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CO2 ASG CZ 75 Shadow 2 airsoft pistol: Part 4

ASG CZ 75 Shadow 2 airsoft pistol: Part 4

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

CZ75 Shadow 2
ASG’s CZ 75 Shadow 2 airsoft pistol.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

This report covers:

  • A good use for airsoft
  • Not a gun guy
  • Enabler
  • The test
  • GameFace Maximum Precision 0.25 gram
  • Valken Infinity BBs
  • Metal Tac BBs
  • Accelerate BBs
  • TSD 0.26-gram Bio 180 BBs
  • Did not shoot 10
  • One BB revisited
  • Summary

Today will be the last report on the ASG CZ 75 Shadow 2 airsoft pistol. I told you at the end of Part 3 that I was going to test the pistol with other ammo and today is that day. But first, a practical word.

A good use for airsoft

Like me, most of you don’t skirmish, which is the principal use for airsoft today, though the pistol we are testing is also good for collectors and target shooters. But there is another good use for airsoft — critter control.

My neighbor, Denny, asked me if I had anything to discourage a pesky robin from pooping on his truck. This bird is apparently from the shallow end of the gene pool and likes to perch on a sideview mirror. When he does, he sees his reflection in the window glass and thinks it’s competition. He will peck at it for some time, and then get frustrated and poop on the side of the car. Sounds funny but he makes a real mess because he keeps coming back for more.

So Denny asked me if I had an airgun that would discourage the robin from hanging around his truck. I did! I had just completed the first accuracy test of the ASG CZ 75 Shadow 2 airsoft pistol, and I had it shooting to the point of aim at 10 meters. I gave him a quick rundown of how it works and how to load it and sent him on his way.

The first couple times he shot real close to the robin who flew away, but as I mentioned, this bird is very persistent, so he kept coming back. On his third visit Denny smacked him in his red breast with an airsoft ball that sent dust flying up from the feathers. He got the message and flew away. No more robin at Denny’s!

After that Denny saw the robin doing the same thing to a truck across the street! And I found some thank-you poops on my truck and bed cover. But the bird hasn’t been back to visit Denny for many days.

CZ75 Shadow 2 truck poop
Somebody left me a couple thank-yous!

Not a gun guy

Denny told me at breakfast yesterday that he is no gun guy but he wanted me to tell all of you that this CZ 75 has a gorgeous trigger. I must agree, because as I shot it yesterday for this report I, too, was amazed all over again. I wish very much that this pistol was made to shoot steel BBs, too! Or even, dare I say it, pellets through a rifled barrel?


You guys call me the Great Enabler. Well, I want you to know — Denny is my Enabler. After listening to him I have upgraded my television, DVD player, my couch and easy chair. And with good stuff, too — the kind you would advise someone else to buy! Thank the Lord I drive a Toyota or he’d be after me there, too! I just felt you ought to know that what goes around on this blog also comes around in my life — so quit yer whinin’!

The test

I shot today at 10 meters from a rest. I will describe the holds as we go. I wore my reading glasses to see the front sight clearly.

I shot 5 shots at each target. The hold is at 6 o’clock on the bottom of the black bullseye. If I had gotten any remarkable groups, like 5 balls in one inch, I planned to keep shooting until there were 10 shots in the group.

GameFace Maximum Precision 0.25 gram

First up were GameFace Maximum Precision 0.25 gram BBs. They are not biodegradeable and I mention that because the majority of airsoft BBs seem to be biodegradeable these days. That’s a big change from when I was testing airsoft 15-20 years ago. Back then biodegradeable BBs were not that good and people tended not to shoot them. These BBs are made in Taiwan.

I rested the bottom of the pistol grip against the sandbag for this first target. Five BBs went into 3.256-inches at 10 meters. It was not as good as I had hoped, so I tried the same BB a second time with a different hold.

CZ75 Shadow 2 Gameface target rested
Gameface BBs gave this open 3.256-inch group at 10 meters when the base of the pistol rested directly on the sandbag.

The second time I shot the Game Face BBs I held the pistol with both hands off the sandbag. The pistol was free to move. That tightened the group to 2.12-inches between centers and it also brought all the BBs to the aim point. This is obviously the right way to hold the gun for this BB.

CZ75 Shadow 2 Gameface target held
That’s more like it! When the pistol was held in the hands 5 Gameface BBs went into 2.212-inches at 10 meters.

