Using appropriate pellet guns

by B.B. Pelletier

Update on Tom/B.B.: Tom is doing better. New doctors have been put on his case, and they’re working aggressively to get him back to health. I visit him daily and can see positive changes in his attitude and how he looks!

B.B. wrote today’s blog. But, before we move on, I have two field target announcements.

Crosman Corporation is sponsoring the Northeast Field Target Championship to be held July 9-10 at Crosman’s headquarters in Bloomfield, New York. The club was founded by the father/son field target duo of Ray and Hans Apelles. Both men are exceptional shooters, so even if you don’t want to shoot in the match, this would be a great opportunity to see some of the top shooters do their thing. If you’d like to compete, Crosman has set up a website where you can register for the match. Airgun matches don’t usually get sponsored by anyone, so this shows that Crosman is serious about getting involved with shooters and field target. There will be five divisions, and prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place winners in each division. read more