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Gamo CF-X

by B.B. Pelletier

I’m going to review an airgun I’ve never seen, held or tested. The only reason I’m able to do this is because it’s a Gamo CF-X, which resembles a BSA Superstar in many ways. I will really be talking about the Superstar and relating it to the Gamo, and there are several Gamo CF-X owners who have promised to assist me by posting lengthy and detailed comments to this post. Together, we should be able to get the gun reviewed for you.

Not that big a stretch
Oh, I forgot to mention, Gamo owns BSA and borrows their technology from time to time. The Gamo Stutzen, for instance, is almost a direct copy of the BSA Stutzen – but for $100 less. BSA optics are distributed worldwide by Gamo, and the two companies cooperate on a good many things. That’s why this post isn’t as much of a stretch as it seemed at first.

Look and feel
The CF-X is big, but not heavy. The stock is synthetic on the basic rifle, which means it’s an all-weather gun. It has an underlever that extends out under the front sight, and that adds to the large look. The stock is a dark charcoal gray, and the Gamo bluing, which is always above average, goes very well with the stock. Fiber optic sights front and rear make this a sporting rifle, though most owners will probably mount a scope.

Cocking is light and smooth
Here, I’m relying on my BSA experience. I found the Superstar cocked very easily for the power, and reading the Gamo specs indicates that this rifle does, too. If they copied BSA’s linkage faithfully, they got a lever geometry with a lot of mechanical advantage. You might think it always happens, but my experiences with the BSA Stutzen underlever tell me it doesn’t!

Shooting SHOULD be smooth
The BSA is VERY smooth, and Gamo also knows how to make a smooth shooter. I suspect that it’s not quite as refined as the Superstar – which is glass-smooth out of the box – but it could be. JB, a reader who has owned a CF-X for a year, says his gun vibrated a bit at first but has quieted down over 1,000 shots – exactly what I would expect.

Trigger leaves something to be desired
Triggers are the Achilles heel of all Gamo spring rifles. They have designed one unit, and they make it fit in all their guns. That would be okay if it was a good one, but a Gamo trigger starts out heavy, stiff and VERY creepy. However – it does break-in! I’ve fired Gamo rifles with over 6,000 shots on them, and the triggers were nearly as good as British or German triggers. JB says his trigger has smoothed out in 1,000 rounds. The thing to remember is this – the trigger does improve with lots of use.

Thanks to JB, I can report velocity figures. He tells us that his rifle shoots 10.5-grain Crosman Premiers at 742 f.p.s., 10.5-grain Beeman Kodiaks (he listed the weight) at 782 f.p.s., 7.9-grain Crosman Premiers at 887 f.p.s. and 7.3-grain Daisy Max Precision Pointed pellets at 938 f.p.s. That is in the ballpark I would have predicted. That means you can get 7-grain RWS Hobbys up to 965 f.p.s. and 5.7-grain Skenco Hyper Velocity lead-free pellets will probably surpass 1,000 f.p.s. I expect some of you new CF-X owners to report how close these numbers are to what you’re getting.

JB reports groups at 10 meters ranging from 3/8″ to 1/2″. I would assume that means center-to-center. He says his rifle likes both weights of Premiers and that the 10.5-grain Premier is possibly the single best pellet.

The rotary breech
The rotary breech is a cylindrical block that rotates to the left to open the breech of the barrel. A smooth steel ramp in the block guides pellets into the bore, though it may take some getting used to. If you just allow the pellet to slide down the ramp on its own, it can flip over on its nose and try to enter the breech tail-first. The trick is to push it down the ramp with a finger on top, so it can’t turn around. JB warns us to cock the gun before rotating the breech or you will tear some seals.

New CF-X owners – report!
We want to hear velocities, accuracy, difficulties encountered and your general impressions of the gun. Please make all comments to this posting, so they will be together.

At $200 for the basic gun, the CF-X is a bargain. Don’t expect it to outperform the Shadow 1000, but expect it to be heavier, more stable and eventually smoother. Buy the CF-X Royal, which looks VERY much like a BSA Superstar by the way, if you want a wood stock and the CF-X Combo if you want it with fries and a Coke.

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

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  1. I have an off topic question. Hope that’s okay. Some websites (mostly American) list the .22 cal Webley Hurricane as shooting at 400 fps and the .22 Tempest as shooting at 350 fps.

    Many Canadian and European sites list their .22 Hurricane as somewhat weaker. D&L Airgun in Canada lists the .22 Hurricane at shooting 330 fps. They don’t carry a .22 Tempest in order for me to compare the numbers.

    I’m jusr currious if America is guilty of fudging those numbers a bit or are the Canadians playing it safe.

