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Airgunner’s Christmas Gift Guide Gifts under $25

by B.B. Pelletier

Here’s a link to Pyramyd Air’s official Gift Guide.

A reader asked for this about a month ago, and it’s time I got started. I’m breaking this into price points so gift-givers can choose their limits. The way this works is you send your relatives and friends to this page, and I point them to things I think airgunners might enjoy. Each item will be linked, but as we get closer to Christmas, Pyramyd AIR will run out of many things, so have a fallback plan in place.


Santa leases back the Pyramyd AIR Warehouse for special Christmas gifts.

Note to the gift-giver
The things in these Gift Guide blogs are my choices for airgunners. Please ask your favorite airgunner to point you in the right direction, so I don’t steer you wrong. I’m doing this because I know how difficult it can be to find a gift for someone with a specialized interest like airguns.

First, ask your airgunner what caliber or calibers of airguns they shoot. Pellets come in many calibers, but the most common smallbore calibers are .177, .20 (which is also called 5mm), .22 and .25. I will only name those pellets I feel are the very best for each caliber.

JSB Exact Diabolo Heavy pellets (10.2 grains) My top pick.
JSB Exact Diabolo pellets (8.4 grains)
Beeman Kodiak Extra Heavy pellets (10.6 grains)
Crosman Premier Heavy pellets (10.5 grains)For pneumatics and CO2 guns
Crosman Premier pellets (7.9 grains) For spring guns.
RWS Hobby pellets (7 grains)

.20 caliber (also called 5mm)
Crosman Premier pellets (14.3 grains)
JSB Exact Diabolo pellets (13.5 grains)
Benjamin Cylindrical pellets (14.3 grains)
Beeman Field Target Specials pellets (11.45 grains)

JSB Exact Jumbo pellets (15.8 grains) My top pick in this caliber.
JSB Exact Jumbo Express pellets (14.3 grains)
Crosman Premier pellets (14.3 grains) A close replacement for JSB pellets.
Beeman Kodiak Extra heavy pellets (20.1grains) Better in guns producing over 20 foot-pounds of energy.
RWS Hobby pellets (11.9 grains)

Beeman Kodiak Extra Heavy pellets (30.7 grains) My one and only pick in this caliber.

Don’t overlook Pyramyd Air’s “Get the fourth tin free” offer. If you buy 4 tins or packages of smallbore pellets (the calibers above), they’ll give you the least expensive package or tin in your order for free. That offer extends to multiples of 4 tins, so if you buy 8 tins, 2 will be free. You have to put the 4th tin in your shopping cart, and the money will be subtracted when the order is placed.

There are a few BB guns available for less than $25:

Daisy Model 105 Buck BB repeater
Marksman 1010 BB, pellet, dart & bolt pistol

There are also some airsoft guns that I can recommend in this price category. Airsoft guns shoot 6mm plastic balls that the Asian manufacturers call BBs. They’re not the steel BBs that American-made BB guns use. These plastic BBs are both larger in diameter and lighter in weight than steel BBs, so they don’t have the same potential for injury if they strike a person. Nevertheless, Pyramyd AIR does not recommend or condone shooting any gun at a person or animal, except in the specialized practice of hunting and pest elimination. Parents must be warned that airsoft guns can produce serious injuries and should not be given to young children to shoot without supervision.

The guns I’m selected are the best in their price class and will give decent service. Don’t expect them to last like a higher-quality airgun.

Airsoft 904 by UHC Buy any brand of 0.12-gram BB for this gun (click on the “Ammo” link in the description). The same holds true for all the recommendations that follow.

Airsoft Spring Pistol UHC 92

Crosman Stinger Kit P30

Crosman Stinger P30

Tanfoglio Witness 1911 Pistol

I’m giving you a link to the airsoft spring pistol page because there are other models in this price category that might suit you better. At this price, you are going to be able to purchase only spring guns, which is where that link takes you.

There are a few long guns in this category, but I didn’t recommend them. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good. I just don’t have any experience with them.

Other things for under $25
This is my list of other items that are priced under $25. There are too many items for me to get them all, so this is just a smattering.

Crosman Airsoft Target For use with airsoft guns ONLY.

Crosman Auto-Reset Electric Airsoft Target For use with airsoft guns ONLY.

Cybergun Magic Sticky Target For use with airsoft guns ONLY.

Gamo Squirrel Field Target For shooters who want to try their hand at field target.

Airgun pellet auto-reset target

CO2 cartridges For shooters who need CO2 cartridges for their guns.

Crosman Pellgunoil The perfect stocking-stuffer. Most airgunners need this stuff and always forget to buy it.

American Air Rifles A great book for all airgunners.

Ballistol Another stocking-stuffer every airgunner needs.

Beeman M-2-M Moly Paste The slickest grease known. This stuff is messy, so get some Lava soap for the mud room to go with it.

Crosman clear adjustable safety glasses Every airgunner needs to wear a pair of these when shooting or when standing near shooters.

