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A new bipod

by B.B. Pelletier

Bipods are a hot item with hunters, but they aren’t always easy to mount. Today, I’ll show you the Dragon Claw that eases the situation greatly.

UTG Dragon Claw
The Dragon Claw bipod clamps directly on barrels. It adapts to a wide range of barrel diameters, from 11mm to 19mm. It will not fit the underlevers of rifles such as the TX200 or the Gamo CF-X, because there isn’t enough clearance for the clamp between the lever and the barrel. Most breakbarrel and fixed barrel guns should work, though. It’s also made for firearms, so don’t forget them!

Sturdy locking legs
I have been testing a Dragon Claw, and it seems quite rugged. The legs deploy in both directions, so you can decide which way to fold them after the bipod is mounted on the rifle. Each leg has a locking mechanism with a positive spring-loaded thumb latch. Thumb the latch down against the strong spring, and the leg unlocks for movement. Release the latch, and the leg locks solidly in position. It takes just a few seconds to set it up or fold it back.

Sledge feet
Each foot is a sledge that will dig into the earth to provide a solid platform. The feet can be swapped to reverse their direction, but since the whole unit can also be mounted backwards, I see no reason to swap the feet. The same thing can be achieved in less than a minute by turning the entire bipod around on the rifle.

Spring-loaded legs
Each leg is extendable up to 2.25 inches by rotating a knurled band that unlocks the mechanism. A very powerful spring then thrusts the leg to full extension. Because the legs are splayed on an angle, they give the bipod an adjustment range from 9 to 11 inches.

The attaching clamp is what makes the Dragon Claw such a useful bipod. It clamps to any round barrel, then the adjustable sector moves up to clamp onto the barrel positively. The interior parts of the clamp that touch the barrel have rubber pads so they won’t scratch the metal or remove any bluing. Finger-tight is not good enough, so there are holes around the circumference of the thumbwheel. Stick something strong into them. I used an Allen wrench and tightened the wheel another half turn, which proved perfect.

Those holes in the tightening thumbwheel allow you to insert a steel bar for extra torque. About an extra half-turn is all it takes.

Once attached, the bipod still swivels around the barrel on those rubber pads to give you all the cant control you need. On a breakbarrel, the deployed legs did not get in the way of the normal cocking stroke of my R1; but if they do on your rifle, just relocate the bipod. The folded legs should never prove to be a problem.

The Dragon Claw mounted easily on this Beeman R1. Shown with the legs extended.

The bipod legs are retracted and folded. They can fold both front and back – it’s up to you.

This could be the answer!
I’ve received many inquiries about mounting bipods on this or that air rifle. The RWS Diana 48 is a common one. There have been other barrel-clamping bipods, but they were all flimsy and I never recommended them. I can recommend this one because it’s as rugged as can be! And check the price! At just $17.99, it’s as inexpensive as many of the really cheap Chinese copies that you wouldn’t want to use. I haven’t seen a bipod bargain like this one in a long time.

48 thoughts on “A new bipod”

  1. Hi B.B.,

    Would a bipod on a springer affect accuracy because of hold sensitivity? I had one on my HW35 and POI shifted several inches downwards when I pressed the rifle against the bipod with my shoulder.


  2. Ben B,

    Yes, the bipod will affect the barrel harmonics. But that isn’t necessarily bad. Browning sells the B.O.S.S. that also affects harmonics and shooters swear by it. A change in harmonics changes the trajectory, but is can also improve the accuracy, or leave it as it was, or make it worse. No way of knowing without actual testing.

    Also, where you locate the bipod will change the harmonic pattern, so it is possible to “tune” the barrel with a bipod like this.


  3. New topic — Red Dot Scopes

    I bought a Leapers Red Dot scope a few months ago thinking that it would help with my aging eyes for air pistol shooting (although, unless the ISSF or NRA change the rules to be like Bulls Eye, this won’t be “legal”). I was surprised that I was shooting all over the target with the scope mounted — far worse than even aging eyes and iron sights. The problem was that the Leapers Red Dot has huge amounts of parallax — you move your eye position and the point of aim moves.

    After some investigation, I found that the UltraDot scopes are regarded as being relatively parallax-free. I found one on eBay to try it out and was very pleased to find that the parallax was, while present, very much less than that of the Leapers.

    I am not sure whether the other red dot scopes sold by Pyramyd have significant parallax but it might be an interesting topic for your blog.

  4. Hey , Not to long ago i asked for advice on a good squirrel gun ,your reccomended the Xisico BAM B30-1 i have bought it and had it for about 3 weeks and have been killing crows at 55 yrds with it , but it is really heavy would this bipod work good with it ?

  5. R.I.P BushyTail,

    I think the bipod would be perfect for your rifle. I just put it on a Diana 54 which should have a similar barrel thickness.

    I think you’ll like it.

    Now, how about a more detailed report on your BAM B30? I haven’t tested one yet, but so far BAM rifles have not let me down.


  6. The B30 is HEAVY weighing at 9.7 pounds it will shoot 14.3 gr at 900 fps and any heavier will go about 700 fps – 800 fps . The power is fenomanal , it is not uncommon for it to take squirrels at 65 yrds , it seems to like Old copperhead pointed 14.3 gr pellets . Its Has very pretty wood on it . and not so much twang as other spring pistons may have , But Have You Heard Of The New B-28 comeing out in mid july ? , it is suppossed to be the fastest 177. made . supposably reaching 1650 fps with Logun penetrators .

