by B.B. Pelletier

Well, here’s a twist! A scope with fixed power. Back in the 1960s that was the norm, but today, it’s a novelty. Yet when you look at what Civil War snipers used, it was a 4x telescope – and they have recorded shots of one mile!

Rugged scope
UTG is a brand name of Leapers, so the UTG Tactedge 4×40 scope has the same rugged construction they put into their other scopes. Their Smart Spherical Structure means that it has an erector tube that returns to the same place every time.

A bundle of nice features
It comes with resettable adjustment knobs so you can always return to your base sight-in zero setting. It has a red/green illuminated reticle for low light situations, which couple with the low magnification and large field of view make it an excellent scope for fringe times in the morning and evening. The lenses are emerald-coated for maximum light transmission, further enhancing the low-light capability.

It comes with rings
How nice that a scope comes with a good set of rings. These are four-screw cap rings that you would normally have to purchase separately. They say .22/Airgun, which means they will fit both the 3/8″ dovetails on a rimfire and the 11mm dovetails on an airgun. Those two are close anyway, so a smart mount maker makes a product that will accommodate either one.

Flip-up lens covers
Both ends of the scope have flip-up covers to protect the lenses, yet come off at the flick of a finger. Hunters love them for their speed in the field. No more hunting for where you put the lens caps!

Long eye relief
This scope looks right up to five inches from your eye. That’s more than two additional inches over any comparable scope. If you own a military rifle that you want to scope, use this one. You can use it in the military mounts that sit far ahead of where a regular scope goes. It will function the same as those expensive Russian sniper scopes at a fraction of the cost.

The first time you look through this scope, it’s like viewing a widescreen TV. The field of view is enormous. And, the parallax that you have to worry over on all those high-powered variables is fixed at 35 yards, yet everything from 7 yards to infinity is in focus. With only 4x, everything looks crystal clear. I tested a Weaver mount version (only difference is the rings) of the scope on the UTG M14 Master Sniper Rifle, and I was able to watch the flight of the BBs all the way from the muzzle to the 50-yard silhouette! Though the BBs do drop over that distance, the wide field of view keeps them in sight throughout the entire range.

I think this would make an ideal hunting scope – not only for air rifles, but for firearms, as well. It would be perfect for squirrels out to at least 50 yards and for whitetail deer to 150 yards. The mil dot reticle is not so thick that it obscures that much of the target. which means that you can even use it for inpromptu paper punching, should the desire overwhelm you.