Gamo Compact vs IZH 46 – Part 5

by B.B. Pelletier

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Today, we’ll look at the accuracy of the Gamo Compact pistol, and I will try my new pumping technique to see if it produces any faster shots.

General comments about shooting the gun
Now that I’m shooting at targets, I can make accurate comments about shooting the Compact. First, the grips are too large for my hands. I would need a serious session with a round rasp and sandpaper to fit them, however that’s a good thing because it’s easier to take wood away than to add it.

The sights gave me difficulties while shooting for record. The rear notch is so narrow that only under perfect conditions was I able to see light on both sides of the front post. Were this pistol my own, I would open the notch by 50 percent.

The trigger-pull is still on the heavy side. This is magnified by the large grips, so if they were altered the trigger might become easier to pull.

A word about the shooting
I shot from 10 meters, but I rested my arm instead of holding it offhand. I did this to show the accuracy of the gun unhampered by my own abilities. I haven’t shot competitively or trained in five years, so I didn’t think it’s fair to hinder the gun that way.

The target
A 10-meter target is an official target on target paper. The 7-ring is the outer ring of the black bull and it measures 2.362″ across, or 60 mm. The inner ring is not the 10-ring. It’s used for fractional points accessed during shootoffs. In the U.S. we might call the inner ring the X ring, but it’s more than that. The second smallest ring is the ten-ring. Neither it nor the 9-ring are numbered on this target.

This is an official 10-meter target.

Sighting in
I sighted-in with Gamo Match pellets, but they ripped the paper too much for good scoring. Once I was on target, I switched to H&N Finale Match lightweight pellets.

H&N Finale Match
These were the most accurate pellets in this pistol. They also cut the paper reasonable well, though they did tend to tear a bit too much. Still, in a match you never shoot more than a single pellet at a target, so it doesn’t really matter.

This is a score of 50 for five shots – a perfect score. Shot with H&N Finale Match.

RWS Hobby
RWS Hobby pellets are not too bad in the Compact. They group almost as well as H&Ns, though I wouldn’t compete with them.

This is a score of 49 for five shots. Shot with RWS Hobby pellets.

Now, let’s see what the pistol does when I use the new pumping technique. RWS Hobbies averaged 398 f.p.s., ranging from 387 to 408. As the gun was fired, the average was creeping upward, so after a long shooting session it might be even slightly higher. Before, when I just pumped the gun in the conventional way, it averaged 370 f.p.s. after 50 warm-up shots. So, the gain is 28 f.p.s.

With H&N Finale Match, the average was 389 f.p.s., with a spread from 383 to 396. Before, with the conventional style of pumping, the average was 366, so the gain was 23 f.p.s.

Clearly, the Gamo Compact can shoot well. It’s the kind of gun that a shooter needs to customize to his own tastes. Once that’s done, it can be a very competitive target pistol. The heavier trigger and narrow rear sight notch should be addressed before you attempt any competition, so be prepared for that.

Also, this new pumping routine really seems to bring out the best in single-strokes. If you own one, give it a try.

58 thoughts on “Gamo Compact vs IZH 46 – Part 5”

  1. BB, if I’m scaling things right it appears that the best group shown measures about .4″ CTC. Am I right about that?

    I bounced back to your review of the Marksman 2004 and noted that you shot “inside 3/8” at 25 feet. I also get the impression that your “shooting for the record” was a little more informal for the Marksman pistol than for the Gamo, and perhaps you weren’t as concerned about squeezing every iota of accuracy out of the 2004.

    In any event, it seems that the Marksman/Beeman P17 is awfully close in accuracy to the Gamo… a lot closer than it oughta be for the price!