Because of the dramatic difference in group size I hand-held the pistol for the rest of the test. Next up were Valken Infinity BBs

Valken Infinity BBs

These are 0.25-gram biodegradeable BBs that are also made in Taiwan. Five went into 2.363-inches at 10 meters, They are also right at the aim point.

CZ75 Shadow 2 Infinity target rested
Infinity biodegradeable BBs did well, too. They went to the aim point in a 2.363-inch group at 10 meters.

Metal Tac BBs

Next up were five Metal Tac 0.25-gram BBs from China. Metal Tac is just their name I think. They look like white plastic to me. Five of them went into a 2.58-inch group at 10 meters. This group is a little higher than the aim point and slightly off to the left.

CZ75 Shadow 2 Metal Tac target rested
Five Metal Tac non-biodegradable BBs went into 2.58-inches at 10 meters.

Accelerate BBs

Next to be tried were 5 Valken Accelerate 0.25-gram BBs from Taiwan. These are also non-biodegradable and instead of being white or black they are a medium gray color. Five made a group that measures 3.456-inches between centers. It’s the largest group of the test.

0CZ75 Shadow 2 Accelerate target rested
Five Accelerate BBs went into 3.456-inches at 10 meters. I know it looks like only 4 BBs hit. I think two went through the bottom hole. This is not the BB for this pistol.

TSD 0.26-gram Bio 180 BBs

Next I tried a slightly heavier 0.26-gram biodegradeable BB from Team Specialized Distribution (TSD). These went right to the point of aim and stayed in a small 1.954-inch group at 10 meters. It was the smallest group of the test. These BBs are made in Taiwan.

CZ75 Shadow 2 TSD Bio 180 target rested
Five TSD BBs went into 1.954-inches at 10 meters. It’s the smallest group of the test and it went right to the aim point. This would be a BB to try!

Did not shoot 10

I told you I would shoot 10 BBs at a target if there was a tight group of five. On the target above, if all 5 BBs were in the area where the three on the right are, I would have shot five more. But that didn’t happen.

One BB revisited

In Part 3 the 0.25-gram TSD Tsunami BBs made the two smallest groups of the test. I felt they deserved a second chance with the pistol held in the hand, so I shot five of them today. Unfortunately, they do not like being hand-held and what had been good groups before expanded to a poor group this time. Five BBs went into 5.067-inches at 10 meters. It was the real worst group of the test, though we know from Part 3 that it shoots much better when the gun is rested against the bag.

CZ75 Shadow 2 Tsunami target rested
Ooops! TSD Tsunami BBs don’t like it when the pistol is hand-held! Five went into 5.067-inches at 10 meters. This is the real worst group of the test.


The CZ 75 Shadow 2 airsoft pistol from ASG is absolutely delightful! The trigger is superb, the pistol is very realistic and it’s also reasonably accurate. I hate to send it back to Bob Li of ASG — who, by the way, is another of my enablers. The problem with Bob is whenever he tells me something is good, it really is, so I have no defense. I like good airguns!

I haven’t written about a lot of airsoft guns in the past several years, but I can do more. I just don’t want to loose sight of the main purpose of this blog, which is airguns, defined as pellet and BB guns.

61 thoughts on “ASG CZ 75 Shadow 2 airsoft pistol: Part 4”

  1. That bird likely died a slow and horrible death.

    Come of BB. An airsoft gun will leave a deep welt on bare skin of a person. A hit like that on a small bird will kill it slowly.

    Like seriously it’s bad to have the official PA blog supporting shooting birds with airsoft. That’s the kind of thing that get it all shut down.

      • Edw,

        Exactly what I was thinking. Some friends of mine are having trouble with deer. They do not want to hurt them, but want to discourage them from eating their shrubs, flowers, garden, etc. They were wanting something low powered to shoot the deer with to run them off. I was thinking of a multi-pump, but maybe this is the way to go.

          • Thinking back now I remember a reader that got a air soft ball lodged in his hand and had to pick it out.

            Probably was done at the wrong distance.

            How far was you away from the bird when you shot it with the air soft gun anyway. Did you have multiple shots at the bird to figure out that distance?

              • BB
                Man that bird must of been really occupied with the mirror dance it was doing.

                11 yards is pretty close to sneak up on the bird.

                Man I need some stalking lessons from all you Ninja’s out there.

