Readers’ report: Part 1

by Tom Gaylord, a.k.a. B.B. Pelletier…and by our blog readers!

Today we’re gonna do things differently. You’re going to write the blog — not me.

I’m going to put some photos together and number them, but that’s all. You’re going to write the text of the report and the captions for the pictures. You’ll do this in the comments section.

The numbers are written in red beneath the photos to which they belong.

You’ll write either some text that can be used for the body of the report or you will write a caption for a photo. You are not limited to how much you contribute. So, write as much as you want. Try to keep your ideas to one point, so I can cut and paste them into the report. Please don’t make Edith and me edit this a lot. But don’t obsess over misspelled words or a punctuation issues.

Use humor in your contributions. And use the truth — or not — you decide.

I am purposely putting in photos that don’t seem to belong together. You must find the glue to fuse them into a cohesive report. You can do it with a caption for a photo. You can do it with a paragraph of text. Or, select a couple photos and write the text that goes with them as well as all the captions.

If you write a caption, please give the number of the photo it references. If you write some text for the report, you can tell which photo(s) it goes with, but you don’t have to. However, if you feel inspired by a photo, we probably will, too.

You have all weekend to submit whatever comments you care to write. No one person will write the entire report or even a majority of it (we hope!), and everyone has an equal chance to be involved.

Not all the contributions will be used. Edith and I will also have to be creative as we choose the contributions and decide how they fit together. We’ll be looking for the most cogent, yet humorous report that can be written with your submission.

We’ll take the submissions and compile them into a special blog report next week. That will be Part 2 to this Part 1.

Okay, that’s the challenge. You have the weekend to do this. Good luck and let’s go!

S&W TRR8 327
Photo 01

Flintlock jail key
Photo 02

Photo 03

Photo 04

Diana target sight
Photo 05

round balls in calipers
Photo 06

Tom at bench with Winder musket
Photo 07

Tight group
Photo 08

64 thoughts on “Readers’ report: Part 1”

  1. Nothing that is likely to be useful from me…

    #1 I don’t care for the bulk of revolvers, and that model is particular un-aesthetic (sp?) in the way the slab sides of the barrel “bend”.

    #2 “With the Pope abdicating, we require extra inducement be applied to the College of Cardinals; they may not readily agree to being locked into the room for voting”

    #3 “Repurposing .22 rimfire shot shell capsules for airgun use results in very erratic shot patterns, with too many openings to be an effective snake load”

    #4 An example from Jay Leno’s “companies that should never merge”: What happens when a slug-barrel (and sights) shotgun receiver is married to an underlever spring-piston airgun with an assist from an elephant gun stock designed for use with a high mounted scope.

    #5 To quote an animated skunk: “Le sigh” “Le sight” is lovely — and I don’t mean that as an entry in this cut&paste story competition… Clear markings on the adjustments, apparent target size aperture on the peep…

    #6 “The plating firm was over-ambitious; the order was for a copper washed ball, not a copper egg-shell”

    #7 Just personal observations — That’s a rather slab-sided stock, is it not? And I don’t think I could shoot that gun with any chance at accuracy — the receiver peep seems too far from the eye to be effective.

    #8 “Next time, I’m going to aim at a Lincoln penny… After all, Booth was able to hit his head with a pocket pistol, surely a scoped rifle can equal that”

    {Yes, #8 IS rather morbid}

  2. What happens when the stock screws are loose? Well, you might get unlucky enough to shoot a majority of shots into what appears to be a group, and spend a lot of time trying to figure out why the group opens up. And this pattern can continue across several bulls, over the course of an hour or more, as you take you time, monitor wind, and check and re-check your form (trigger squeeze, follow-through, artillery-hold, etc.). You may even question your scope, the pellets, and everything BUT the stock screws, including whether the gun is no longer functioning for whatever reason. But eventually you realize that none of what you’ve considered can really explain the shifts in aim-point. So just as you’re about to pack up your equipment and rifle, you open your equipment box and see a screw-drive and get an idea. You go back to your rifle with the screw-driver and check the stock screws. A kind of relief comes over you because you’ve found one thing that is certain to explain, at least to a high probability, what you’re seeing in Photo 03. You many not have resolved everything, but you’ve definitely identified one concrete issue. i say all of this from experience.