  2. Comment about the GAMO cfx :
    I own this rifle in .22. I scoped it with a gamo scope 4-12X 40. This combo looks great but… is HEAVY in my opinion… The rifle is BULKY. It’s oversized. With a scope mounted on it, good luck if you want to shoot it off-hands (without resting it): it’s too heavy ! There is a nice stop-pin Gamo offers you when you buy the rifle. Many thanks Gamo, but the stop pin moves when you shoot because there is a considerable “jump”, (not really a recoil) when you fire it…A solution ? Mount à one-piece mount… and add some more weight to your baby… And this comes for all the hunters and and the old poachers (just kidding) :when you load the rifle you have to : put the underlever down and up. To open the breech. To put a pellet into the chamber (which is not obvious believe me : all pellets wont fit into the chamber) .Close the breech… Unless your prey wants to commit suicide, it has widely the time to go to the pub before going home… and before you fire. And as a conclusion THIS IS A WONDERFUL RIFLE, very powerful, AMAZINGLY ACCURATE up to 45 yards. With a JSB EXACT you won’t miss anithing witin that range and well over (I tested it).And in the .22 POWERFUL.The price is laughable… It’s probably the best bargain you could do if you are tight in budget and if you can’t buy more than one rifle.


  3. Jim,

    The power limit for air PISTOLS in the United Kingdom is 6 foot-pounds. In Canada, there is a limit of 500 f.p.s. for all airguns (I believe – maybe some Canadian readers can help me out with that?).

    It may be that the Webley guns selling in these countries are somehow power-limited (or velocity-limited, in the case of Canada), to keep from violating their laws. Because a barrel swap is so easy, a .22 can become a .177, and 500 f.p.s. might be exceeded, if the gun is alrerady close enough. But if Webley put a de-stroked piston in the gun, there would be no easy way to boost power beyond the legal limit.

    I am guessing on this explanation; I really don’t know. What I do know is that my Beeman version of the Hurricane shoots in the high 400s with light pellets in .177.

    I hope that helps,


  4. Despite the perception(?) of heaviness, when cocked, the CFX feels very well balanced. Atleast for me.

    One thing I forgot to mention in my earlier review was that you can fire the gun if the breech is accidentally left open! I did this once, yeah, I’m an idiot for getting distracted. :/

    The pellet only got shaken loose from the breech, and there was a sharp hiss accompanied by a small cloud of what I guess was oil smoke. I really hope I didn’t burn out a seal, but it doesn’t seem to have damaged the gun. The POI for my most accurate pellets hasn’t changed perceptably. I don’t have a chrony for velocity testing.

    Also, loading through the rotary breech was a bit fiddly at first, but I’ve learned a smooth loading motion in a day, which should only get faster with practice.

    My next order from pyramid is going to contain some heavier pellets, now that I see some decent energy levels with the Kodiaks.

    I really wish pyramid would offer something like Straight Shooters Ultimate Pellet Sampler. It’d make pellet selection so very much easier and cheaper!

  5. Hello,

    Sorry for the offtopic. I asked information about the RWS 48 some time ago, but decided that i would have way more fun with a cheaper lower powered gun with better optics. So I decided to buy a Weihrauch 97K Blue laminat and leapers accushot 16×56 fixed zoom scope.
    So i got the rifle and scope along with to tins of jsb exacts this morning(earlier then expected :D). I unwrapped it and *WOOOOW*ed OMG that scope is BIG with de 30MM body. I mounted it on the rifle (which looked stunning too) and picked it up. This combo was quite heavy but still managable.
    Shot it and it shot like a dream, zeroed it, kinda, but didnt have much time to shoot because of (making claymovies) obligations, accuracy was good i think. I was also able to hold the rifle quite stable because of the perfect balance (little top heavy though :-P). I love it and i cant stop looking at it. Is it allowed to post pictures here to illustrate how monsterously big the scope is?

  6. BB,

    I was really looking forward to reading you impression of the CF-X first hand.

    You can use mine if can’t come up with one.

    I once drove ’72 Chevy Malibu, do you think I would like the Camaro?

    just funnin’.. should be interesting to see the comments of other CF-X owners.


  7. BB

    BIG scope, shot it for about an hour today and it realy starts to weigh a lot. To give you an idea of the weight of this combo, my 15 year old brother in law could barely hold it up in shooting position, let alone cocking or even decently aiming it.
    The beautiful laminate stock up close, flip up caps open, it doesnt look yellow like in advertisement pictures.

    I realy like my rifle :-D.


  8. Charlie Da Tuna sells a trigger blade dropin for the CFX that will improve the trigger instantly. Highly recommended by a CFX owner (not me).

    The gun is very accurate (or can be) — it did very well in Field Target shooting at DIFTA this past year.



  9. For those who don’t know, you can insert links like this:

    [a href=”http://img362.imageshack.us/my.php?image=img00271ha.jpg”]Picture 1[/a]

    Just replace the [] characters with <> characters. (I had to type it that way, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see the html code.)

    The example above would yeild this: Picture 1

    The url to the page/object you want to link to needs to go between the double quotes (href=”like this”).

  10. B.B.
    On another off but related topic. my local air gun dealer says he refuses to carry Gamo products because of extremely bad customer service. i wanted your opinion and that of the rest of you, if you have any experience.
    i was considering buying the Gamo Compact as an entry level competition pistol.
    as always, thanks!