                And no wonder it got hit at that distance. So basically your saying this pistol has no power. Can it even poke through paper at that distance. I would hope so for that expensive of a airsoft pistol.

    • Edw,

      We have seen that bird for many days. He is not dead. But he is wiser. I advocate airsoft only for this task as steel BB guns will injure just as you say. It’s their smaller surface area with greater energy that is the problem.

      Bird feathers are some of the toughest armor around.


      • B.B.,

        Whoa!!!! And I harvest live game with weapons!

        But I’m embarrassed by todays blog!

        Don’t point any gun at anything you are not prepared to kill or destroy.

        Also was Denny, The Non Gun Guy, even aware of the rest of the shooter’s rules?

        This particular bird may have been lucky as well as your friend Denny! But what about next time when the Airsoft BB hits a wing bone, eye or some other fragile bird part instead of dusty chest feathers? And Denny…. What about the neighbors with Smartphones or Security cameras?

        We all need to think deeply about this topic.


  2. My name is Ian, and I am an Airgunner.

    There , I admitted it..

    I am addicted to anything with a trigger…

    I don’t care what caliber, or projectile it shoots.

    From a catapult gun, to a pcp, I don’t care…

    I love the old Sheridan paintball guns, and the Nell spot, and the cap chur dart gun.

    Airsoft, wether it uses propane, co2, precharged air, or electric.

    Pellet, .177 bb 6mm, 8mm or otherwise.

    They are all airguns that shoot different projectiles..


  3. B.B.,

    I had a bird do the very same thing to my Jeep Liberty when I had it. It was crazy to watch in real time.

    Way to go on upgrading to some nicer stuff! We are not getting any younger, so treat yourself when you can.

    Good Day to you and to all,………. Chris

  4. B.B.

    We had trouble with a woodpecker who would dump a couple of tablespoons of sunflower seeds on the ground every time he came for a seed – he’d empty a 3-pound feeder in a morning!

    Ended up using a “SuperSoaker” water pistol to dampen his enthusiasm. Works pretty good.

    • Hank
      I was going to get into that with my statement I made. There is other ways then a air soft gun.

      In your case I would stop feeding them for awhile. They will find a new place to go. They will find a different food source.

      • GF1

        Yeah, that might work but we cannot stop feeding for one bird…

        At this time of year, in one day, we will see several species each of …finch (2 types), nuthatches (2 types), woodpeckers (4), sparrows (3), “black birds” (4), bluejays, grosbeaks, chickadees, cardinals and doves are common.

        Various other vireos, warblers, accipiters (mostly Kestrels and Short-Shinned, and Red-tail hawks) show up sporadically in the backyard as well.

        Beyond the backyard feeder, there is a whole variety of larger birds – grouse, turkeys, crows, ravens, hawks, owls, vultures, ducks, herons, kingfishers, etc. that hang out around the property. We have a list of over 60 species that we have seen since we moved in.

        If the feeder is empty the birds let us know in short order. Our pileated woodpecker will rap on the deck railing if there is no suet for her.

        Around here, the feeder is a busy place. Nice to watch.

        Attached is a picture of Gomez – the raven who hangs around the house, he helps me with the clean up.


        • Hank
          So the way I see it in your particular case is don’t worry about the wood pecker emptying the bird feeder.

          Why. Because it’s going on the ground and the other birds are still eating it.

          We have several bird feeders out. All I can say is the birds eventually clean up the mess they make on the ground.

          Let them be happy in your case. In BB’s friends case there was another solution to try. I would of took a plastic shopping bag and put it over the vehicles mirror and used a big rubber band to secure it. Bet that bird wouldn’t of been interested anymore.

          Anyone that hunts or fish’s or traps learns about what they are trying to get. Heck even the police and such know that.

  5. Sorry people.

    Nope that’s not the way to do it.

    If it’s a pest eliminate it. Like Edw said in a round about way. Why don’t you get a airsoft gun to deter a cat or dog.

    I had a air soft gun that would shoot a biodegradable air soft ball through a aluminum 12 oz can at 35 yards. Would I use it to eliminate a pest? No way.

    I thought being humane was the name of the game. Maybe BB or Pyramyd AIR can make up a pest deterring chart for airsoft guns for different animals and post it on the PA website.

    I was definitely surprised when I read today’s blog. And BB you even kept carrying on about you and your buddy’s endeavors.

    Say what you will but I had to state my peace on this one. And I have more to say if you would like to carry on.