  3. 1&2—Once you have tried the trigger on this one.(2)……you will LOVE the trigger on this one(1).
    #7……Tom’s doctor told him he needed “more quality rest”.He has discovered that to be great advice,and is seen here with his new “more quality rest”.

  4. Nuttin’ useful just wanna play the “ink spot” game.
    1. “Go ahead, make my day”
    2. the key to inaccuracy
    3. (ala Rainman) yeah need a better scope, definately the scope.
    4. size matters
    5. if my name wuz Tom, would this make me a peeping Tom?
    6. kinda tough ta top dangerdongle, but, scientific proof that brass balls are bigger & better.
    7. I read on the internet (bathroom wall) that wearing hearing protection while ya shoot can lead
    to hair loss.
    8. no, really, that’s 4, 1 hole groups & 1 that opened up a little. Must be the scope.
    Thanx y’all, have a great weekend & shoot/ride safe.

  5. As a GUN enthusiast, I tend to be a REVOLVER, going around from FIREARMS to AIRGUNSs and back again. The KEY to enjoying GUNS as a hobby lies in finding the right GROUP to share it with. Try to avoid the BIG BORES and find some interesting PEEPS to hang with. Whether you’re a little ROUND or a big BB, you can usually find someone like you to shoot with. Watch out for those who have LOW WALLs, however, as they can sometimes be a bit long WINDERed. If you think that you have to be able to shoot well to fit in, you’ll probably find that most of us don’t give a DIME.

  6. Hello B.B. and Airgunners everywhere. What a novel idea for a blog. As readers, we get to put our selves in B.B.’s shoes, make that Sketchers, and write our own blog. There have already been some excellent captions to the pictures. I have a caption or two, and will fill it out as the weekend progresses.

    #2 One key opens all locks. If it won’t open manually, you shoot it out.
    #3 Instead of six small targets, why not make one big one?
    #4 Never can have too much airgun.
    #6 Brass balls are bigger.
    #8 Take the coin away and maybe my aim will improve.

    That’s it for now folks. A big day today. My Daughter is coming home from a university reading break on Sunday, and I gotta go buy her favourite foods. Thanks for the great blog, B.B.
    Caio Titus

    • Titus Groan, regarding primate intelligence, I’ve heard that it’s your orangutans that are your smart ones. As a recent example, they gave primates ipads to see what they would do. The gorillas ignored them. The chimps didn’t really get it. But the orangutans were engrossed. You can find pictures easily enough.

      It’s a wild world out there, but I have found one certainty in the midst of it all: the elephant sanctuary at Hohenwald Tennessee. This is a place for abused animals and circus retirees. The key is to let the elephants be elephants with no human interaction. No dressing them and talking bubble baths with them. Even VIP donors who give more than $10,000 are not allowed to meet the elephants. There’s some integrity. But there is plenty of footage of them. We are taught that narrative must have conflict, but I am totally engrossed by watching the elephants napping in the sun and could probably watch that for hours. The sanctuary is also very clever in allowing people to make specific kinds of donations. Apparently the elephants are very fond of cranberries and pedicures; that’s something of which you may be sure.

      Enjoy your daughter’s visit with her favorite foods. 🙂


  7. Off the cuff, but I do think there is a story connecting all of the pictures.

    Photo 2: Why turn the key when you can just pull the trigger?

    Photo 3: Looks a little off unless you’re on the receiving end.

    Photo 5: Makes me think of Chris Kyle (not funny, I know)

    Photo 6: There is more to a heavy weight than size.

