by B.B. Pelletier

Today, I’m reporting about the things YOU seem to like the best. By looking at the responses since this blog began on March 1, 2005, I can tell you the hottest topics among our readers.

The first hit was the blog about S&W pellet pistols. It was clear back on April 7, 2005. We were getting maybe 6 or 7 comments per post, but this one is up to an astonishing 41 and counting! It’s bringing in collectors and owners who search for any information about their guns.

On April 18, we talked about two very rare Daisy BB guns and got good response. The next mega-hit was about Crosman Pellgunoil, and all the responses came from readers of this blog. There were 31 comments, and a lot of people either learned something new or confirmed what a wonderful product Pellgunoil is.

Our next smash was the May 26 posting about whether or not longer barrels are more accurate than shorter barrels. That one spawned a handful of related topics about rifling twist rates and diabolo pellets. On June 1, I posted a blog about the range at which you should zero your scope and really kicked over an anthill! That posting got many comments, but it started an ongoing discussion about sighting in a scope that isn’t over yet!

Readers apparently LOVE the Walther PPK/S, because that was the next big response. It’s still bringing them in from internet searches. About that time, the number of daily comments began to increase, so I changed my criteria for what makes a hit. The next big favorite came on July 13th with the posting about the Crosman M1 Carbine. That one has 46 comments at this time and is still bringing them in! Apparently, the M1 is a gun many people remember fondly!

The posting titled Who needs foot-pounds? started a lively discussion. I think many readers didn’t know about Pyramyd Air’s energy calculator.

The next bell ringer was the Crosman 1377 multi-pump pistol. Apparently, this is another urban legend that we all had heard or wanted to believe. On August 22, the posting about the Drozd BB submachine gun drew a lot of comments because I said not to shoot steel BBs. EAA, the Drozd importer, is now aggressively telling people that steel is okay! I still think it’s a wonderful airgun, regardless of what it shoots.

On September 16, you got pretty worked up about the Daisy 22SG multi-pump rifle. We’re still getting comments about that one. Oddly enough, the Sheridan Blue Streak hasn’t drawn anywhere near the number of comments as the little Daisy. A few days later, the posting on the Benjamin 392/397 was another favorite! It seems that shooters admire the Sheridan but buy the Daisy and Benjamin.

You liked the five posts about the air shotguns, but the response was nothing spectacular. The post about the Diana RWS 46, however, was a big winner, with 42 comments and counting! I think you like guns that are good but perhaps not mainstream. I say this because I’ve been pushing the TX 200, which has been received by nothing more than yawns!

The next topic you really liked was Improving accuracy with a spring-piston airgun. I think a lot of you are curious about your guns and would like to know more about what’s inside. Then, I told you about My first airgun, and you went wild! Apparently, we need to talk more about the good old days! A lot of you have fond memories of your first airgun, and I will look for ways to bring that topic back several more times.

It came as no surprise that the post on the Daisy No. 25 pump BB gun was also well-received several days later. I was starting to catch on to what you like. Several days later, I posted Like to be an airgun collector? and got the expected good response. Quite a few readers took my advice and bought the Crosman 760 Commemorative. I got one for Christmas! Keep it in pristine condition if you bought it as an investment (mine is). Remember to hold on to the original box and keep it in perfect condition, as it always adds value if you want to sell it later.

The next hot topic was Why foot-pounds is the most meaningful airgun power rating. All of you don’t agree with me on this subject, and you aren’t afraid to voice your opinions! Daisy’s 953 single-stroke rifle was a real hit, with 45 comments and counting. You guys sure love those Daisys! I finally managed to dredge up some interest in Sheridans with the post Three principal Sheridan variations. Most of that was talking back and forth with a couple readers, however. You guys are more of a Benjamin, Crosman and Daisy crowd, in general.

One recent post that astonished me was the one on the Crosman 357 GW kit. I wrote it just to cover a gun I hadn’t yet looked at, but the response was very enthusiastic. Apparently, this is another classic with all of you. Another surprise was the posting Can you hunt with a BB gun? It turns out that a LOT of you like to hunt with your airguns. I’ll keep that in mind for the future.

Now, for the No. 1 all-time favorite airgun posting! It was the one on the Gamo CF-X. I got trashed by one lurker, but the rest of you came to my defense, which accounted for about a quarter of the 55 comments we received. There’s no doubt that this is your current favorite air rifle. Pyramyd Air has sent me one to test, and I’ve already shot it a few times. I’m very impressed, and my previous comments still hold.