  6. Deterring pests vs elimination is tricky territory for sure especially a smallish bird or any bird and yes feathers can be tough but hit a wing joint and you might disable flight. I don’t know how effective but the super soaker sounds like fun. We had an exceptionally stupid cardinal one year do the same just keep a sock over it until the breeding season progresses and the super territorial pairing phase is quieted down. I am more cautious when it comes to birds perhaps guilt for all the ones i killed as a early teen.

    I have developed some other techniques for cats {& owners] who want to let cats out & i think have a method that would be very effective in a more urban situation. Box trap fluffy and douse it with a 5gal service bucket of water and open the trap & if its not feral fluffy is headed for the cat door for sure & soaking wet. I live in the sticks and feral cats are a BIG problem that i am forced to deal with and i have stressed repeatedly that if my neighbors have a pet they need to have a collar on it and in a couple of cases they have been found on my chicken & guinea kills and i asked that an effective bell be affixed to collar, but a smart cat can even adapt to a bell and still ambush as i know a cat that did just that. I have no shortage of far worse foes than pet dogs or cats and view those kills and they are not frequent as the cost of doing business.

    Dumb animals reacting out of instinct you have to remove the stimulus as that is likely going to be the only real effective coarse of action. When dealing with animals that can learn be careful not to teach them how to be more of a problem. I just encourage anybody who is dealing with problem animals to take the time and find the best options.

    I know this is a lengthy response to a seemingly simple bird problem, but as you can tell from the responses even that small issue gets peoples attention. Where i live dogs that kill any sort of livestock disappear. That was not my response and my neighbors dog killed once or twice out of instinct and with minimal encouragement from me and his owner he is a protector and one of my best assets.

    • Mike,

      I live in a rural are as well. Locally, people who love their pets keep them close and under control – the fishers around here consider cats a delicacy and the coyotes will bait and kill any small dog they can.

      BTW, the super-soaker IS fun LOL! This one particular woodpecker that is the trouble doesn’t like being wet and will sit on the fence (out of range) and curse at me when I get him.

    • Mike
      Yep a very tricky situation.

      The way I see it is people that don’t encounter these situations like you explained don’t know.

      I have done pest elimination for two towns over about the last 8 years or so plus when I was a kid on the farm. That being our farm and the neighboring farms. Some of the calls I got are sad when I show up. Why because I know down inside myself that the whole situation could of been eliminated in one way or another by simply stopping to do something. Now there was no choice by time I got called. Or should I say a safe choice for the pest and the surroundings.

      And what I know also is the farm pesting was much easier to not feel bad about. The situations in the city made me unhappy and mad even at times. Most of the time the things that happened in the city was by humans. On the farm it was kind of what I call nature in its place or should I say nature in a place where humans were. And I’m talking rodents and other things.

      And some know what I mean when I say this. There is a time for everything. But also there’s a right way and a wrong way to do something.

  7. B.B.,
    We had a large dog get out of a neighbor’s fenced-in yard and come into our yard, getting aggressive to the point where my wife was scared. Had it bit her, Animal Control would have put him down. Instead, one shot in the butt from an airsoft spring pistol (260 fps with 0.2 gram BBs; that’s 3 grains, for less than half a ft-lb of energy) sent him yelping home, not to return. The owner is happy, because his dog is unharmed; my wife is happy, because she did not get bit. The dog should be happy, because he is back home in his yard (i.e. he did not get put down).
    A low-powered airsoft gun is one way to accomplish this outcome; although I believe that Beeman once sold felt pellets for the same purpose. Certainly no “hard” airgun could ever be used in such a way.
    Where I live in Georgia, you could be justified to shoot and kill an aggressive dog (which is supposed to be fenced in or under control on a lease) trespassing on your property; but I would never want to hurt someone’s pet. Hence, while I did have a firearm on my person, I was glad the airsoft gun was also ready-to-hand and gave me another option.
    Just my 2 cents…food for thought,

    • Dave
      I was warned about stray “pet” dogs from an early age. When I started attending grade one we had to walk a considerable distance to the only school. My father was a coal minor, and we lived in a mining camp called Rosedale just east of Drumheller, Alberta. All the coal mines in the valley were closed by the early 60’s, which necessitated a move to Calgary where my father could obtain work. My parents always warned us to carry a stick to fend off dogs who had packed up and were literally running wild. All our friends were told to carry sticks as well. With everybody being a one car family, driving us to school just wasn’t an option. My older sister and I learned not to show fear, and to swing our sticks with authority. It was empowering to learn how quickly we could gain the upper hand in a potentially dangerous situation. People who let their pets rhomb free soon found they were minus a dog. Our collective fathers kept shotguns at the ready for such purposes. I shudder to think what consequences our parents might have faced living in todays world.