That’s my list for under $25. In the near future, I’ll also produce lists for under $50, under $100 and unlimited prices.


Large or small, your airgunner’s gift can be found at Pyramyd AIR.

34 thoughts on “Airgunner’s Christmas Gift Guide Gifts under $25”

  1. B.B.

    This is a nice idea.

    But, I hate to start the Christmas season before Thanksgiving…

    Anyway, glad to see my favorite pellets on your list too! That’s pretty impressive all the things under $25 for the air gun world gift givers…

    I would add some of that clay stuff, you can just stand up a block or two of it, without a frame, and tape a paper target to it… pretty cheap silent trap.. Or if you buy the frame/clay combo, get two extra clay blocks to make it thicker for 900fps or more.

    Ashland Air Rifle Range

  2. b.b. It’s time to think about MY Christmas present. The 5 year olds Red Ryder is all wrapped up as is the 7 year olds Marksman 1010.
    I’m having a ball with the PPK but find it’s accuracy to be less than desired. Though it is a blast for shooting at tin cans I’d like something a little better for my basement range. The PPK is giving me 3 or 4″ groups at 25 feet, which I am led to believe is about right.
    So I’ve looked at the CP88. I’ve read your reviews of it and the CP99 and you seem to like them both.
    So the questions is what gets the nod…the CP88 or CP99.

  3. Ho-Ho,

    I ordered my x-mas gift today: a QB-78 from a tuner with all the trimmings. I think I will be able to hold off opening this one.

    Wayne, if the spirit of the Season moves you, keeping in mind it is more rewarding to give then to receive, you know my address. : )


  4. I am still hoping Santa will bring me the new Air Force diopter sight.
    Since it is considerably more than $25, it will take a lot more planning, budgeting and begging. If everyting else fails… I might have to throw a tantrum.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  5. Cowboy Dad,

    How about a revolver to go along with the name :-)?

    I had a Crosman 357W at one point and loved it.
    I returned it because it started leaking with the second powerlet – probably something got in the valve.
    I tried another powerlet, but it leaked too. Big 5 didn't have another to exchange it for.

    Or, a Smith & Wesson (I've drooled over it, but can't justify the $)?

    Let us know how you like the CP88 if you pick one up.

    .22 multi-shot

  6. BB,

    I know it is just a matter of space, but my favorite item under $25 is the Beeman silhouette set.


    Can be used “as directed” or set up at different ranges for more or less difficulty.

  7. I can give a pitch too for the RWS Hobby pellets and JSB Exacts. Also, I’ve found the shoot ‘n see targets useful for snap shooting.

    CowboyDad, I’ve been very happy with the CP99 Sport, so I don’t think you would go wrong with that one either. The only possible objection would be the double-action revolver trigger, but when I do my part, the gun is deadly accurate. And with the Walther Nighthawk rig including the muzzle break, I could group at 25 yards.

    Volvo, who’s your QB78 tuner? I did a lot of research in this area at one time and was on the point of getting one, but I was put off by its gas hog tendencies.


  8. multishot…have to admit, I've watched to much James Bond, Die Hard and Bourne Conspiracy…I'm an automatic kinda guy 😉
    I've wondered about the S&W's. Years ago I had a Crossman .357 which was great. I see they still sell for about $70 and I've wondered if the $250 S&W are worth the price.
    I'll decide tonight on the CP88. Part of me says I have enough airguns, but I know if I go down to the basement and shoot the PPK, that as much fun as it is those 3-4" groups will piss me off.
    It's definitely an ourdoors kill the can kinda gun in my opinion.
    I don't want to go the route of an actual target pistol (the 747 Avanti was also on the list) as I like a bit more realism…but I'm hoping the CP88 can group 2" at 25'.
    Is this reasonable?

  9. Volvo,
    The spirit always moves me.. the question is what direction..

    Of course giving is my goal, why do you think I’ve been collecting all the stuff… I’m one of Santa’s helpers…

    They were out of the red suits and reindeer.. if you looked at my photo bucket, but, not to worry.. IF YOU’VE BEEN GOOD!!! I’ll be delivering on my goat with training wheels..


  10. CowboyDad,
    I know you’ve been considering youth pistols for some time. I had the same concern last Christmas.

    Finally went with Crosman 1377c. It is low power with just 3 pumps. And small children can seldom pump more than 5 times. So basically the gun can grow in power as they grow in stength. Hopefully their skill grows at the same time.

    It is also easy to add a stock and convert it to a carbine. Once they can pump it the full ten it will take small game with no problem and by then it should be nice and broke in.

    That was what worked for me last year. This year for the same child I’m thinking of a Stinger airsoft combo with sticky target for shooting indoors.


  11. Volvo,

    Please report on your QB78 when you get it. Your opinion carries some weight with me. I’ve been interested in an AR2078 (target version) for a while, with a view to an HPA conversion, another of my never-end self-torture/improvement program. I wish PA carried them.

  12. Hey BB, is it just me or did Crosman change the 2260? you should look at it on crosman.com, the sight is now like the powermasters. how come pyramyds is still old?

