Remington Genesis: Part 1
Remington Genesis: Part 2

by B.B. Pelletier

A lot of time has passed since Part 2 of the Remington Genesis report. I used that time to further break in the gun and to learn the techniques needed to make it perform.

The Genesis IS a good shooter!
I’ll cut to the finish, because so many readers have been waiting to hear my results. I was able to get the Genesis to shoot 1″ five-shot groups at 30 yards, so the Genesis IS a good shooter! But, you need the right technique and the right pellet to make it perform.

The search for pellets
I tried many good pellets before I found the right one. With JSB Exact 10.2-grain pellets I got groups measuring 3″ at 30 yards. That is no good. Crosman Premier 10.5-grain pellets gave 2.5″ groups – also not good. Lighter pellets were all over the place and actually difficult to keep on paper at 30 yards. While this was unfolding, I was also experimenting with different types of holds, so some of those results might have been better if the rifle had been held correctly. I did go back to JSBs after learning how the rifle needed to be held, but the groups didn’t get better.

Other pellets I tried
Crosman Premier 7.9-grain pellets
Crosman Premier Super Point
Remington pointed pellets
Gamo Match
H&N Finale Match pistol
RWS Supermag
RWS Hobby

Finding the right hold
I tried every trick in the book and was frustrated by all of them. Then, I had a flash of insight. The shape of the Genesis stock invites – no…it almost demands a tight hold! The straight line of the butt coupled with the thumbhole and vertical pistol grip make you instinctively pull the rifle tight into your shoulder. I mentioned in part two of this report that the right hold was probably going to turn out to be a feather-light hold and that turned out to be right, but even on the last day of testing I had to consciously remind myself to do that! The grippy-ness of the rubber inserts on the forearm, pistol grip and cheekpiece are also subtle cues to hold her tight, but this rifle doesn’t want that at all! I found that it must be held as loosely as possibe. Under no circumstances should the forearm touch anything but the flesh of your flattened palm.

The best (AND ONLY) pellet for me
Others may have different results, but when I tried the Beeman Kodiak the first time, I knew it was the best pellet for this rifle. In fact, the Kodiak was such a good performer that it is the ONLY pellet I will now shoot in the rifle I have. By no means have I tried every available pellet, but I did run through a pretty good list, and this is the one that triumphed.

So, the Genesis turns out to be a fine spring air rifle for the price. Hold it loosely and start with Beeman Kodiak pellets, and you should be shooting well right away.