by B.B. Pelletier

We got a question last week about the CP88. The guy asked whether it was “worth it.” I don’t know how to answer that, because I don’t have that guy’s value system memorized. The best I can do is tell you how a gun performs and let you decide whether or not it’s worth it. Today, I’ll look at the new Walther CP88 Tactical.

CP88 was the FIRST pellet gun from Umarex!
I’ll never forget when I first picked up a CP88. I said to myself, “They’re going to sell a million of these,” and I bought one of the first ones to come into the U.S. The gun is so realistic that I immediately went on a hunt for a 9mm P88 firearm to accompany it, but alas, they were already winding down production on that model.

What IS a CP88?
A CP88 is an 8-shot pellet pistol powered by CO2. It’s actually a revolver disguised to look like a semiautomatic pistol, but Umarex made the double-action trigger so light and smooth that it’s hard to tell from a real semiauto. The gun can be fired either double-action by pulling the trigger or single-action by cocking the hammer first. The gun is all metal with thin plastic grips, though walnut grips are available.

Inserting a new CO2 cartridge
Put the gun on safe. Pop the left grip panel off by pressing on the round button on the right rear of the triggerguard. You now see the cartridge in the grip frame. To release the old cartridge, pull down on what appears to be the front of the magazine lip, but it’s actually a cleverly disguised lever. If the cartridge is spent, a small amount of gas will usually exhaust; if it was full, the amount of gas will be greater. Rotate the brass wheel under the CO2 cartridge until there is enough clearance to remove the cartridge.

Left grip is off, and the lever is lowered. Note that the brass adjustment screw is adjusted down.

CO2 powerlet is in, adjustment screw up and lever closed. Powerlet has been pierced. Replace left grip panel and shoot.

Slip in a fresh cartridge, and rotate the brass wheel until the cartridge is snug inside the grip. DON’T OVER-TIGHTEN THIS SCREW OR THE CARTRIDGE SEAL COULD BE DAMAGED! Now, move the lever back up to the closed position. Point the gun in a direction safe to shoot, take the safety off and pull the trigger. If there is no pop, the cartridge hasn’t been pierced and you need to go through the procedure again to adjust the brass wheel tighter. When the gun fires with a pop, you are ready to load and shoot.

Loading an Umarex pistol
We also had a question about this, so I’m going to show the process in detail. First, put the gun on safe. To load a new clip, open the slide by pressing down on the latch located on the left side of the gun. The front of the slide is spring-loaded and wants to jump forward, so control it with your hand. If there is an empty clip inside, remove it. A loaded circular clip is dropped into the open pistol with the ratchet teeth to the rear. Close the slide and rotate the latch back to its starting position. The gun is now loaded.

First put the safety on.

Slide catch is rotated down, and slide pops forward.

Clip goes in opening with ratchet teeth to the rear. Close the slide and rotate the catch closed. The gun is loaded and ready to shoot.

The gun is now loaded with gas and pellets. Tomorrow I’ll shoot it for you.