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Air Guns Adjusting power on the Avenge-X Tactical

Adjusting power on the Avenge-X Tactical

Today reader Ian McKee, whose blog handle is 45Bravo, tells us about adjusting the power on the AirVenturi Avenge-X Tactical rifle. Remember that I am taking the Fourth of July off as my holiday. That means this report will be current until Friday.

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Take it away, Ian

Adjusting power on the Avenge-X Tactical
by Ian McKee

Avenge-X Tactical

Part 1
Part 2
Air Venturi Avenge-X Tactical slug test

This report covers:

  • Tuning the Tactical
  • Tight spaces
  • What to do?
  • Thank you, Leapers
  • My kinda stuff
  • Summary
  • Tuning the Tactical

Today we will be looking at the issues I have had adjusting the power on the Tactical version of the Air Venturi Avenge-X. BB has covered the wooden stock version extensively in .177-caliber and is now starting to tune his .22-caliber rifle for specific projectiles. 

While I have been tuning my Tactical model for a longer period than BB, I have been hindered by a feature that only applies to the Tactical model and it has made my progress slower than it would be with any of the other models. I want potential Avenge-X buyers to know about this, so they can factor it into their decision.

Avenge-XTactical power adjust
Naturally I chose the model that is the most difficult to adjust! This picture shows the optional tool I describe in this report, but I show it here it to show you where the hammer spring adjustment is made.

Tight spaces

There is very little room to use the included 2mm Allen key to adjust the hammer spring. To keep the bore axis as low in the rifle as possible, the hammer spring adjustment is buried deep within the stock assembly. 

Avenger Tactical adjust 2
I removed the scope to show that you get about 40 degrees of adjustment before having to reposition the Allen key. With the scope mounted you have a lot less room.

What to do?

I have been dancing around this issue since I received the rifle. At first I would remove the stock, make an adjustment then put the rifle back in the stock and fire another test group. 

I quickly realized I was probably working against myself by not properly torquing the stock screws every time and possibly imparting accuracy errors. So I started removing the scope, making an adjustment, reinstalling the scope and shooting a group, repeating this over and over. 

Thank you, Leapers!

Thank you David Ding and Leapers/UTG for making two high-quality products I have been using for years. They have made my Avenge-X Tactical rifle tuning much easier. I’m referring specifically to your UTG Max Strength Quick Lock rings and UTG Max Strength Quick-Detach rings. With them the scopes can be quickly taken off the rifle, and then reinstalled with little or no noticeable point of impact change at normal airgun hunting ranges. (as long as you seat the rings in the same position, and with the same force applied each time.)

It recently came to my attention that Pyramyd AIR is carrying accessories for the Avenge-X series of rifles from a company called Evolve3Dprinting.com. They manufacture several parts for airguns. They make many accessories for firearms as well. 

This is the first product of theirs I have bought. It is a tool that can be inserted into the socket of the hammer spring adjustment screw on the Tactical Avenge-X. You can then adjust the hammer spring without removing the scope. 

Avenger Tactical optional tool
The Allen key turns a belt inside the black tool that translates into a 1/1 ratio on the other end to adjust the hammer spring.

My kinda stuff

Having an interest in design and 3D printing, this adapter intrigued me. It uses a 2mm Allen key on one end that fits into the rifle’s adjustment screw, and a 4mm Allen key slot on the other end that is used to make the adjustments. 

Avenger Tactical optional tool installed
The tool is simple and effective, making hammer spring adjustments easy. 

Would I have chosen the Avenge-X Tactical model if I had known of the adjustment clearance beforehand? Absolutely! I like the way it feels, and it fits my intended use of the airgun — what I want the airgun to do. And I like the way it shoots from the bench and from a BOG brand tripod

While I love wood and metal guns, this time I wanted a gun that I wouldn’t have to worry about the wood finish being scuffed up.

Stock up on Air Gun Ammo


Now that I don’t have to remove the scope between every group I shoot while tuning I can make adjustments so much easier. 

While this tool is 3d-printed, the nylon material it’s made from is very durable and the print quality of the one I have is excellent. It should hold up for a long time, we will see.

Shoot safe, have FUN.


author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

32 thoughts on “Adjusting power on the Avenge-X Tactical”

  1. “The Allen key turns a belt inside the black tool that translates into a 1/1 ratio on the other end to adjust the hammer spring.”

    That is one cool tool; someone had their thinking cap on when they designed that. 🙂
    Blessings to you,

  2. Ian,

    Thank you for letting peek over your shoulder. That is a very nifty tool to compensate for a very tight space. The only other way I could see the Tactical stock could work would be for it to fold to the side to allow easy access to the screw. But then again that might lead to a wobbly stock that is not conducive to accuracy.


    • The way the receiver extension (some people call it the buffer tube but there is no buffer.) is attached to make a folding design would require a complete redesign of that area of the stock.

      This inexpensive tool solves that.

      Pyramyd does sell an aluminum chassis made by Saber Tactical that is designed differently to allow for adjustments. And is a desirable upgrade for the rifle.

      I have handled one with the aluminum chassis, but do not think the added expense is justified for my intended use of the rifle.

      If I was shooting 100 yard benchrest competition with the rifle it would most definitely be an upgrade I would consider.


  3. Thanks for the well-done report. Ingenuity always fascinates me. That tool will pay for itself many times over due to all the adjusting that you tend to do.

  4. Ian,

    That is a pretty nifty tool. I am certain that is indeed a great aid in your adjustments. Now if I just had something like that for my Armada.

    I would have chosen the synthetic stock version for myself, but my tastes are a little different than yours, or BB’s for that matter. Thanks to Tyler, Nova Vista has come a long way.

    • I had handled and shot the synthetic version before choosing the tactical model.

