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Air Guns Air Venturi Avenge-X precharged pneumatic air rifle: Part Twelve

Air Venturi Avenge-X precharged pneumatic air rifle: Part Twelve

Air Venturi Avenge-X classic wood.

Part 10, where you’ll find links to all previous reports
Part 11

This report covers:

  • The test
  • Group One
  • Discussion One
  • Group two
  • Discussion Two
  • Group Three
  • Discussion Three
  • Group four
  • Summary

Today we take the next step in determining how accurate the .22-caliber Air Venturi Avenge-X precharged pneumatic air rifle can be. I’ll tell you right now things did not go as I expected today and I learned a lot about this rifle.

The test

I left you hanging last time on what tests I would do next with this rifle. That’s because I didn’t know at the time what I would do! But as often happens, things transpired that helped me put a good test together.

Reader Honest Bob contacted me and offered to let me try his CARM magazine for the Avenge-X. You might like to take a look at the CARM website .

Avenge-X CARM magazine
Reader Honest Bob loaned me a CARM magazine to test in the Avenge-X.

I worked the CARM magazine into today’s test. That changed my test plan, but as luck would have it, I don’t think it mattered.

I shot from 25 yards off a sandbag rest to test the rifle and not me. I tested indoors so there was no wind. This was a simple how-does-it-do accuracy test, with the rifle’s current setup. I used the Benjamin Bullseye domed pellet, though in looking over Part 11 again I see that the JSB Jumbo Heavy would have been just as good.

All groups today are 10 pellets. There was one called flier and I will tell you which shot it was when we get there.

I filled the rifle to 4100 psi with the RovAir Portable Compressor.

Today I’m testing several things:

1. The effectiveness of a 4,100 psi fill pressure.
2. The accuracy of the rifle shooting with a circular magazine.
3. Accuracy difference between High and Low power — given the current setup, which is a 145 bar reg setting, fill pressure of 4100 psi and the hammer spring tension set on 3-1/8 turns in from zero.
4. Accuracy difference, if any, between the Avenge-X factory magazine and a CARM magazine.

None of today’s settings are locked in because we still haven’t tested the .22 barrel for an optimum velocity setting. What I learn today will help with that, as I hope you will see.

Group One

The first group was shot with the rifle set on Low power. In this group the third shot was a called pull to the right and it stands apart from the main group that contains the other nine pellets. This 25-yard group measures 0.628-inches center-to-center for the 10 shots and 0.363-inches center-to-center for the 9 pellets in the main group. For other air rifles 0.363-inches at 25 yards is okay. For an Avenge-X it’s not that good.

Avenge-X 25 mag Low
On Low power the .22 Avenge-X put 10 into 0.628-inches at 25 yards with one called flier (the separate hole off to the right) and 9 into 0.363-inches between centers.

Discussion One

Here is where we start understanding this .22-caliber Avenge-X rifle. Is this larger-than-expected group due to the magazine, or is it due to shooting on Low power? Or could it be that the 4,100 psi fill pressure is still too high? Remember we wondered that in Part 11, as well? The next group should tell us.

I have to tell you that I saw NO flier that was caused by the magazine on shot number 7. I purposely counted all the shots and watched for it. I will continue to watch for it, but I might be mistaken about that being a problem, and THAT is good to know!

Group two

I dialed the power to the High setting for this group. We know that the Avenge-X immediately changes velocity with a change of the power setting, so all ten shots in this group were at the same level.

This time 10 of the same Benjamin Bullseyes went into 0.238-inches at 25 yards. Now THAT is a group — especially since this rifle has not yet been tuned for accuracy!

Avenge-X mag High
On High power the Avenge-X put 10 Benjamin Bullseyes into a 25-yard group that measures 0.238-inches.

Hunting Guide

Discussion Two

This group suggests a couple things. First, it suggests that Low power at a 145 bar reg setting is probably too low for this .22-caliber pellet. I hope you see that. Is this absolute positive proof of that? No. But because this is a 10-shot group, it’s a good indicator.

Second, this group STRONGLY suggests that this 10-shot circular magazine does not have a misaligned chamber. I say strongly because this is the second 10-shot group that has not had a number seven pellet flier.