  11. Hello B.B.

    Here’s a follow-up to my other CF-X post. DSW got me interested in the 40fps difference between Crosman 10.5gr premiers and Beeman Kodiaks. I shot a couple more strings thru the chrono to verify. The results are similar… premiers 744fps, kodiaks 777fps. The Kodiaks are more consistent too, the extreme spread of velocities is half that of the premiers (26 vs 12.5). I also noticed that the Kodiaks fit a little tighter in the barrel. They require a little push to flush them up. I checked a dozen or so of each and found the Kodiaks average 0.006″ larger at the skirt (0.178 vs 0.184). This probably means they seal tighter and give more consistent velocities. Accuracy doesn’t seem to be affected. The weight I listed is an actual average of 3 samples of 10 random pellets. They average 10.45gr.

    I’m curious about the .22 version mentioned in one of the comments. I can’t seem to find a .22 version listed anywhere. Is it a discontinued model, or one only available in the UK? I like mine enough to buy another in .22!!

    It seems that many shooters key in on the velocity numbers and forget about accuracy and consistency. 1000 fps is a marketing tool, it’s really not a useful speed for pellets. Somewhere between 750 and 850 is probably the optimal speed for accuracy. I would rather hit it a little slower than miss it fast!

    I originally wanted to buy the RWS 48/52, or TX200, but didn’t want to spend a lot on my first spring gun. I chose the CF-x because of the underlever, synthetic stock and Combo price. This gun is a great shooter for the price. I’ve learned a lot about shooting spring guns and really enjoy it.


  12. jb said… “I’m curious about the .22 version mentioned in one of the comments. I can’t seem to find a .22 version listed anywhere. Is it a discontinued model, or one only available in the UK? I like mine enough to buy another in .22!!”

    The .22 caliber version seems to be only sold in europe.

    jb said… “I originally wanted to buy the RWS 48/52, or TX200, but didn’t want to spend a lot on my first spring gun. I chose the CF-x because of the underlever, synthetic stock and Combo price. This gun is a great shooter for the price. I’ve learned a lot about shooting spring guns and really enjoy it.”

    Those are the exact same reasons I chose the CFX myself.

    If my interest in airguns turns out to be more than just a passing fancy (I’m one of the few nuts that bought the centerfire conversion kit for the old remington 5mm rimfire magnum…), I’ll likely splurge on either a higher end springer (the RWS 350 Magnum looks sweet), or maybe even a PCP (the Airforce Condor is positively droolworthy).

  13. craigjwjr,

    One reason some distributors no longer sell the .22 caliber version of airguns in the U.S. is because of Wal-Mart. Here is how it goes:

    Some states like Michigan have passed laws declaring airguns in calibers greater than .18 to be firearms. I’m not certain of the exact wording of the law(s) but that is the gist of it.

    Despite the fact that these laws are in violation of U.S, law (title 5100, I believe) that prohibits any federal, state or local municipality from decalring an airgun to be a firearm, the law(s) stand because ithey are never challenged.

    Wal-Mart has such tremendous purchasing influence on the retail world that they set many of the buying rules. For example, they demand that their top 5,000 vendors have offices within 40 miles of Bentonville AR. That’s caused a HUGE development boom in that area, as well as the creation of a new airport – mostly to handle Wal-Mart traffic!

    Wal-Mart declines to stock .22 air rifles because these airgun laws are always in flux – usually at the local level – and they can’t keep up with them. Pyramyd AIR could tell you how difficult it is to keep up with the ever-changing airgun and airsoft laws in this country. So not stocking the guns is the simple way to stay legal.

    Companies like Gamo, who make millions from Wal-Mart, base their entire sales strategy on what Wal-Mart carries. Hence, no .22s. for the certain models they will be mass-distributing. Ever wonder why you can’t find a Benjamin 392 at Wal-Mart, but the 397 is there? That’s why. Now the CF-X is not among the guns Wal-Mart stocks, but the fact is, Gamo will move slowly on the importation of any .22 airgun. A gun like the 1250 Hurricane is very clearly outside the Wal-Mart sphere of influence, so it is imported.

    What I have said is not 100 percent correct. I hear about anomalies from time to time. But in general, if it weren’t for airgun dealers, the airgun situation in the United States would be bleak.


  14. BB, and all

    I purchased a CF-X for all the abouve mentioned reasons also. I would have bought .22 CF-X if I knew it was available.

    Wal-Mart infuence… amazing!


  15. I recently purchased a Gamo CFX in .177 here in Australia. Accuracy is good.It does appear to like Gamo pellets ( Magnum,round nose). Accuracy is some 1″ to 1.5″ at 40yards. Ive tried RWS field line pointed & hollow points in addition to H&N Silver points but they “aerosol” with groups better than 5 to 5.5″ at 40 yards. Trigger is fair at best. Do they wear in?

    I’m seeking advise about scope creep. I have a Simmons Airpower 4X32 scope with Hilver mounts. I’ve used the Gamo scope arrestor block in addition to using Loctite medium on all mount & ring screws yet I still have scope creep.

  16. 8462johnb,

    You need to read all the past posts on this blog. I’ve talked about Gamo triggers at length and they DO wear in! It can take several thousand shots.

    Also, your scope shift can be caused by so many other things than the mounts. Are you run all the way out on either windage or elevation? That does it every time. Do you shoot with a scope level? That’s a good way to tighten groups.

    There are many past posts on scopes and sighting-in on the blog. Use the Google search window on the currect post page. And there is an index (7 months) on September 30.