  2. Matt, if a man wants to destroy (kill game out of season) for the sake of a game like golf, he and the golfer should be ashamed of themselves. What a lame excuse for needless killings. The sad part is he/they are not showing respect to the hunting laws (most states are well past hunting season!!), and even less respect for nature. Not to mention what else,…. or ‘who’ else they might accidentally hit if they miss. .50 cal for squirrels is a bit over-kill isn’t it?!?!?! So let them continue what they’re doing. Sooner or later they’ll get caught, fined, and hopefully have their rifles taken away by the game wardens of their respective state. I wonder what Mr Pelletier’s thought’s are of illegally taking game out of season. You know that old saying, “you can’t fix stupid”!!!! I’ve given up on Mr Henry. Suppose he’ll have to learn his lesson the hard way,…..if and when he get’s caught. Maybe Henry could invest in a low power plinking gun (RedRyder) and sting them away?(rump shots!!!!),….. but somehow I doubt the aptitude and intellect is present to take a wiser and more prudent course of action against these furry little creatures. Thomas

  3. On the Gamo Compact that I owned the rear notch was adjustable. The blades moved on a screw that made the rear notch continuously adjustable for width. I believe all the newer guns have this feature.

  4. BB, I enjoyed Paul Capello’s latest video on the Benjamin Discovery. Being manufactured by Crosman, It would be nice to see them ‘standardize’ all their rifles with the rear sights of the Discovery. Mr. Capello didn’t really think much of it,….if I heard him correctly, but anything would be better than the cheap plastic sights from China!!! The Mendoza sights were very impressive looking from your write-up earlier this week. I’d be happy to pay Crosman a few more dollars for a better quality sight!!!! Thomas

  5. Vince,

    You’re probably right about the group size. I never measure 10-meter gun groups – just the score, because that’s all that matters.

    Yes the 2004 is close in accuracy, but that doesn’t mean you can shoot 10-meter with it. It lacks the grips, sights and trigger for that.


  6. K. Rihanek,

    Thank you for pointing that out! I have both owned a Compact and tested several without being aware of this adjustment. It solves the sight problem.

    I will correct my oversight in the next published segment on these two guns.


  7. BB,

    Want to thank you for your articles on the deals you missed and the RM-2800! Just got a chance to enjoy them. Makes me not feel so bad about some deals I’ve missed!

    The last few days I’ve been attempting to remove and undo the affects of adware/spyware from my mother-in-law’s computer (in my “spare” time). Stay completely away from AntiSpyKit! It is horrible – it is a trojan horse that really puts its tendrils into your computer! Also stay away from WinAce and AdVantage (they are related). They don’t seem to be malicious like AntiSpyKit, but they are hard to get rid of.

    .22 multi-shot

  8. Hi Thomas. It sounds like the explosives are for landscaping rather than hunting. Anyway, I’m not much of a hunter myself, but it’s a big world out there and I don’t see the point of traveling all the way through cyberspace to start fighting. Too many fun things out there to do. I appreciate henry’s generosity in sharing his vast knowledge of knives and guns and his incredible arsenal and have no opinion one way or the other on how he wants to use his private property.

    On to the joys of match pistol shooting!


  9. B.B.

    I have a question about match pistol sights. When I use my Daisy 747 on the conventional black bull’s eye, I can’t see a darned thing: The black of the sights against the black target is hard to see…. Since the Daisy 747 is designed as a target pistol, how is this supposed to work? I’ve taken to shooting aspirin sized dots that I draw on my target paper which are barely visible at 18 feet. What are other sighting options for match pistols?

    How do I get to shoot against you in a postal match? 🙂 A periodic cleaning of the clock is good for the soul.

    Speaking of which, I have a fantasy of going to Camp Perry and shooting in the service rifle matches once I get my M1 Garand going. Is there airgun competition there too? I may as well get the most out of what would be an expensive trip.


  10. Thomas, Matt61,

    I would use the .50 cal for target and illegal aliens down in texas… Thomas, i am kidding, I’m just trying to get your goat. I could tell from the start that none of what I’m saying is what you want to hear (thats why i continue). In actuality, i can kill ALL the golfers i want! Heard of VERMIN HUNTING? Word on the street is that you can do it all year long! Oh and yea, turkey season just started.

    Yea, lets see what BB has to say about “stinging” game (and how they die 2 weeks later).

    I do not think our disagreement is due to my stupidity and your superior intellect, and i don’t think you think I’m stupid either> If you did think so, you wouldn’t say so. And your correct, you cant change intelligence, so i shall continue by your logic.

    I am not right or wrong, I’m just doing what i love.