Third, and this is weak, it suggests that the fill pressure I used today (4100 psi) is fine for the reg and power settings.

Group Three

Now that I had a good group from the rifle I decided to see how the CARM circular magazine works. I will say that it is easier to load the CARM mag than the Avenge-X mag because no cover needs to be swiveled and held tight to insert the first pellet.

The group shot from the CARM mag measures 0.435-inches between centers. That’s not good for this rifle — both in general because this is an Avenge-X and also because we just shot a 0.238-inch group with its factory mag. I was not impressed, but I will keep the CARM in the rotation a while longer to give it a more thorough  test.

Avenge-X 25 CARM mag High
When the CARM magazine was used the Avenge-X put 10 Benjamin Bullseyes into 0.435-inches at 25 yards

Discussion Three

What if I am getting tired and that is the reason for the larger group? What if the big group not the fault of the CARM magazine?  I can test that by shooting another group with the Avenge-X factory magazine.

Group four

I loaded the Avenge-X mag and started shooting the fourth group. On shot five I didn’t pull the sidelever back far enough and I got a double feed that jammed the rifle. It took several minutes to clear and remove the magazine because a pellet was stuck halfway into the barrel behind another pellet.

Avenge-X 25 jammed mag
When I removed the mag from the rifle this is what I saw.

Avenge-X damaged pellets
These two pellets were removed from the Avenge-X magazine.

I then attempted to shoot the remainder of the pellets in that magazine, only to discover that the mag does not feed well now. Something is wrong and I didn’t want to take the time to run it down. So I got the other 10-shot magazine that came with the rifle and loaded it. That does inject some bias into the test, but I didn’t have a choice.

Ten shots from this new magazine went into 0.285-inches at 25 yards. That tells me a couple things. The first thing is that this second magazine is okay. The second thing it tells me is that the CARM mag really did not do well when I used it. It was not me getting tired.

Avenge-X 25 second mag High
Ten shots from the second Avenge-X magazine went into 0.285-inches at 25 yards.


I hope you guys are understanding all of this, because I am going slow to show you everything. We really learned a lot today.

The Avenge-X magazines work well.
The reg pressure is probably too low for .22.
The CARM magazine is not an advantage — yet. That one needs more testing. 
The current fill pressure of 4100 psi is good. 

Consider that I’m not the only one testing the Avenge-X. 45Bravo is also testing his Tactical rifle for you, and his tests are different than mine. The reason we are tag-teaming this rifle is because it is so adjustable. Even with all we are doing you won’t see as much as can be done. I’m going super slow so those who want to follow along are able to.

Next I think I need to tune the rifle for consistent velocity with this pellet. If I wasn’t writing reports but testing this for myself I would want to shoot many other pellets before moving on, but that will get boring, so I’ll run with this pellet.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

19 thoughts on “Air Venturi Avenge-X precharged pneumatic air rifle: Part Twelve”

  1. “Next I think I need to tune the rifle for consistent velocity with this pellet.”

    With a .238″ group from one Avenge-X magazine and a .285″ from the second one, that’s a good call!
    This is one pretty impressive rifle, and it’s been an interesting set of reports on it; thank you. 🙂
    Blessings to you,

  2. Please, please don’t think of us as becoming bored! These blogs teach us much about the Avenge-X of course, but the principles involved are seemingly universal . . . even for us springer advocates. I can hardly wait until we find out what caused the damaged Benjamin Bullseye pellet. By the bye, I’m finding that this .22 cal pellet is becoming the pellet of choice for my new HW97K with a walnut stock. I’m building up new muscles cocking it after being used to my TX200, but all things considered, I’m loving this springer, nearly up there with my TX200. This HW97K is accurate! BB, please keep us learning with these detailed blog entries. Many of us are ready for solid food, not just pablum. As always, thank you. Orv.