  7. BB,

    Im just curious, but would this bipod work on the benjamin 392? from the look of things the pump wouldn’t be able to move if you put the clamp on it, unless this bipod has a special hook up for it.

    It’s WARMING up in MINNESOTA and we’re getting MORE snow, but with the warmth it’s easier to plink with the 392. I’m about to get money, so I want to order some pellets from pyramydair.com, i believe you recomended the Crosman .22 Premier Domed pellets that come in the cardboard box? and i’ll add an order of pellgun oil too.


  8. Insomniac
    my 392 loves the crossman premier domes in the cardboard box. if your looking for accuracy i would also recomend the peep sight. with this combo i can eisily take soup cans at 150 feet. i too find the pellgun oil to help with the pump action. i cant see how the bipod would work. i bought a similar bipod for an airsoft gun and the barrell was too big. i dont even think it would fit on your 392.

    Field Targetier

  9. i had no idea this existed. the only barrel-clamp bi-pod i’ve seen was something like $60.
    my original idea was to add the barrel clamp-on weaver rail, from leapers, on the site and couple it with the airsoft leapers bi-pod. of course, by the time the cz200t rolls along, i can just attach said bipod to the rail underneath. tactical goodness.
    i found something interesting out, btw. cz pellets suffer extreme variation per batch, each TIN is very different form the other. i’ve heard they cost $2.50 in some places, but here they are $4. the current tin i’m using shoots a truely pathetic 1-1 1/2 inch group at my laughable 7 metre range. my re-furb pellets, though, shoot as well as the gamos, perhaps better! (meaning stacked pellets, all going into a neat hole, about 0.275″) not the damaged ones, of course, but the ones that are in good condition, minus the skirt. i suspect my barrel was machined on the bigger side and thus works best with tight pellets.
    i’m sure there are heads being thrown back in laughter at recovering 2 cent pieces of lead, but it does work with my very low powered rifle, and gives respectable results. even better than what comes in the tin.

    i dented by breech seal again- a pellet fell half-out, hung up on the breech face and the head got crushed into the seal when teh barrel tried to lock-up. luckily the rubber eventually puffed back out only leaving a small dent.
    i’m sure i will get another accident like this soon which will put it out of buisness- are you aware if there are breech seals available for my rifle, the diana 20? and is changing it really as easy as prying it out and pressing in a new one?

  10. Red Dot Sights and parallax… this one is something I’ve discovered too. In my opinion it makes them fairly useless… the only company I’ve seen who claim a parallax free design is Aimpoint. I picked up an older one of theirs online in an auction recently, so I hope it lives up to expectations. This would certainly be a topic of interest BB.


  11. B.B.
    I noticed that pyramidair is selling blank firing guns.
    What exactly are they, and what are they used for?
    Are you planning to do a report on them one day?


  12. Field targetier,

    Thanks for confirming my thoughts. I’m saving up for the peep sight too, but that will have to wait.

    BB, I’m looking forward to tomorrows blog on blank firing guns!


  13. BB

    i have a possible topic, if you haven’t done it already.

    what about accessories for airguns? accessories that work with a wide range of guns? accessories that you would suggest using of course. and what about the best accessories for the more popular airguns?


  14. hey BB, didn’t you post a blog that recomebded AGAINST the use of sandbags, tripods, or anything but a loose grip on the balance point of the airgun and buttplate? and let the gun recoil as much as possible by itself?

  15. yea BB, that’s what i’ve been doing, following ever order you made in this forum, stance, open palm, fully relax, etc. but i feel that if if lean against something, my crosshair is more stable. I’m only 130lbs, could this be the reason why i can’t shoot standing up? I sway too much

  16. Sway,

    Harry Pope was a top shooter in the 1890s and he was slightly built, too. The secret to a rigid stance is the placement of the feet. Plant them shoulder width apart and stand so your rifle naturally points toward the target. Then rotate your toes on one foot inward to lock your stance. If you are right-handed, rotate the left foot first.


  17. ok thanks. i know i’m asking stupid questions and this is off topic to the post, but i was wondering what the major difference between 1 piece and 2 piece scope rings are. i have only shot with iron sights on an old break barrel so i’m lookin to upgrade. i see many rings for very different prices so i’m confused at which type to get for the scope i’m planning to get (Leapers 30mm SWAT 3-12X44 Full Size A.O. Range Estimating Mil-Dot RGB EZ-TAP™ Illuminated Scope)to mount on the Viper

  18. The major difference between one and two-piece rings is that two piece rings can be positioned almost anywhere, while one-piece are restricted by the scope. Once you have one rings positioned, you have automatically positioned the other ring.


  19. What bipod will fit a Gamo CF-X? Are you aware of one you can recommend?

    The Dragon Claw bipod clamps directly on barrels. It adapts to a wide range of barrel diameters, from 11mm to 19mm. It will not fit the underlevers of rifles such as the TX200 or the Gamo CF-X, because there isn't enough clearance for the clamp between the lever and the barrel. Most breakbarrel and fixed barrel guns should work, though. It's also made for firearms, so don't forget them!

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