  11. BB,

    I don’t know if AntiSpyKit or WinAce have Mac versions. (By the way everyone, these are program to AVOID – AntiSpyKit is supposed to be an anti-spyware program but it is the opposite! It comes from Russia.) I did see something called MacUnace for the Mac that seems to be related to WinAce.

    WinAce is a compression/decompression utility which comes with AdVantage which is adware (monitors your browsing, etc. to target you with advertisement). WinAce doesn’t come with an uninstall and AdVantage won’t uninstall unless you get rid of WinAce – catch 22!

    .22 multi-shot

  12. henry

    Given your airgun distances, I’m curious at what distance you would do .50 caliber target shooting. That 2430 yard shot I read about is quite something.

    Is the Theoben your most accurate airgun? I’ve heard you mention it several times for these shooting feats.


  13. Matt61,

    Use the conventional sights on the pistoil. But lear how to use them.

    Lighting is the key to how these sights work. Low light where the shooter it and bright light onm target.

    Use the official 10-meter target. I wear bifocals, so don’t use the bad eyes excuse.

    Camp Perry doesn’t have airgun competition – yet. I am working on getting a large field target demonstration there in the future. No details yet.


  14. Mr Henry, My apoligies to you. I was under the impression that you were clearing a golf course area. I suppose you mean shooting goffers {sp?} (small prariedog creatures like in the movie “Caddy Shack”). If shooting them year round is permissable, by all means, continue what you’re doing. Just give the squirrels a break for a couple of months, OK?!?!? And no, I don’t think a 350 fps Daiy RR is going to penetrate the hind end off a squirrel after 15 yards! Just aim for the base of the tail!!!!!! Think of it as plinking something other than aluminum cans,…and alot more fun!!!! Happy Shooting, Thomas

  15. B.B.

    Thanks. I did actually pick up a pack of the official target so I’ll give them a try. The lighting will be trickier in my new place, but I’ll see what can be done.


  16. gee! my mistake. i don’t miss spell often (as far as i know). Im actually dyslexic, so thanks guys. Hasn’t held me back until now. If i had looked over my comment before posting i would have picked up on it, but i didn’t. For example, i know how to spell golfer and gopher but i type the first thing that comes to mind. I type just as fast as anyone else and with fine vocabulary, but it remains – I’m wired funny. Although, i would not be to thrilled if people with clubs show up on my lawn (blushing). “get a life” – i think this is thomas, again. I hope you don’t think any less of me (than you already do) because of a disability, a slight one at that. Always did well in school!


    hey look – we are ACTUALLY talking about airguns… No, its tied for first with the airwolf. One may be more accurate but i have not been able to define any difference in the accuracy, both are in the 1/4 inch group size at 50 yards. I would recommend the theoben over the airwolf because its the same accuracy for less! Although, money shall not be considered when buying guns! The airwolf is a tad quieter with its custom shroud, but the same shroud is available for the theoben.

    with the 50 cal…
    I would probably sight in at 100 yards and then get it ballpark at 600 with the table. When it come to plinking, 1000 yards sounds good! I don’t kid myself, start out slow! Owning a 50 bmg does not mean your any good at shooting, it just means you have an extra 15 grand, dyslexic or not. LOL

  17. Henry said: “But i am having some golfer trouble up at the farm”

    I met an old codger who lived next to a golf course. He made a potato-type gun (PVC pipe, grill igniter, hair spray) sized for golf balls. He shot them back onto the course. I saw him shoot one through a half-inch piece of plywood.

    Mr. Henry, I will disavow any knowledge of your actions.


  18. Henry,

    You’ll be needing a shotgun to go with those explosives. And a remote to set them off. Hit the button with your foot and shoot the golfer while he’s still in the air. Sorta like trap, but a lot noisier and therefore more fun! ‘Course, I suppose you could try to one-hole them with a .50 cal while they’re still in the air. Just aim for the biggest piece…


