Big news!

by B.B. Pelletier

Many of you know that Webley & Scott was purchased last year by Airgunsport. Production of the airguns ceased and will resume some time later this year. Three models will be made – the Patriot Export, the Tomahawk and the Xocet. These airguns will be produced outside the UK but will be the same as when they were made in England.

Pyramyd Air bought the remaining British airguns
Josh Ungier informed me yesterday that Pyramyd Air purchased all the remaining British-made airguns from Webley. This is an opportunity to own one of the very last guns made by this manufacturing legend in its native land.

Prepare to act fast!
I just toured the Webley guns on the website, and I see a lot of holes. There is a final shipment coming, so if you have a specific gun you want, it’s time to make your deal. After this final shipment, there will be no more new British Webley airguns. Ever!

Will the quality suffer in the future?
I don’t think so. Webley’s Managing Director, Tony Hall, is still at the helm of the brand and will be guiding its quality. Tony is a respected member of the airgun community. With him at the wheel, the quality of the new guns will remain as high as when they were made in England. However, when the guns hit these shores, I will arrange to test one for you. You will be the first to get my report on that!

Dominators are in!
There’s more good news. The Walther Dominator, the field target version of the Walther LG300 10-meter target rifle, is now being stocked by Pyramyd Air. This rifle was developed by Walther as a project for Smith & Wesson. When S&W lost interest in airguns, Walther continued to develop the gun on their own. Their engineers incorporated features into the Dominator that no other airgun in the world can touch. One of these is a super-long scope rail to permit the easy mounting of very large scopes. Another is the extremely ergonomic stock of the LG300. Sill another is a fully isolated free-floated barrel that suffers no affect as the air tank discharges and moves.

The specs list the velocity at 1,000 f.p.s., and this rifle can do that. For best accuracy shoot .177Beeman Kodiak pellets at just under 900 f.p.s. The engineers worked some magic to get you nearly 200 shots at 21 joules (15.5 foot-pounds).

Two different Dominators
The two models are the classic fully adjustable aluminum stock and the traditional laminated stock that appeals to those who love the feel of wood. The action is the same in both guns.

So there’s the news. The time to own a new British-made Webley is right now!

31 thoughts on “Big news!

  1. Ya the Walther Dominator is out but who the heck would pay almost 2000$ for the thing?Too bad Webley & Scott doesn’t have any guns I like in my price range.Seems like it is hard to find and airgun under 400$ that shoots 800fps or better in .22,although I really would rather shoot for a gun that is 250 or under at that power but I only know a couple for that are that price.That is why I decided to wait on a reveiw on the Sheridan Legacy,because of the price and I know they are usually very nice for their price.(Probably because crosman owns Benjamin & Sheridan)

  2. Jed,

    Try the RWS Diana Model 34. It shoots 800 fps in .22 cal. It’s listed at $219 on the Pyramydair website. It’s not on the par of some of the higher end guns, but I think you’d find it superior to the Legacy. I don’t know what B.B. thinks, but I found it to be the best .22 cal gun you could buy in the $200 range. I’ve been happy with mine.


  3. I notice that the Webley & Scott Xocet is available in .22 cal at 720 fps. Pyramydair lists it at $238. I would guess this also to be a very good air rifle.

  4. can you give me some tips on care and cleaning the crosman Nightstalker .177
    and would you recomend using the ballistic pellets with the copper core

  5. BB,

    Ya talked me in to it! I just ordered a Webely Raider Venom. This will be the first Webely in my collection. BB, do you have any thoughts or personal expiriences with this rifle. I can’t wait!


