Read the first part of this review (The Logun Domin8tor: Part 1/A light hunting rifle worth consideration).

by B.B. Pelletier


I’ll finish looking at the Logun Domin8tor today. Let’s start at the range.

Getting ready
It took 60 pump strokes to fill the rifle from 2,000 psi to 3,000 psi. On high power, you get about 18-20 shots. That’s about three pump strokes per shot. While filling the gun, I noticed that the fill port is always open. That’s unacceptable for a hunting airgun; however, the solution is simple. Just cover the fill port with something that prevents dirt and debris from entering the port. If dirt is blown into the reservoir during a fill, it could cause a leak if it gets onto the surface of the valve. Keep the fill port as clean as possible!

The bolt and magazine pin are both withdrawn.

Loading the magazine
Nothing could be easier! Pellets seem to drop into the funnel-shaped chamber openings in the circular magazine. The Logun Domin8tor is made by FX of Sweden, so their magazines fit the gun. I found JSB Exacts especially easy to load. Be sure to inspect the pellet skirts before you load them, or have a ballpoint pen handy to pop out the bad ones.

The Logun Domin8tor stock has enough drop at the butt to feel comfortable shooting off a bench. When the rifle fires, a strong puff of air is felt on the left hand. It’s coming from the magazine slot and is completely normal. The magazine rotates counterclockwise when the bolt works, and there’s an inspection slot in the right side of the receiver so you can see if a pellet is available for the next shot.

Other features
There’s a pressure gauge under the stock to tell you when its time to refill. There’s also a Picatinny rail molded into the bottom of the synthetic stock to accept a bipod. If you own a silencer, you can attach it to the muzzle. It’s threaded on the outside with 1/2″ fine threads. My own .22 rimfire silencer has 1/2″ by 28 threads that are common on firearm silencers but too coarse to fit the Logun Domin8tor. Of course I could have an adapter made. The 19.7″ barrel is entirely free-floated.

I shot on two different days. One day there were breezes gusting to 10 m.p.h.; the other day was dead calm. The results from both days were similar. On high power the best 50-yard 5-shot group of JSB Exacts measured 0.821″. The average JSB group was just under nine-tenths of an inch.

Best 50-yard group of JSBs measured 0.821″.

On both medium and low power, the groups opened to 1.25″ to 1.5″. I did try shooting Crosman Premiers, but the groups were much larger so I didn’t pursue them.

With 20.5-grain Logun Penetrators (shot only on high power), the best group at 50 yards was 1.057″. One group with that pellet was 1.40″ but most were close to the one-inch mark.

The bottom line
The Logun Domin8tor is a lightweight, powerful rifle that should be considered by hunters. You’ll like the fast cocking action, the built-in pressure gauge, the power adjuster and the 8 quick shots.