggest a red dot, instead.

    No scope for the 2240 can be used on a Shadow 1000 rifle, as well. Pistol scopes need to be held about 20 inches away from the eye. Rifle scopes are held less than three inches away.


  15. 2240 supe up,

    A lot of parts are interchangeable between the 1322, 2289, 2240 and 2250 (including barrels). Go to https://www.crosman.com/site/manual_nav and you can download the parts diagrams for all of these to see the parts numbers. You can order most of the parts by calling Crosman.

    Also check out BB’s blog on the 1377 at
    /blog/2005/8/1377-another-crosman-classic/. There is info there that applies to the 2240.

  16. how many powerful shots can i expect to get out of this airgun. by powerful, i mean that if max. velocity is 460 fps, anything over 350 fps. i would hope it gets a decent amount b/c powerlets can become very expensive if you want to shoot often.

  17. i know that this gun is capable of taking squirells and rabbits at close range with head shots etc. but would a hunting slingshot deliver more power for small game than this gun? i want to make sure my kills are humane.

  18. Hello,

    I just bought the 2240 and I’m looking for a website that shows a step-by-step instructions on how to create wooden grips for the 2240…
    Do you know of such a site?

    Thanks in advance,

  19. I’m going to order a 2240 from crosman’s custom shop. I’m going to put a 10.1 inch .22 barrel on it with a black muzzle brake, a long steel breech, a silver trigger spur, and cocobolo sportsman grips. I don’t want a longer barrel because I don’t want to compromise the handling of the pistol. Does anyone know how many fps this gun will shoot with the 10.1 inch .22 barrel and no other mods?

  20. Hmmm, 460-480 seems more like it. When I contacted crosman they sent me a table with the listed speed for the 10.1 inch barrel being like 430. Seem like thats a bit conservative to me. I’m also thinking about getting a 2250 for hunting larger game than with the 2240 like squirrels and rabbits which it will take stock but I want a little more speed for a longer affective range. Does anyone know what it’ll make with a 24 inch barrel?

  21. According to tests I ran with The Airgun Letter, a 24-inch barrel will slow the pellet back down to about where the 10-inch barrel is. A 16-inch barrel would be ideal, and you might see over 500 f.p.s. from a stock valve.

    That’s only true of CO2. If this were a pneumatic, velocity would keep increasing past 27 inches of barrel.


  22. Thanks a lot bb. Your a real help. If I were to mod the valve like put a heavier hammer and spring on it and enlarge the transfer port, wouldn’t the 24 inch barrel make the max out of it?

  23. I’m thinking of buying a custom 2250 from the Crosman custom shop. However, I would like to know if it comes with the rear sight if you choose to skip the scope. I just want the plain rear sights and it’s 24inch barrel. I might add a cheaper scope from there. Please help me,


  24. I just ordered a custom 2240. I opted for the .22 long barrel.

    I was just curious, but a longer barrel should mean a more accurate gun, am I correct. Also will this be adequate for squirrel control? Also, I’ve heard that this gun is rather loud? How loud exactly? Does the muzzle break effect the sound report as well? Thanks.

  25. Long barrels are not more accurate than short barrels.

    Your 2240 should be okay for squirrels to the distance at which you can keep all shots on a quarter.

    The 2240 isn’t loud for a CO2 gun. I don’t know how much experience you have with CO2 airguns but it sounds like a Sheridan Blue Streak on five pumps. It’s about 113-115 dB on the A scale of a dynamic sound meter measured 10 feet from the muzzle and 90 degrees to the side (outdoors).

    The muzzle brake has no effect on the muzzle report. It would be a silencer if it did, and subject to BATF&E regulation under the National Firearm Act, as a special destructive device.


  26. Shootthepigeons & anonymous (custom 2240):

    I have a custom 2240 (by the way, Crosman’s model number for the custom CO2 pistol is 2300KT) with the LPA mim sight and 14.6″, .22 barrel. The only options for open sights are the LPA mim and Williams (notched or peep) sights. I don’t consider my 2300KT loud. A plain 2240 will be louder because it has a shorter barrel.

    I think the custom CO2 pistol is one of the best deals Crosman has!