    Also, there are a number of scope articles on this site. Check them out and I bet you find some things that will help.


  17. No creep after a year of shooting with B-square airsport rings. They have a built in stop pin in one base. It registers into the hole in the receiver rail, no need for an additional scope stop. No loctite on my setup.


  18. BB,

    The accuracy on the CF-X is great.It is a bit heavy.The cocking effort is very light and it has great power.Overall is a great air rifle and looks great too.

    Now,I would like to know if you can mount a leapers 3-12×44 in the CF-X and still be able to load the ammo in the breech.


    One more thing,
    My friend bought a GAMO VARMINT HUNTER but wants a leapers 3-12×44 for better accuracy.He whants to know if you can still mount the laser and flashlight on the new scope.I ask because I thought that the scope would be too big and block the laser and flashlight.

    Thanks BB,and feel free to ask about the CF-X couse ill aswer.

    CF-X guy

  19. CF-X guy,

    Although there are five different Leapers 3 to 12 x 44 models, they all can be fitted to the CF-X. All it takes is high rings.

    As for your buddy also wanting to mount a flashlight and laser ahead of the scope, one probably wouldn’t be too bad, but both is a bit much. You will not be able to see the laser in the scope, but it will block some light, so be warned.


  20. CF-X guy,

    I have a Leapers 3-12×44 full size mil-dot SWAT scope (model # LESCP3-3125AOMD) on my CF-X. It is mounted with a single piece adjustable low mount. (I think low, maybe medium).There’s only 1/2″ clearence at breech area.

    The front of the scope ends right at the begining of the slide breech. I had to remove the rear sight to open lense covers.

    It was akward loading. It took about 40 to 50 shots to get used to loading pellets, but now it’s not a problem.

    I would probably go with one of the mini scopes Leapers has to offer if I was to do it again, they seem to have all the features whithout the extra length. However, this thing looks really cool. I like to look at people’s face as I open the case. My next scope will probably be model# LESCP3-3124MAOMD. And my next gun will probably be the .22cal CF-X!

    I am consistantly getting 1 1/4″ ctc groups at 50 yds. And that’s resting over the bar-b-que in the back yard! The CF-X is a great gun! The scope is awsome!


  21. HI

  22. Yes. Singer Sewing Machine oil is a particularly well-refined light machine oil that will do no harm to multi-pump pneumatics. Of course you know to oil the pump head, which is seen through the slot in the bottom of the pump tube when the pump handle is all the way out.


  23. thanks for the quick reply BB.
    one more thing, i am considering to buy an underlever springer.
    i believe it’s an imitation of Diana airguns (we dont have the original for sale here). what i want to know is, can i use singer oil to oil it’s chamber, or what commercial motor oil that can be use, cause there’s no way i could get pellgun oil or something like that here in indonesia.

  24. Indonesia,

    You can use a good grade of hydraulic oil or automatic transmission fluid to replace Pellgunoil.

    What you need for the chamber is a very high flash point, so any oil that is synthetic should be good. I wouldn’t use Singer oil for this.


  25. Soldering tin,

    That will unbalance the pellet. It won’t fly true. Also it would destroy the diabolo drag from the hollow skirt and your accuracy would suffer twice. Buying heavier diabolo pellets is the answer.

    You are heading towards a bullet with your filled pellet. Bullets are best shot by firearms. That may be where you want to experiment.


  26. BB,

    I originally wrote in re scope creep experienced with a Gamo CFX. Thanks for your response and suggestions. I visited the past posts and found their content helpful.

    I’ve had the CFX for about a month now and have put some 1700 rounds through it. I can report the following.

    Trigger: getting smoother all the time with the take up / release more predictable.

    Cocking: effortless and smooth.

    Recoil: Diminishing in so far as the associated discharge “Twang” ( not the best description) is less pronounced.

    Accuracy: Am using RWS (field lines / magnum 9 grains) and am achieving consistent 1″ C>C groups at 40 yards/ bench rest. Given the pests we have here I now have the confidence of placing shots in vital zones.

    Many thanks for your advice and that of others.


  27. BB.




  28. haque,

    Your pneumatic sounds like either a Chinese or Indonesian gun. When you can fire a pump gun twice with one pumping, it usually means the valve is closing too soon. Either that or it’s being over-pumped, which four pump strokes would not normally do.

    Now there are some multi-shot pump guns. Benjamin made three or four that I know of. But they would not shoot multiple shots with just four pump strokes.

    Have you modified your gun in any way? A lighter hammer spring or a lighter hammer would cause what you are describing.

    If your gun is Chinese, then I would suspect the valve seat. The Chinese guns usually use valve seat material with a durometer rating too low for the job. The soft material gets mashed and deformed in use and could probably cause the problem you describe. As I recall, the Indonesian Cannon rifle had similar problems.

    As far as oiling goes, it depends on what kind of oil you use. And because your guns are not Benjamins, I have no idea what kind of oil they need. Multi-pumps need to be oiled, but not too much and not with the wrong oil that can ruin the seals. Always follow the owner’s manual on oiling any gun.

