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2023 SHOT Show Day two

Industry day
Day one

This report covers:

  • Meopta
  • Correction
  • Hatsan USA
  • Piledriver
  • Factor Bullpup
  • Jet Pistol
  • Three Ounce Pistol
  • Labradar chronograph
  • Predator Polymag
  • Leapers
  • Integrix
  • There is more
  • Drum Roll
  • Summary

Well, here we go again. Another 5 to 8 miles of walking to bring you guys the story.


My first stop was Meopta. I had some things to report to them but there really aren’t any new products for us to talk about. I asked them about the twilight/daylight illumination possibility and they said they would consider it.


Before we move on I want to correct something I said in the Day One report. I said that the Air Venturi Rovair portable compressor and the JTS compressor looked very similar, which they do. But they aren’t the same machine. The JTS compressor has a unique cooling system that allows it to be operated for 30 minutes without overheating. Both machines are maintenance free which I believe means oilless, but they are two different machines.

Hatsan USA

Stop two was the Hatsan USA booth. Cecil Bays showed me all their new products and I tried to keep up with him. But I’m just going to hit the highlights today.


This year there is a .62-caliber Piledriver to join the .45 and .50 caliber rifles that already exist. That’s correct — sixty-two caliber!

Piledrive 62
A .62-caliber Piledriver hollowpoint bullet. It weighs 650 grains and develops 750 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle.

Two questions:
1. Think it’ll take a deer?
2. Think it should be called a pellet?

The Hatsan Piledriver now comes in .62 caliber.

You’ll get 3 to 5 shots at this power level, which should be more than enough to dispatch your target animal. It fills to 300 bar which is 4350 psi, so bring a large tank or a portable compressor along with the rifle on a hunt.

Stock Up on Shooting Gear

Factor Bullpup

The Factor isn’t new but this year it comes as a bullpup, too. And there are two new calibers — .30 and .35.

Factor bullpup
Hatsan’s Factor now comes in a bullpup configuration. Two new calibers were added — .30 and .35.

Jet Pistol

I would say that the biggest deal with Hatsan this year will be the Jet and Jet 2 PCP pistols. Let’s take a look.

Jet 2
We are looking at the twin tubed reservoir Hatsan Jet 2. The Jet would have only one tube. Get it?

Both guns come in .177, .22 and .25. The Jet gets about 16.5 foot-pounds in either configuration. The Jet 2 gets twice the number of shots. Think 16 and 32.

But why are there two sets of pop-up rear sights? Because the Jet also has a detachable stock to become a carbine and the front rear sight is for that.

Buy a Jet and you can buy a spare set of reservoir tubes to turn it into a Jet 2. And they come in three colors. Now, that’s nice!

Jet 2 tubes
Three colors of Jet 2 reservoir tubes will be available.

Three Ounce Pistol

Okay, this is an airgun blog but I just gotta tell you about this. It’s the smartest defense hideout firearm I have ever seen! It’s called the Three Ounce Pistol and look at how small it is.

pistol closed
Three ounce pistol closed.

pistol opened
Three ounce pistol opened.

This is an 11-shot .22 long rifle pistol that is so small and light that I WILL CARRY IT EVERYWHERE THAT IS LEGAL TO CARRY!!!!! Got it?

I carry a Sig P365 for my guard duty at church and you have seen me shoot it. This little guy is going with me everywhere it’s legal. It really weighs 8-1/3 ounces loaded.

It’s not cheap — over $800 at present. The company is just getting started and it’s expensive to manufacture small runs of these. I DON’T CARE. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Sorry, guys, but this is the SHOT Show and I just had to tell you about this. Here you go — www.OunceOz.com.

Labradar chronograph

I stopped at the Labradar booth. If you want one order it soon because in March there will be a lull in manufacturing. They didn’t say why but I reckon that it’s chips.

I also learned that 5 meters is too close to the target to get BB velocities. They do get BB velocities but from 15 yards. So now we know.

I put Pyramyd AIR in touch with them and I hope that something good comes from it.

Predator Polymag

I stopped at the Predator booth and talked to Jay Cogswell. I asked about the .22 Monster Redesigned pellet as a Hades and he told me JSB is working on a heavier .22 Hades right now. It may not be called a Redesigned but that’s essentially what it will be.


My last stop was at the Leapers booth, and boy, was it something! Let’s begin at the top.