    Photo 7: “Yes, Virginia, there is a calm before the storm”

  8. Photo 1: My momma always said that life is like a CO2 revolver. It just keeps goin’ round til it runs outta gas.

    Photo 2: And now for something totally different… A lock in a key.

    Photo 3: Proof positive that coffee makes a very poor propellant.

    Photo 4: “Hey, Sam… You could make it look like a Remington 870 and the Americans would buy it.”

    Photo 5: The Harry Potter device. It magically doubles your sighting radius and sharpens the appearance of the front sight and target. Powered by concentration.

    Photo 6: This demonstration scientifically illustrates the amount of compression required to turn brass into lead.

    Photo 7: Here is a good example of an antique American classic. Although it appears to be loosing some finish, it is still fairly accurate. Also shown is a rifle.

    Photo 8: Although they are still legitimate as currency, dimes have proven to make very poor targets. The Internet is full of images of dimes on paper targets, and there isn’t a hole in one of them.

  9. #3,Gamo’s new Hippo Hunter extreme……the one reviewer was right! Removing one stock screw & losening the other DID improve the 15ft groups.Also suprising,the Beeman cleaning pellets made the best velocity AND the tightest groups (shown here).Shot from the Predator rest using the “I no longer care,I’m exausted from cocking it” hold.

    • Michael,This key was invented to open the flintlock before firing.In fact ;it wasn’t until after the flintlock rifle was surpassed by the modern designs that gun locks were invented as a separate item.-Tin Can Man-

  10. #1 Just when you tought that revolver couldn’t be uglier… you notice the safety!
    #2 This one is key to the gun acting like other things, just between the gun/pen and the gun/cane.
    #3 Here I used a 10M airgun target to pattern my new shotgun.
    #6 Altought it seems to be smaller it was not at first but since the top one is lead it can be squished and looks smaller!
    #7 Here is a kid with his new(est) toy, you can’t see the excitment and joy on his because we’d have to be in front of the rifle but I tell you, it’s there!
    #8 Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this picture?
    -It’s over exposed! It seems to have been taken with a flash at a perpendicular angle because we can hardly see the face on that dime. Oh you meant with the shots…


    Frbruary…er…Fleerary…uh…Fbebury… 2/17/2013 | Author Z.Z. Grenadier | -53 Comments

    I have a treat for you readers today. I am going to review a BB pistol manufactured through the collaboration of the Walter Refrigerator Company and air gun manufacturer Doozy Compressed Air Are Us. The pistol I’m going to review is the Walter Doozy Rhinoceros Fully Automatic BB Pistol. I hope you are as excited as I am. If this pistol is as accurate as I think it will be you will be delighted.

    Insert Photo #1 here…….

    As you can see from all the notches and grooves, screws and bolts on this pistol it can be fully accessorized. But if this pistol is as accurate as I think it will be this is acceptable. I’ve included a photo of one of my favorite configurations below.

    Insert Photo #4 here……

    As you can see this even closely resembles the Eastern Elbonian Olympic competition pistol. Notice the long trigger reach necessary for those long fingered shooters. It was almost rejected at the last Winter Olympics for resembling a shotgun but those Elbonians have very deep pockets. I’ve included a photo of their scores of their last Olympic competition. This is their first place results. Like I said, they have very deep pockets. But if this pistol is as accurate as I think it will be this is acceptable.

    Insert Photo #3 here…….

    The beauty of this pistol is its power plant. It is spring powered instead of CO2 or that very costly precharged pneumatic design that is just a passing fad these days. Instead, it is coil-wound by a very special tool option I’m showing you below. But if this pistol is as accurate as I think it will be this is acceptable.

    Insert Photo #2 here……

    The pistol itself sells for only $19.95 which is remarkable considering the competition in its class. While the pistol is nearly useless without this key the company actually listened to its customers this time and will include one in the box for only an additional $199. But if this pistol is as accurate as I think it will be this is acceptable. The ten shot cylinder, designed to resemble a six shot cylinder, is sold separately. I like this feature since I always shoot ten shot groups for my tests and don’t have to reload so often. Of course, stopping to rewind the pistol after every shot may seem bothersome to some but if this pistol is as accurate as the manufacturer claims I’m sure the market will accept that.