  29. BB,
    The gun that i mention was brand new, and i havent do any modification yet, but i do suspect it’s hammer spring is too weak.

    btw, i was asking about oiling the new benjamin sheridan 397 (original one, not indonesian),
    because i read in an article that u cannot oil the pump, here is an piece of the article :
    “There is a cautionary note for Benjamin-Sheridan owners. My gun has the words: “AIR HOLE DO NOT OIL” stamped under the pump cylinder. I thought that odd, since one normally oils pump pistons. An air gunsmith told me that Benjamin-Sheridans now have an air valve that can suffer hydraulic lock if oil gets into them. Ouch. The gun will lock up. The only way to unlock it is to have an air gunsmith disassemble the gun and free the valve. Apparently the older style valves did not do this”.

    O yeah, yes my airgun is indonesian made. btw, do pyramid carries japanese made Sharp Ace? i heard that they are very good, but i cant get it anywhere. can you help?


  30. haque,

    The Japanese haven’t made the Sharp airguns in 20 years. They have been contracting them to Indonesia, according to my sources. The quality dropped, of course.

    What you were told about hydraulic lockup of the valve is news to me. Yes there is a “No Oil” hole. It’s been there for almost 40 years. Too many customers were over-oiling the gun through the air intake hole (that one). But Benjamins need oil on their pump heads like everyone else.


  31. bb,



  32. I just received my GAMO CFX earlier this week and have not had a lot of time to shoot yet. all the above praise does seem to be true, but I would like to know if anybody knows if there is an aftermarket peep sight that could mount to the scope rail on the back. the factory rear sight is decent but elevation changes can tweak the windage, and with the fixed barrel I would prefer to have the rear sight at the back of the rifle. Also the muzzle and therefore the front sight can move slightly on the barrel. Any Suggestions?

    S.G. Colorado

  33. S.G.

    There are two difficulties to mounting a peep sight on the CF-X. The first is getting it back far enough for your eye. The second is you will have to then elevate the front sight because all peep sights will be higher than your current sight line.

    Gamo makes a target peep, but I don’t think it will work on the CF-X


  34. BB,

    I think I now can give a review about my CF-X:

    I have had it for a month now and I have shot over 1000 times.
    In terms of accuracy it is very good.I get 1/2 with 5 shots center to center at 10 meters.I shot a rat at 80feet and got a head shot kill.

    It is quite heavy.But youll get used to it.

    The CF-X is very powerfull.My friend has a shadow 1000 and the cf-x outperforms it in accuracy and power.

    It is very light to cock{I mean very light so dont get scared when you see the 38 lbs cocking effort}The trigger is good and getting better.Tje open sights are great.I have a bsa 4×32 scope and ordered a leapers scope 3-9×44 for it.The CF-X is great.The only commplaint I have is the weigh and thet if you get distracted youll leave the breech open and that gets on my nerves.I dont think it hurts the gun though cause the performance of mine is still great after having over 20 of this accidents.

    Well there I go.The CF-X is a great buy and I love it!!!!!!!!!!

    CF-X guy

  35. CF-X guy,

    You see how it works? In December you had all those questions and now you’ve answered most of them.

    I have to tell you, the CF-X is a better rifle than I gave credit for. I have one now that I’ll be testing and reporting on.

    But you hit the important points. The only place I differ with you is the weight. Compared to an HW 77, a Beeman R1 or a Webley Patriot, or even a TX 200, this is a very light rifle. I guess it depends on what you were expecting.


  36. You are right BB.I have never had an air rifle before.Though comparing it with my friends varmint hunter it is heavier than the hunter but may be because the hunter is very light.I you have a question on the cf-x ill try to test it and tell you.

    CF-X guy

  37. BB,

    Im calling pyramidair and the number on the site does not work.Can you give me all of their phone numbers or can you ask them about the rings.I want the scope as low as possible.I would appreciate it BB.Thanks

    CF-X guy

  38. Down Under,

    I hope some of our Australian readers can help you with a source. The only dealer I know in Australia is Beeman’s of Australia, owned by Lewis Reinhold.

    As far as the velocity you can expect in .22, I would estimate 750-775 f.p.s. with 14.3-grain Crosman Premiers. That’s obtained by adding some energy to the .177 calculation (from the energy calculator in the Pyramyd AIR website) and converting it back to velocity with a heavier pellet. I’m estimating 19 foot-pounds in .22.


  39. thanks B.B,I went into a gun dealer the other day and he had the cfx gamo in .177.he said he sold hundreds.very popular.i asked about the .22 cal he said he can get one in.he said its a gamo cfx .22.i been trying to find info on this gun in australia through the internet but so far no luck.prob spent 10 hours searching so far.thats why i asked if they exist in aussie land cause i cant find anyone stocking it.i wonering if he met a diff model other than a cfx??will keep trying though..

  40. Highland Sports is the distributor of Gamo products in Australia. Search on the net will provide their contact details but sufficed to say you can get a CFX in .22 The rrp is AU $330. I live in Adelaide and my local gun dealer Fisher firearms ( 08 )8362 8977 have 3 in stock at time of writing.