I told you last year about the Integrix scope line they are bringing out. Well, Leapers owner, David Ding, told me he will roll out one Integrix scope model at a time this year to make certain that each scope model is ready to sell.  These are high-end scopes and he will not compromise their quality. But David never compromises quality on any product he makes, so I guess that statement was redundant!

Guys, I have been talking with David since 1998 (or possibly a year or two earlier) and he LISTENS! I told him when we first met that airgunners wanted a scope that parallax-adjusted down to 10 yards and the next year he showed me one that went down to three! I said, “You know, airgunners could use that to bust bugs in their back yard.” and the Bug Buster line was named.


This year it was Integrix scopes that I saw. Now, I am no expert in high end scopes, but my experience with Meopta has taught me a few things. THESE INTEGRIX SCOPES ARE GREAT! They are clear; they are bright and for their power they are small!

But they ain’t cheap! The lineup I was shown at SHOT will retail between $1,400 for the 1-8 power up to $2,200 for the 4.5-27 power.

Integrix scopes
The Integrix lineup so far. The 1-8 in closest to the camera and the 4.5-27 in in the back.

All Integrix scopes have 34mm tubes which gives them uncanny light transmission. And remember our discussion about the illuminated reticles killing your night vision? Well, these seem the same to my eyes, on or off.

Now, you can’t look through a scope on this blog so you’ll just have to trust me. The field of view in all of these scopes is amazing — even at high power. At low power it’s like looking through a picture window! If it wasn’t superb it wouldn’t get out of the factory.

One big “secret” is the German glass they use. Remember when I told you what glass like that costs? You don’t? Well several years ago it was $100 per lens blank — BEFORE GRINDING! And that’s just one secret.

There is more

But wait… Yes, there is more. Leapers has taken the experience they have acquired in the five years they have worked on these Integrix scopes and they have migrated it down to a midrange line of scopes called the Accushot Pro. Yes, they have sold Accushot scopes before, but these Pro scopes have never been seen. And they won’t be seen this year in all probability, because David won’t let them leave unless they are perfect. What you get, as a buyer of these $600 to possibly $900 scopes, is THE SAME QUALITY as the Integrix scope line, with one exception. These scopes don’t have the German glass lenses that the Integrix scopes have. David says that in all tests between the two they are the same except when the power is cranked up all the way in darker situations. Then the Integrix are brighter.

Drum Roll

Okay, all you guys who have asked for a Bug Buster with an etched glass reticle — I saw it!!!!! And now you will, too.

Bug Buster
There it is, boys — the Bug Buster with an etched glass reticle!

Do you notice what it says on the left rear in this image? It says Accushot Pro. Do you remember what I said about that line being midrange scopes?

David told me he is fighting to get the retail price of this scope down to $400. Yes, that would sell for less than the rest of the Accushot Pro line but David wants to do something special for all the shooters who have been fans of the Bug Buster line over the years. And, like the rest of the Accushot Pro lineup, don’t expect to see this one this year. Because it ain’t gettin’ out the door until he says it’s ready. When he does, you know it will be good! 


By this time BB’s legs were worn down several inches from all the walking and he still had 4-5 hours of work ahead of him. But this show is stacking up to be a great one, of the companies that came.

44 thoughts on “2023 SHOT Show Day two”

  1. Accushot Pro – 3-9X – FFP – MOA – 34mm tube – etched glass reticle – $400

    I guess I should buy me some more BugBusters while they are still under $200 and / or they go away all together.

      • The 4X and the 6X BugBuster went away. I wish now that I could get my grubby little paws on one of each. I imagine the 3-9X will go away soon now that the 3-12x is out and about.

        The Hawke Varmint series went away. They do have a lifetime warranty thankfully, as Hawke is replacing mine with a similar model. We will see what they send.

    • My visually-impaired friend recently asked for scope recommendations – he can do reasonably well with a scoped rifle. Recommended he look (no pun intended) into the BugBuster line.

      That 3 oz pistol is something to consider, though indeed the price is “ouchy.” But, as long as it delivers, it goes back to the old “you get what you pay for.”

        • BB

          I know what I’d have to do, too,, but at my age my organs are likely a bit too rusty to fetch much of a price.

          What does this little banger feel like in the hand when “unfolded”? It’s look says to me that it may be a bit challenged in hitting anything much beyond arms length. I say this having once owned a derringer style pistol that was extremely inaccurate. Think aim at left hip, hit right shoulder inaccurate at ten feet. Oddly, both shots went to about the same place.