      • Titus
        Yes that’s it. Wild dogs or domestic and other wild animals sense when there is fear.

        That’s a part of training a dog. Show who is dominant to the dog. But also show you are friend or in otherwards a part of what they are.

        I remember my dad telling me to grab a fallen branch and stand tall and let the animal know what you had. Of course there was different ways to approach the situation. As it goes exsperiance usually wins out.

    • Dave
      Oh kind of like when the police shoot rubber bullets at people.

      And as I recall wasn’t there a conversation a little while back when a kid in the neighborhood was on his way to be a serial killer because he shot at a cat or dog with a air gun or pellet gun.

      Do what you want but still don’t think it’s right. Heck I have even said I don’t like the idea of airsoft being used to shoot people with the war games they play.

      Now using them to practice at targets or 3 gun competions and such. I’m all for that. I think the comments today tell the real story about the subject. Anyway what was BB’s blog about today anyway. I forgot with all this other interesting conversation that was going on.

  8. B.B.

    By golly, me thinks you opened up a can of worms today! I think I’ll just stay out of this and go back to putting up hay in the barn. If anybody has any extra rain laying around ” PLEASE ” send it my way!!!!!!!!

    Have a good one!

    Bob F

    • Bob
      You haven’t been getting rain?

      Our cornstalks are better than 7 foot tall in Illinois right now. Two to three cobs on a stalk now.

      We started out heavy here on rain. The worry was about to much at one point. But the corn this year is doing well. And they already harvested the spring wheat. And no soybean this year. It’s usually 2 or 3 years of corn then soybean 1 or 2 years. They just did the soybean the last time. I think it will be ok here.

      And come to think of it I was looking at Accu weather and they said farmers were having problems across the country. I was thinking to myself. Really. I was surprised.

  9. When I was a kid, I saw my father shoot his fwb 124 many times against pest magpies around the house. Now I know there was more than one way to deal with them. My father was raised in a very, very poor place, and he was self taught about many things. When young, he took down many whitetails for food, and never for sport or for taking pelts or making trophies. Somehow, he saw things simple, and killing deer and dove was natural for him perhaps.
    He does not hesitate to shoot magpies or another bird or raccoon or any vermin if they damage the roof or cars. But he is the kindest, most careful human being I know, incapable of hurting anyone (people). I think he look at things in the practical sense more than me. I did not live his life, I had very different education, and this is a different time now. Perhaps I would think different about cats if I had to eat some to survive, or if some cats had left me without my food.
    There are many ways to see things. And I confess myself guilty of using a low powered airsoft gun to deal with a noisy stray cat some dreadful night…

    • Anthony
      I grew up on a farm and live in the country now.

      The situation at hand can be dealt with many ways.

      As I said above there is right ways and wrong ways. Humane and inhumane.

      All I can say to you comment is I can very well relate to your dad. Reminds me of my days growing up on the farm.

  10. Gunfun1

    Believe it or not, we have only had 1/2″ of rain here in the last 3 weeks and we’re almost through week 4. The worst part is temps have been mid to upper 90’s for almost 2 weeks. The spring and summer stated out just like yours did but lately the faucet has been closed tight. I call it ” the finger of God complex “. It will rain all around you, but you can’t seem to get a drop to come your way!

    Here in Southern Maryland there is a running joke. It says, there are only two ways to make a living.

    1. Work for the government.

    2. Become a farmer and collect crop failure insurance payments.

    I have been trying to get the wife to move down to the mountains in Virginia for years, but she will have none of that . I think she is afraid RidgeRunner and I will get together, move into my hunting camp, and neither one of us will ever be seen again! At least till hunting season is over.

    Have a good one

    Bob F

    • Bob
      I wasn’t really sure that’s what you was talking about. But it seemed that way from what I seen growing up on the farm.

      And isn’t’t that the truth. Wonder how much that farming insurance is? Bet it ain’t cheap.

      And oh yes I’m sure if you and RidgeRunner ever got together it would be over with. 🙂

      And you have a good one too. Thanks.

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