  41. thanks John.you have been very helpful.looks like my question has been answered..will post some info when i receive the gamo cfx .22 air rifle which should take place in around 3 weeks time.im in north queensland australia and price is also $330 here..thanks again.happy plinking…nm

  42. one more question.i read on the internet that the gamo cfx air rifles come with a muzzel brake and that it adds as a handle to cock the under lever..can someone tell me more on this?

  43. nm,

    I personaly own the gamo cf-x.All I can tell you is that the cf-x,s muzzle lets the under leveler attach to it.On the break barrels like the varmint stalker{gamo} the muzzle acts as a cocking handle.Hope I answered your question.If you have another question please ask.

    CF-X guy

  44. thanks for the info.yes,now i see what the muzzle brake is.its that i was reading on the internet somewhere and they made it sound like the rifle had a muzzel brake to slow power.but now i see what they meant…thanks very much.nm

  45. nm,

    No problem.I hope you enjoy your cf-x.If I knew it existed in .22 cal I would have bought it.Still its a great gun and very powerfull.If you have questions please feel free to ask.Once again, congratulations on your purchase.

    CF-X guy

  46. Don’t know which of these brand names are used outside the UK, but….
    When it comes to pellets for the CFX (.22), I have found so far that H&N Field Target go best, and Webley Lazapell are also good, but it does not seem as happy with the Daystate 5.51mm equivalent of the H&Ns as they seem a bit loose-fitting.
    My Gamo Hunter 440 (.22) shows much the same preference.

  47. I see from Haque’s post that the
    Sharp Innova is still available in Indonesia. I purchased one there in 1996 and would like to have another one. Does anyone know if this rifle is available anywhere in the U.S.?

  48. well,still no cfx .22.been ordered almost 3 weeks ago now..funny that.the gun dealer said when i ordered the air rifle that it would only take 3 days to get here..mmmmmmmmmm.i think next time i will go to another dealer..
    anyway,i went into a diff dealer and bought rws super hollow points,winchester round nose,marksman round nose,wasp round nose,pro pell semi points,and rws super point pellets that i would like to test when this gun arrives..will be doing tests on rabbits and timber.will keep in touch…nm

  49. not sure of the nicke barrel.looked up on internet but found no info on this..
    with the speed using cfx gamo .22,i was told should shoot a 14.5 grain pellet at approx 720 to 750 feed per second.16 grains would prob be approx 700 feet per second..nm

  50. joe,

    the Sharp Innova is still available in Indonesia.
    i am surprised to heard that u purchased one here in indonesia.
    tell me, how long did u stay in indonesia, and where?

    i am in the borneo island.

    about what BB said, i think the quality of Sharp Innova in 1996
    and now is practically the same, it’s made in indonesia. i know
    because i recently buy a Sharp Niko. quite cheap too, cost me less than 40 bucks.
    Sharp Niko is much like Sharp Innova, except it uses wood as gunstock,
    and full metal receiver, not plastic like on innova.

    comes with a long barrel (about 5 inches longer than innova) and have
    a detachable silencer.

    i love this gun.

    may be u should get one too. u’ll love it.



  51. Has anyone here in the US been able to get the CFX in .22? I would prefer the Royal and would be willing to pay very good money. Also, I know that they are available in every (airgun legal) country in the world except U.S. & Canada. What would be the issues, if any, of driving into Mexico, buying one and bringing it back into country?

  52. well its now 4 weeks the cfx .22 was ordered and still no gun.as i said before the store owner said to me it would only take 3 days to get here..longest 3 days i ever came across.i will defanetly never ever buy anything from this gun dealer again..so we wait….
    am hoping (still)to place some info here on diff pellet results when this gun arrives..

  53. nm,

    Man,I hope you get your gun!!!.
    I know that every day you look at the picture of the cf-x in the computer and ask your self when it will arrive?Dont worry.A tip is to not think about it and when it arrives you will say THAT WAS FAST.See ya!!!

    CF-X guy

  54. had to laugh at your last post cf-x guy..yes,i must not think about it and dont look at the cfx pictures on the internet..but its so hard…(joking)
    anyway,i will keep in touch.cheers.nm.

  55. the gun dealer im buying the cfx from doesnt have a web sight.i believe the importer is some company in sydney.thats all i know..what i do is type gamo cf-x .22 and lots of info comes up.
    have you tried rws hobby or rws super point pellets?was wondering how good are they?..

  56. BB,

    I just ordered{ 2 minutes ago to be exact} A leapers 3-12×44 AO MIL DOT 30mm iluminated reticle,the medium mounts wich I think theyll work couse they say that the max is 45mm objetive and the scope is 44mm,a pack of beeman kodiak match pellets{first time I use something more than the copperheads or daysies}Wich I think,reading this blog every day,are one of the best.And I ordered the same scope and mounts for my friend.I cant wait to put it on.Ill tell you about it when I get it.Hope I get it soon!!!!!!!!!!!!:>}

    CF-X guy

  57. nm,

    I have a friend that tried the hobby pellets.They go fast but arnt so accurate in the cf-x in .177cal.I dont know how they will work on the .22cal cf-x

    CF-X guy

  58. rang this dealer today and they say the cfx .22 is in.will go in tomorrow to pick it up.i still cant beleive its here.i will repeat it dealer told me “oh it will only take 3 days to get here”this 3 days is now 5 weeks..yipeeeeeeeeee i get my gun at last.yipeeeeeeee..
    at the local club i was told today that they only use hobby pellets due to their accuracy..no other pellet comes close they tell me..they shoot to a max distance of 10 meters using .177 rifles and pistols.
    hoping to find some of these hobby pellets in .22 and give the results out.will keep you all posted. nm

  59. BB,

    Thanks for the good wiches.Ill let you know how they work out.You know that every day I come home to read the blog so I dont think ill forget.