          • edlee,

            Those things are called belly guns. You stick them in the belly of your intended target and pull the trigger. The muzzle blast probably does more damage than the bullet. That is probably the same with the Ounce pistol.

        • mildot52,
          I used to work for a telescope company that ground primary mirrors for Cassegrain telescopes. The first thing that the experts tell you to do, is to look through the telescope without your glasses, as the glasses are the ‘lowest precision’ of optical transmission in the system. I assume that the same can be said of ‘premium’ rifle optics. Also, precision optics get very expensive, very fast (as in – Swarovski, Zeiss, Leica, etc.).

    • Yogi,

      It usually starts at 12 and can go a bit higher.
      Some of those are matched pairs.
      It is like the links in a chain…worst lens is the decider on Optical Quality.


  2. B.B.,
    Thank you for another interesting report on new products.
    I’d love to see a review of the Three Ounce Pistol.
    And, once it’s available, I’m sure you’ll do a review of the “Bug Buster with an etched glass reticle.”
    How refreshing to see that some companies actually listen to your insights.
    If only more companies did that, then more companies would be better off. πŸ˜‰
    Blessings to you,

  3. BB-

    The Three Ounce Pistol will surely attract some buyers. There are always those attracted to the latest gimmicks. But seriously, 22 lr for defense? For $800 you can buy 3 or 4 NAA mini revolvers in .22 mag. Orrrrr….. about eleventy dozen other choices of calibers and guns with proven track records.

  4. B.B.,

    Thanks for stopping by LabRadar and MEOPTA to get more information.
    PA will hopefully become a distributor for their other products as well.
    I pray you never have a need to fall back to the 3OZ!


  5. Everyone,

    I screwed up! That gun isn’t called the Three Ounce pistol. It’s just the Ounce pistol. They used the international symbol for ounce and I thought it was a fancy three.



    • B.B.,

      How to Write the Ounce Sign Symbol β„₯ on Keyboard? To write the Ounce Sign symbol β„₯ on keyboard using ALT codes; ALT+8485, just hold down the ALT key while typing the alt key code 8485. You have to use the numeric keypad of your keyboard.


        • Roamin Greco,
          More if you are interested: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alt_code
          There were bunches of machine readable codes around the World and part of my missions involved breaking them if encoded or just being conversant in them. I had a girlfriend who worked for IBM/MaBell during the ’60s who got me interested in all things computer/nonvoice communications. She gave me a big head start over most other folks in the field.


        • Roamin Greco,

          As far as the SIG ASP20 gas spring when the time comes to replace there will be sources for them. SIG sourced them from an outside supplier. It will just be a matter of dedicating some time to find the OEM or an alternate manufacturer.
          There are other parts that might prove more difficult but never impossible. It might be costlier than having SIG Support but the lack of examples being sold on the airgun boards and those auction prices tell me it will happen.
          I’m not going to box up the Break barrel airguns of the Millenium and NOT shoot them.
          I totally hate seeing aircraft on display pedestals or hanging from ceilings in museums; especially those that have Bureau Numbers that are in my Flight Log Books


  6. Finally received the TX200 and Plano Scoped Rifle Case and went to the PO and picked up the UTG 3-12×44 Accushot Scope with a 30mm tube, Mil-Dot Reticle and EZ Tap Illumination. Along with the Accushot Airgun/.22 Integral Ring Mount.
    Everything appears to have arrived in perfect condition. Can’t say the same for the shipping boxes but they did their job.
    I say apparent because the scope front lens cover hinge pushed a hole through its box as a result of rough handling and I won’t be able to set thing up to shoot for a few days.

    Looking for a mental care home and still dealing with my friends’ sailboat and possessions. As well as repairing storm damage.

    The TX 200 is one really fine-looking airgun. Bluing looks like a custom hand rubbed black lacquer paint job. Amazing!
    The walnut stock, in contrast, has a dull freshly stained finish but is in perfect condition.
    I would like to protect the finish with some sort of conditioner / protectant that results in a nice satin sheen. Any suggestions for a top-quality product? Nothing too shinny.

