by Tom Gaylord, a.k.a. B.B. Pelletier…and by our blog readers!

Today we’re gonna do things differently. You’re going to write the blog — not me.

I’m going to put some photos together and number them, but that’s all. You’re going to write the text of the report and the captions for the pictures. You’ll do this in the comments section.

The numbers are written in red beneath the photos to which they belong.

You’ll write either some text that can be used for the body of the report or you will write a caption for a photo. You are not limited to how much you contribute. So, write as much as you want. Try to keep your ideas to one point, so I can cut and paste them into the report. Please don’t make Edith and me edit this a lot. But don’t obsess over misspelled words or a punctuation issues.

Use humor in your contributions. And use the truth — or not — you decide.

I am purposely putting in photos that don’t seem to belong together. You must find the glue to fuse them into a cohesive report. You can do it with a caption for a photo. You can do it with a paragraph of text. Or, select a couple photos and write the text that goes with them as well as all the captions.

If you write a caption, please give the number of the photo it references. If you write some text for the report, you can tell which photo(s) it goes with, but you don’t have to. However, if you feel inspired by a photo, we probably will, too.

You have all weekend to submit whatever comments you care to write. No one person will write the entire report or even a majority of it (we hope!), and everyone has an equal chance to be involved.

Not all the contributions will be used. Edith and I will also have to be creative as we choose the contributions and decide how they fit together. We’ll be looking for the most cogent, yet humorous report that can be written with your submission.

We’ll take the submissions and compile them into a special blog report next week. That will be Part 2 to this Part 1.

Okay, that’s the challenge. You have the weekend to do this. Good luck and let’s go!

S&W TRR8 327
Photo 01

Flintlock jail key
Photo 02

Photo 03

Photo 04

Diana target sight
Photo 05

round balls in calipers
Photo 06

Tom at bench with Winder musket
Photo 07

Tight group
Photo 08