    CF-X guy

  60. BB,
    Are the kodiac pellets more efficient on the cf-x than the premiers or exacts?
    And on the web I noticed two types of kodiacs.The normal and the match.What is the difference?

  61. BICHO,

    I think,from what I have read,that the kodiaks are good.I ordered some.I bought the match kodiaks.They are the same but hand picked.When I get them ill tell you about them.

    Also BB it feels good to be the first to reach the 100 post in the history of this blog!!!!!

    CF-X guy

  62. yes yes.i finally did get the cfx .22..didnt have much time to play with it but i will very soon.also picked up a few other brands of pellets which i will be testing.hoping to shoot it tomorrow as i have a day off work..

  63. by the way,any help on this one?
    i noticed there are no libricating holes with the cfx .22,your know the hole for lubing piston as all air rifles i have seen have them.i bought 30ml bottle of silicone 35 airgun oil but where do i use this?

  64. BB,

    Can you make a post of the gamo magnum pellets?I saw them on my local store and wanted your opinion.If you cant make a post forthem then please tell me their strengh and weaknesses.

  65. JB,

    I searched my pellet supply and I don’t have any Gamo Magnums on hand. I can tell you that Gamo makes very good pellets, and that the weight of the magnum in .22 caliber makes them interesting.

    They’d be worth a try.


  66. JB,

    Those lines are put there by the manufacturing process. They undoubtedly do create some turbulence, but not much because the main airflow doesn’t go near them. They make no difference as far as accuracy or velocity are concerned.


  67. well i had a bit of a shoot from my new cfx .22.i must say i am very very impressed with its power.i shot a large milk bottle(plastic) which was filed to the top with water at 15 feet,stood the bottle sideways and had 2 quick shots.i wanted to stop the pellets inside the bottle to see the riflelling on the pellets but the pellets went straight through this bottle.i used winchester round nose.pellets traveled through 7 inches of water and still managed to go completely through,so i never got the pellets.
    was impressed with the amount of lands (riflelling)inside the barrel.12 of them.enough to stablise any pellet and aid in accuracy.
    made up a paper target with a black dot of 3/4in round,set it up at 30 feet and had a few shots using rws hollow points and winchester round nose.both pellets shot with the same accuracy.3 shots with each pellet type and all within 3/4 of an inch grouping.very impressed.i was set up on a plastic table sitting down with a sand bag using the open sights (iron).
    thats all i have time for but i will put for info here soon..

  68. Here is a few likes and dislikes i found so far with the gamo cfx .22.
    I absolutely dislike the 2 stage trigger as i am use to my centerfire rifles without it.
    The 2nd stage of the trigger is adjustabled??is it??? I cant feel any diff from screwing the screw all the way in or out..
    1 lousy screw holding he front sight.wonder if later on as i shoot more with it,that this screw is going to work loose.Cant tighten too much due to the sights threads being plastic..
    The breach takes a while to load a pellet.You dont want a very fast 2nd shot.
    If pellet is not all the way in hard,as you close breech it cuts and mangles the pellet.I found a few brands that are impossible to load in this gun.The skirts are a little to big for this particular gun but fits other brands like diana,bsa and crossman.
    No oil hole.This is the first air rifle i seen without one.
    I like the power of this gun very much.
    Accuracy is ok.
    I like the 12 lands inside the barrel.
    Looks great.
    Balance is nice.
    Scope rail is nice and solid.
    Finish is neat and tidy.
    overall i would give this gun 85 out of 100….

  69. Oh,one more thing i forgot to mention that i liked on this gun.
    The rear sight has 2 optic fibre green dots and the front with its orange optic fibre which make sighting in high or low light very easy..

  70. nm,

    About your dislikes like the problem with the breech that you mangle your pellets,that happened to me and you only have to spend a week or two shooting and youll get used to it.A trick is to push it with your finger nail.Hope you send me the pics to

    hernan_classic@yahoo.com {thats my full email address}

    CF-X guy

  71. cf-x guy,yes,i learnt the finger nail method to load the pellets.i think its the only way to push them all the way home.
    i have sent you a few pics of my gun and an assortment of pellets i intend to test and give details of results as promised.hope you receive the pics and hope you like them..can anyone help on this question..with the cfx,which way do i turn the screw that adjusts the trigger to lessen effort required to fire? in or out..?i cant feel any difference whether i screw it all in or out…

  72. nm,

    Thanks for the pics!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope you enjoy your cf-x.

    Today I was enjoyng mine with the leapers 3-12×44 scope.I had a lot of fun with it.When you wanna scope your cf-x do it with this scope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CF-X guy

  73. TWE,

    Pellets that go fast is no problem. There are plenty of light pellets that do that.