    I put this pistol through my Blue Crummy Shooting Chrony Z-99.9 Chronograph, Mauve to see what it would do. It produced an astounding 1fps velocity with only a fraction of a second deviation. But if this pistol is as accurate as I think it will be this is acceptable. You will agree, this is pretty good for a pistol in the $19.95 range.

    Another plus for this pistol is that it comes with its own ammo. Before testing for accuracy I took the time to check each of the 1,000 bb’s for size and uniformity.

    Insert Photo #6 here……

    As you can see these bb’s are manufactured to really precise measurements with tolerances usually only found in commercial bowling alleys. I do suggest you keep the pistol in a nose up position until you’re ready to shoot as some of the bb’s have a tendency to roll around a bit. But if this pistol is as accurate as I think it will be this is acceptable.

    I need to mention here that this pistol can be fitted with a peep sight.

    Insert Photo #5 here…..

    However, if you’re shooting style requires a #1 or #6 setting you may want to opt for a third party sight since these options seem to be missing. But if this pistol is as accurate as I think it will be this is acceptable. Shown here is the #5 setting which put my first test grouping about where my wife, Edgey, said our divorce decree would be if I continued with that.

    OK, on to accuracy. Look at this incredible result in the photo below.

    Insert Photo #8 here…..

    One of my pet peeves reviewing guns for accuracy is when ten shots wipe out my aim point, which skews my results. I can guarantee you that this pistol will never do that. This is very clear in this photo and I’m sure you will be as pleased with this as I am.

    You might be interested to know that Edgy did finally throw me out of the house, and I now spend most of my time in Elbonia teaching Olympic shooting.

    Insert Photo #7 here…..

    Here’s a picture of me in my new office. As you can see the Elbonians even provide me with all the latest equipment. As I’ve said, they do have deep pockets.

  12. Here I settle back to read the weekend blog, and what do I find? We’re supposed to write it?! And this is no easy task. It reminds me of the test given to the Merly Streep character in Out of Africa. She is supposed to spontaneously make up a story given an opening sentence which was something like: The little orphan boy didn’t know what to do when he couldn’t find his father Kuang Ching….

    Anyway… Modern airguns meet your latest needs. Photo 1. Note the under rail. But if you’re not into tacticool, there is plenty of ingenuity in older airguns. Photo 2. This one will defeat any lock. Photo 3. It is said that from the pattern of shots you can deduce errors in shooting technique. Or, you can just wipe out the whole target. Photo 4. Or you may want to start paying attention to the sights. Photo 5. The smaller the aperture, the sharper the sight picture. Some people have liberated themselves entirely from shooting, and just enjoy the process of measuring various things related to airgunning to a high degree of precision. Photos 6. Photo 7, B.B. as nice guy. He’s not using the green rest that supports buttstock as well as the front end. Photo 8. How not to use a dime. It can be used to strategically cover fliers.

    On another note, saw the latest Die Hard movie. It’s very poor, much worse than the latest efforts by Arnold and Stallone. It make me wonder if I’m losing my touch for enjoying mediocre action films. But I really believe it’s the movie, not me. You’ll get nice footage of modern AKs and that’s about it.


    • It reminds me of the test given to the Merly Streep character in Out of Africa. She is supposed to spontaneously make up a story given an opening sentence which was something like: The little orphan boy didn’t know what to do when he couldn’t find his father Kuang Ching….

      Given that particular opening line I’d have trouble too… “orphan” sort of presumes there are no parents to be found.

      “… Of course he didn’t know he was an orphan at the time, as Kuang Ching had left the family hut at daybreak to hunt an alleged man-eating tiger seen around the village farms. His father found out it wasn’t just an allegation.”

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