  19. Hey Henry, No, that was not me making the smart-@$$ed comment. I wasn’t sure how to spell gophers either!!!! Don’t keep a dictionary at my desk, and most of the time, I’m repairing equiptment that comes back to my shop (I’m the tool/equiptment manager for my company). As for being dyslexic, take heart,….we all have a dab of it, and I’m no exception to the rule. How about this,… I’m right- handed, but shoot left-handed?!?! The eye doctor told me I was “left-eyed dominant”. This must be true, because even when I was very young, I would aim with my left eye on my dad’s 1940’s/50’s Daisy Red-Ryder. He still has it by the way, but it needs repairing. If I send it to Daisy for repairs, I’m afraid they’d fit it with a safety and whatever ( for liability reasons). Know any vintage restorers that will fool with an old BB gun???? I’m not sure who said “get a life” in that last comment, but I could care less. I would never lash out at anyone, and not say who I was. That’s for cowards and insecure individuals looking to make themselves feel better by putting others down!! If I disagree with anyone, I’ll let them know. Like I did with you. But since ‘gophers’ are open game all year, I say let it rip!!! We don’t have too many of them down south, and I kinda envy you that you have “live” targets to shoot at. Check on-line for some gopher recipes,….you can’t go wrong with the ole crock-pot, and I’m a firm believer of that!!! But we are a few weeks into turkey season now,…so things are looking up!!!!! I’m looking forward to next seasons harvest of game. I checked on line, and found some good crow recipes,….I’m dreaming about crow-kabobs on the grill,…can’t be much different than dove,….best thing about that, is that we’re allowed to use electronic calls (tapes/cd’s) in my state!!!! Best wishes and happy shooting, Your friend, Thomas

  20. Hi BB,

    I got my used HW57 last Friday. I was a little upset that it was missing the rear sight and emailed PA to let them know. I thought they would list obvious defects like that in the add, but apparently I was wrong. They told me that I have 30 days to return it if I’m not satisfied.

    Fortunately, I had an old 3–9×40 scope laying around with some extra mounts, so I was able to start paper punching. That Rekord trigger is a sweet thing to use! Breaks like the proverbial glass rod! And the gun one holes JSB’s at 10 yards. Almost like 1 pellet was shot, the only evidence of more pellets is the tattered edges of the hole! Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be returning it.

    Do you know if the HW57 has a teflon type piston seal? It was shooting in the low 600’s with Hobby’s when I got it, and then I forgot to push the loading port back closed before firing it (twice actually). The gun gained about 140 fps after that, and my ears were ringing from the supersonic blast of air… I wondered if the low fps was the reason that someone had returned it.

    Just wanted to say “Thanks!” for nudging me into buying another great gun!!


  21. /dave,

    thanks for IMPROVING the mood. I set stuff off with the same type of detonated used with a model rocket. shoot them with incendiary rounds! that should “cook” them pretty good!


    try not to borrow your morality from law.
    Now that its legal its ok? Its legal to do MANY things that i find immoral but in turn it is illegal to do some things that i feel should be legal. The GOPHERS are the same, they don’t know the law! Am i making sense or just babbling (honesty is OK).


    two words> caddy shack < go watch it... I made a similar device in my younger years (last weak). Three parts. Gatorade bottle, blow dart gun, and grill sparker…. I found it easier just to use my lungs than to use hair spay!

  22. Henry, as an aside point you are absolutely right. Morality cannot derive from the law. If it did there would be no such thing as an immoral or unjust law, because the very definition of morality comes from it. And since there could not then be such a thing as an unjust law there would never be a reason to change the law.

    Justice and morality must exist as standards above the law, so that the law can be judged and improved by comparison to that standard.

  23. Dear B.B.

    I am interested in buying the Career Fire 201 9mm. I was wondering if you have tested this rifle at all and if you have do you s preference as to what bullet is best? pyramydair offers 3 different weights in both round nose and hollow point. and I think it might be wasteful to buy them all to try and then be disappointed with them.