    .22 multi-shot

  27. Wow you write a fantastic blog! My head is spinning with all of the information and the research available out there. Question: I just ordered a stock 2240, and I am thinking of buying a 14 inch barrel for it for increased power. Is the mod just a simple swap out of the stock barrel to the new one? Or would I need to take it to someone who knows what they are doing?

  28. This is always a tough question to answer, because I have no idea of your skill level.

    Most people will find making a barrel replacement on a 2240 easy, but I have met people who will not change the batteries in a flashlight unless there are illustrated step-by-step instructions. If you are among that group, this is not the job for you.


  29. Thanks for the information on the barrel replacement– judging on your answer I think I can do it. I was just worried that it would require specialty tools (machining tools/gunsmith tools?) but I am fairly handy and have attention to detail.

  30. Which is more accurate at 25 yards for just target shooting the Crosman 2240 or 1377? I have a 1377 and find it very hard to pump, I oiled it with pellgunoil and its a little easier but not alot. Any tips how to pump it besides the instructions in the manual or will it get easier after it breaks in? I’m 18 and muscular but it won’t pump smoothly. I owned 2 other pneaumatics but they were rifles, the Remington Airmaster 77 was hard to pump the first 250 shots but then got real easy. Hope the 1377 does the same.

  31. What pellets do you reccomend for the 1377? One last quick question, how much would a Daisy 880 from the late 1980’s be worth? It has a cracked magnetic bolt tip and some exterior nicks near the bolt on the metal receiver but still shoots great. Its got less plastic on it than the Daisy 880S that is available now. Your help is highly appreciated in my new hobby of airgunning, thanks

  32. The 2240 is probably more accurate than the 1377, though that will depend more on the shooter than the gun.

    The 1377 is the easiest pneumatic pistol to pump that I know of. It doesn’t get any easier. Yours may have a problem somewhere. There are no special tips except to keep your hands close to your chest when you pump. But human nature usually corrects for that without saying it.

    I like Crosman pellets in the 1377. Premiers are especially good.

    A 1980s Daisy 880 will bring about $25 at an airgun show if it works.


  33. Hi guys! I just have a quick question..can the JSB predators .22 work in the 2240? I haven’t fully read the whole blog if someone already talked about this, but i want to know if it can be shot. ok, thanks!

  34. Hi BB I would like to ask what is the difference between :
    1.LPA mim sight
    2.Williams Peep Sight
    3.Williams Notched Sight
    Which would you recommend for target shooting with 2240?

  35. Bordam,

    The 2240 is a handgun – so all peep sights are out. They are for rifles, only.

    The Williams notch sight is a finely adjustable rear sight that would be great on the 2240. The LPA mim sight is a fiberoptic notch sight intended for rapid target acquisition. It isn’t as precise as the Williams.


  36. I see your $100 or less blog isn’t up yet, but I was hoping you could help me out and give me a suggestion for a “best buy” air pistol for youth. It’s only needed for plinking, but we’d like something relatively accurate so they don’t get too frustrated. We also need something that isn’t to hard of a trigger pull (or that can be easily and safely DIY’d to have a smooth trigger). They have experience shooting .22 rifles, and would like something to shoot at the handgun area of our range.


  37. Russ,

    If the kids are teenagers, I recommend the Beeman P17. It’s extremely accurate, but it takes some muscle to cock it.

    The Crosman 2240 is a good choice if the kids are younger. Because it’s powered by CO2, the cocking doesn’t becomes an issue.

    Either of these pistols can keep a pellet on a quarter at 20 yards.

    Air pistols are really not made for young people, so you have to make do with the few adult guns that will fit them.


  38. B.B., just a comment or two on scoping handguns. I used to shoot a lot of both IHMSA 200 meter handgun matches (no scope allowed), and also NRA Hunter Pistol matches(scopes allowed).The NRA was at 100 meters. My “money gun” was a TC Contender in .357 Mag using (believe it or not) .38 Special brass,110 grain JHP and Bullseye powder. I tested a lot of handloads before settling on that load. I used it in 100s of matches, and had a several years win streak at a range in Tacoma, Wa, where they paid cash (non-NRA matches).I used an Aimpoint rather than a traditional scope. I did not hold the gun at arms length, but used more of a “taco hold” which puts the gun much closer to ones eye. Many NRA shooters would use a high powered rifle scope and low recoiling calibers such as the .22 Hornet,.22 mag,.32 mag,etc. So, if someone wanted to practice at home for that kind of shooting, they could then mount a rifle scope on their handgun of choice.