      The stock just felt too thin for my likes.

      But again, it’s all personal preferences.

      The wood stock model felt too much like my wood stocked Avenger and wanted something different.

      Sometimes you don’t realize a design issue until it’s out in the hands of users in the real world.

      Not on the desk or computer screen of an engineer.


      • Ian,

        I do understand.

        As a young buck, I can recall my father and I slimming down the stock on a rifle. Like you said, it is personal preferences. That is a big plus with the Avenge-X series. It is very adaptable to what one may prefer.

  5. Thanks Ian, looking forward for the next steps in this process.
    You are spot on on the question of personal preferences. I have a synthetic stocked Avenger and while I like it and I can’t find anything wrong with it I think that I should have gone with the wood stock. Just preferences.

    Does anyone can give us an update on BBs recovery? Is it going smooth as we all hope for?


    • BB texted me earlier, said the pain wasn’t bad, but the procedure was more involved than he expected.

      He expected to be home today.

      Gotta remember they took out something the size of a ping pong ball.

      When I hear more I will post it.

      But I am glad he is moving around.


    • Yogi

      A little shortening of both legs would likely work and I guess it all depends on how often you plan to make that adjustment. The price quoted on that adapter Ian mentioned is $40.00. Being the che,,,I mean frugal person I am,, I would likely take your advice.

      I’m wondering if BB made it home, yet, also. Wonder if he’ll tell us war stories about the surgery??????


    • I had shortened both ends of the Allen key, the only way to reach it under the scope was with needle nosed pliers or hemostats, as my fingers don’t fit.

      I still only got about 40 degrees of movement with the Allen key, before having to remove and reposition it.
      Also, I didn’t want to scratch the gun or scope with the pliers.


  6. Ian thank you so much for covering this topic. I recently purchased the Avenge-X Tactical and was a bit unsure how to adjust the hammer spring. The picture in the manual is terrible and instructions are vague. This little gadget looks like just the ticket! Another item added to my wish list. Sigh.

  7. 45Bravo and Esteemed Readership,

    That little purpose built tool is certainly the cat’s meow for the task.
    Is what i would have tried first since it is a handy multi-purpose tool already in the tool cabinet.

    My fellow Commoners may we remain free from TYRANNICAL leaders, over reaching bureaucrats, and the always nefarious (self described Fourth Estate ‡) Media.

    The price of our LIBERTY is eternal vigilance


    ‡ The term Fourth Estate or fourth power refers to the press and news media both in explicit capacity of advocacy and implicit ability to frame political issues. The derivation of the term arises from the traditional European concept of the three estates of the realm: the clergy, the nobility, and the commoners.

    • The good thing shootski, is that now us commoners have tools/weapons to expose the lies, damn lies and statistics of our three estates of the Republic, politicians, bureaucrats and their media enablers, over which the aforementioned do not have as much control over as they would like. The average citizen now can self-publish, do podcasts, videos, what have you and become his or her own media entity. Of course the powers that be do not like that because it can expose their misbehavior and – horrors! – potentially encourage the citizenry to do something about it – if We The People roll up our sleeves and take on the task.

      Happy and safe Fourth to everyone!

  8. Happy Birthday to all my fellow Americans!! Enjoy the burgers and dogs today, but also take a few minutes to reflect on what the day is really about. E pluribus unum !

    Half, American since 1776.

  9. Everyone,

    I came home yesterday afternoon. This operation was more serious than I imagined, but I had the best doctor (there are only two in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area who can do it) and I’m healing fast. I am still very tired so I plan to take lots of long naps.

    There were two stones — the big one (26.4mm by 21mm) and a smaller one. The doctor told me she got all the pieces. The morning after the operation I was cat-scanned to make sure there were no pieces of stone remaining and I had a sonogram with radioactive dye to make certain the kidney wasn’t bleeding out and the urine was all flowing into the bladder.

    I remained in the hospital an extra day because my bladder had to wake up from the anesthetic. They expect that to happen in 6 hours after the foley catheter is removed, but mine took eleven hours. Until then I couldn’t urinate and they wouldn’t send me home.

    Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes. I will get back in the saddle as soon as possible.

    My thanks to 45Bravo for writing two guest blogs and to Pyramyd Air who watched over the blog while I was gone.

    BB Pelletier

    • You just got out of the hospital and you STILL wake-up at 3:55am and fire up the MacBook Pro to check the blog!


      Glad you are back home, everyone missed you.

      Praying for a speedy painless recovery!

      Happy Independence Day everyone!

    • Glad to hear, all is better and you are home recovering. Anesthesia recovery / withdrawal is sometimes a lot longer and worse than the doctors tell you.

      Get rest and drink plenty of fluids.


    • Tom,

      Glad to hear all is good. Considering your age I’m not surprised your bladder took some time to wake up from the anesthesia. Take your time recovering, everyone will understand if you need to take a long weekend off.

      Happy 4th of July! Happy Independence Day USA!


  10. BB

    It was a relief to hear from you. Don’t jump back into work too soon and get the rest your body needs. Blessing to you and happy 4th. Many folks are praying for you.


  11. Welcome home BB

    When you get to be our age, hospital stays can really kick our ass. Add recovery from surgery and, if you are careful, your inner curmudgeon comes out.

    Hope you are back to your normal,, whatever that is,, very quickly.


    (Happy Fourth, by the way)

  12. B.B.,

    Gute Verbesserung!

    Glad you are home and well on the road to complete recovery.
    Your bladder helped you dodge a BIG bullet (airgun Slug) by waking up.
    Prayers will continue until you are totally recovered; mostly for the good folks who are helping you as you are recovering.

    Happy Independence Day!

    Also happy personal independence day from those two stones that were colonizing your kidney.


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