    The problem is hitting. For that you need accurate pellets, and they aren’t the ones that go fast. My recommendation, based on the testing I have done, is the Crosman Premier 7.9-grain pellet. Read about it in the February 21 posting, where I actually tested the CF-X


  74. TWE,

    Kodiak pellets are one of three pellets that I consider the best in the world. JSBs are the tops and Crosman Premiers are next.

    In the Gamo CF-X I got mediocre accuracy from Kodiaks. The CF-X is a springer and doesn’t seem to like heavy pellets – at least not the one I tested. The actual CF-X test was posted on Feb. 21.

    The CF-X is a bit too light for raccoons, in my opinion. Yes, with a perfect shot, the rifle will kill the animal, but I like something more like the AirForce Condor for animals that large.


  75. BB,

    Thanks.Its just that I only have my cf-x and want this racoon out.I think it has rabies so id better be carefull.I ordered some eujin 16 grain pellets because ill be shooting from my windo to my garage thats only 10ft away.

    BB,I was thinking,from what ive read,that there are some people that dont know what animals to hunt with their air rifles.

    I wanted to ask if you could make a post about airguns and the animals that these can take.I mean like a 1000fps air rifle can take on an animal of witch size.And wich pellets to use and at what distance so you can make an accurate shot.Well,thanks and hope you understand what im saying.Thanks BB,


  76. TWE,

    Okay, for a 10-foot shot, you need to practice, practice, practice! That’s the hardest shot to make with an airgun – especially one that’s scoped.

    Forget the Eun Jin pellets; Kodiaks will do the job. You’ll give up too much power with the Eun Jins. Be prepared for a LOT of thrashing after you take the shot. Be ready for many backup shots. I wish you had a firearm backing you up. This sounds very dangerous. If the animal comes at you can you get away? Will the animal then prevent people from leaving your house? Are there any pets (yours or the neighbors) that could become involved? What if nigh falls and the animal has not been accounted for/ What if a neighbor comes over (or a newspaper delivery person or the mailman) when this is going on?

    Actually, if the animal is suspected to have rabies, your local law enforcement or county agent should take care of this for you.

    As for what animals to hunt with which airguns, I’ve already done that in several posts. And regarding the distance – it’s the distance at which YOU can make an accurate shot. The gun and ammo are secondary.


  77. BB,

    I belive it has rabies but the racoon comes to eat my chiken in the night.I live in a farm and dont have neighbors.And my wife left me so im the only one here.As for the eujin pellets{I already ordered them}how fast will they go?And can they do damage at those speeds at 10 to 25 feet?


  78. BB,

    About what TWE is saying,I have a gamo shadow 1000 and have some eujin pellets{new and never shot one}If it goes 600fps,what kind of animals could you hunt for at short distance?I mean like, can you give me an example for the biggest animal you can kill humanley with that pellet at that speed?


  79. JDB,

    It’s not the pellet as much as the gun and the power it develops. A Shadow 1000 develops 13-14 foot pounds – less with a heavier pellet. I would say squirrels and cottontail rabbits are the limit for such a gun.


  80. Wow you guys are really responsive! i was expecting something maybe in a few days. I was also admiring that leapers scope in the other CF-X article but as a college bound kid i’m looking for a way to justify any more uh… investments… just how good is it? is it really that much better than my stock BSA scope? Or are there any quality “value” scopes?

  81. Back in the 1970s, before airgun scopes were invented, I shot a Feinwerkbau 124 with a Tasco firearm scope. According to the wisdom of today it shouldn’t have worked, but it did.

    Keep on shooting. And, yes, Leapers scopes are noticably better than BSA – but not worth wrecking the budget.


  82. What’s your opinion on the current crop of Gamo guns with polymer barrels with steel liners? And do you think it’s a drawback that they’re only fitted for scopes?

  83. I have zero experience with any Gamo two-part barrels, so it would be inappropriate for me to comment on them.

    I do think that a lack of open sights is bad, but Gamo must feel that enough shooters use scopes that it makes sense to build them this way.


  84. cfx royal in .22 came today!!! open sights r deadly and the power is magnificent..just mounted a 3-9×40 smk..
    never used scope before, only used break barrel rifles open sights for pest control..
    can i have some instruction on zeroin the scope guys? thanx

  85. gday,
    I’m just about to purchase the gamo cfx to use for small vermin hunting, but also some plinking occasionally
    I am aware that compared to regular spring piston air rifles, the cfx has stacks of power and i am wondering what wood i could use for a suitable backstop for plinking, so that the pellets would not ricoshay, can some one please help me??

  86. Jon,

    The wood you are looking for is called steel! Wood is never a good backstop for a powerful spring piston air rifle. One shot may not go all the way through, but sooner or later you’ll hit in the same place and two or three shots will eventually penetrate.

    You want a steel plate of at least 10-gauge mild steel, slanted at 45 degrees. There will still be bounceback, caused by the pellet fragmenting when it hits. My advice is to buy a .22 rimfire bullet trap or a silent pellet trap.


  87. BB,
    I got my CFX a week back. I found the shot is very low on 10m and 20m. I had to unscrew to the maximum level the Elevation adjustment. I was wondering if it is normal.


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