  24. Dear Henry and Vince, Honesty is the best policy. Those are very good points, and I applaud you both. Too bad they’re aren’t more free thinkers like us in Washington DC. I don’t agree with everything our laws subject us to, but I do respect the law in regards to our environment and the delicate balance of nature in particular. Gamecock fighting is illegal in most states, but having bred, raised, and fought them (drug free of course, And I say that emphatically!!!!), it’s been totally marred by tree huggers (peta) and ‘politically correct’ aspiring polititions seeking office by justifying it “cruelty to animals based on their little knowledge of the creatures themselves, and in just plain ignorance of nature. Ever seen a cock-fight?!? Seen an animal rise from near death to overwelm its opponent and win,…and for what you may ask?,… to proliferate and strengthen the next generation. Show me a non-combative animal on this earth,…I dare you!! It’s a part of life that comes with nature. All creatures are combative,…from micro-organisms to man kind. The laws of our country and the many other countries of our world are out of touch with reality and in the truth of nature. Believe me fella’s, I’m no tree hugger, and I am a firm believer in population control of wild species of nature, but,…I do agree with the natural means of posterity amongst wild life, thus I do adhere to the laws set forth by the wildlife management of my state so that we will always have a hunting season next year!!! There are many laws set forth across our lands that are out of touch with realliy and common sense, but I’m not here to give a sermon , I’m here to learn more about the airguns,…hunting in particular. I’ve hunted with .22’s, 12 gauge, 30-06’s, 410’s/.22 over and under, 308’s and my personnal fav, the 30-30,…my little “bush gun”, but upon finding out about air-guns, it has openned up a whole new world to me. So if I’ve made any negative ‘waves’ in this new culture I’ve entered, please pardon me If I’ve hurt anyones feelings. Henry, if you decide to make yourself a ‘potato cannon’, I’d recommend using schedule 80 (the grey PVC pipe). In closing, weather anything is morally. ethically, or intrinsicly true to your beliefs, nothing is the better judgment, than plain old common sense. That is the threshold of your own judgement. Now can anyone tell me about the model 0035 Marksman rifle I’ve aquired. I was told by the Beeman CS rep that it was manufactured by a Spanish company called ‘Norica Laurona’ but I’d like to know how old it is. It’s a model 44-1C, with the serial #12833-00 ? Somebody have the “blue-book” of air guns?!?!? Any additional info would be very much appreciated. Best pawn shop purchase I’ve ever made. Seems the more I shoot it, the better it gets!!! Again, best wishes to all and happy shooting, Thomas

  25. Thomas,

    Only one thing separates us from animals, this is called learned behaviors, as opposed to instinct. While its only one thing, it has great significance. The day im a GOPHER you can shoot me. —I do not plan on building a potato gun —

    the point i was making was that you changed your mind on shooting gophers once you found out it was legal. Pretend… There two endangered animals, both have a population of 100 in the wild, one is legal to hunt to extinction while the other is protected. I, morally, would not shoot either type of game, law aside. If they are some burrowing creature like a GOPHER i will not feel so bad! If i were to spend my life in the mud, PLEASE kill me. (note that this does not apply to people living in the mud) However, i would not want to die if i were a worth while animal like an elephant, which has fair intelligence . I am decisive enough to make my own judgments on these things. If everyone were, there would be no need for laws, but they aren’t, so a love America as its the best solution around lack of philosopher kings. Remember, there are 17 measures of intelligence. Not all MEN are created equal but never fail to treat someone as and equal!
    All this may sound a bit anthropocentric to a extremely religious person as they may think we don’t have to decide, my experiences say that we do. I am careful not to blindly follow laws, or break them! As they say — a two way street, What i say — LOOK BOTH WAYS!!!!!

  26. Matt61,

    I read your post about not being able to “see” the sights on the target. I’m probably just reading between the lines, but are you using a “center hold” on the target and trying to align the sights with the 10 ring? If so, maybe that’s the problem. Lighting issues will just make it even worse because you cant “see” the sights against the bullseye. Everything is just black.

    You might try using a “six o’clock” hold on the target.

    For your air pistol, re-adjust the sights so the pellet strike is 30mm HIGHER than your point of aim at 10 meters. Now aim for the six o’clock point on the black of the target bull. This would be the very bottom edge of the black on the seven ring. Visually, this is a very repeatable sight picture. You’re essentially setting the black of the target on the very top edge of your front sight so it looks like a lollipop. The rear sight frames the front sight. Ideally, your focus should be on the front sight. The rear sight and target are slightly blurred.

    The sights are adjusted so the pellet strikes 30mm higher because that’s the distance from the bottom edge of the seven ring (your new aiming point)to the center of the 10 ring.

