by B.B. Pelletier

I’m surprised I’ve never reported on the Diabolo Speedloader. As many articles as I’ve written about Umarex pellet pistols, I’ve only mentioned it three times, and never done an in-depth look until today.

What IS a speedloader?
A speedloader is a tool to help you load the circular clips for certain repeating airguns. It organizes pellets and starts them into the clips. Another part of the speedloader pushes them all the way in – and you’re done.

How it works
Step one is to place seven empty clips on the base of the speedloader, with their ratchet side up. Next, place the loading plate over the base. Two pins will align the plate so the holes in it are in line with the holes in the empty clips. Step three places a retaining ring around the loading plate, so pellets will remain on the plate when they are poured on it. Now, the speedloader is ready for pellets.

The loader base has short pins to align the clips.

The loading plate fits on top of the base, over two plastic pins.

A retaining ring slips over the loading plate.

Pour pellets onto the speedloader. Notice that some have already aligned with holes! The retaining ring keeps the pellets from falling off the loading plate as you move them around.

I moved the pellets with my finger until all fall into a hole. I removed the retaining ring, which created two wide notches, and pushed the leftover pellets back into the tin. You’re ready to push the pellets into the clips with the pusher plate. Some pellets are higher than others because there are small variations.

Pushing the pellets into the clips
The pusher plate has pins that push all the pellets to the same depth. The base plate has very short pins to keep the pellets from going too far. Look at this photo of a Crosman 1077 speedloader to see the relationship of the parts.

This photo of the parts of a 1077/NightStalker speedloader illustrates how they work together.

Don’t go for a speed record
The first few times I used a speedloader, I botched it pretty bad. I realized the instructions said it takes less than one minute to load seven clips, and I was timing myself! After I stopped doing that, the speedloader got a lot easier to use. It was made to load wadcutters, but domed and pointed pellets load the easiest. Not watching the clock is the real secret to this job.

This speedloader works only with Umarex clips (not the Daisy, Crosman or Gamo clips that look similar), and the larger speedloader works only with clips for the Crosman 1077 and NightStalker. If you shoot a lot of pellets through these guns, you need a speedloader!