by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Umarex Synergis underlever repeating gas piston rifle.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

This report covers:

  • Scope
  • The test
  • Best pellet
  • Artillery hold
  • Smooth!
  • Rested directly on the sandbag
  • A different pellet?
  • Summary

Today I shoot the new Umarex Synergis at 25 yards and finish the series. I’ll tell you up front, the Synergis is a fine air rifle and worth your consideration.


As you remember from Part 3, I said the scope was not clear at 10 meters. Since it doesn’t have parallax adjustments I had hoped it would clear up at 25 yards. Well, that didn’t happen. It was still blurry at 25 yards on the full 9 power. It was clear enough to see a pellet hole in the white target paper but not inside the black bull. If I was going to shoot this rifle a lot I would plan on getting a different scope, though I think you will see that the one that comes with the gun is very useable.

The test

I shot from a sandbag rest at 25 yards indoors. I started with the artillery hold that I will describe and then switched to resting the rifle directly on the bag. Since I made changes as I went, I will tell you how many pellets were fired at each target as we go.

Best pellet

Umarex sent me a tin of JSB Exact 8.44-grain domed pellets that I thought might be the best ones to shoot. So far they have been, so they are the pellets I started this test with. After Part 3 the rifle was sighted for 10 meters, so at 25 yards I expected the pellet to rise, and indeed it did. The center of the first group is about 1.25-inches above the aim point, which is the center of the bull. It’s also hitting about an inch to the left.

Artillery hold

As you know, I found in the last test that the artillery hold worked best when my off hand was back touching the triggerguard. So that was the way I shot the first group. The first shot landed above the bull and to the right and the second pellet nailed the bull at 12 o’clock. Those two shots are the two that are farthest apart in the 9 that I shot. I meant to shoot 10, but when I removed the magazine there were three pellets still in it and the Synergis mag holds 12, so I must have miscounted the shots. I can see 9 pellet holes, too.

Nine pellets went into 1.426-inches at 25 yards. Before you start criticizing that, remember what I just said. The first and second pellet landed the farthest apart, which means the other seven pellets are in a group measuring 0.598-inches between centers. Now, that is a lot more like it!

Synergis JSB group 1
The shot at the top right was the first pellet and the shot at the top of the black bull on the lower left is the second. Between these two shots the remaining 7 pellets went into a group measuring 0.598-inches between centers. As I shot I was settling down and shooting better. And through the scope I could see the small group in the center of the two wide shots, which encouraged me to concentrate.


It was this first group that alerted me to the fact that maybe my artillery hold isn’t best for the Synergis. Actually, it was those first two shots, because when I settled down the shots stayed together. I have commented several times on how smooth this underlever feels when it shoots. That means smooth for a gas piston — not for a coiled steel spring. A gas spring cycles so much faster than a coiled steel mainspring that it always feels a bit harsher. But the Synergis is one of the smoothest ones I’ve shot. Perhaps only the ASP20 is smoother. That lead me to wonder if the rifle could be rested directly on the sandbag instead of my hands! That would help settle the rifle down.

Rested directly on the sandbag

Yes — it can! This time 10 pellets went into 0.697-inches at 25 yards. This is real accuracy for a repeating spring rifle! For the remainder of the test I rested the rifle directly on the bag.

Synergis JSB group 2
The Synergis put 10 JSB 8.44-grain domes into 0.697-inches at 25 yards.

The group is still high and slightly left of the aim point so I adjusted the scope down by 9 clicks and right two clicks. At this point in the test I wondered if perhaps I relaxed more it might tighten the next group, so instead of 10 shots on ther next target I shot just 5, because relaxing takes a lot more concentration and preparation. But it didn’t help. Five of the same JSB pellets went into 0.676-inches at 25 yards. Yes, that is slightly smaller than the last group, but it’s also half the number of shots. I don’t see any advantage there.

Synergis JSB group 3
Five JSB domes went into 0.676-inches at 25 yards.

I then shot another 5-shot group that was larger, at 0.751-inches, and followed that with a 10-shot group that was 0.994-inches between centers. Clearly I was getting tired and losing concentration. I’m not showing those larger groups because they were my fault and not the rifle’s. But there was one more thing I wanted to try — even if I was tired.

A different pellet?

I wondered if the JSB Exact RS pellet that’s lighter than the pellet I have been testing might work in the Synergis. I only shot 5 shots, but look at the group I got. Five went into 0.862-inches with four in just 0.386-inches. The Synergis can shoot — even when I can’t!

Synergis JSB group 4
This group of JSB Exact RS pellets was good until, on the 4th shot, I dropped one. Five in 0.862-inches with 4 in just 0.386-inches at 25 yards.


We have spent some time with the Umarex Synergis and discovered that it is a great new air rifle. A repeating underlever at a price that can’t be beat? What’s not to like? Though it has a gas spring it cocks easily enough and shoots smoothly to boot. The trigger, though simple, works wonderfully and the power is right where we want it to be.

The magazine loads easily and works as it should. In fact the only minor detractor in the combo is the scope that isn’t adjusted for parallax at 25 yards. But we can overlook that because the Synergis offers features that would previously have cost $100 more, and it’s a repeater! If you have been tracking this one, it’s worth the wait.