    If you already know all this, please forgive me.

    If you have some spare time and want to see some REALLY cool 10-meter match air rifle and pistol shooting, go to YouTube and search for “ISSF World Cup”

    The must see video: Running Target 2004 match mid-way down the first page. Un-freaking-believable. They’re shooting at a MOVING half millimeter dot. Standing. The scopes don’t usually have crosshairs. They typically have two vertical lines to “bracket” or “frame” the bullseye as it’s moving.


  27. Hi Derrick. What an interesting solution. As a matter of fact, I was using a 6 o clock hold but on the center of the target so that my sights were engulfed by the black. Your method is unintuitive at first is moving the barrel away from the point of aim, but it certainly would present a better sight picture. My only other reservation is that I seem to have read somewhere that your aimpoint should be about the width of your front sight–don’t know if that’s true. If it is, holding at 6 o clock on the 7 ring would be a little unwieldy. But it’s worth a try, thanks.

    And thanks too for the video suggestions. I have been trying unsuccessfully to find YouTube videos of world class shooting and here they are. The keyword I was missing seems to be ISSF which I’m guessing is International Sports Shooting Federation. For the running match, that target looks bigger than half a millimeter if their shooting distance is 10 meters, and I couldn’t tell if they were hitting anything. But I suppose they must be very good. They were very machine-like.

    I also had fun watching the women’s match pistol event. Real Bond girls with their steely concentration. Their form kind of looked like mine, but I suppose all similarities end there.


  28. henry

    I’ll have to look up the Theoben and Airwolf. A quarter inch at 50 yards is really something.

    I was afraid even to ask about the cost of the .50 caliber rifle, and even the $15,000 must pale in comparison to the cost of the ammo over time.


  29. Mr. B. B. Sir
    i am from india. i am going to purchase a leapers scope. iit should fit both on a benji discovery and heavy springer also(atleast on a RWS 35 panther).

    please sugget a scope and mounts to go with it. budget not too high



  30. /Dave,

    I’m glad your are so happy with your HW 57.

    No, the 57 doesn’t have a Teflon piston seal. No Weihrauch rifle has a Teflon seal, as far as I know. The seal is a synthetic parachute seal.

    The “supersonic blast of air” you heard was two detonations. Try not to do that.


  31. Matt 61,

    You ARE NOT using a 6 O’Clock hold! You are using a center hold, which is why it’s so darned hard to see where you are on target. A 6 O’Clock hold will solve your problems.

    Because of your difficulty, I’m starting me series on 10-meter pistol shooting tomorrow.


  32. BB,

    I too am anxious to hear how to do your new pumping technique. Also, a new Izzy is on the way–how do I do an initial cleaning on it and what solvent do you suggest? Thanks!


  33. B.B.,

    Thanks for the quick response. Do you recommend using your pumping technique on new guns? All I’m doing is punching paper in my basement.

    What should I do with this brand new IZH-46M as far as getting packing gunk out of the barrel and other crevices? In other words what would you do with a brand new IZH-46M before you shot it? Will it need Pellgunoil right away or only after 500-1,000 shots? Thanks for your generosity with your knowledge.

    Nervous new owner, Gregg

  34. Gregg,

    I would oil it as soon as you can. It doesn’t hurt not to, but as soon as possible get that Pellgunoil onto those internal seals by oiling.

    Since you have an M, I don’t think you need my pumping technique. The M already goes fast enough. But when it gets to be five years old, my technique will refresh the piston seal, keeping it shooting like new.


  35. B.B.,

    I’ll find that blog you did on oiling and put it into practice. I suppose a few dry patches through the bore until they come clean wouldn’t hurt. Thanks again.


  36. B.B.,

    I assumed there would be grease in the bore similar to the Daisy Avanti 747 I purchased then promptly returned. So, I’ll give the ol’ Izzy 3 drops of oil and off to the races.


  37. The H&N Finale Match Pistol was mentioned as a very good pellet for the Gamo Compact, but there are 3 listed in your catalog (Head/MMs of 4.49, 4.50, and 4.51). What one do I order? Does it matter? Thanks.

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