    • Bob M, I would like to make you aware of, “Dementia Myth: Most Patients With Dementia Are Curable” (https://www.amazon.com/Dementia-Myth-Most-Patients-Curable/dp/1099994373).
      What a relief – to me – that your air rifle has finally made it, phew, and HURRAH ! πŸ™‚
      And yes, I agree, it’s a looker !
      Hopefully soon you will find out that what it is much more of, is, a shooter. πŸ™‚

      Besides, only when you load it, will you find out what calibre airgun you were actually sent. πŸ™‚

      I have a very similar scope to yours on mine, because I thought, that the Air Arms deserves it. Surprisingly, I almost never use it’s higher magnification, so now I am thinking of something around 6x power and physically smaller and, more importantly, lighter. πŸ™‚

      Looking forward to your next comment… πŸ™‚

      • Appreciate information. Mine looks like yours. Scope came with a discount package and like you I may switch it out for the same reason. Usually use a simple 4x for pest control but may start some target shooting this summer.

        • Bob M, I can’t think that far ahead, let alone make summer plans while there’s snow on the ground.
          You are a more patient man than I ! πŸ™‚

          Anyway, when I first began playing with my AirArms TX200 mkIII, ie the day I received it, frustratingly, I kept on pinching the little rubber button that cushions the underlever on closing.

          Now I push my thumb lengthwise and well clear of the button, between the tubes, to separate them from the stowed position, rotate my hand into the gap, and then grasp the underlever to cock it. πŸ™‚

          Let me illustrate my words with four pictures…

        • … at this point there is still no appreciable spring pressure, so I can easily grasp the underlever, as it happens, with my hand now covering the far end of the underlever for optimum leverage…

        • … and here I have just begun to put some effort into compressing the main spring/ cocking the air rifle.

          I hope this might be of some help for other TX200 users but also, someone might share another method to deal with that rubber bumper button. πŸ™‚

      • HiX3

        Something I always do when someone mentions or recommends a book by ANY doctor is to google them. This is what I found for Dr Vernon Coleman:

        “Vernon Coleman is an English conspiracy theorist, anti-vaccination activist, AIDS denialist, blogger and novelist who writes on topics related to human health, politics and animal issues. Coleman’s medical claims have been widely discredited and described as pseudoscientific. Wikipedia”


        • edlee, thanks for pointing out what Wikipedia has become, and now is (google too).

          You might be amazed at the vast amount of adulation the press used to heap on Dr. Coleman, before they changed their mind! πŸ™‚

          As for Dr. Coleman now, I think of him as a good man/ human. That is why I am recommending his book. πŸ™‚

          A person close to me has been diagnosed as having dementia, but will not listen to anybody’s advice, except for what her doctors tell her. So I sent her a copy of Dr Coleman’s book anonymously.

          edlee, if I think I can help, then I will offer it. Whether the person in question accepts it, is up to them. πŸ™‚

          • HiHiHi

            That you know enough about the man to believe what he has to say has value is something I wasn’t aware of. My only knowledge of him comes from a google search and a Wikipedia entry (and, of course checking THEIR citations). After reading those,, I would never offer his views without also offering the other information,,, as I did with you and the readers here.

            Everyone should make up their own minds about him or anything else,, but I would rather they do so with as much information as possible about the subjects in question..


    • Bob,

      Great that your TX200 arrived! Beautifully made aren’t they? πŸ™‚

      The walnut stock on my AA S510 has the same basic oil finish – ditto on the Crown – and both will be getting refinished this winter.

      Like you, I prefer a satin finish but I always use a “high gloss” product and make it satin using 0000 steel wool or pumice. Satin finish products are usually their high gloss formula with a “pollutant” added to look matte and this hides the grain.

      I like Minwax Wipe-on Polyurethane ( https://www.homehardware.ca/en/946ml-wipe-on-gloss-alkyd-polyurethane-finish/p/1879550 ) for ease of use but I may try Birchwood Tru-Oil this time around.


    Larry with survival airguns is a liar and a thief he ripped me off on my purchase of the S45 mini told me that the carbon fiber tank would be backordered but after 100 emails, phone messages, text and a certified letter he never responded once. Check BBB for his F- rating and lots of red faced customers with similar complaints. He should not be allowed to sell anything to anyone he’s one POS in my book. He gives Bin Tac a bad rap by representing his product or he did anyways I’m not sure if he’s still selling for him cause Bin tac says he can’t get in touch with him also. Just a bad business venture if you purchase from survival airguns. Over 100 attempts to contact this fool not one reply obviously avoiding me cause he owes me a tank or refund but prefers to hide and ignore. Hope this helps someone and hi Larry you’re number 1 and you know what finger I’m holding up.

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