    • “…new HW97K with a walnut stock…all things considered, I’m loving this springer…”

      Hoppalong Doc,
      I’m happy for you, man! Selling my HW97 (Field Target Gun) was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done (so far, anyway) in my life. Even though I wasn’t shooting Field Target anymore, I should have kept it for the pure joy of shooting it because, yes, as with yours, it was very accurate. 🙂
      Blessings to you,

  3. Thanks for another great report! When I think about all of the possibilities that this rifle presents to the user, I am reminded of the old saying: Be careful what you ask for. We want the flexibilities to tune all the parameters. But then the tuning process becomes quite complex. Very interesting, but complex. I am not complaining however.

  4. Thanks BB!

    This was especially informative for me personally. I have talked up the Carm mags ever since I got them due to how easy they are to load and reliable they are. I have a pair for the Avenger and a pair for my Kral Puncher Breaker Silent Marine.22 and I have not ever had a jam or misfeed with any of them.

    Accuracy is not something I could really test, not against the stock magazines anyway as both of the original Avenger mags, two replacement mags and a pair of Marauder mags all continually jammed, misfed or locked up over and over again. I got so tired of rebuilding them, resetting the spring, that I gave up on them completely. Due to my experiences with them, I am sure that I have some bias against them now. Whereas many shooters have little to no issue with the stock magazines, operator error certainly has to be considered as well!

    My backyard range is only 16 yards which of course is very short for a PCP but I have shot 10 shot groups with the Avenger and Carm as low as 0.174″. Good to see some info with it at longer ranges.

    I know that you will test both objectively though and I look forward to seeing the differences as round 1 showed today. Thanks for giving the Carm a whirl!


    PS> I picked up a 2021 Mendoza RM-377 .177 online yesterday. I know that they have a horribly tough trigger and I have found a couple of ideas to try to lighten it up when it gets here but if anyone has any experience with doing so, please share!! the RM-377 has the single blade Crosman lawyer trigger, not the nice double bladed one of the RM-200 and others.

  5. With the help of AV and Tyler, it does seem that Nova Vista has hit this one out of the park.

    I do have some personal prejudices concerning the country where this air rifle is manufactured, but if someone was to want an extremely accurate PCP at what many would consider a reasonable price, this is the one I would recommend on the assumption that person was a skilled enough airgunner to understand all of the intricacies involved with this airgun.

    Just to be clear, where this air rifle is made is not my sole reason for not wanting to buy one of these. I have owned some incredibly accurate air rifles over the years. Many very accurate airguns have come and gone from here. To find a place to live here at RRHFWA requires that an airgun have that certain something that I am interested in. This air rifle does not have it. The truth is most of the newer airguns do not have it.

    I often look for what I consider the true trailblazers. I look for those that walk a slightly different path, not those that perfect the walk.

    We have also forgotten so much over the years. Whatever happened to “low” air pressures? Once upon a time a big bore air rifle could be filled to 800 PSI and still get over twenty shots. Have we lost our way?

    • Ridge Runner,

      B.B. says in his Summary: ” The reg pressure (145 BAR/2,100 PSI) is probably too low for .22.”

      I can get two 200+ FPE shots from an “considered by many to be an antique” .308 DAQ Outlaw launching 130 grain bullets with that much pressure in the air tube!

      I rest my case.


      • shootski,

        Don’t rest your case! Keep pushing the “low” pressure that is really needed for big bore shots! So many of the newbies think you need to have 4500+ PSI to even shoot a .177 ten meters. One of these days someone is going to remember how it was done once upon a time.

  6. Another excellent blog BB! It is very instructive to watch over your shoulder as you explore the workings of this unusual air rifle.

    Regarding the Avenge-X I do not think that there is anything in its price range with such potential for precision and user adjustability. This last element can be a big plus – for people like me that like to ‘tune’ it for a particular pellet/use – or a complication for someone who want it running straight out of the box. Kudos to PA and Tyler for bringing this product to market.

    Out of topic: I saw in a Pyramid AIR flyer that the Umarex Notos is a big seller. That is the first time I saw anything about this rifle. A quick search revealed a little carbine, with decent power, a small tank and relatively low regulator pressure – hand pump friendly if limited shot count is not a problem. The reviews are mostly positive, with some criticisms that reflect the corners that had to be cut to reach the low selling price. Does anyone have any experience with it?


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