  13. B.B.

    I’ve done most of my Christmas shopping, time to work on my own present, I’m thinking a Falcon Hunter. I read your 4-part review of the Falcon Hunter, and have two questions: Have you gotten to shoot the Air Spring version yet? (And yes, I have seen the Talon Magnum write-up) Second question: Your personal recommendation/opinion, .22 or .25? I’m thinking of the Air Spring version mostly for pest control, but also bragging rights.

    Thanks, and love your blog (I do one myself, and know how much work it is!)


  14. Matt61,

    Mike Melick was the tuner for the QB-78. I also think Rich in Mich is supposed to do a good job on them. I am sure their are others I am just not aware of yet.

    Bg –farmer,

    Don’t give me too much credit; I had supposed the Chinese link on the yellow forum was, well going to be in Chinese.

    But, I am always happy to share my unbiased observations.


  15. Cowboy Dad,

    I’m afraid I haven’t used the CP88. I would trust BB’s input.

    Yah, I have only used the PPK for shooting cans. Very satisfying and teaches the kids about semi-automatics.

    .22 multi-shot

  16. Volvo,

    Thanks, I missed that, I’ve been buying/selling on a few sites now, and it’s hard to keep up with the feedback.
    On the GTA site, someone said they got to 32,000 on the turkey shoot.. so I quit trying.. no way I’m going to try and beat that, or spend that much time shooting with a mouse when I’ve got something just a little better..

    Anyway it seems like the game doesn’t go on long enough to get that high..

    Be sure to let Santa know where you live.. and don’t say the 4th chimney on the left past Lucy’s house, again, it’s to crowded these days for that type of directions.. and it took me hours to find you last time.. that’s not being as good as you CAN be, now is it?…

    The master Santa has got google maps in the sleigh, but not us lowly helpers..

    Wayne, eerrr ahh I mean Santa.

  17. Volvo,

    Mike Melick is who I corresponded with. He’s a top bloke as the saying goes and almost had me sold on the target version of the QB 78. What stopped me was the accuracy. He told me that the target models can get about .18 groups at 10 meters, and at the time I was so immersed in tiny group sizes while reading about the Daisy 853 and Crosman Challenger that I figured this wasn’t enough for a target rifle. Probably naive. I’m sure that the rifle shoots plenty well enough for me. At the time, I was also getting a little turned off from having to wait for CO2 to warm up sufficiently between shots, and then the matter of using two powerlets instead of one at a time finally stopped me. But I’m sure it’s a fine rifle and wouldn’t mind having one if I had the time and funds. Let us know how it turns out.


  18. BB,
    I am afraid there wont be too many presents on my list this year. After 8 years on the waiting list I was notified yesterday that I was next on the list for an ASTRO-PHYSICS
    130mm f6.3 Starfire EDF. I have been debating about turning it down because of the economy and uncertainty but after 8 years of waiting I dont see how I can and I sure dont want to go to the back of the line again. I think I will just issue IOU’s for next year.


  19. Good eye, ShootThePigeons. The 2260 on Crosman’s web site looks like the 2260 SE without the scope. If that is what it is then it has the steel breech already. Since I like the clean-barrel look I put in my order for a shiny new 2260, hoping to get one with the plastic breech. Later comes the steel breech and the micrometer peep sight, plus the scope.

    I also noticed that the 2250 (the base model, not the AS2250XT or the 2250XE) isn’t on Crosman’s web site any more. Pyramyd is expecting to get them in on or about December 1, so I ordered one of them too. It’s another candidate for a steel breech and a micrometer sight.


  20. Sam…Good for you. About 10 years ago I purchased a Pentax 115mm ApoED telescope with full computer drive. Pentax is a huge maker of telescopes, up to observatory size.
    I actually wanted an Astro Physics but they came in at about 3K more for the package I was looking for and just couldn’t justify it.
    What’s your area of interest. Mine is double stars, the primary reason I went with a refractor over a reflector.
    Unfortunately the area I live in (Edmonton, Alberta), which was basically in the sticks 10 years ago is not part of the ‘burbs and light pollution has made things very poor.
    A treat last night however. The sky was lit up by the what is thought to possibly be the largest meteroite fall in Western Canada in decades…visible across three provinces.
    I saw it…what a treat.

  21. Cowboy,

    Actually I am a big fan of the faint fuzzies. I have always loved looking at galaxies and have a Celestron C9.25 on an Atlas GOTO mount but I live in the suburbs between Baltimore and Washington and in the past 7 or 8 years the light pollution has gotten much worse if thats possible so I have to reserve deep sky for star parties. Back in late 99 or early 2000 I decided to get myself on the AP list and forgot about it. My wife bought me a TV85 that I use in the back yard for double stars and planets and I have been very happy with it but always wanted a bit more resolution. I keep looking at the TAKs and TMB but they cost more than a new AP and all of them are pricey. The only way to convince the wife is to show her that used AP’s sell for more than the new price and I can use this and she can retire on it when I die.


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