    Thanks, Jon

  39. Yes, B.B., it’s still going. I’ve not been in there myself, but have driven by it.I used to belong tp the Paul Bunyan club in Puyallup.They had 200 meter IHMSA. I used to drive all over the place competing in those days.Shot at the Renton Gun Club,the Kitsap club near Bremerton,up at a club in Marysville, Wa., and others.My “Production” gun for 200 meters was a TC Contender in 30/30.It was a tack driver and only once did a good hit on the 55 pound 200 meter ram not knock that target over.30/30 may be a mild rifle caliber, but it’s a stout handgun caliber.
    Take care, Jon

  40. Hi BB, I have Crosman Lothar Walther barrel 10.1″ 177 cal. There is JSB pellets 4.49 mm diameter and 4.50 mm diameter which one will be the best for my barrel? Which would you recommend for me.

  41. 2240 very inaccurate. Tight group, but off target. Full deflection of sight insufficient to bring group to center. Factory unresponsive. I returned pistol, but was returned in same condition. Unusable in this condition = dangerous. Are there options? Seems I am not alone with this complaint.

  42. Mike,

    I have a few questions that might help figure out what is wrong.

    Which direction is the group off target and by how far?
    Is it consistent (for example: it always about 2″ to the right and 1″ high)?
    What is the distance to your target?
    What pellets are you using (i.e. Daisy Precision Max)?
    Is the barrel loose?
    Does the barrel look like it is mounted straight (parallel with the frame lines)?
    Does the front sight look like it is on straight (it is straight up and down)?

    One other question. Do you have both eyes open when you shoot? If so, close one eye and try again. I have a problem with this because I am left eye dominant, but right handed so I shoot right handed. If I leave both eyes open, my left eye takes over unless I concentrate. This will cause you to be off target.

    You can also join us on the currently topic at

    Lots of readers will see your questions there and may be able to help.

    .22 multi-shot

  43. Thanks for the response. At full deflection of the rear sight (dn & lt) the group is still 2" high X 2" right. Tgt. range = 10 yd. using sandbag rest. Pellets are std. domed Banjamin. Barrel & front sight straight & tight, but receiver and rear sight mounted a few degrees ccw from center line. Where would I go for aftermarket replacement parts for this pistol?

  44. Mike,

    There is a screw that goes through the rear sight into the breech. You can loosen that screw and see if you can adjust things. If you need parts, you can get the exploded view from Crosman. Go to http://www.crosman.com, click on the “download a manual”, click on “Crosman Pistol Manuals” and find 2240. You want the “C2240-EVP” document. That will give you part numbers that you can order from Crosman by calling them.

    You can also buy a steel breech instead of the plastic one from Crosman or a few other sources. The Crosman breech is at

    You can find links to other breeches at the Crosman Airgun Forum index.

    Here is a link to instructions on taking the 2240 apart.

    .22 multi-shot

  45. Some questions, you’ll see I am new to this site.
    I have seen the same pistol in .177 for over $100, is there a reason for that high price.
    Is the Beeman pellet gun oil OK for this type of gun? They seem to say it is the anti deiseling not the compatability with the sealsthat is the reason for using it.
    How many shots should one get from a 12 gram cylinder?
    What size group can it get at 50 feet.

  46. The Crosman 2240 is not made in .177 by Crosman. You may have seen a 2300T or 2300S, which are entirely different models with different specifications.

    Beeman oil IS NOT for sealing CO2 powerlets. Use Crosman Pellgunoil, only.

    A 2240 gets between 40 and 50 shots per CO2 powerlet. If you like, I can test it for you on the current blog:



  47. B.B.

    Can Pyramidair arrange to sell and send to India, a fully assembled custom 2240 with a 10inch or 16inch .177 barrel ?

    It seems Crosman site does not ship outside USA.



  48. Manish Karnik,

    There are several places that will do modifications like you're asking to a 2240 like mountainairguns and mac1.

