Logun’s Sweet 16 on CO2 – Part 1The other S-16s!

by B.B. Pelletier

Logun’s S-16s has been adapted to CO2 by Pyramyd Air.

Let’s look at an air rifle backwards! What that means is that the Logun S-16s has been around for a few years, and we’ve not yet looked at it. But, now, Pyramyd Air offers an entire rifle set up for CO2 operation. That’s the rifle we will look at first. And, before I am asked for the umpteenth time about the possibility of a CO2 adapter for AirForce air rifle…yes, it’s in the works!

Why CO2?
Why would anyone pay $900 for a powerful PCP and then run it on CO2? BECAUSE THEY CAN! CO2 changes the nature of your powerplant, giving you a rifle that shoots slower for plinking, indoor shooting or just more shots without refilling. When I tell you how many more, you’ll be amazed. I was!

You lose nothing
Taking a PCP and converting it to run on CO2 doesn’t change the basic rifle in any way. If the barrel was accurate before, it still is. If the gun had a good trigger, that doesn’t change. All that changes is that the power drops. Depending on which gun you convert, the drop can be small or large. The thing to remember is this conversion doesn’t take anything away – it adds more functionality to your investment. Imagine that you could drive your car on diesel fuel, kerosene, jet fuel and gasoline. The military pays a bundle for truck engines that do just that. Well, Pyramyd has found an affordable way for you to so the same thing with a PCP. Enough generalities; let’s get specific.

The S-16s
The heart of this rifle is a Logun S-16s. Logun meant for it to operate on air, and they meant for it to be a fine PCP rifle, so all those characteristics will translate to CO2. It’s a 16-shot repeater with a special magazine holding two 8-shot circular clips. It’s got a lot of steel in the frame, so the weight is very substantial at 8.25 lbs. The conversion kit takes the weight up over 9 lbs. with a 20-oz. CO2 tank installed.

16-shot magazine holds two circular 8-shot clips.

The trigger is very heavy. After I adjusted it as light as it would go, it still required 10 lbs. to release. It’s crisp and creep-free, but if you’re anticipating a light trigger-pull, this rifle doesn’t have one.

Pressure gauge
There is a pressure gauge built into the back of the rifle’s receiver, so it works with the CO2 adapter, too. Although it isn’t marked for all pressure levels, it’s close enough that you’ll know when the tank needs to be changed.

Although not marked for all pressure levels, the Logun gauge does a good job with CO2.

The S-16s uses a shrouded barrel for quieter operation. I’ve tested it only with CO2 thus far, and the discharge noise is about equal to that of a powerful spring pistol. It’s certainly much quieter with the shroud in place than with the barrel exposed.

Many shots
In fact, I didn’t believe how many shots were possible when I first did the math. With a 20-oz. tank installed you will get over 1,000 shots per fill! In fact, the number is so high that nobody will probably ever test a tank until it’s empty – it takes too long! Now you see the advantage of operating the gun on CO2. Of course, the power is less; but, if all you’re doing is plinking, what do you care?

Inexpensive to convert
If you already own an S-16s, all you need is a CO2 adapter and a CO2 tank. Pyramyd Air sells 12-oz. and 20-oz. tanks, and they can even ship it to you already filled! What a wonderful way to enjoy your PCP even more.

In the future, I’ll show you the accuracy and velocity on CO2, plus we’ll also test the rifle with air. It should prove interesting!

15 thoughts on “Logun’s Sweet 16 on CO2 – Part 1The other S-16s!

  1. I read in an email from pyramyd that said they were going to come out with a conversion for airforce guns to go to co2. I personally wouldn’t do that, same reason I got a hand pump, I want to be able to refill at home. I still think it would be a cool option though. Any idea how the progress on that is?

    Some of you have asked about modding an airforce rifle so I figured I’d put this up so everyone could see what a modded condor looks like.


    That’s my condor. 😀


  2. Great work BB! I would like to buy this now, but that 10 lb trigger kept me from it. I had a Browning 9mm Hi-power handgun with a 11 lb trigger, and it was NO fun to shoot. Does anybody know how to modify this Logun S16 trigger to 1 pound, or is there any after market parts or aftermarket trigger I can buy for this air rifle?


  3. Like the previous commentor, that 10 lb. trigger is not sounding attractive to me. I have an Air Arms S410 Xtra FAC .22, the one that was sold b4 they added the power adjuster, and like that trigger very much, but have no idea what the pull weight is. Anyone out there ever measure one of these or the single-shot brother model S400 ?

  4. You buy CO2 in bulk from an industrial gas supplier. Then you decant it into smaller bulk tanks at home.

    Here is a 3-part blog I did on the subject


    You will link to part 3, but parts 2 and 1 are in the index on the right side of the page.


  5. I own a logun s16s with a yukon 2.5×50 G2 nvrs scope mounted on for fun and let me tell you bb, you are in for a reel treet.
    Be carefull when you cock the gun thought. if you do not push the bolt firmly forward it will jam. On that note you can just pull down on the clip and the pellet will be mashed out of the way. but as long as you make sure the bolt locks foward you will be ok.

    Thanks for everyting bb/
    By the way the triger may be heavy but it is very smooth and dose not affect my acuracy. Everyting about the s16 is robust and strong, its built like a tank/ a soft and light trigger would be like a T-1000 in a tutu.

  6. all this talk of pcps has me sizing up my next airgun purchase, a cz/air arms s/cz200t. i should have enough moolah for it by the end of this year (a year for ~900? yes, when you work minimum wage!). do you think you could slide a review in on top of the list? i’m immensely interested in a pcp that gives me both a czech barrel and trigger for less than that of the talon, even in canadian funds! (albeit, without uneeded power). i dont think it gets more ideal than that.

  7. I just bought an Air Force Talon SS
    CO2 model, which is similar to the
    Logun model. The CO2 tank was too
    short to reach my shoulder, and there is no butt plate. I had to
    rest my chin on the back of the CO2
    cylinder to see through the scope.
    Why don’t you look at the Logun and
    Talon CO2 models and see that they
    were put in the Pyramyd catalog without any testing.I returned my
    Talon this morning for an exchange
    for a Beeman R7.

  8. Juther,

    You asked this question of Tom Gaylord for the podcast. Now it sounds like you don’t want an answer. Is that right?

    The AirForce guns were tested with a 20-ounce tank and a 12-ounce than and both fit well. I did npot try bthem with a smaller tank because they are not recommended.


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