  6. My dad and I go target shooting in the mountains. I own a M1 Garand .30-.06 rifle and it is very heavy to carry around. I was thinking of getting the Crosman Nightstalker which somebody mentioned above. is this a good rifle to get to target shoot instead of an M1 and is it easy to take care of and clean? for long distance shots what is the best .177 pellet to use?
    Thanks for the great advice,

  7. B.B. after I read what you say about the Legacy,I will ask advice on which is better that Diana 34 or the Legacy.The legacy is cheaper priced so Id rather by that if power and accuracy is pretty much the same.I really dont care that much about how the dtyle or feel is that much.Glad to know it is coming soon but if I do not buy the Legacy the Diana 34 was definately my next choice.

  8. So after you do come out with the report on the Lagacy aand read it over I will likely ask which gun would be a better choice between the Lagacy and the RWS 34.

  9. P.S. BB
    I read your artical about the nightstalker back in february and the information posted be pyramidair. i noticed that the 88 gram co2 tank is good for about three hundred shots what if i want to shoot 100 what do i do about the remaining co2 left in the tank?
    i really think you should put up a post on sighting in scopes that would be useful to a lot of people. thanks for the information and it has helped me solve alot of my problems and i will continue to but from pyramidair

  10. NightStalker,

    There is no cleaning of airguns, except under very specific circumstances. However, with the NightStalker, always put Crosman Pellgunoil on the tip of the PowerSource cartridge before piercing.

    As for any pellet other than lead, I don’t recommend them. Lead works best and has the best accuracy. They others are not in contention when it comes to accuracy.


  11. NightStalker 2,

    Shoot your 100 shots and leave the AirSource in place. Mine has been charged for 5 months and is still holding. If you want to dump the gas, follow step 3B in the manual.

    Crosman recommends not storing the gun with gas in it.


  12. Jason,

    The Webley Raider is made in Sweden by FX. I tested it about six years ago. It was also known as the Rapier in single-shot form, and it was also sold by RWS and a number of other firms.

    The Raider is very accurate. It’s a 2-shot, which is unusual in precharged-guns, but this one was made for hunters. I think you will enjoy your new rifle very much.


  13. Dominator question–
    Pyramid lists three options in its description of this product. But you can’t choose any of them when you order one online. What’s the deal?

    Here are the options, copied from Pyramid’s web site:
    >The 300 bar compressed air cylinder is also available with an optional QUICK-FILL adapter.
    >A further optional accessory is a stronger trigger spring for a maximum trigger pull weight of 300 grams.
    >The FT Shooting designed WALTHER rifle scope 10-40×56 with reticle no. 15 and EAW mount completes the accessories range.

  14. Tom C.

    Okay, the Dominator product description needs to be cleaned up a bit. For sure Pyramyd isn’t going to stock the Walther scope. And I don’t know about the other things yet.

    The description went up quickly when they got the rifle, so it will be corrected.



  15. BB,

    What would the likely results be from using the Kodiak in:

    Sheridan CB9 Bluestreak .20 cal 675 ft/sec.?

    IZH-Baikal 61 .177 cal 490 ft/sec.?

    Thank you.

  16. Benjamin doesn’t make the Blue Streak. Sheridan does. Although Crosman now calls the company Benjamin Sheridan, it’s important to note that all the .20 caliber guns are Sheridans. The gun will kill small game to 35-40 yards reliably.


  17. Thanks for the tip on the Webley’s BB.

    I’ve just purchased one of the last of the Birmingham Longbows. If what the rep had told me is correct, there are only about a dozen left, all in .177.

  18. Mr. BB.
    This blog is a great source of information. I recently purchased a Longbow from P.A.G. and I’m having a heck of a time with the mounts and rings moving. How can I get the scope to stay in place? I’m wondering if a regular clamping scope stop will work because I have the current rings backed up to the end of the dove tail now and it’s slicing into the receiver clamps of the mount as it is. I’m using two pc. Leapers rings. I have no place for a recoil stop pin. Has anyone drilled their own? Thank you, Tom

  19. Tom,

    You should be using aluminum mounts that will deform against the steel cutouts of the Webley dovetails.

    You might try BKL mounts, though they are currently very hard to find. May people claim they clamp hard enough to resist movement.


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