    Unfortunately, although the U.S.A. is in general very pro gun, we have many places within the U.S.A. that we can't ship guns to (including airguns). These restrictions force all dealers to become experts about laws not only across state lines but within individual states since some cities have restrictions and the state doesn't.

    Dealers don't have enough demand from outside the country (with the exception of Canada & Mexico) to become familiar with every other countries laws and are therefore reluctant to agree to ship to other countries.

    I would suggest that you research your countries laws about importing an airgun like the 2240 that has been modified. If it is allowed you need to be prepared to provide written proof. I'm not optimistic that even with proof you will convince a large company to take a chance on breaking the law in shipping one gun to India but you may find an individual that, for the right price, would ship a 2240 with the modifications you want.

    I would suggest you check the crosman forum and the airgun classifieds. The airgun classifieds allow you to post a free WTB (Want To Buy) ad. Here's a link to the most popular airgun classified ads:


    Here's a link to everything crosman:


    Good luck!


  49. Dear Mrs. B.B. and Kevin

    Thanks for your inputs. we here are allowed to import air rifles and pistols but only in .177 caliber not .22. I am already in touch with Tim at Mac1 and h has offered me the 2300T. I am on a tight budget and when I saw visited the Custom shop on crosman.com I thought it would be possible to get one through pyramidair.com.


  50. I'm considering purchasing a Crosman 2240, but I'm unfamiliar with CO2 powered guns. Can you insert a new CO2 cartridge, fire a couple of shots, then remove the cartridge in a way that it can be used again later? Or would removing it result in 100% loss of CO2 from the cartridge?

    The owner's manual of the 2240 makes it sound like all remaining CO2 would be discharged, but I'm hoping to validate that by asking people in the field (you guys/gals).

    Any advice in this area would be greatly appreciated!

  51. ACSial,

    I assume you a re referring to a modification that was done on crosman 22** guns. These guns are still being modified at an incredible rate and in numerous ways.

    I'm not one of the many modifiers but you can find them on the current blog. Most airgunners are asking and answering these airgun related questions in the comments section under the most recent article that B.B. has written. You've asked your question under an article that B.B. wrote back in 2005 and not many airgunners check back on the comments under an article this old. B.B. writes a new article Monday-Friday. I would suggest that you go there and ask your question. Here's a link that will take you to the most recent article B.B. has written everytime:


    Hope to see you there!


  52. I am in need of the seal, for the co2 capsule. For my crosman 2240.

    Does anyone know where I can get it? ( or a whole seal kit)

    I am in USA

    Links would be helpfull thansk!!

  53. A few years back I bought a Crosman 2240. Right out of the box I was very impressed with the power. Then I started learning about all the modifactions that can be done to this pellet pistol. So I went and got a 2250 14" barrel, installed a back-cap Power Adjuster, Bored the valve out for more volume, and opened the transfer port up buy using an apx. 1/4" Brass fitting as the TP. The power increass was amazing! My 2240 easily shoots in the 600fps range and is great for small game hunting, Ie: rabbits, squarriels, vermints, etc. I have also installed some nice custom made wooden cocobello hand grips that have a nice hand-rubbed finish and a Nice SS Muzzel brake. Al, I need now is a steel breech so I can mount a scope which would allow me to actually use the muzzel brake. I also have the rare early 1950's Crosman 150 which is a "One-Peice" breech/barrel desgin. The 150 looks to be way better built with an all metal construction. The 150 can be modded also, but I don't want to ruin the antique value.
    All-in-all, if your looking for a cheaper pellet pistol that will have enough power to start hunting small game, right out of the box. Than the 2240 is a great choice, not to mention the power that this pellgun can be modded to. I've seen some shooting at 800-900fps!

  54. BB,

    I have a 2240 that modified with the steel breech and wood grips. It worked fine when tested last year. It has not been used much since. I always put a drop of pellgun oil on the powerlet on each insertion.

    The other day I pulled it out and began attempting to shoot some pellets out of it and it fails to push them out of the barrel. It does move air out the barrel. I am at a loss to know what the problem is.

    Any thoughts on the cause? Could there be a seal problem?


  55. Craig,

    I does sound like a seal problem to me. Crosman seals may be too soft to hold up with a fill for a long time. My 2240 had lost its charge after a year's storage.

    I suggest contacting Bryan & Associates for replacement seals. They will know what works best.


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