by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1


6: Pinwheels
A pinwheel is the perfect removal of the exact center of the bull. It’s most dramatic on a 10-meter air rifle target shot with a .177 wadcutter because the hole is exactly framed by the 9-ring.


7: Flyers
A flyer is a hole that is clearly apart from the central group. There are many reasons for flyers, but they always represent a fly in the ointment of good target shooting–so they aren’t welcome.


8: Stringing
Stringing is when the group resembles a line, rather than a circular dispersion. It’s caused by many different things, but it’s always an indication of something going wrong.


9: One-hole groups
A “one-hole” group is just that–a group in which there is only a single hole. Some interpret this to mean that the hole is the same size as a single pellet, but that’s not always the case. Since caliber-sized groups are more theoretical than possible, they should be explained with additional terms. One hole means one hole–regardless of the size.


Calling your shots
We “call our shots” by referring to the target as if it were the face of a clock. This is a standard form of communication that all shooters use.